How To Connect Iphone To Tv Without Wifi

How To Use Chromecast Without Wifi Via Guest Mode

How to Mirror Your iPhone to TV Without Wi Fi

Guest Mode is a feature in Chromecast that was originally intended for guests in your home to connect to your Chromecast device and cast content, without connecting to your WiFi. The feature offers an easy way for you to connect to your Chromecast device without a WiFi connection.

Newer Chromecast models can transmit a WiFi and Bluetooth signal that broadcasts a PIN via short inaudible audio tones. This way, anyone who tries to cast to the device but isnt registered on your WiFi network can use the PIN to connect and stream content from their device to Chromecast.

  • To use Guest Mode on Chromecast, the first step is to enable Guest Mode on your device. To do this, open Google Home app and tap the name of your Chromecast device.
  • Next, tap Settings at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • In the Device Settings screen, scroll down and find Guest Mode. If you dont see Guest Mode, then your Chromecast device doesnt have the feature.
  • If Guest Mode is listed in your Chromecasts Device Settings, check whether theres a PIN displayed underneath it. This indicates that the setting is already enabled, and you can proceed to cast content normally. If you dont see a PIN underneath the Guest Mode setting, it means you can cast in Guest Mode but the setting has been disabled. In this case, tap Guest Mode and then toggle the switch to On.
  • Wait for it to generate a PIN and then go to the app you want to stream content from and cast it.
  • Use An Android To Hdmi Adapter

    Much like using an Apple Lightning Connector, you can also use an adapter cable if youre an Android user. All you need to do is purchase one from which will cost you in the region of £15+. Its simply a case of plugging your adapter into your phone or tablet and then putting the other end into your HDMI port on your TV.

    Voila! You can cast to your TV without WI-FI. If you have data on your Android device, you can use it to stream all your favourite apps on the large screen of your smart TV.

    How To Set Up Peer

    Follow these steps to use AirPlay to Apple TV without WiFi:

    Step 1.Forget Wi-Fi networks on your iOS device and Apple TV.

    Step 2.Turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iOS device and Apple TV.

    Step 3.Restart your iOS device and Apple TV.

    Step 4.AirPlay will now work on the iOS device or Mac.

    Follow these steps to connect your iOS devices to the Apple TV:

    Step 1.Go to the Control Center and click the AirPlay button to link to AirPlay.

    Step 2.Enter the 4-digit passcode on your iOS device. The same code will appear on your Apple TV.

    Step 3.The 4-digit passcode must match on iOS devices and the Apple TV for successful connection.

    Step 4.Wait for a few minutes until the peer-to-peer AirPlay is being set up. You need to be patient if you are using peer-to-peer for the first time.

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    Using An Sd Card To Store Offline Content

    Some Roku players come with access to a micro SD card slot. You can insert a micro SD card on a Roku to expand its internal memory and store more data from channels and games. However, you cannot directly load movies and TV shows from the SD card like you would when plugging in a USB storage.

    However, you can use this SD card to save more data from downloadable content. You can do so by inserting a micro SD card into the compatible Roku player and formatting it.

    Are you using Roku without a WiFi connection? If yes, did the above methods help you use your Roku player better? Let us know in the comments below.


    Connect With Dex Proprietary Hardware

    How To Connect My Iphone To Vizio Tv Without Wifi Ideas ...

    Samsung also offers proprietary hardware for DeX like DeX Pad and DeX Station. This makes the process even more seamless. Just place your phone on DeX pad or Station and start using it instantly. You can also connect wireless or wired keyboard and mouse to DeX Pad and Station, so you also can start using them instantly without connecting to your phone.

    The only difference between DeX pad and station is that you can use a phone as a touchpad while using the pad, but that isnt the case with Station.


    • Works on any TV with attached proprietary hardware
    • Ability to use the phone in desktop layout
    • Works even with DRM supported apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Bank Apps, etc.


    • Works only on flagship Samsung phones

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    Iphone To Apple Tv Via Airplay

    Mentioned in this article

    If youd rather not deal with wires, you can also stream video and audio to any Apple TV using the wireless AirPlay protocol. This allows you to either mirror your iPhone or iPad display on the TV, or beam video and audio from within supported apps.

    Heres how to mirror whats on your iPhone or iPad display:

    • Ensure that both the Apple TV and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
    • If you have an iPhone X or newer or an iPad running iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the upper-right corner to reveal the Control Center. Otherwise, swipe up for Control Center instead.
    • Tap the Screen Mirroring button.
    • Select your Apple TV from the list.
    • On your iOS device, enter the four-digit code that appears on your TV screen.
    • To disconnect from the TV, follow steps 1 through 3, and then select Stop Mirroring from the list.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    To start mirroring your screen wirelessly to an Apple TV, just open Control Center and select Screen Mirroring.

    Keep in mind that with many video and audio apps, mirroring isnt necessary. Instead, you can just tap the AirPlay icon during audio or video playback. , and then select your Apple TV from the device list. Alternatively, bring up Control Center and tap the AirPlay icon . Using AirPlay with these methods consumes less battery than mirroring, and it allows you to use the iOS device for other tasks while music and video play on the television.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    Can I Stream Android To Apple Tv

    Transferred to Apple TV. Make sure your Apple TV and your Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once the mirror recognizes your Apple TV , you’ll see the Apple TV option. Click on the Apple TV option and voila! Now you can see everything from your Android device’s screen on Apple TV.

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    Samsung Dex For Samsung Users

    Finally, the last option to connect phone to TV without Wi-Fi is to use Samsung DeX.

    DeX is a special feature on the flagship Samsung phones using which you can use to connect phone to any monitor or TV and turn it into a desktop set-up. This has obvious advantages comparing to casting content or screen mirroring as you get to use the entire display. Also, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use your phone in a complete desktop mode.

    You can enable Samsung Dex in 3 ways and all of them dont need a WiFi Connection.

    Connect An Iphone Or Ipad With An Hdmi Cable

    How to Connect Phone to TV Without WiFi

    The most straightforward way to connect an iOS device to a TV is using a wired connection. For an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a Lightning connector, you can use Apples Lightning Digital AV adapter, which costs about $40. While cheaper third-party adapters are available, be aware that these will not support streaming video apps that use copy protection, such as Netflix.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    Apples official Lightning Digital AV Adapter is pricey, but itll let you mirror an iPhone or iPad on your TV with no hassles.

    Setup is easy: Just plug the HDMI cable into your TV on one end and the adapter on the other, plug the Lightning cable into your iOS device, and set the TV to the appropriate input. You can also plug a charger into the adapters second Lightning port to keep your iOS devices battery from draining.

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    Most apps will simply mirror the iOS devices display onto the television, but video apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix might offer persistent playback controls while the video plays on the TV.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    Some video apps, such as Netflix, provide handy media controls when the adapter is plugged into a television.

    As for older iOS devices with 30-pin charging ports, Apple no longer sells its own 30-pin-to-HDMI adapter, but you can find third-party options, such as this model from JIMAT, on Amazon.

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    Connecting Iphone To Tv Without Wifi

    Gone are the times of boring old-fashioned TVs, like technological advancement youve got the amazing smart TV that permits you to use the web . its interesting since the web connection has been confined to computers, laptops, and smartphones, tablets, etc. So, now lets see how do we connect an iPhone to a smart TV without Wifi.

    Using An Alternate Apple Remote

    If you have another Apple TV remote, you can use that to control your current Apple TV instead. To do this, unlink your remote to the old Apple TV by holding down the Menu button and the left arrow for six seconds. If a remote icon appears on the screen of the TV that your remote was paired to, then that means that it has been unlinked.

    To pair that remote to your current Apple TV, press the Menu button and the right button for six seconds. A remote icon appearing on your TV will indicate that the remote has been paired. You can now use this remote to set up Wi-Fi by using the steps indicated on the instructions above.

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    Connecting Phone To Tv Without Wifi

    Gone are the days of boring old-fashioned TVs, as with technological advancement you have the amazing smart TV that allows you to use the internet. It is interesting since the internet connection has been confined to computers, laptops, and smartphones, tablets, etc.

    However, connecting a phone to smart TV without wifi sounds interesting. It is possible in the following ways:

    How Does Airplay Work

    How to Mirror Phone to TV without Wi

    First of all, connect your Apple devices to a local wireless or wired network. Several users often ask does AirPlay require WiFi. The answer is, yes but not mandatory because you can use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection.

    There are two ways to connect AirPlay devices for Wi-Fi networks:

    • Interconnect your Apple devices using a small portable wireless router called Apple AirPort Express, which does not need any additional equipment or an internet connection to use AirPlay.
    • Use your home network setups like Ethernet or a wireless router to connect all AirPlay-enabled devices if you share a single Internet service.

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    Can I Cast To Tv Without Wifi Using Mobile Data

    In short, yes. If youre using guest mode , you must still have some form of internet connection. You can connect to another WiFi network that isnt connected to the Chromecast device or you can use your mobile data. You cannot, however, set up your Chromecast with mobile data you need to be connected via WiFi or by an Ethernet cable.

    Can I Connect My Iphone To The Tv Without Wifi

    Yes, its possible to attach your iPhone device to a smart TV without WiFi. For this you might have to use, special devices for casting the content on your phone to the TV. However, you ought to remember of the various features and specifics of your television to proceed further. Lets proceed to see the topic in more details.

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    How Can I Mirror My Iphone To My Tv Without Apple Tv

    If you don’t have a compatible TV or an Apple TV, you can still mirror your iPhone to your TV, but you’ll need a cable to go from your iPhone to your TV. Sometimes you’ll need an adapter to connect the cable to your iPhone. The specific adapter you need will depend on the model iPhone you’re using as well as the available connections you have on your TV. Most commonly that will be an HDMI connection, but older TVs may require a VGA adapter.

    Once you have the appropriate cable and adapter, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your TV. You might need to change the TV input manually if it doesn’t automatically detect the active device. Once you seen your iPhone’s screen on the TV, you will know it’s successfully mirrored.

    When using this method, you will get an exact duplicate of your iPhone screen on your television, so if you’re trying to watch a movie from your iPhone on your TV, the image might not fill the whole screen.

    Solution : Stream Iphone Videos/movies To Hdtv Via Chromecast

    Connect phone to TV without WiFi

    To stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi is the third option. Googles Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle is a little different from Apple AirPlay. While the latter only works over a WiFi connection and seeks a screen mirroring effect, Chromecast can be connected with iOS devices and Mac/PC via WiFi or Ethernet. And what it supports is simply casting your Android and Chrome OS devices contents to HDTV for watching directly. As Googles very own product, Chromecast has been used by millions of active users around the world now. It also allows you to stream any video from Safari browser and Netflix apps on the mobile device easily. What I want to say is, if you dont have Apple TV, Chromecast looks like the most suitable device for streaming iPhone videos to HDTV or cast phone to Tv.

    Step 1: Make sure the connection of both devices to the same WiFi network. Then open the Chrome browser on Mac/PC and visit wizard. You can then set up your new Chromecast easily by following their user-friendly instruction page. Step 2: Go back to your mobile phone , launch the YouTube app, play desired video, switch over to the Chrome web browser, find the same video on the YouTube website, right-click it, choose the Cast option from the dropdown menu. All Done!

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    How To Connect Your Apple Tv To Wi

    Losing your remote is something that happens more often than we care to admit. When it happens to an Apple TV however, this becomes more troublesome as all of its features are tied to it. There are solutions to this problem though, and in this article, well show you how to connect the Apple TV to Wi-Fi without the remote.

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