How To Connect Playstation 4 To Wifi

Why Wont My Ps4 Connect To My Wi

How to Setup and Connect PS4 to Wifi Network (Easy Method)

It happens sometimes that your console wont connect to the Wi-Fi. This might be because of several reasons. The first thing you must try is to Restart your Playstation and Router. Once done, you can reconnect the console to your Wi-Fi. Or you can also try to move the PS4 closer to the router, as something might be interfering with the Wi-Fi signal.

Is It Possible To Play Theps4 Without Wifi

It is possible to play PlayStation 4 without an internet connection. However, it is significantly more enjoyable if you are connected to the internet. The reason for this is that many games provide additional gaming features and updates via internet connections.

You may also enjoy your PlayStation 4 more with your pals by playing multiplayer, although you will need an internet connection to do so. But is there anything you can do if you dont have a WiFi internet connection at home and cant connect via a mobile hotspot?

There are also other ways to connect to your PlayStation 4 if you dont have WiFi. A wired ethernet connection can be used to connect to a PlayStation 4. Its worthwhile to invest in a wired connection for your PS4. While an Ethernet connection may provide quicker speeds than a wireless connection occasionally, the most significant benefit it will bring is stability.

Most WiFi connections can consistently provide speeds that are more than adequate for online gaming on your PS4. Online video games do not require a lot of bandwidth, but they do require a consistent connection. When playing online games, latency is nearly always your worst enemy.

When your network lag, your game may disconnect from time to time.

Unfortunately, many factors can create latency on a Wireless Network. Multiple users and devices can cause dropped packets and poor latency on a network, the physical distance between your router and your PS4, and even walls.

Determine If Other Devices Are Connecting To The Web

When the PS4 is troubling and not connecting to the Internet, narrow down the problem by determining if the issue is with the network or the PS4.

Check if other devices are connecting to the Internet. If you are using Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, plug it to the computer to see if its working.

If other devices arent connected to the internet, a simple solution is to power off the modem and router. If it does not work even after rebooting, you might want to contact your Internet service provider.

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Causes Of Ps4 ‘cannot Connect To The Wi

Typically, when a connection times out, it means a server is taking too long to respond to a request for data from another device, in this case, the PlayStation 4. The error message appears when the request isn’t fulfilled within a predetermined amount of time. As you can see in the above example, the message doesn’t offer any clues about what’s causing the timeout and how to fix it.

Boost Your Ps4 Internet With Dns:

How to connect to Sony PlayStation 4 using WiFi Direct technology

When you download a game, you want to be able to look up the name of the server hosting your game as quickly as possible. This is done via a service called DNS. Think of it like your phones contacts. You dont know everyones telephone number, so you look up their name and it tells you what their telephone number is. Same thing with websites.

The quickest change is to change the DNS. You do this by following these steps:

  • Log into your PS4
  • Connect to your home WiFi
  • Select automatic settings until you see the DNS screen.
  • Choose Manual and enter as your Primary DNS and as your Secondary DNS which is CloudFlares DNS. If this doesnt increase your speed, you can also try to enter which is: for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.
  • Here is the info about CloudFlares NEW Family DNS too:

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    Can I Connect My Phone To My Ps4 Without Wifi

    Without a doubt, you can link your smartphone to your PS4 without using WiFi. You may accomplish this by casting your Android device to your PlayStation 4 without using WiFi. It is now much easier to enjoy movies, dramas, and action games on a large TV screen thanks to advances in technology.

    You can simply cast your phone to a smart TV if you have a Chromecast or a similar device with you, but if you dont, you can cast video from your smartphone to your PlayStation 4.

    Nonetheless, the PS4 was not designed from the start to cast smartphone screens. And unless you install a mirroring program on your phone, it is difficult to mirror your phone to a PS4. Plus not all mirroring apps can connect your device to the PS4.

    Fortunately, Plex can complete the task in a matter of seconds. This is a screen mirroring program that allows Android users to cast their phones screen to any device, such as a PlayStation 4. It allows you to stream videos, music, and images. The program automatically organizes your files so you dont have to waste time looking for the media you want to play.

    Furthermore, iMediaShare allows you to cast your smartphone to your PS4. Users may easily play music, films, and pictures on the Playstation 4 or TV screen with this program. The app is free and can be found on Google Play.

    How Do I Connect My Ps4 To A Blocked Wifi

  • Go to the PS4 Settings menu and click on
  • Then, select the Network tab.
  • Once you have selected setting up an internet connection, click on OK.
  • Select the custom option in the box.
  • It is now time to choose the method by which your PS4 will connect to the internet.
  • Automatic IP address can be set if you dont want to.
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    Android Users Can Follow These Steps:

  • Turn on your Mobile Data.
  • Go to the dropdown menu and tap on Mobile Hotspot for 2-3 seconds.
  • In the new window, toggle the Off to On.
  • If you want to change your name and password, youll see the option right below the toggle switch.
  • Tap on the setting icon on the top right corner and select Configure Mobile Hotspot to enter additional settings.
  • Here, you can change the visibility of your device. Make sure it is set to visible so your PS4 can find and connect to it.
  • Now, set up your PS4 to connect to the hotspot.
  • After following the steps above, your mobile hotspot is ready to use. Now its time to connect your PS4 to the hotspot:

  • To connect PS4 to mobile hotspot, turn on your PS4 and go to Settings.
  • Select Network and then Set up internet connection.
  • From there, select Use Wi-Fi and then Easy. The PS4 will then scan for the available hotspot.
  • Select your mobile hotspot connection and enter the password you set earlier to connect your PS4 to the hotspot.
  • As long as your PS4 is within the range of your hotspot, it should be able to establish a stable connection. Thats all you need to do. Your PS4 is now connected to the hotspot, and it will use the mobile data connection to play PS4 games.

    However, here we must mention that the PS4 uses a lot of data, so if you have a data capped plan, itll probably eat up your quota in no time.

    You can also use this method for PS3 consoles, Wii U, and other devices that support Wi-Fi connections.

    How Do I Connect My Ps4 To A Hotspot

    How to Connect PlayStation 4 (PS4) to Internet WiFi Network?

    Usually, we use a mobile phone data network to create a hotspot connection, which acts as an available WiFi connection to other devices.

    So, to connect your PS4 with your phone data, youll first need to establish a hotspot on your phone and then allow the PS4 to connect to the newly created hotspots WiFi network.

    Of course, it would almost always be better to connect a PS4 to a normal 5GHz or 2.4GHz WiFi network because gaming consoles can use a lot of data.

    Setting up a mobile hotspot is pretty simple. There are a few simple taps on your smartphone, and the hotspot will be up and running.

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    How To Connect Playstation To Hotel Wifi

    Go through the next list of steps, and follow them accordingly to kickstart your gaming:

    This page is also meant for hotel administration to keep tabs on who makes use of their WiFi setup for their business security.

    Here, insert all the details that are being asked of you.

    • After you have pressed Connected you have to double-select the back option to reach the network screen.
    • Here, you have to choose Test Internet Connection. This is to test if the last couple of steps you did made a difference.
    • You will likely have connected to the internet and will no longer come across the Failed message when connecting to the internet connection.
    • You will see other information on the WiFi signal, including its speed indicating that your attempt was indeed successful.

    Are You Still Facing Issues Trying To Connect To The WiFi Directly? Heres What You Can Do

    If all the steps we have provided up there dont work, you can try the methods we have given below to see if they work for you:

    Navigate To The User Guide

    Navigate to the Network Settings on your PS4 and search for networks. Once you see Xfinity on the list of available networks, connect to it using your login credentials.

    Once your network settings are updated, it will have an option to Test Internet Connection. Run this test, and if the connection status comes back as unsuccessful, do not fret.

    Simply exit the Network Settings screen, and scroll up to the first option, which should be User Guide/Helpful Info.

    Select User Guide, and a webpage will direct you to Xfinitys login page.

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    How To Fix It When Your Ps4 Won’t Connect To Wi

    Follow the recommendations below to get your PS4 console connected to the internet again.

  • Check the status of the PlayStation Network. If PSN is offline, it’s not going to matter whether the console can connect to Wi-Fi. So, check its status as an initial step. Gamers often misdiagnose PSN outages as a problem with their network connectivity, which can cause unnecessary confusion.

  • Restart the modem and router. It’s best to restart both the modem and wireless router. Then, see if the console can connect to the Wi-Fi network before assuming that the PS4 is the problem. Reboot the modem and router manually, wait about five minutes, then check to see if the PS4 can establish a connection.

    If you’re unsure how to power these devices on and off, refer to the devices’ manuals or to your service provider’s customer support.

  • Restart the PlayStation 4. Then, reboot the PS4 and see if it connects successfully afterward.

    Fully power down the console and turn it back on, as opposed to entering Rest Mode and then waking up the console’s operating system.

  • Move your PS4 closer to the wireless router. It’s not a potential cause that’s often considered when a device can’t connect to Wi-Fi. The physical distance between a wireless router and the PS4 is a potential reason why you can’t get online. It’s also important to make sure the Wi-Fi signal isn’t impeded by device-related interference or obstructions such as reinforced doors or excessively thick walls.

  • How To Connect Your Phone To Ps4 With Plex


    Plex is one of the best screen mirroring programs, allowing you to simply connect your phone to your PS4 in a matter of seconds. Heres how to use Plex to connect your phone to your PS4.

    Set up an account on Plexs official website. After youve finished registering, download and install the Plex program on your PS4. You can quickly find the program on your PlayStation shop by using the search bar.

    Log into the Plex app

    After installation, launch the app and select login. On the screen, a link will appear. Navigate to the link in your browser. Now, sign in to your Plex account and enter the code that appears on your screen. After that, click Link, and a notification will display indicating that the setup was successful.

    Install Plex app on your smartphone

    The next step is to download and install Plex on your iPhone. After installation, launch the program and select Stay in Trial Mode followed by Grant permission.

    Connect your smartphone to PS4 through the Plex app

    After youve installed the Plex app on your device, go to the menu icon and select Settings. Now, select System, followed by Advertiser server, select Show camera roll media, and then Network discovery.

    Connect your iPhone and PlayStation 4 to the same network. Finally, return to the PS4 home screen and select your smartphone, and a folder to cast your phone screen.

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    Set Up Internet Connection

    Since you want to connect your PlayStation 4 to Wi Fi, you need to select set up an internet connection.

    Furthermore, youll find two options to either use Wi-Fi or use a LAN cable. Once you click the Use Wi Fi option, you are presented with two more options Easy or Custom.

    Upon selecting the Custom option, you can choose between the available list of WiFi connections found by the PS4. First, select the desired Wi Fi connection and then head forward to the next important step of choosing the IP Address settings.

    The three IP address settings include Automatic, Manual, and PPPoE. Since you dont want to complicate the Wi Fi connection process, select Automatic.

    Furthermore, you can choose to either specify or do not specify the DHCP Hostname. The next step is to select the DNS settings. Again, it would help if you kept it simple, so opt for the automatic settings.

    The PS4 will display the primary and secondary DNS codes.

    But, what do primary and secondary DNS options mean here?

    It means that if your country supports those DNS codes, you can enjoy a better Wi Fi connection. By the way, you cant delete the DNS codes but can change accordingly.

    The default settings of the primary DNS code are, and for secondary DNS code is

    After you press the Next button, you are directed to select the MTU settings as either Automatic or Manual. Simple, select Automatic and move along to the Proxy server settings. If you dont want to use a Proxy server, like Do Not Use.

    Game Recommendations On Ps4

    Looking to create a library of games at your property? Here are some must-haves that guests will be very excited to play when they come to stay.

    • For dads: God of War. This game takes players through a story about Norse legends and a father trying to raise a son. Reviewers note that theres some intense violence, so this game may not be for everyone. But, the action comes with a big amount of heart.

    • For kids: Ubisoft Rayman Legends. This family-friendly option keeps little ones entertained, but is interesting enough that parents can also get involved. The plot is thin, but the bright colors and vibrant energy make this game stand out.

    • For serious gamers: Overwatch. This multi-player game is so popular that it even has a professional esports league dedicated to playing it. Addictive, team-based play keeps serious gamers going for hours on end.

    • For adventure gamers: Shadow of the Colossus. Wired ranked Shadow of the Colossus one of the best games ever made. Books have been written about the adventures of this game.

    • For everyone: Spiderman. Appropriate for teens and fun for everyone, Spiderman is a good go-to bet for your hotels game library. The story follows Peter and Aunt Mae, and the main antagonist Mr. Negative, and you’ll swing from mission to mission solving mysteries, stopping crimes, and getting into acrobatic feats of strength and agility. This is a dream come true for comic book fans, and the perfect superhero game to buy for your PS4, writes one reviewer.

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