How To Connect My Echo To Wifi

Why Is My Echo Dot Not Connecting To Wifi


If you see an orange ring of light around the top of your Amazon Echo at any time after you have performed the initial setup, its trying to tell you something: Its not connected to the Internet.

Even if youre Echos connected to WiFi, that doesnt mean that the connection between your cable or DSL modem and the Internet is working.

The Echo will attempt to reconnect with your WiFi and your WiFi will try to reconnect with the Internet, but it may be unsuccessful.

To regain the Wi-Fi connection between your Amazon Echo and your internet, youll need to re-establish a connection.

Keep in mind, that youre using the Alexa app to set up your Echo device so if your phone isnt connected to wifi, the Alexa device wont know where to connect to. Ensure that wifi is turned on and connected to your phone.

What could have caused these issues with the Amazon Echo and Wireless connections? Below, well look at the possible problems, as well as the easy ways for you to fix them.

Sync The Echo Plus With The App

How to connect amazon echo to wifi without app. The connectify hotspot software app allows you to share your windows laptops wifi connection with your other devices.this comes in handy when you are trying to avoid silly hotel wifi charges that gouge you for every single device. With that initial setup out of the way, you simply need to point any web browser at while logged into your amazon account. You can use echo or echo dot to.

Move your amazon echo closer to the wireless router, as it may be out of optimum range. Click on settings > set up a new device and select your new device. Then select echo & alexa and choose the alexa device you want to connect to a new wifi network.

Choose your device from the list. Head back to the browser and tap on continue. Finally, tap echo, echo dot, echo plus and more.

Plug echo connect into your home phone jack, complete setup with the alexa app or on, and youre ready to make and receive calls. Restart both your echo and your wireless router . Amazons fire tv app is very convenient and easy to use.

And, if you are using the amazon echo device, you will notice a blue light circulating at first, and then it will turn to an orange color. It also works great when you want to connect amazon echo to wifi. Method one use the smartphone app.

Choose the network you want to connect to. Connect the echo plus to wifi. Either way, youd need to create an amazon account for the person whos going to use the echo.

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi Without The App

To set up a new device using a browser, you have to be using Firefox, Safari, or Edge. will not work for device set-up.

1. Go to and log in to your account.

2. Choose Settings in the left sidebar.

3. Under Devices, select Set up a new device.

4. Choose the device you want to connect.

5. Turn on your device, if needed. The ring light should be orange.

6. Choose a WiFi network that’s marked as Amazon-XXX.

7. Hit Continue in the browser.

8. Choose the network you want to connect to and enter the password.

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How To Connect Alexa To Your Computer


  • How to Connect Alexa to a Windows 10 or Mac Computer
  • If you have an Amazon Echo device and acomputer, you can make things a lot easier for you by connecting them. Connectingyour Alexa device to your computer makes it easy to add music, video, and audiobooksto your device. You can also create shopping lists and to-do lists, set upreminders and alarms, and add Alexa skills with ease. Heres how to connect yourAlexa device to a Mac or Windows 10 computer:

    How To Connect Honeywell T6 Thermostat To Wi

    How Do I Connect Alexa To My Cell Phone

    The Honeywell Home Application makes it easy to set up T6 series Honeywell thermostats.

    But, according to your gadget, before beginning the configuration on the thermostat, download the application from the Apple App Store or perhaps the Google Play store.

    The instructions below will walk you through the process of configuring these units using the application.

    • Choose Start Setup on the thermostats screen.
    • To activate the application to set up the thermostat, select Yes.
    • Open the Honeywell Home App on your smartphone and sign in with the account you made when you first downloaded the app.
    • The app will search the area for active thermostats and display yours on the Thermostat discovered page. And choose your thermostat from the drop-down menu.
    • The application will connect to the Honeywell thermostat and guide you through the setup process, such as selecting the Wi-Fi network to access and entering the network password.

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    What To Do When Alexa Cant Connect To The Internet

    The first thing youll want to verify is that your mobile device is properly connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to use. Either go into the Settings on your phone or long-press the Wi-Fi button in your phones control center to open up the Wi-Fi options. Ensure that youre properly connected and try to reconnect your Echo device through the Alexa App.

    If the connection is unsuccessful, make sure that you have entered your password correctly. Because the password is hidden, it is easy to mistype one of the characters.

    Simply try reconnecting and re-entering your password before you try any of the troubleshooting tips below. Of course, make sure that your CAP LOCK key isnt engaged as all caps is likely the number one reason people mistype passwords multiple times.

    You can also try putting your smartphone in Airplane mode and then reconnecting it to wifi. The Alexa app in your phone relies on wifi to properly set up your Echo, so reconnecting the phone to wifi may resolve the issue quickly.

    If youre having issues with the Echo Dot check out

    In addition, if youve got more than one wireless network connection, then try connecting to another one if attempts are still unsuccessful in the initial Wi-Fi connection.

    Connecting Echo Devices To School Wi

  • Your Echo device is at least eight inches from any walls and windows and not near any sources of possible interference .

  • You meet the minimum bandwidth requirements for streaming through Alexa. Your Internet connection needs to be at least 512 Kbps .

  • The device with the Alexa app is not connected to a wired network .

  • Other devices can connect to your network. If not, contact your Internet service provider, network administrator, or the person who set up your network for assistance.

  • The network name is different for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band.

  • If you have a firewall on your network, check to see if these UDP ports are open for outgoing traffic: 123, 443, 4070, 5353, 40317, 49317, and 33434.

  • If you’ve checked all these things, and still having trouble connecting, then follow these options:

    OPTION 1: Change network configuration:

    Open ports.

    * Output TCP: 80, 8080, 443, 40317, 67, 68

    * Output UDP: 53, 123, 4070, 40317, 49317, 33434, 1900, 5000, 5353

    * Input TCP: 8080, 443, 40317

    * Input UDP: 53, 67, 68, 1900, 50000, 5353, 33434, 49317, 40317, 4070

    Add the Media Access Control address for each Echo device

    You may need to register the Echo device’s MAC address to your router’s list of approved devices, so that it stays connected.

    The MAC address for each Amazon Echo is found in the signed in Alexa app > Menu > Settings > select the Device > scroll to the end to see the MAC address.

    OPTION 2: Reset your Echo device to its factory defaults.

    To reset your Echo:

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    How To Connect Alexa To A New Wifi Network Without The App

    To connect Alexa to a new WiFi network without the app, go to and sign in. Then click Settings > Set up a new device and select your device. Next, put your device in pairing mode and connect to its WiFi network. Finally, choose your new network and enter your password.

  • Open a web browser and go to . You co do this using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser.
  • Then log in to your Amazon account. Enter your Amazon username and password. If you dont have an Amazon account, click the Create a New Amazon Account button at the bottom of the window.
  • Next, click Settings. You will see this in the left sidebar of the window. If you dont see this option, expand your browser window or zoom out on the page.
  • Then select Set up a new device.
  • Next, select the kind of Alexa device you want to connect to a new WiFi network. You can see more options by scrolling down.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Next, plug your Alexa device into a power source.
  • Then wait for the ring light to turn orange.

    Note: If you dont see your devices light ring turn orange, select Dont see the orange light ring? Then you will see which button you have to push on your device. In most cases, you will need to press and hold the action button with the dot in the middle on the top of your Echo device.

  • Go back to your browser and click Continue. Once you have connected to your WiFi network, you will see a window that says, Your computer is connected to your Alexa device.
  • How Do I Change My Wi

    How to connect your Amazon Echo to a different wireless router

    Sometimes, youll need to change your Wi-Fi details with Alexa. If you change your Wi-Fi passphrase or move to a new location with different Wi-Fi information, this will be necessary.

    If Alexa is having difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi, youll see a flashing red ring. Alexa will also say, I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the Help section in your Alexa app.

    To fix this, if youve already set up your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other compatible Alexa device, you can change the Wi-Fi settings from within the app. In the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, tap on the Devices icon in the lower right-hand navigation and select Echo & Alexa.

    From there, choose your Alexa-powered device. The app will take you to that devices settings. In the Wireless section, tap Change next to Wi-Fi Network and follow all of the onscreen prompts to change your Wi-Fi network or password.

    If you do not see your network listed, scroll down and tap Add a Network.

    If your Alexa-powered device is not discovered, make sure that youre within range , check that its plugged in correctly, and put it back into Setup Mode by pressing and holding the action button until the light on your device turns orange before hitting Continue.

    You might need to press and hold the Action button again until the light on your Alexa device turns orange.

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    Ways To Get Alexa Connected To Wi

    1. First, check another device your phone, ideally to see if it has an internet connection. Be sure to turn off mobile data to force it to use Wi-Fi and then open a web browser and check you can load web pages.

    This will tell you if its your Echo or your router. If you can open web pages, its the Echo, not some other problem with your home Wi-Fi network.

    The next step depends upon what you just discovered.

    2. If your Wi-Fi network appears to be working fine, its time to restart the Echo. So unplug it from the mains and plug it back in after a few seconds. Wait until it boots up and check if Alexa now works or not.

    3. If you found your phone cant open any web pages, then try restarting your router. If it doesnt have a restart button, do the same as for the Echo: unplug it from the mains and then plug back in.

    Again, wait for it to start up and give it a good couple of minutes to re-establish an internet connection.

    If you have other devices such as powerline network adapters with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh Wi-Fi system, be sure to do the same with all those devices as well to ensure everything is powered off and restarted.

    The old turn-it-off-and-back-on-again is the top fix for just about all tech problems. But if that doesnt work, read on.

    If you have an Echo Show it wont have this button, but you can swipe down from the top of the screen to show the setting cog. Tap that and go to Wi-Fi settings and choose your network.

    How To Connect Alexa Device To Wifi Without The App

    If you want to connect your Alexa device to a wifi network without necessarily using the Alexa app, follow these steps.

    But first, your internet connection must be fast and reliable. Alexa devices are designed to easily connect with dual bandwidth router devices are they are faster and more reliable.

    Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet before beginning the setup.

    • Head to the Settings menu on your phone and tap on the Network or WLAN menu
    • Next, youll see a list of available networks. Choose the wireless network, input the password and connect.
    • Once your wireless network is ready to use, simply connect your Alexa device to the internet without the Alexa app

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    Why Is My Honeywell Thermostat Not Connecting To Wi

    Honeywell smart thermostats dont have a lot of trouble with connectivity. This isnt to say they dont happen some people deal with them on a regular basis. However, if youre one of the individuals whose Wi-Fi thermostat wont connect, youre certainly curious as to why this is happening. To resolve these connectivity difficulties, use one of the several solutions suggested below.

    How To Connect Your Alexa To Wifi With Or Without The App

    How to Connect Alexa to WiFi, With or Without the App ...
    • You can connect your Alexa device to WiFi via the Alexa app or the Amazon Alexa website.
    • You can also use the Alexa app to change your WiFi source.
    • If youre connecting your Alexa to WiFi from the website, you need to be using Firefox, Safari, or Edge.
    • Visit Insiders Tech Reference library for more stories.

    An Amazon Alexa smart speaker can be a helpful addition to your smart home. But in order for it to work with your devices, youll need to have a WiFi connection established.

    Heres how to get it done, whether youre using the Alexa app or the Alexa website.

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