How To Connect To Locked Wifi Without Password On Android

Using Wps To Connect Without A Password

How to Connect Any WiFi without Password android 2020

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS is an older technology that functions on networks using the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocol. WPS has been replaced with DPP , as discussed in the next section.

Note:Android 10 and above use the more secure DPP Wi-Fi connection rather than WPS. This section of the article was preserved for older devices that use WPS.

Stripped of the technobabble, WPS means that if a Wi-Fi router resides in a place that is physically accessible to guests, they can create a network connection to the router by pushing a button on the device rather than entering a password. You generally didnt have access to the routers in a public location, but you COULD use WPS in a residential setting, assuming the tenant or homeowner let you touch their router.

WPS was a prevalent method of connecting guest users in a home or small office environment. Since people outside the building or in a set of rooms didnt have physical access to the router, they had no way of surreptitiously stealing Wi-Fi service. Only people you invited in were able to get onto your Wi-Fi network without a password. It is far easier to tap a button on the routers control panel than enter a 16-digit random security code on a smartphones tiny keyboard.

Using WPS is very simple. Generally, all you need to do is ensure you have the correct settings on your smartphone or another guest device and ensure you can access the router physically. Heres how to do it.

  • Tap on Wi-Fi.
  • How To Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock If Forgotten With Safe Mode

    The second method you can try to unlock Android phone pattern lock if forgotten is to use the Safe Boot method. It is simple to complete but it only works when the password you have set is from a third-party app. That means if your password is set from the inbuilt security system, then this method is helpless.

    Step 1: Keep pressing the Power button, then press and hold the “Power off” button.

    Step 2: Click “OK” in the on-screen prompts, which is asking you whether you are sure to reboot into safe mode. After that, all third party application will be disabled and they will be restored when you reboot your device again.

    Step 3: Uninstall your screen locking app then reboot your Android device.

    Tips: We also have a guide telling you how to turn off Safe Mode on Android.

    How To Connect Wifi Without Password 3 Simple Ways

    A wifi password is like a double-edged sword. It is necessary as it keeps unwanted people from connecting to your wifi network. But, at the same time, we are all familiar with the hassle of friends and guests asking for the Wifi password.

    This can be extremely irritating, partly because we most often forget our own wifi password. Not just that, but it can also be irritating to communicate a long string of alphanumeric characters to other people.

    Apart from this, there is also the obvious concern for security. For example, after giving a friend or guest your wifi password, they now have an idea of what type of security codes you might use with your email or other private accounts. As you can imagine, this can compromise your security to a margin.

    So, with all things considered, do you want a way for your guests can connect to your wifi without password? Well, thankfully wifi manufacturers are well aware of these subtle annoyances that come with password, protecting your wifi network.

    As such, they have implemented dedicated means for sharing your wifi without password. Other than this, there are also a handful of tricks you can use to let your guests connect to your wifi without specifically providing them with your password.

    Keeping this in mind, we have put together a list of 3 practical ways by which you can let your friends and guests connect to wifi without password.

    So without further ado, lets get started:

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    All Devices: Bypass Screenlock Using A Special App

    UPDATE: The app mentioned in this solution is no longer available. Instead, Reset Screen Lock should do the same.

    According to TheUnlockr, the problem should be very easy to resolve:

  • Go to the web version of Google Play.
  • Login with the Google account associated with your Android device.
  • Install Screen Lock Bypass .
  • Reboot your device.
  • Another source mentioning this is UltraTechy.Com, which contains a few more explanations. According to that, the app will circumvent the “too many attempts” block, so you can directly access your device again . As soon as this app is uninstalled, the “too many attempts” will be in effect again immediately. Hence, they add a few more steps:

  • Go to Settings â Accounts & Sync
  • Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account.
  • Go to Settings â Applications â Manage Applications. Find Screen Lock Bypass and uninstall the app.
  • Use your original Google username and password to finally unlock your phone properly
  • Enter your new security pattern twice to finish
  • How To Secure Wireless Networks

    Connect WiFi Without Password

    In minimizing wireless network attacks an organization can adopt the following policies

    • Changing default passwords that come with the hardware
    • Enabling the authentication mechanism
    • Access to the network can be restricted by allowing only registered MAC addresses.
    • Use of strong WEP and WPA-PSK keys, a combination of symbols, number and characters reduce the chance of the keys been cracking using dictionary and brute force attacks.
    • Firewall Software can also help reduce unauthorized access.

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    How To Connect Wifi Without Password From Mobile And Pc

    Its sounds interesting when you see how to connect to any WiFi without password. The first thing that comes to mind use neighbor Wi-Fi if its possible to connect without the password. Previously already posted many articles related to Wi-Fi trick and tips for technology lovers. This post will describe how can connect any Wi-Fi without using the Wi-Fi password and without cracking the password. Here I will disclose the secrete How to Connect WiFi Without Password from mobile. To connect to the Wi-Fi router you should go to near Wi-Fi router to make the setup for connecting your mobile to Wi-Fi without using the password. Connecting any Wi-Fi internet without a password is called WPS technology. read the full post to understand a way to connect wifi without the password.

    Crash The Lock Screen Ui To Bypass Android Password

    The last method you can is to crash the lock screen UI to open the rest of the device’s interface. Remember that this method works on Android devices running with 5.0-5.1.1. If you are able to meet the requirements of this method, follow the below steps to unlock your device.

    • To start with, click on “Emergency” option or button on your locked device and then, enter “10” asterisks via the dialer. Next, you need to double-tap on the entire asterisks to highlight it and select “copy”.

    • After that, click in the field and you need to paste the copied string. Repeat this procedure until the highlight option is no longer accessible to you.

    • Now, move to the lock screen and open the camera shortcut and pull down the notification drawer consecutively.

    • Thereafter, click on “Settings” icon and you will get password prompt on your screen. Here, you have to do the same copy and paste process. Also, ensure that cursor should be at string end before you paste another string.
    • Continue doing step 4 until the User interface or UI crashes. This will bypass your device screen lock and you will get access to your phone.

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    Android Cant Connect To Wifi: Saved Secured

    These were some easy and quick ways to fix Android cannot connect to Wifi but says Saved, Secured issue. If youre still facing the problem, try other troubleshooting steps from our article on fixing WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting issue on Android. Do let me know if it helped you in the comments below.

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    How To Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock If Forgotten Using Adb

    (2 Ways) HOW TO CONNECT TO WIFI WITHOUT PASSWORD!! (Android) No ROOT 100% working way

    If you have enabled the USB debugging option on your phone, then you can learn how to use the ADB method to delete the Android password.

    Specific steps: Connect the locked Android phone to the computer via the USB cable > Open a Command Prompt window in the ADB installation directory > type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key”> press Enter to run it. Your phone will be restarted and the password file will be deleted from the device.

    See also:

    Locked your Samsung tablet but forgot the password? Don’t panic. You can without trouble.

    There is no doubt that you can remove the screen lock from your Vivo phone without the pattern.

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    Here’s How To Unlock The Android Phone Without A Gmail Account:

    Step 1. Install Unlock Software

    Please download and install the program on your Windows computer. Then Connect your locked Android phone to the computer with a USB cable and choose the “Unlock” tab.

    Step 2. Enter Download Mode

    Next, please select the brand, name and model of your Android device on the interface, and tap on the “Next” icon. Then follow the guide on the page to go into the Download mode.

    Step 3. Remove Android Lock Screen without Google Account

    After that, it will start to download the recovery package. To unlock the Android phone pattern lock without Gmail, please click the “Remove now” icon. You can access your phone soon.


    After unlocking the Android phone, you’d better use the best Android backup software to back up data on the PC. Then you won’t lose files anymore.

    Here is a comprehensive guide to remove OPPO A3s screen lock. If needed, you can browse it.

    How To Hack Wifi Password On Android

    WiFi networks are the core of our Android smartphone usage, which is why when we are outside the vicinity of saved networks and passwords, we tend to search for How to hack WiFi password on Android. Thanks to technological advancements, you can use your Android device to scan and hack WiFi passwords. And some dedicated apps let you do so without rooting your device.

    This guide will run you through different apps that you can use for WiFi password hacking for Android. You can also use these apps to check the security of your WiFi network and make changes to beef it up.

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    Phones: Use A Hole To Create A New Account

    For phones there’s a bad work-around according to this post:

  • answer the call, do not hang up
  • use the home key) over and over. This should eventually bring you to your home screen
  • go to Settings â Google Accounts and add a new Google account. Sign in with this new account
  • after it accepts the new account credentials, and logs you in, hang up the phone, and go back to the lock screen.
  • Now, use the new Google Account’s data to bypass the lock screen .

    Solution 1 How To Factory/hard Reset Android Without Password Directly

    Connect WiFi Without Password

    Suppose you have inherited or purchased a second-hand Android device, you may not have the Google account that is used with the phone. After the phone is locked, factory reset can be an option if you don’t want to pick some 3rd-party software.

    However, this will erase your Android data. And please make sure to remove the SD card to minimize data loss before the reset. Conversely, you don’t have to pay attention to the loss if you are just wondering how to wipe a locked Android phone.

    Below is how to factory reset phone with lock directly:

    1. Turn off your Android device, then press and hold the Power, Volume down, and Camera simultaneously. Yet if your device does not have the Camera key, just hold the Volume down and Power buttons.

    2. Released all the buttons as soon as your device is powered on. Scroll down and up using the Volume button until you find the wipe data/factory reset option. Just tap it.

    3. A message like “Erase Everything” will soon turn up. Here, confirm the pop-up info and after that, simply tap reboot system now. You can now use your phone without the need to enter the previous login credentials or the previously registered email address.

    Some users may attach great importance to how to restart a locked phone. Well, after the hard reset is done, your locked device will prompt you to reboot the handset.

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    Way 2 How To Unlock Tablet Without Factory Reset Smart Lock

    Android unlocking methods are numerous, and we must remember that with just one of them, we will be able to access the tablet. The Smart Lock is a feature is one of that you can utilize to unlock tablet.

    Smart Lock is one of the most practical novelties that we find with Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. An automatic unlocking allows us to unlock our devices more easily. The Smart Lock unlocking intelligently prevents us from manually unlocking the screen. We can configure the device to unlock in certain situations automatically.

    How to set up Smart Lock

    Configuring Smart Lock is very simple, although first, we must do a previous and mandatory step to use it, which is obviously to configure a screen lock. From Settings > Security > Screen lock, we will activate the type of lock that we like the most.

    All Devices: Disable Pattern Lock Via Adb

    According to this source, there’s a way to disable the pattern lock via ADB. A few requirements for this, though:

    • Your device probably must be rooted
    • USB Debugging must be enabled on the device
    • the Android SDK must be installed on your computer
    • device must be plugged-in and connected via USB
    • you need a command line on the computer

    On the command line, enter the following:

    >  adb -d shell# sqlite3 data/data/>  update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock' sqlite>  .exit# exit

    Now disconnect and power off your phone, and turn it back on and the pattern lock should be gone.

    According to Geeknizer, there are a few additional useful steps to follow: After the reboot, use your ADB shell again and…

    adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

    Then reboot again. When device reboots, you will still see a pattern lock screen. But hereâs the catch: just try any random pattern and it may unlock then remove the pattern from settings.

    Hint: if the Settings app crashes when you try to set a new pattern, remove all.key and locksettings.db* files from /data/system .

    Some additional notes from by krlmlr:

  • Mounting /data will be necessary. This can be done using mount /data via adb -d shell
  • If the sqlite binary is not available on the device, you can use adb pull to copy the database file to your computer, edit it there (e.g. using SQLiteMan, and finally use adb push to replace it on the device
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