How To Extend Wifi To Garage

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Wifi Extender In Your Garage

Extending WiFi to the Garage with Google WiFi

There are many benefits to having a wifi extender in your garage.

1. Having a wifi extender in your garage can improve the signal strength of your wireless network. This can be beneficial for people who live in areas with poor cellular service or who want to extend the reach of their home network.

2. A wifi extender can also help you save on cellular data bills. By amplifying the signal of your wireless network, you can reduce the amount of data that you use each month.

3. A wifi extender can also increase the security and privacy of your online activity. By amplifying the signal of your wireless network, you can protect yourself from spyware, malware, and other online threats.

4. A wifi extender can provide entertainment value if you have kids or pets in the garage. By boosting the signal of your wireless network, you can make streaming video and music easier.

If you live in an area with metal walls or ceilings, it is possible that the signal of your wifi extender will be interfered with. If this is the case, you may want to consider a different wifi extender option.

How To Connect Any Outbuilding To Any Wifi System

The o2Surf Connection system allows you to Scan, Select and Link any building in range to your existing WiFi Router or Access Point. Our powerful Wireless Client/Router unit, can link any outbuilding to your home Router in minutes!

What you need to correctly link any outbuilding to your WiFi network, is a powerful Wireless Client device, with a high power antenna thats strong enough to extend your outbuilding to your home Router, or any router or access point for that matter. At that point, you will have an excellent connection to your home router or source of internet, but then another device to rebroadcast, or, Repeat or a localized Access Point is needed inside of that building. Thats where RadioLabs new o2Surf WiFi Connection System comes into play. This kit, has every single device needed inside the kit, to be able to permanently Tether or link the remote building, to your home WiFi router!

Install A Complete Setup Appropriately:

Your hardware may be fine, but it needs to be configured or updated. Make adjustments to the settings until youre happy with the results. Try switching from one frequency to another to check whether you obtain better results. Fixing internet network problems can be intimidating if youre not tech-savvy.

Contact your internet provider for assistance if youre having trouble figuring things out. If tech support isnt helping, send a professional to your house to address the problem. Another alternative is to engage a home network expert to assist you in getting the most out of your system. Dont forget to secure any new network devices you add to your home network to keep it safe.

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Solution #: Relocate Your Router

When your WiFi signal strength just isnt cutting it for most areas of your home and property, your first step should be to try a different location for your main router .

Clearly, a centralized location in your home is best in order to provide more even WiFi signal coverage. That means moving your router out of the basement if you live in a two or three-storey home and putting it in as central a location as possible on the main floor.

That can be easier said than done if you have a poorly located main internet connection into your home. If thats the case, you could run an ethernet cable from your main signal input to change where your router/modem gets located, but that wont be practical in some cases.

Nobody wants an unsightly tripping hazard like a cable running through the main part of their home.

And running cable through your walls and ceiling can be tricky business if you dont know what youre doing. Contact your internet service provider or an electrician for help in this area.

Find A Better Place For Your Router

Connect WiFi to your shop, garage or barn

Even the best WiFi router available wont be able to provide satisfactory coverage if its positioned poorly. As you may know, the WiFi signal is affected by all kinds of interference, including walls, furniture, electronic appliances, and other wireless devices. While it may seem convenient to hide the router inside a cabinet, the strength of your signal will suffer considerably.

You can easily find a better place for your router to extend your WiFi range using a WiFi analyzer and heat mapping tool like NetSpot. With this useful software application, you can visualize the strength of your wireless signal on a map and easily see all areas of signal weakness.

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Connect Or Extend Wifi Signal Rebroadcast In Your Barn Shop Office Or Any Building

Connecting to any remote WiFi Access point, router, or any WiFi network, is now simpler than ever. The NEW Radiolabs o2Surf WiFi Connection System is a complete, dedicated system containing all hardware required to permanently link and supply internet to all WiFi enabled devices, such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, video cameras, etc. Often called a WiFi Extender, this kit, will instantly and securely connect any building on your property to your homes WiFi router, connect to any cable company access point, RV Park, Marina, hotel, or literally any Access Point, Router or hotspot, then, our powerful long range WiFi connection kit creates its own, independent private, remote network and secure access point in minutes!

Ok: Powerline Adapters Aka The Mickey Blue Eyes

Powerline adapters use your homes electrical wiring to deliver internet. Although technically supposed to be used indoors, in theory, it should be able to be used outdoors.

However, theres also the question of weatherproofing it. Even then performance wont be as good or reliable as an outdoor WiFi extender for outdoors or mesh WiFi system for indoors.


  • Not weatherproof. So its DIY for a solution.
  • Not as reliable as the other options.
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    Buy Outdoor Access Point

    When its about covering more than a 300 ft. area, the only effective option would be to opt for the outdoor access point system. Its the most powerful and expensive way to maximize the network strength by directing the connection to multiple outdoor locations, including your yard and detached garage.

    There will be multiple access points in different locations all across the property. The system requires a buried ethernet cable to set up the internet connection. You will have to get a conduit and dig a hole to bury it in. Then, run an ethernet cable through the conduit to make its way to your house.

    Now, you will have to install access points at each location where you want to get access to the wireless network. The ethernet cable then goes to your primary router.

    You might need to set up a point-to-point antenna, powerline network kit or extender to connect to access points without compromising network strength.

    How To Extend Wifi To A Detached Garage

    Extending wifi range to home garage with second router

    Older homes werent built with Smart Technology in mind. In fact, the average home in America was built before internet or WiFi was even a thing. But these days new homes take things like WiFi and internet access more seriously. As a home builder, I consider internet access throughout a home to be just as important as plumbing, HVAC, phone, cable and electric. In fact most of our customers dont even run traditional cable and phone lines anymore. Here in New Jersey, we build a lot of detached garages because lots are often narrow and deep. Adding internet access to a detached garage can be challenging depending on where its located, what its made out of and whats in between the house and garage. Luckily I have some great ways to extend WiFi to a detached garage.

    The best ways to run internet to a detached garage are:

    • Run an Ethernet cable from the homes main router to a garage computer or router. A hard wire is great because youll have full signal strength.
    • Install an outdoor WiFi range extender. These are better for running a WiFi signal to a detached garage than indoor range extenders because the homes exterior walls dont get in the way of the signal. Theyll also extend WiFi to your entire property.
    • Use a powerline networking kit.

    The great thing about all 3 of these methods is that you can use them to run WiFi to an existing detached garage and theyre easy to install.

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    How To Extend Wifi Range In House

    WiFi extenders are also available without any ingress protection for use indoors. Such WiFi extenders are usually considerably less expensive than their outdoor counterparts, and theyre just as easy to install. Some WiFi extenders can take advantage of your home’s electrical outlets and use them to transmit data packets.

    Regardless of which type you select, make sure to use NetSpot to determine the optimal placement for your WiFi extender so that it extends your WiFi range as much as possible.

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    Why Extend Wifi Into A Detached Garage Or Outbuilding

    Most people think of internet and WiFi as just being for computers. But thats not really the case anymore. There are lots of reasons why youd benefit from having strong WiFi in a detached garage. Here are a few:

    • Garage Door Openers: Many new model garage door openers work on a WiFi signal which you can control via an app. Its a nice feature because you can open and close the doors while your away. I use it all the time so FedEx and UPS can drop packages inside my garage when Im away.
    • Security: Cameras, lighting and video are all features I like having on my detached garage. Especially because its set back from the house which blocks my view of the back yard. I use the cameras not only for security reasons but also to keep an eye on my kids and the dogs.
    • TV: I have a workout room in my garage with a TV but I dont use traditional cable anymore. I need WiFi to go online and use the TV.
    • Electronics: I also have a small work area in the garage with a computer, printer and scanner. All of which run on WiFi.
    • Iphone: When Im at home my iphone uses WiFi instead of a cell signal. I want that same benefit in the garage too.
    • Hot Water Heater: Believe it or not my electric hot water heater has WiFi too. I can monitor it via an app on my phone and get signals if theres a problem. It helps a lot because I never go check on it.
    • Living Space: If youve got living space above or inside the garage, youll probably want the same internet service as the main house.

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    The Orbi Outdoor Extends Wi

    An outdoor Wi-Fi extender, sometimes called a wireless access point or wireless repeater, is perhaps the most straightforward option, since it’s the only solution that involves installing hardware outside. Many of these devices are enterprise-grade, but some manufacturers have recently come out with consumer-grade outdoor extenders, like the Netgear Orbi Outdoor. These devices are made to be exposed to the elements year round and have hardware capable of communicating with your router wirelessly in order to give you great Wi-Fi coverage outside your home.

    The first step is to find an extender that’s compatible with your current router or purchase a new router and extender to upgrade your entire network. There aren’t a ton of wireless extenders designed for outdoors, but a few notable manufacturers are Netgear, Ubiquiti, EnGenius and Hawking.

    Next, check the ingress protection rating on the packaging and the temperature range the device can withstand. The IP rating defines how weather resistant the device is, mainly against dust and water. The highest rating is IP68, which means it’s totally protected against dust and can withstand long periods of immersion underwater.

    The EnGenius ENS620EXT extender can be mounted anywhere outdoors.

    How To Extend Wifi Range With Another Router

    Extend ANY WiFi System to Shop, garage, barn

    If our general recommendations didnt help extend the range of your WiFi, its time for a more drastic solution: extending WiFi range with another router.

    Before you purchase another router and set it up, we highly recommend you check your WiFi coverage using NetSpot so that you have reliable data that you can use to determine whether the change you made produced a desirable result.

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    How Can I Get Better Wifi In My Garage

    I was pretty stoked when I bought a Ring security floodlight to go above my garage. It turns on the lights as soon as I hit my driveway so I never need to struggle with putting my lights on a timer or try to park in the dark.

    There was just one problem.

    My new Ring camera couldnt connect to my WiFi even though it should have been easily inside the range of the access points.

    Im about as tech-savvy as you can get. Ive got gigabit Ethernet from my cable provider and a wireless mesh-network system through Eero that I thought was tweaked pretty well.

    But my garage was a dead-zone where nothing could connect. I needed to figure out why the WiFi in my garage sucked so bad.

    Heres what I found out.

    Use An Extended Ethernet Cable:

    Without investing in a costly mesh network or outdoor access point system, less expensive alternatives are to provide a decent internet connection to your detached garage. If all you need to do is connect the garage to the wireless network, an ethernet cable will suffice.

    Within a LAN, ethernet cables can be used to connect numerous routers. Youll need to bury the wires underground and link one end of the cable to the main router and the other end to the gadget or Wifi repeater in your garage to accomplish this.

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    Use A Wireless Repeater

    A repeater is a device that copies your original wireless routers signal and re-broadcast the signal to help it reach further. Add a repeater as close to your yard or garage as possible while still getting a good signal from your original router with the device.

    Most repeaters have an indicator on them letting you know that you still have a strong network connection. Once you get the repeater in the right position, it will send the signal out into the yard effectively by amplifying the signal at the new location.

    A wireless repeater is a powerful electronic device that is another source of the same signal that your router already sends out. It takes a strong signal and pushes that signal even further away from the original source. Repeaters are an affordable and simple way to extend the range of your WiFi signal. A decent repeater can be had for less than $25.00 and wont take long to install. Wireless repeaters can be purchased with ratings at the maximum WiFi transfer speeds available today, but most devices wont allow you to achieve those speeds even in very good conditions. You can expect between 75 Mbps and 300 Mbps using a quality repeater properly, and the speed you get depends on how far you are away from the repeater when accessing the network, and how many walls the signal is traveling through. Limit these factors as much as possible for the highest speeds.

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