How To Connect Firestick Remote App Without Wifi

Connect Firestick To Wifi Using Echo Or Echo Dot

How to Connect Firestick to WIFI Internet without Remote (Easy Method)

Another possible methodology of the above two-device method is to use an Echo or Echo Dot.

After re-establishing the Fire tv stick network connection, you can use an Echo or Echo Dot instead of a second smartphone or a tablet.

It would initially help if you had a smartphone or tablet to do the initial configuration since you cant modify the network settings using voice commands. Once done, you can now attune the Echo or Echo Dot to the same network and then use the voice command feature to control the Fire tv stick.

How Do I Connect My Firestick Remote App Without Wifi

  • On Firestick, open the Home screen.
  • You can access Settings by going to the main menu.
  • The Display & Sounds section can be found here.
  • The HDMI CEC Device Control menu can be found by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the center button.
  • You can confirm your selection by selecting Yes when prompted.
  • Four: Buy A Replacement Amazon Firestick Remote

    While the virtual remote setups mentioned can help, it does not provide you with a genuine replacement than the physical remote. If you have the money and time, then we recommend ordering a replacement remote. Luckily, there is good news as you can buy it directly from the Amazon warehouse.

    You can find two distinct versions to grab online: the 1st gen model with built-in Alexa and the 2nd gen model with power and volume control buttons. However, make sure to check their compatibility with your current Fire Stick before adding it to the cart.

    Once you receive your replacement remote, you need to pair it with your Fire TV, and this is how you can do it:

  • Unplug your Fire Stick at the power supply and leave it for up to 30-seconds
  • Reconnect it and turn your TV on to reboot
  • Press on the Select and Home button on your new remote and hold it down until a message displays on the screen that it is connected.
  • Remember to hold both the buttons together for up to 60-seconds to pair the Fire Stick. Once paired and the on-screen message shows, it confirms that your devices are synched and works like the original Amazon Firestick Remote.

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    Use Other Apps Through The Fire Tv Stick

    Without an internet connection, you wont see the Prime Video home screen but you can still access some of the apps. It does take a couple of steps, but its necessary if you want to watch the included content. If the app doesnt need Wi-Fi, you can use Device Settings to see what your options are.

    The steps are simple, but you will still only be able to pick and choose from the content and apps that do not need an internet connection.

  • Turn the TV on and go into the settings for the Fire TV Stick.
  • Choose applications and then select manage installed applications.
  • Pick the app you want and click on the tab labeled start application.
  • Solution : Use Smartphone As A Hotspot

    How To Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote 2021

    The simplest way to replace a Firestick TV control is with your smartphone. Because you dont have an extra remote to configure, you can simply use your phone to finish the process. Its simple to use the Smartphone as a portable hotspot, but connecting the Firestick to it without the use of the remote is always a struggle. You wont have any issues if you follow these guidelines.

    Step 1:

    The first thing you must do is configure your smartphone as a wireless hotspot. To do so, turn on your mobile data and then navigate to the settings page.

    Step 2:

    After that, go to the hotspot menu and switch it on. For any future reference, you will need to double-check the SSID and network password.

    Step 3:

    Connect to the Hotspot with the TV remote, then download the Fire TV app on a second device.

    Step 4:

    After you have completed the first two steps, install it on the second device and link it to the first one. As a result, both the TV and the Fire Application must be linked to the same network.

    Step 5:

    You will be able to see that the Fire TV application has obtained access to control the Fire TV as a proxy remote if this is done. They will be able to view the TV stick and then control it.

    Step 6:

    The Fire Stick application can now be connected to the TV. This will grant the second device access to the television, allowing you to use it as a local remote for your office.

    Step 7:

    Step 8:

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    Use Fire Tv App On Smartphone To Connect Firestick To Wi

    The first method I discussed is an excellent one, but it will only work under certain conditions. If your TV is not compatible with HDMI-CEC, this next method is for you.

    You probably know that Amazon provides a convenient Fire TV app that you can install on your smartphone. This app is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It comes with lots of features and can stand in as an alternative for your FireStick remote control.

    To use your phone as a remote via the Fire TV app, both your phone and the FireStick must be connected to one Wi-Fi network. If your FireStick tries to connect to the wrong network by default, youll be in a bit of a pickle: without having your FireStick remote in the first place, you may not be able to switch your FireStick to a different network.

    Thankfully, there is a workaround that fixes this problem. It involves two smartphones or tablets, with one operating as a wireless hotspot. That way, you can have your phone and FireStick connected to a single network. Then you can go on to connect your FireStick to a different Wi-Fi network without a remote.

    Heres how it goes:

  • On your smartphone, set up a wireless hotspot. Use the same SSID and password that your FireStick is currently connected to .
  • Now connect the second smartphone or tablet to the hotspot you created on your smartphone. This ensures that your FireStick and the device with the Fire TV remote app are now on the same network and can see each other.
  • How To Reset Firestick Without Remote Or Wifi

    Resetting the Firestick without a remote or WiFi can be a little technical. But not to worry because here is a comprehensive guide on every step you should follow.

    • Connect a USB mouse to launch the Firestick.
    • Navigate to the Menu
    • Navigate through the system option and find Factory Reset
    • Press it, and you will receive a message that the device will reset.
    • Sign in, and all other preferences made earlier will be lost.
    • and wait for a couple of minutes before the factory resetting process is complete.
    • Once all is done, your Firestick is fully reset.
    • You can now enjoy your favorite TV shows streaming without interruption.

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    Learn How To Control Fire Stick Without Remote

    So these are some of the ways you can control and manage a Fire TV Stick without a remote. For most users, the Amazon Fire TV app would be more than sufficient, but you need a common WiFi network for seamless navigation. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are facing any issue then comment down below and let us know. We will surely try to help you out. Also, dont forget to check out article on Fire TV vs Android TV, to see if you should stick with your device or if its time to move on.

    Everything You Can Do With A Fire Tv Stick Without Wi


    It can seem pointless to try and use your Fire Stick when you dont have a home Wi-Fi connection, but the device still has its uses, in fact, you might be surprised at what you can still do with it.

    As it was noted above, you can still watch content on some of the pre-installed apps, however, the number of available programs is limited.

    There are other things you can do with your Fire TV Stick despite not having an internet connection, including not only whats listed below, but also it can be used to connect to a projector, which we have a full guide on how to do.

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    Lost Your Fire Tv Stick Remote Heres What To Do

    There are times when you want to watch TV, but cant seem to find the remote. It especially happens with the Fire TV remote as its quite small in size and goes out of sight in no time. So if you have lost your Fire TV Stick remote and looking for a temporary way to navigate your TV then worry not. Here, we have got a number of ways to control Fire TV Stick without a remote. So on that note, lets go ahead and explore all the options to manage the Fire TV without WiFi or remote.

    How To Connect Firestick To Wifi

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a handy little device that allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies directly to your TV. However, in order to use the Fire TV Stick, you will need to connect it to a WiFi network.

    If youre not sure how to do this, dont worry weve got you covered.

    First, go to your WiFi settings on your Devices list and select the name of your Fire TV Stick from the list of available devices.

    Once youre connected, enter the PIN that appears on your TV screen into the prompts on your device. After that, your Fire TV Stick should be connected to WiFi and ready to use!

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    Option 2 Connect A Universal Remote

    If you happen to have a universal remote laying around, you can likely program it for your Fire TV!

    If you have a Fire TV box model, Fire TV Cube, or smart TV with Fire TV integrated such as the Insignia and Toshiba models, you can likely program a universal remote to work with those brands and you will be able to control things.

    Firestick users likely wont already own a universal remote sitting around that is capable of working with it. There are only a handful of universal remotes that will work with it.

    How To Connect Firestick To New Wi

    How to Connect Firestick to New WiFi Without Remote? [6 Amazing Ways]

    Last Updated on by Stephen Brown

    Amazon Fire TV Stick is powerful hardware that can be connected to any HD televisions and turn the TV into a smart TV. The Fire TV stick comes with an Alexa voice remote and can stream videos in 1080p 60 frames per second. In order to control it and connect it to your home Wi-Fi, using the remote is the easiest way. But what happens when you forget to bring your remote when traveling or staying in a hotel Or your remote isnt working at all? There are other ways to connect and control the tv stick as well. In this article, were going to discuss how to connect firestick to new Wi-Fi without a remote and control it.

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    How To Use Firestick Without Remote

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a handy little device that allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies directly to your TV. However, the remote that comes with the Fire TV Stick can be a little confusing to use.

    If youre having trouble figuring out how to use your Fire TV Stick without the remote, here are a few tips to help you out.

    First, make sure that your Fire TV Stick and remote are both powered on. Then, press and hold the Home button on your remote for three seconds. After the light on your remote turns green, simply point it at your Fire TV Stick and press the Play/Pause button.

    Your remote should now be paired with your Fire TV Stick. If youre still having trouble, you can also try holding down the Back button and the Home button simultaneously for five seconds.

    This should force your remote to re-establish a connection with your Fire TV Stick.

    Once your remote is paired with your Fire TV Stick, you can use it to navigate the menus and select what you want to watch. To scroll through the menu options, simply use the directional buttons on your remote. To select an option, press the Play/Pause button.

    And to go back to the previous menu, press the Back button.

    With these tips, you should be able to use your Fire TV Stick without any problems. If youre still having trouble, you can contact Amazon customer service for more help.

    Connecting With Echo Or Echo Dot

    You can also connect using Echo or Echo Dot. In this case, the Echo or Echo Dot will take the place of the second device. Instead of downloading the app, you can set everything up with voice commands.

    Start by changing the initial network configuration using your tablet or smartphone, and then use voice commands to connect the Fire Stick to the new network.

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    Use An Identical Hotspot

    Often it happens that if you can configure the network with the help of the TV remote, the WiFi does not let you connect. There may be some issue with the router or probably with the WiFi Module and you may forget to carry the Firestick remote at these times. If the firestick already remembers an SSID and a password, you can easily duplicate it. In cases like this, using an identical hotspot may do the job and can easily handle the configuration settings if you have a separate Hotspot network. Here are some of the steps below used to configure.

    • The first and foremost step that you need to do is create a hotspot network. You can do this by using your phone and the same WiFi address.
    • Change the SSID name of your smartphone and set it to the same name as your Firestick TV was connected to initially. Similarly, change the password of the hotspot keeping it the same.
    • The next step to configure is to turn on the TV on which you are about to set up the Fire Stick. Go to the applications and then install the Firestick application on it.
    • Allow the TV settings to connect to the same WiFi that is also connected with the app.
    • For this, youll have to open the application and then you can go to the Settings Menu. Follow it up to the Network page to configure the WiFi.

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