How To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without Remote Iphone

How To Fix Error Code 01420 On Your Roku Device

How to Connect Roku to Wi Fi Without Remote

If there is a network issue, then this error code 014.20 occur on your device.

Step1:- Firstly, connect the Roku to the modem.

Step2:- Make sure to change the settings.

Step3:- Now select the Roku settings after completing the ethernet connection.

Step4:- Select the wireless connection.

Step5:- Choose your network provider.

Step6:- Type the password.

If the problem does not solve, then try the second method.

Step1:- On your Roku remote, click on the home button.

Step2:- Now press the up button to visit the menu bar.

Step3:- Visit the settings section.

Step4:- Select factory reset option.

Step5:- Click yes to complete the reset process.

This method should resolve this problem.

Connect Roku To Wifi Without Remote Using Mobile Hotspot

1) On your Smartphone, go to the Settings menu and click on Mobile Hotspot.

2) Next, click on Set up Mobile Hotspot to open the Hotspot menu.

3) Now, you will be prompted to continue to the menu, click on Ok to continue.

4) Change the WiFi name and password like the old WiFi used on the Roku device.

5) And change the security to WPA1 PSK.

6) Now, turn on the mobile hotspot, and the Roku device will recognize the mobile hotspot as a home WiFi network.

7) And your Roku device will connect to the hotspot automatically.

8) Now, leave your phone aside, dont do anything with that.

Connecting Using Digital Remote

In this method, you need to navigate to the settings of your mobile device, then switch on the mobile hotspot.

After doing this, give a new name to the new wireless connection then choose WPA2 PSK as your security mode.

Save if youve completed this process. The next line of action is to download the Roku app into your mobile device.

For those who already have the app on their device, tap to open it.

Scroll towards the bottom of the Roku app, youll see a remote option. Tap on the icon to open the digital remote.

Then, the digital remote will be displayed on your screen. There is no much difference between this and the hardware remote.

The same way you make use of your actual remote, use this to establish a connection between your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi and your Roku device.

To do this, navigate to the settings and scroll towards the wireless network. From here, type in the password you entered during the setup.

The connection to the Wi-Fi will be established accordingly if you followed these outlined procedures

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How To Update Wifi Settings On Your Roku Device

Below we are going to show some steps of how to update wifi settings on your Roku device.

Step1:- Connect your mobile device to the hotspot.

Step2:- Now download and launch the Roku app on your device.

Now use the Roku mobile app as the remote.

Step3:- Visit settings on your Roku device.

Step4:- Change the settings of your network.

Step5:- Turn off your hotspot and connect it to the new wifi network.

Now you can use your Roku mobile app as the hardware remote.

Things You Need To Check/do Before Connecting Roku To Wifi Without Remote

How to Connect Roku TV to WiFi Without Remote Step by Step

There are some key factors that you need to consider before you set up a Roku stick without a remote. Heres a list of them:

  • Make sure you know the network name of the Wi-Fi as well as the password for it
  • The smartphone device should have the Mobile Hotspot option available so that you can make the Wi-Fi access point for the Roku device.
  • Make sure you keep two smartphone devices ready to make the connection process as one device will provide the mobile hotspot, while the other will be used as a remote.
  • Keep in mind that you should have the Roku mobile application installed on the smartphone which will be used as a remote.

Now that you know what to keep ready to set up Roku WiFi without a remote, go to the section below.

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Some Points To Be Remember While Using Roku Remote Mobile App

There are a few mistakes or errors that create issues because of some common problems. To not face those issues you have to look below for the points carefully and also obey them:

  • Make sure that your phone should be charged properly.
  • Your mobile should be virus-free, otherwise, you can have some uncommon issues.
  • Most of the users face difficulties as of space issues. If you would be unable to install the Roku app then clean the space.
  • Update your mobile phone if it is not updated yet.
  • While using the app the mobile should not be connected with the USB charging wire.

How To Use Your Roku Without A Remote


  • How to Connect Your Roku Player to the App Using a Mobile Hotspot
  • Every Roku player comes with its own remote control. But, unlike most of the other remotes youve ever used, Roku remotes use WiFi to connect to their players. That means if you lose your remote or it stops working, you cant watch your shows. Luckily, there is a workaround to this that lets you control your Roku device with your smartphone. Heres how to use your Roku device without a remote control, even if you are on a new WiFi network.

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    How To Connect Roku To New Wifi Without Remote

    Roku is a digital media player that allows streaming content from various online services. Once it gets connected to the internet, you can access a lot of channels. Every Roku comes with remote control. Luckily, the Roku device can be controlled without a remote by using the Roku mobile app. You can also easily connect the Roku to new WiFi without using a remote. The following article gives you detailed information about how to change your Rokus WiFi network without the remote.


    • SSID and Password of WiFi network which Roku device was previously connected

    Connecting Through Apple Peer To Peer Airplay

    connect to tcl roku tv without wifi…App to control my #TCL #Roku #Tv Solved!!!!

    The latest versions of the Apple TV, such as the Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD , will support Peer-to-Peer Airplay without Wi-Fi. If you have the Apple TV , it should also be running on Apple TV Software 7.0 or later.

    In addition, youll need to have an iOS device thats at least a 2012 model or later and that has at least iOS 8 running on it. Unfortunately, Peer-to-Peer Airplay isnt supported in earlier devices. You may still use screen mirroring on the older devices, but a Wi-Fi connection is required.

    If you have the necessary devices available, then Screen Mirroring through Peer-to-Peer Airplay is a simple process.

    Peer-to-Peer Airplay works outside of Wi-Fi and may not work while any of your devices are connected to a network. Therefore, it is essential to first disconnect both your Apple TV and iOS from any Wi-Fi Network, then reconnect to it.

  • Go to Settings, select Network, then choose Wi-Fi.
  • If the Apple TV is connected to any network, it will be shown on your TV screen. Select the name of the current Wi-Fi network, then choose Forget Network.
  • On your iOS, go to Settings, then select Wi-Fi to see the current connection information. Click on Forget Network to disconnect.
  • Do note that forgetting the network is done so that the devices dont automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi. Youll need to remember both your Wi-Fis SSID and password if you want to reconnect to it later.
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    How To Screen Mirror Iphone Tcl Roku Tv Without Wifi

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      Onn Roku Tv Not Showing Wifi Network

      Make sure you are having good wifi singal strength and also make sure that your router or modem is close enough to your onn roku tv. if still onn roku tv is nto showing wifi network then restart your modem or router and scan for available wifi networks again and it will start showing your wifi network.

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      S To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without Remote

      Step 1: Switch ON your Roku TV monitor or Roku Player. If you want to connect Roku TV to wifi then go to Step 6.

      Step 2: In case you have a Roku Player, then try to connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable. If you have a Roku stick, plug it into the HDMI port of your TV.

      Step 3: If you don’t have any Roku stick, and you have a Roku player rather than turn it on.

      Step 4: After switching ON your TV, select the input that matches your Roku HDMI connection.

      Step 5: Close down the Roku TV settings. The Roku Home screen will be displayed.

      Step 6: Using your Roku remote, Go to Settings> > Network > > Wireless > > Set up new Wi-Fi connection. A list of available WiFi networks will be displayed to the user.

      Step 7: Select your WiFi network from the displayed list of available networks.

      Step 8: With the help of the on-screen keyboard, enter your WiFi network password. Your Roku device is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

      In case you are unable to connect your Roku TV to Wi-Fi then prefer connecting to a wired network as discussed in the next section.

      How To Connect Your Roku Device To The Internet Via A Wired Connection Or Wifi

      How To Connect Roku To WIFI Without Remote

      There are two ways to do this: You can use wireless internet or wired internet .

      Not all Roku devices support wired Ethernet, though. Any Roku will connect with WiFi, but if WiFi isn’t an option for you or your WiFi is too slow or spotty to stream video reliably you might consider getting the Roku Ultra. This streaming box is currently at the top of the Roku product line , but has an Ethernet jack and can be connected to your router directly.

      Regardless of which Roku model you choose, setup is quite simple.

      1. Connect the Roku device to your TV via an HDMI cable, and plug in the AC adapter. Turn on the TV on and set it to the correct HDMI input for your Roku you should now see the Roku welcome screen and setup instructions.

      2. Insert batteries into the included remote control, and using the remote, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Roku to your WiFi network. Note that you will need your WiFi network’s password to complete the setup process.

      If you have a Roku Ultra, you won’t need to set up WiFi instead, plug the Ultra into your network router or hub at the same time as you are connecting it to HDMI and power. It’ll automatically detect the network and you won’t need to enter any sort of network password.

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      Connect Roku To Internet Using Mobile Hotspot

      So the mobile in which the internet is working fine will be using it to connect with Roku devices. The process is quite simple you have to create a hotspot network in this mobile and then add a Roku device and the second mobile, which we can use as the remote control to surf through the Rokus settings. So before making a wireless internet connection through the smartphone, make sure you have enough and a sufficient internet plan installed at your place.

      • Go to the settings menu, then click on the mobile hotspot option.
      • Then click on set up mobile hotspot to create a new hotspot network.
      • You will see mobile data usage notification continue further.
      • Under set up mobile hotspot, add wifi network information saved on the Roku device.
      • Enter the SSID wifi network name and create a Password.
      • Review the settings carefully.
      • Then click on SAVE to make the new mobile hotspot.

      Here, we have created a new wifi network through which we can connect the Roku device and the other smartphone that will work as a remote for controlling everything. Now head over to the next step to use your other mobile device as the remote controller.

      Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without Remote

      Sometimes it might happen that you bought a Roku TV or Roku player but you forgot to buy its remote. Right? So is that possible to connect your Roku to Wi-Fi without the remote?

      The following blog information will guide you to connect Roku to wifi without remote and Roku player, or stick to your network type, either via WiFi or over a wired connection with the help of an Ethernet cable.

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      How To Change Airplay Settings On Your Roku Device

      To change your AirPlay settings on a Roku device, press the Home button on your remote and go to Settings> Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. Then select AirPlay and HomeKit Settings and make sure AirPlay is turned on.

    • Press the Home button on your Roku remote. This is the button with the house-shaped logo at the top of your Roku remote.
    • Then press the left directional button. This will let you access the menu bar on the left side of your screen.
    • Next, select Settings. You can do this by pressing the up directional button on your remote once. Then press the OK button on your remote.
    • Then scroll down to select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. You can select this by pressing the OK button on your remote.

      Note: If you dont see this, make sure that you are running Roku OS 9.4. You can do this by going to Settings > System > About and checking under Software version. If you are running Roku OS 9.4 on an AirPlay-compatible Roku device, try restarting your device by going to Settings > System > System restart.

    • Next, select AirPlay and HomeKit Settings.
    • Finally, make sure AirPlay is turned on. If AirPlay is turned off, select it to turn it on.
    • You can also change other settings in this window. For example, you can require an iPhone to enter a code every time you want to mirror to your Roku device. Plus, you can set up HomeKit on your Roku device, which will let you ask Siri to control your TV. For example, you can say, Hey Siri, turn off my Roku TV.

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