How To Connect Smart Bulb To Wifi

Install Your Smart Lights Into Your Light Fixtures

EASY SETUP Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs | Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

If your smart bulb comes with an app, download it and, if necessary, sign up for an account. You will likely need to sync or add the lightbulb you purchased to the app. Screw the bulb into the preferred socket and turn on the fixture’s light switch.

The bulb should blink three times. Proceed through the app instructions to connect the bulb to your local Wi-Fi network.

How To Install A Smart Light

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Smart lights connect through your wifi and let you control how bright your rooms are just using your phone or tablet. Installing a smart light is as easy as screwing in the bulb and setting it up in the app. If you have a Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can even use your voice to adjust the lights. In just a few minutes of setup, you can control the lights in your home with ease!

Add Your Smart Lights As A New Device In Google Assistant

If you intend to use the smart bulb with Google Home or Google Assistant, first download an install the Google Assistant app. Then follow the directions below.

  • Open the Google Assistant app on your mobile device.

  • Select the profile icon in the top-right corner.

  • Select Devices, then select Add…

    Add smart lights in your Google Assistant app.

  • Select Link a smart home device.

  • Browse or search for the compatible smart bulb, then follow the instructions to connect the device to your network.

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    Smart Bulb Colors And Luminance

    Some of the bulbs on this list are just white, while others have the ability to take on any color of the rainbow. Color is a fun way to add atmosphere to your home, but often results in a pricier bulb.

    Most of the smart bulbs we review are marketed as equivalent to 60-watt incandescent models, which sounds self-explanatory, but some bulbs are brighter than others. To see just how bright a light is, you need to look at the lumens it puts out : the more lumens, the brighter the light.

    This Looks Complicated So Is There Another Way

    Smart Led Bulb

    If you change your internet service provider and dont want to manually add the new network to your smart bulb, change the name and password of your new Wi-Fi network to match those of your previous network.

    To your bulb, it doesnt matter whether youve changed your internet service provider. What matters are the name and password of the Wi-Fi network. As long as these dont change, itll connect to the new Wi-Fi without any hiccups.

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    Do Smart Bulbs Work Without Wifi

    Do you remember when cordless phones were the new thing, with no wires and cords holding you back? But when your power went down, so did the dial tone?

    You were left without a phone service that had nothing to do with power! Enraging.

    And at that moment, what came to the rescue was the old-school wired phone connected through the telephone cable. In this case, a technological feature added a drawback !

    Sometimes technology takes ten steps forward and 2 steps back. But eventually, it all catches back up.

    The modern-day equivalent of that lag in technology is where your smart home is run on the internet of things.

    You are afraid that the day your internet goes down, you wont be able to get a drink from your smart fridge or turn on your smart lights. After all, those devices are run on the WiFi network.

    But its not all that doom and gloom.

    Some smart bulbs only run on 2.4 GHz wireless protocol, where local WiFi connection is needed for the bulbs to communicate with the phone app. However, the majority of manufacturers also have Bluetooth within the bulbs to allow close-range communication between app and bulbs through Bluetooth, in case there is no WiFi signal.

    The Best Black Friday Smart Light Bulb Deals This Week*

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    Also keep in mind that bulbs can disperse light in a narrow beam or a wide swath, so make sure to read the reviews to find out how each one works. If you need some extra light for reading, puzzles, or selfies, the $29.99 Wyze Floor Lamp is an excellent option. It forms a narrow, 23-degree light beam for even illumination, and supports Bluetooth, so you can turn it on and off, adjust the brightness, and create lighting schedules from your phone.

    Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

    Another factor to keep in mind is color temperature. Higher temperatures, like 8,500K, look like harsh office lighting, which is fine for staying awake or working. Lower temperatures, like 2,500K, translate to a cozy, warm glow that’s perfect for relaxing.

    If you’re sick of tripping over shoes and dog toys during late-night bathroom trips, the Wyze Night Light might be the perfect solution. Each $20 box comes with three motion-triggered warm white wall lights you can use individually in different rooms, or pair together so they all light up when one detects motion.

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    Connect Your Ordinary Light Bulb To Google Home

    Well, it is, of course, an expensive act if you try to change all your household light bulbs into smart bulbs. These WiFi-enabled bulbs also turn out to be expensive waste once they die. If you just want to turn on or off your household bulb Google Home, and not looking for brightness and color controls, here is a workaround for you.

    You can use the smart light socket for your ordinary bulb to convert them into smart bulbs. Still, you can only get basic functionalities like turn on or turn off. Check out some of the smart bulb converter sockets for ordinary bulbs.

    Looking For A 5ghz Smart Bulb Check This Out

    How to set up smart lights (LED with wifi, on apps, and more)

    So, youve purchased smart bulbs for your home, and its time to set them upbut the packaging says that the bulbs need a 2.4 gigahertz frequency to work. Youre not sure what that means, but you try to connect the device to the network anyway but to no avail. What gives?

    Most smart bulbs run on a 2.4 GHz protocol. Dual-band WiFi connections offer both 2.4 and 5 GHz, but may operate on 5 GHz by default, depending on range. Since smart bulbs and other smart home devices are not yet compatible with 5 GHz frequencies, they must connect to a 2.4 GHz network.

    Since home automation is relatively new, the configuration is causing a lot of confusion for smart bulb users. It seems like a simple fix just get a 5 GHz smart bulbbut do 5 GHz smart bulbs exist? Read on to learn more about frequencies, smart bulbs, and how to connect them.

    As an affiliate, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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    I Am Trying To Have One Of My Smart Led Bulbs Discovered But It Is Not Connected Via Wifi And It Is Not Showing Up On The Wifi Setting Page Of My Phone What Is Going On

    You might not have one of the Smart WiFi LED bulbs.

    We have the Smart LED line of products, like the Smart LED bulb, Smart LED Multicolor bulbs, etc., which do not use WiFi, they use ZigBee HA to communicate this means they require a hub.

    The Smart WiFi LED bulbs do use WiFi and thus can be setup without a hub.

    Check the M/N of the bulb below is a picture of where the M/N is located:

    If and only if the M/N of the bulb begins with a “W” and the bulb has a QR code, do you have a Smart WiFi LED bulb.

    If, generally speaking, the M/N of your bulbs starts with an “E” or a “Z” and the bulb has a QR code sticker on it, you have a Smart LED product which does require a hub in order to be used.

    The Smart LED line of products cannot be setup without a hub. A hub would be required for use.

    After pressing “Add Device” in the Sengled Home app, you have to choose which product you would like to add to your hub.

    If you have one of the Smart LED line of bulbs, you would choose “Smart LED Lights “.

    Hue Lighting Without A Hub


    • Supports Alexa and Google voice commands.
    • Can be added to Hue ecosystem.


    Light bulbs have grown exponentially smarter in recent years. You can now replace your standard incandescent bulb with a variety of connected solutions you can control with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Some also connect with smartwatches and virtual assistants, so they can be controlled from your wrist or with just the sound of your voice. But with so many options flooding the smart home market, which one is right for you? We’ve rounded up our highest-rated smart bulbs, along with some points to consider while shopping, to help you decide.

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    Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Bulb

    It isnt wise to use your smart bulb as just a normal bulb. With the easy to follow instructions above, you should be able to set up as well as learn to use your bulb in a smarter way in no time.

    When you use a device like a smart bulb, you want to make sure its protected from the outsiders. Securing your smart home devices is vital for a safe and reliable home network.

    Thoughts On 3 Ways To Fix Feit Smart Bulb Wont Connect To Wi

    Smart home WiFi led bulb light APP connect Alexa Google ...
  • Jay
  • I have 8 bulbs and 1 by 1 over a week period they stopped working and started blinking. Unable to connect then read about the VPN with I recently installed on my iPhone. I paused my VPN and it took like 15seconds to reprogram each bulb. App wudnt recognize the bulb so had to do the On-Off-On-Off-On but we all good now.

  • 8mI hope this helps someone. I bought a few of these Feit smart bulbs from Costco because they are so much cheaper than hue bulbs. I successfully connected them to Alexa and a few months went by, no problem. Then they all lost their connection to Alexa, so I went back and set them all up again except for one which I could not get to blink. After trying everything I could find on the web, I took out the bulb and compared the writing on it to other working Feit bulbs. Turns out that Feit makes identical looking LED bulbs that are not smart. I somehow pulled this non smart Feit bulb out of my bulb collection thinking since it was a Feit bulb it was smart. Mystery solved. But, for all the problems reported online and the fact that all my Feit bulbs mysteriously lost their connection with Alexa, I say avoid these bulbs, spend your time more wisely by anteing up for the hue bulbs Heres a quick video showing the difference between the two bulbs

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    Can Smart Light Hubs Work Without Wifi

    A hub is offered by many manufacturers as a way to increase the functionality of the smart bulbs.

    If your internet goes down, it is unlikely that the hub will not work. It will continue to turn the lights on, off, and dim them. However, added functionality like moods, schedules, and timers might be unavailable.

    The hub works on the local WiFi network, the communication protocol between the hub and the lights.

    But if for some reason your local WiFi network is also down, or your router is not working, then the hub too will stop communicating with the bulbs.

    Once the hub is no longer connected to the WiFi, you also lose the ability to control the lights while you are away.

    Remember, if your smart bulbs are NOT connected to WiFi but are connected to a hub by Bluetooth, and the hub is in turn connected to WiFi, you could have controlled your lights while away from home.

    It takes a little trial and error to set up a seamless smart home suited to your specific needs, but it is convenient at your fingertips when you get there.

    Adjust Light Bulbs With An App Anytime Anywhere

    Easily turn lights on or off, select brightness levels, group lights together and set schedules. Choose energizing daylight or wind down with relaxing soft white light. Change colors to match your mood. Enjoy the freedom of being able to control and manage your home lighting from any location as long as you have Wi-Fi or cellular network connection.

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    The Difference Between 24 Ghz And 5 Ghz

    First, you have to understand what the two types of connections are. With 5 GHz, its a faster, more powerful connection, but the distance on it is a little bit limited.

    And 2.4 GHz is kind of the opposite. It’s a little less robust, but it can cover a greater distance and work better through walls.

    Discover Devices With Alexa

    How to Connect WiFi Smart Bulbs to Alexa

    You can use Alexa to find the devices that you want to connect. A simple voice command will help you start the connection process.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device.

  • Select the Menu indicated by three horizontal lines in the top-left corner.

  • Select Skills & Games.

  • Select the Search field indicated by a magnifying glass, then type in the name of your smart device. Once you’ve located the skill you’d like to add to your Alexa device, select Enable to Use.

  • Ask Alexa to discover the device by saying Alexa, discover devices.

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    Get Smart Light Bulbs For Your Home Or Office

    A suite of smart Wi-Fi-enabled lights can transform your home or business into a new, more invigorating or relaxing space. For advanced functionality you can even connect your smart lights with a Feit Electric smart sensor or camera, to make your space fully automated. Browse our smart Wi-Fi light bulbs below to learn more about our products.

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