How To Control Wifi Usage At Home

Wifi Manager: How To Manage Your Home Wireless Network

How to Control Kids WiFi internet Connection on Google WiFi Router

Knowing the ins and outs of your home wireless network can be a challenge. After all, you have dozens of devices, each connected to your network on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Some of them may be streaming or gaming while others are turned off. Maybe friends or relatives are visiting that are using your Wi-Fi. Your home network can become cluttered and overwhelmed, leading to slower Internet.

Take control of your home network with a WiFi management system.

How To Control Your Kids Computer And Internet Use

Albert Obese-Jectys young son changed our administrator password and subsequently forgot the new one. I give him a lesson in high-tech childrearing.

Children and teenagers want to use computers, smartphones, and the Internet. But they dont necessarily have the knowledge or maturity to use them wisely. Parents should keep a young child on a short electronic leash, and lengthen that leash bit by bit as the child gets older.

The first rule is the one Albert broke: Never give a child or teenager the password to a Windows PCs administrator account, or even let them use that account. Not only can they lock you out of your own computer, they can turn off the tools youve set up to protect them.

You dont want your kid watching porn or hooking up with predators, obviously. But you should also consider limiting the amount of time he or she spends sitting in front of a screen. By limiting their hours spent online, you give kids more time for sleep, old-fashioned socializing, and physical play.

Whatever tools you use to protect your kids, be honest with them. Let them know that you can see where they go on the Internet, and whom theyre contacting on social media. Explain that this is the cost of their using tech. Theyll complain, but theyll trust you, and in the long run theyll develop self-control.

Norton Family also lets you schedule times that kids can and cannot use the PC.


Configuring Account Sync Settings

Normally when you have just received a phone, it takes you through options to sync all of your data. If you choose this option, then you might be syncing data that you dont even need.

In the next section, I will take you through the steps to check whether your settings are on and how to optimize them to benefit your data usage.

For Androids, go to Settings, then Accounts. Select Google and then the account you wish to configure. Once there, you can see what items are synced. Deselect the ones that you believe dont need to be synced.

Apps that you can deselect are Facebook and Google+. Apps like these sync large data content like your photos which significantly increases your data usage. After optimizing your settings, you will not only be saving data but also your battery life.

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Gryphon Advance Security & Parental Control Mesh Wifi Router

This Mesh WiFi system offers security protections and parental control. The Tri-Band WiFi router offers Hack Protection, Intrusion Detection & ESET Malware Protection, etc. The WiFi router can cover to 3000sqft of the wall to wall coverage for each device. You can extend your coverage with additional units.

You can control the device with the Android and iPhone Gryphon app. The app built with the controls for advanced parental controls. The parent controls offer content filtering, access to the browsing history, schedule for bedtimes, screen time limit, etc. There are additional controls to enforce safe search, safe youtube, etc.

Note: The Advanced Internet Protection Subscription is only free for the 1st year and you have to pay $79/yr if you want to continue. The additional Parental Control System on the Go charge $4.99/mo after three months and that can control up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Buy GRYPHON Parental Control Mesh WiFi from Amazon

Ways To Set Up Parental Controls On Your Home Network

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Parental controls can filter the web, blocking inadvertent access to inappropriate websites. There are a variety of ways to do this, from configuring network-wide parental controls on your router to using the parental controls built into Windows or third-party software.

Web filtering is best used to restrict the web for young children, preventing them from accidentally wandering into the seedier corners of the Internet. Teenagers are adept at finding their ways around parental controls if they want to.

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Monitor Bandwidth And Data Usage On Your Router

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The most accurate way to monitor this would be on your router itself. All the devices on your network connect to the Internet through your router, so this is the single point where bandwidth usage and data transfers can be monitored and logged.

This isnt as easy as it should be. Most home routers dont even include the ability to see which devices are using which amount of bandwidth at the moment, much less a history of how much data theyve downloaded and uploaded this month. Some higher-end routers do offer the ability to keep track of how much data youve uploaded and downloaded each month, but they dont necessarily offer per-device bandwidth status-viewing or a per-device data usage history.

Instead, youll need to depend on third-party router firmwares for this. Router firmwares like DD-WRT offer the ability to see live bandwidth usage, and you can check which devices are currently using the most data. This will let you pinpoint any devices hogging bandwidth at that very moment.

Monitoring data usage over an extended period of time is harder. The My Page add-on for DD-WRT does this well, although it will require additional storage on your router to continue logging all this data over time a device plugged into USB storage, for example.

Remember That Filtering Is Only Part Of The Solution

No filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, and many of the risks that young people face online are because of their own and others behaviour. It is therefore important to talk to your children about staying safe online and make sure they know that they can turn to you if they get into any difficulty. For more information about key topics such as cyberbullying, sexting and social networking, see more advice for parents.Other services that are popular with young people also provide tools that are helpful to activate in addition to filters. Find out more about safety tools on popular online services.

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How To Control My Wifi Usage

There are different ways to control your WiFi usage. Some of these are easy to execute, while some are time-consuming.

For example, the easiest and best way to restrict someone from accessing your WiFi is to prevent them from logging in. How? It is no brainer! Just set a strong password and WPA2 encryption. This article might guide you in setting a solid WiFi password for your network. Secondly, if need be, you can also disable the SSID Broadcast that will prevent your router from broadcasting itself to anyone searching for a signal.

If you want a more effective method, then you can give WiFi access to only those devices authenticated from the Admins end. This will block access to anyone and everyone and give you a firmer grip over WiFi usage.

Benefits Of Managing Wifi Speeds

How to Use Your Router to Limit People’s Internet Usage : Tech Support

In short, with controlled or defined WiFi speeds, individuals at home or office can work without interruptions, receive the best streaming experience, and have a firmer grip on the internet-related charges.

Do you know that controlling internet access at home, big businesses, and small businesses is often the same? Yes! Routers for all types have parental controls to control WiFi bandwidth for users, manage user speeds, and limit access hours.

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How Do I Set A Data Usage Limit

How do I set a data usage limit?
  • Connect your computer to the router’s Wi-Fi network . Open your Internet browser. Log in to your router’s web-based management page .
  • Choose Tools > Statistics and click .
  • Set the data usage limit and click Save.

    Setting the usage limit daily/by day is not supported by default.

  • How To Use Your Router To Limit People’s Internet Usage

    As more Internet service providers impose bandwidth caps on accounts, you may want to control or restrict Internet usage to certain times of the day and to certain applications. Many major router manufacturers provide the means to control Internet usage with the “Quality of Service ” or “Internet Access Policy” features. With QoS enabled, you can manually control upstream bandwidth for certain devices, or even prioritize certain computers and applications more than others. To restrict Internet usage to a certain period of time and to particular websites and applications, utilize the router’s Internet Access Policy, if available.

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    How To Gain Access To Admin Controls

    You can get access to your Router Control via the Administrative Panel of your router. You can do so via the manufacturer-issued web browser or mobile application.

    For instance, some Netgear routers can only use a mobile application. On the other hand, users can access Linksys business routers by clicking here. In addition, you can access older routers by entering the routers IP address on a web browser.

    Set Up Time Restrictions

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    The Xfinity app allows you to establish restrictions on content within a certain timeframe. For example, if your kids go to bed at 8pm, you can turn off their devices access to the home network at exactly 8pm and reactivate it at 7:30am after theyve had time to get ready for school and eat their breakfast.

    You can also turn on content filters only during certain periods. You can make sure your kids cant access violent content while they browse the Web, but after their bedtime, you can catch up on the latest episode of Westworld.

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    How Can You Limit Your Wifi Data Usage At Home

    You can limit WiFi usage in your household. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

    Step 1: Find the MAC Addresses for all the phones in on your Wireless Network

    The MAC Addresss location will differ based on the type of device. You can find out how to locate the MAC Address for each of your devices here.

    Step 2: Type your routers IP Address into your web browser.

    You can check your routers manual for this address. The manual will also have the login credentials for the portal that you will be taken to once you have plugged in the IP Address.

    Step 3: Limit Bandwidth Usage

    Once youve logged in, you will then see the Bandwidth Control option. to limit the bandwidth for a specific device using the MAC Addressed you received from Step 1.

    You can also regulate the times that each of these devices is able to use the WiFi. This is especially convenient if you are a parent that would like to limit the amount of internet your children use.

    We already spoke about the impact of Social Media App usage on data.

    How To Use Your Router To Limit Kids Internet Access

    The router is the device in your house that creates the Wi-Fi signals that your device picks up and connects to the internet. By using an internet-enabled device, you can access the settings of your router control and control the internet usage in your house. You may follow the below steps to manage your router limits.

    Step #1 – Open your phone or computerâs web browser.

    Step #2 – In your browser’s URL bar, type â192.168.1.1,â or search online for the appropriate IP address.

    Step #3 – Enter your admin username and password. This can be found in your manual or on the back of your router control.

    Step #4 – Open the âAccess Restrictionsâ option or the user settings menu.

    Step #5 – Configure your options. You can either change the overall ability to access the internet or limit it per device thatâs connected.

    Step #6 – Save your settings when you are happy with them. You may even want to set up a password to protect your settings from being changed back. You can also block certain URLs and create multiple policies and security profiles.

    What are the 3 Best Parental Control Routers?

    A router with outstanding parental control features will help make restricting kid’s online access easier. Here, we have handpicked the three best parental control routers for you.

    #1 – Linksys AC1750

    #2 – Asus AC3100

    #3 – Router Limits Mini

    10 useful options you can configure on your router

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    Managing Home Internet Use: Monitoring Or Spying

    Thankfully, there are all kinds of ways you can use your router to monitor your home network traffic. You can block traffic during certain times and days, give higher priority to specific devices that are more important for the family, and figure out which devices are consuming the most data.

    Knowing how to monitor traffic and usage on the router level is important, especially with a bandwidth-hungry family.

    Better still, monitoring at the router level doesn’t feel as invasive as installing parental controls or other monitoring software directly your children’s devices, a delicate struggle for many parents. Installing a tracking or monitoring program walks the fine line between monitoring your kids and spying on them, which no parent wants to do, although there are things you should teach your kids about the web.

    Parental Controls Available For Android Devices

    How to Use Voice Control Commands with the Honeywell Home WiFi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

    Through the FamilyLink app, parents have a lot of control over how their children can use their devices even when you aren’t in the same location. Content settings can be set by going to the Google Play app > Settings > Parental Controls.

    Content: Set content ratings for books, music, movies, TV shows and apps and require approval before purchase and download. Filter content accessible through the Chrome browser and web search results or choose to only allow access to specific sites.

    After your child takes over managing their account, you can still manage content ratings through the Google Play app on your child’s device.

    Apps: Parents can control access to apps pre-loaded on the device, approve all new apps and in-app purchases. Parents can choose whether their child can change permissions in an app, like turning on/off location sharing, the camera or the microphone.

    Parental controls for apps are lost when the child takes over managing their account.

    Screen time: Parents can see how much time is spent using each app and set a bedtime and daily time limits for the device. When the device exceeds the time limit or reaches the bedtime, the phone will lock and your child won’t get notifications. He or she will be able to answer calls and can place calls by tapping “Emergency.” Parents can unlock their child’s device remotely or use a parent access code if the device isn’t connected to the Internet.

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