How To Get Better Wifi Connection

Tip #: Reduce Electronic Interference From Other Devices

How to get a better Wireless connection

If you have a newer modem, opt for a 5 GHz frequency signal to get a stronger connection and avoid congestion from surrounding devices. Put at least 5-10 feet of space between other devices and your router to help reduce interference and competition.

Here’s why: WiFi is just one of many radio frequencies all around us these days. Devices that use the same 2.4 GHz frequency range can hurt your internet speed. These include many microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, TVs, wireless security systems, baby monitors, garage door openers, and more. Some of these generate short range interference that can affect your WiFi even when the device is turned off. Many newer routers support automatic band-switching, meaning they will detect and switch devices to a faster frequency, but if your router is more than a couple of years old, you will want to manually change to a 5 GHz connection whenever possible. You can read more about the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, or find out how to manually change the wireless channel on your router to avoid congestion.

#solution 5 Check Wifi Card For Issues

If you use a PC, you must give your WiFi network card a check. Sometimes its the WiFi card that causes the issues. If the WiFi card is loosely connected to your PC, or if theres dust accumulated on the card and connecting ports, it can lead to a weak WiFi signal. Try to reconnect the WiFi card to see if that works.

And old WiFi card could also be the reason why your PC is not getting enough WiFi signal. You can replace your PCs WiFi card if you think its too old.

Are you not aware of what a WiFi card is or are not familiar with your PCs hardware? Get help from someone who is an expert in PC hardware.

Wired Solutions Are Reliable

Using a wired connection rather than traditional Wi-Fi alone will vastly improve the quality of your video streaming. Wired home networking solutions like MoCA not only offer a much faster throughput than WiFi alone, but the signal is much more reliable.

Of course, most people prefer not to drill holes in the walls and run Ethernet in order to get this higher quality video. The good news is you dont have to.

MoCA uses the existing coaxial wiring in your home to create a superfast home network. In fact it can improve your network speeds by up to 300% over standard Mesh WiFi. No drilling, no running wiresits easy to install. You simply connect a MoCA Network Adapter to your router and another to your Roku, AppleTV or other media player to get a more reliable and super high-speed network connection.

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Can I Cast To My Tv Without Internet

How to use your Chromecast without a Wi-Fi connection, and cast all of your favorite content even without internet. If you cant connect to Wi-Fi, you can still stream to your Chromecast by using Guest Mode on the Google Home app, mirroring your Android devices screen, or connecting a cord from your device to your TV.

Tip #: Invest In A New Router

How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor Internet ...

At the end of the day, few methods work better at boosting poor signal strength and range for wireless networks than investing in better hardware. If your wireless router is cheap or out-of-date, theres a good chance many of the above methods may not work or may work to a very limited degree.

Old routers typically use less efficient technology and may even develop technical issues, such as overheating problems, that result in poor signal strength. Meanwhile, cheaper wireless routers simply dont have come packed with the technology to perform well in the long run, and generally, lack the power output for better range.

Think of this as a last-ditch effort. Nevertheless, upgrading an old wireless router eventually becomes a necessity as wireless standards change and technology becomes better equipped to handle more receiving devices.

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    How To Change Your Frequency & Channel

    • Using a laptop or desktop computer, connect to your wireless network.
    • Open a web browser and type in the IP address of your router.

    Note: If you dont know your IP address, open Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG. Your IP address will show under Default Gateway. Also, read our post on how to find your WiFi access point IP.

    • Fill in your login details to enter your routers settings.
    • Router settings vary by brand. But you should find an option to change both frequency and channel.

    Some premium routers will have apps you can download to remotely access these settings.

    Choosing a Channel

    With so many channels, how do you choose which one to use? One way is to use a Windows PC and use Command Prompt or PowerShell.

    • Open one of the two programs and type NETSH WLAN SHOW NETWORKS MODE=BSSID

    This command will show you all the broadcasting networks, their SSIDs, and what channel theyre using.

    • Select a channel thats least populated. In the example above, you can select a channel between 1 and 6 and it shouldnt interfere with your neighbors signals.

    You can also download one of many Android apps available on Google Play like WiFi Analyzer to help analyze the WiFi signal strength in your area.

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    Update Your Firmware Or Network Adapter Driver

    Router manufacturers regularly offer free updates. Sometimes, these updates can increase your routers performance. To receive the latest firmware updates for your router, visit your router manufacturer’s website.Network adapter vendors also occasionally update the software or driver that Windows uses to communicate with your network adapter. These updates can improve performance and reliability. You can check your vendors website for updates or sign up for email newsletters to receive notification.

    How To Get A Stronger Wifi Signal

    How to get a stronger wifi connection on windows

    Before you run out to buy a new router, try these tips for improving the signal throughout your home

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      Few gadgets in your home can make you quite as frustrated or bewildered as a router with a crummy WiFi signal. Without a fast and reliable internet connection, you find yourself huffing as you wait for websites to load on your laptop, fidgeting as YouTube videos freeze on your tablet, and staring in despair at email inboxes and social media feeds as they struggle to refresh on your smartphone. As for streaming the latest edition of WrestleMania on your smart TV? Forget about it. To add to your angst, you may not know how to troubleshoot those problemsbeyond calling a tech-savvy relative and pleading for help.

      Sick of all the waiting? Let our experts bring you up to speed on solutions.

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      Move Your Wireless Router To A Central Part Of Your Home

      Placing your router in a central spot can help maximize where your signals travel. Since you probably wont hang your Wi-Fi router like a living room chandelier, here are some alternative locations you can place your router to boost your Wi-Fi signal and raise your internet speeds.

      Best places to put your internet router

      • On a mantle in a central living room or family room
      • On a small coffee table placed strategically in a central hallway or living space
      • On the second floor landing if you dont have a basement

      Places to avoid putting your internet router

      • In the kitchen where other devices emit waves that can interfere with your signal
      • In a corner of your house or in a windowsillmost signals will travel outside where youre not using them
      • In the basement

      My Wireless Device Cant Connect To My Wi

      • Check that Wi-Fi on your device is switched on.
        • Laptops and computers: look for a Wi-Fi switch on your screen or on the keyboard.
        • Other wireless devices: go to the settings to turn on Wi-Fi.
      • Check that your modem is set up correctly and that the lights are on and green or blue. To learn how, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Modem setup.
      • Restart your device.
      • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it. To find your Wi-Fi networks name and password, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Wi-Fi. Use these credentials when connecting to your Wi-Fi.
      • Remove or turn off devices that may interfere with the Wi-Fi signal or move closer to your modem.
      • Restart your modem. To learn how, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Modem setup.

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      Run Two Quick Speed Tests

      Heres the most important piece of the puzzle: Is your problem with your WiFi network or with your Internet service?

      Theyre actually two different things, each temperamental in their own ways. Your Internet connection, which comes from an ISP like Comcast or Verizon, is the link from the outside world into a box youve got called the modem.

      Your WiFi network is usually specific to your home. It uses equipment called a router to beam wireless Internet around. WiFi routers used to often have antennas on them, but nowadays they can also look less like spaceships.

      Many Americans rent their modem and router from their ISP, and sometimes its even combined into a single box. Plenty of others, including yours truly, buy their own modem or router doing that can give you more control, access to newer tech and save you money over time.

      Do this test: Find wherever your WiFi router is in your house, perhaps near the cable box or TV. Get as close to it as possible. Then on your phone, tablet or laptop, turn the WiFi off and then back on again. Once youre back on, visit the website Its got a test that should only take a few seconds to run. Make a note of two numbers: upload and download. You might run it a few times to find average results.

      If the speed test results are about the same in both locations and not so good youve got a problem with your Internet service .

      How To Boost Weak Wifi Signal On Windows 10

      How To Get A Better WiFi Connection

      April 9, 2021 By Harshwardhan

      WiFi signal or WiFi range issue with Windows 10 is pretty common among users. Along with and apart from weak WiFi signal, users may face several other issues related to WiFi. These issues include slow WiFi speed, WiFi connection dropping regularly, not being able to connect to WiFi automatically, etc. In this article, we are going to look at the solutions to boost weak WiFi signal on Windows 10. These methods may also work well for other WiFi range or signal related issues on Windows 10.

      What are the reasons that may lead to weak WiFi signal on PC? At times the Windows 10 updates may cause the issue. Outdated WiFi Driver, issues with WiFi card, and some internal setting might be the leading reasons for the same.

      One of the ways to check if the WiFi range issue is actually there with your PC is through comparison. See if

      Let us see how to boost WiFi signal on laptop or PC on Windows 10.

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      Reach Further With A Range Extender Or Mesh Wi

      Some newer routers may have better range than your old beater, but in many homes, you may still not get the range you need. If the network has to cover an area larger than the router is capable of transmitting to, or if there are lots of corners to go around and walls to penetrate, performance will inevitably take a hit. If all of the above tips fail, it’s possible that your house is just too big for a single router to send a good signal everywhere. In that case, you’d need another device to extend your signal.

      Range extenders receive a signal from your router, then rebroadcast it to your devices, and vice-versa. However, while theyre inexpensive, theyre often not as effective as mesh Wi-Fi systems, which replace your existing router entirely. Instead of merely repeating a routers signal, multiple units work together to intelligently route traffic back to your modem, blanketing your house in a single Wi-Fi network that reaches everywhere you need.

      When setting up these mesh points, you should still use the same rules for figuring out placement: one node will be connected to your modem, and each of the other nodes should be close enough to pick up a solid signal, while still far enough to extend coverage to your dead zones.

      More Inside

      Ways To Upgrade Your Wi

      Whether you’re working from home, binge-watching Netflix, or streaming your gameplay on Twitch, there’s no such thing as too much bandwidth. Even if you have gigabyte fiber mainlined into your router, everyone could use help getting faster internet around the house. It doesn’t matter if you have the best possible wires outside your houseeliminating subpar speeds and Wi-Fi dead zones is largely up to you. To help, we’ve put together some suggestions on ways to troubleshoot and, hopefully, improve the quality of the Wi-Fi inside and outside your place.

      Be sure to check our guides for more, including our how-to on securing your home Wi-Fi network, our router buying guide, an explainer on Wi-Fi 6, and our gear guide for working at home.

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      If you don’t have a flat surface near the best spot, you can mount your router halfway up a wall. If possible, keep it away from other devices that use electromagnetic waves that includes baby monitors, wireless keyboards, and even microwaves.

      Ethernet. It still works.

      Netgear Nighthawk AX8

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