How To Get Free Wifi On Southwest

Southwest Airlines Inflight Wifi

Southwest WiFi FREE Entertainment (Don’t miss out!)

You can find inflight Wi-Fi when flying with Southwest Airlines. Using free Wi-Fi, you can get access to 19 live TV channels and 75 episodes from popular TV series.

Southwest has added ESPN, ESPN2, and the Disney Channel to television options. You can also watch movies, stream music on the pre-downloaded iHeartRadio app, or For movies, youll need the Airtime Player app or plugin.

In the case of paid Wi-Fi, the charge is $8 for a day. A-List Preferred members can get this for free. You can use that on one device.

This will allow you to check social media, emails, and surf the internet in general. You can also get a messaging package for $2 per day per device.

This will allow you to access messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Viber.VoIP service for voice calls and video calls isnt available.

High-bandwidth applications and websites like Netflix and HBOGo are also blocked. Some contents might be blocked according to the standards of the company. You can find the payment details on Southwest

As of now, the Wi-Fi is provided by two providers, Gogo and Panasonic.

To use the Wi-Fi service inflight, Southwest has defined what devices are supported. The list of devices with the suitable plugin list is given below:

  • Laptops and Macs

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher OSX 10.9 or higher

Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or higher Firefox version 47 or higher Google Chrome version 51 or higher, Safari version 9 or higher

  • iOS Mobile and Tablets

Is Southwest Wifi Free

No, Southwest Airlines WIFI is not free for all customers. Southwest A-List Preferred members can enjoy the Southwest Airlines WIFI for FREE while they are on board and doing the flight.

Airline: Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number: 800-435-9792

Everything You Need to Know About In-Flight WiFi & About Southwest WIFIWatch this video to discover why is it expensive and why paying more for your WIFI doesnt mean youll get faster service or higher quality of your WIFI onboard as it all a factor of the airline , aircraft type, in-flight WIFI provider, and the location you are on the globe:

This airlines WIFI website provides airlines WIFI and inflight internet connection for all leading airlines including Southwest WIFI. It is a completely independent website and not associated with any of airline, commercial company or federal or states government departments, offices, agencies, boards, or commission.

Additional Airlines WIFI List

How Do I Watch Movies On Southwest On A Plane

You need to connect to the Southwest WiFi before boarding the flight so you can put your device in airplane mode. Select Southwest from the Southwest app store. A screen grab of the flight will appear in the top right corner, with Welcome Aboard and the option to watch TV or read an article. Have a good charging up before your flight.

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How To Get Connected To Inflight Wi

  • Turn on airplane mode
  • In your Wi-Fi, choose SouthwestWIFI
  • Southwest website should pop up automatically
  • If it doesnt pop up, copy/paste this URL in your browser
  • If you want to purchase the Wi-Fi access for $8, tap on Get Connected
  • Fill out your credit card information on the request form
  • How To Actually Get Southwest Upgraded Boarding

    10 AWESOME features of Southwest WiFi!

    Go to the gate where your flight will be departing. You can only use your upgraded boardings at the gate, you cannot book them in advance.

    Ask the gate agent if any upgraded positions are available. If so, you will need to pay for it with your Southwest Priority or Business Performance Credit card. If you are traveling with another person you might be able to use one of your credits to get Southwest upgraded boarding for them as well. But when I tried to do this for my mom, the card kept declining because her ZIP code on file was different from my credit card billing ZIP code. If you have a Southwest Companion Pass, your upgraded boarding is only valid for you and not for your Companion, unless you upgrade them as well.

    The gate agent will charge your card , take your old boarding pass and issue you a new one.

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    How Do I Use Wifi On My Southwest Phone

    What is up here, if you are not already doing the same? Then put the phone in airplane mode and turn it off manually. After you have turned on the airplane and are in Wi-Fi mode, choose Southwest WiFi in airplane mode. Its likely that you will be redirected to the Southwest entertainment portal or perhaps it will bring you to a site to paste in a link.

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    Top Wifi Southwest Tips

    • Make sure you have the Airtime Player app downloaded to your device BEFORE you board the plane and while you have access to WiFi.
    • This will allow you to access their inflight entertainment options.
  • If you want to take advantage of free texting, be sure to download WhatsApp before the flight.
  • It also works for iMessage .
  • You will need to agree to the terms on the messaging page in the portal in order to receive access.
  • Additionally, the person you are texting must also have iMessage in order to text one another.
  • Make sure all devices are updated to the latest software .
  • Southwest does not have outlets on board for charging devices.
  • If the WiFi is not working, neither is the inflight entertainment.
  • Make sure kids have movies downloaded from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or iTunes , a book or other activities in case the inflight entertainment is not working.
  • How Does Wifi Work On A Plane

    Personal Bits 0135: Southwest Airlines in-flight Wifi for 8$

    Air-to-ground WiFi works in a similar way to your cell phone. Airplanes have an antenna located underneath their body, which links up with cell towers. As the aircraft travels, it simply connects to the nearest transmitter on a rolling basis. Satellite WiFi uses a network of orbiting satellites to allow a connection.

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    Does Spirit Give Free Snacks

    There is no complimentary beverage or snack service on Spirit flights. Doing this helps us to keep prices low for all of our passengers. We do not offer any special dietary meals however, our menu selection still provides a range of options that should meet most dietary requirements. Our menu is below.

    How To Detect If Your Flight Provides In

    • Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft have the Wi-Fi symbol on the outside and inside of their bodies to indicate Wi-Fi availability.
    • You can also visit a day to your travel and input your name and confirmation number to view details of your flight.
    • Additionally, the flight crew always announces the Wi-Fi availability status onboard each airplane.

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    Does Southwest Airlines Have Free Wifi

    Southwest Airlines inflight WiFi is free for their A-List Preferred Members only. Passengers can receive access to the Internet via their own personal electronic devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

    Inflight entertainment connectivity:

    Entertainments are free on Southwest flights. While Southwest is the largest domestic carrier, they dont have overhead screens or seatback screens, so You must watch movies and entertainment on your own devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    • Movies
    • Live TV
    • Texting
    • Free Music from iHeartRadio

    Inflight charging outlets:

    Southwest aircraft does not have any charging outlets. You should fully charge your devices before the flight, or bring a power bank with you in case you run out of battery during the flight. You can also charge at the power stations near Southwest gate areas.

    Inflight Wi-Fi:

    Southwest inflight Wi-Fi access cost $8.00 per day per device for regular passengers. For A-List preferred members, inflight Wi-Fi is free.

    Can You Watch Netflix On Southwest Wi

    10 AWESOME features of Southwest WiFi!

    The way we use Inflight Connectivity1* In order to make sure you have the best experience, certain high-bandwidth, high-bandwidth applications, websites, and video conferencing services are blocked. Examples include Netflix, HBO Max, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams as well as other high-bandwidth We offer inflight Internet to our A-List Preferred Members for free.

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    How To Connect To Southwest Wi

    Youve boarded the plane and are ready to get connected. Heres how to do it:

  • Go to your devices Settings and set it to Airplane Mode.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi.
  • Find SouthwestWiFi on your wireless networks list and select it.
  • Youll be directed to a new page with a link to Southwests Wi-Fi page.
  • Either click on the link or copy/paste it into your preferred browser.
  • If the page doesnt load, manually input into the address bar.
  • Thats it. Enjoy.
  • Bear in mind that you may need to download the official airlines app to access some content.

    How Do I Get Free Wi

    Turn on your Wi-Fi. When you switch your phone to airplane mode, itll turn off its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Find your airlines internet connection. Your phone should begin searching for available internet connections. Select Wi-Fi. Choose T-Mobile. Assure the airline that you arent a robot.

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    Changing Or Cancelling Your Flight Reservation

    Unless you have airline elite status, all other US airlines charge a hefty fee for changing flight reservations more than 24 hours after youve booked a flight. This flight change fee is usually $200 on most major U.S. airlines like Delta, United, or American.

    Southwest does not have a change fee at all if you need to switch to a different flight. Even if youve booked Southwests discounted Wanna Get Away fares, you can cancel or change and use the travel funds towards a future flight reservation . If you booked your flight with Rapid Rewards points, your points and the taxes are simply refunded if you cancel.

    Of course, if the fare for the other flight is more expensive, youll need to pay the difference in fares. But there isnt an extra change fee on top of this fare difference with Southwest like every other airline will charge. Better yet, if the fare you booked has dropped, Southwest will actually give you a credit back for a future flight. Seriously! So watch for those Southwest flight sales and see if your already-booked trips have dropped in price for a chance to save.

    Any Way To Get Free Wifi On Flight

    How to get Free WiFi on any Plane! (Travel Hack)
    • May 2003
    • LocationAA Plat / UA NOTHING / Alaska 75K / Hyatt Diamond / SPG LT Plat / Marriott Gold / Priority Club Plat / Hertz Pres
    • Posts:

    fireworksboyWhy bother? The wifi doesn’t appear to work most of the time, anyone having better luck with TV reception?TV seems to work better than the plain old internet actually.fireworksboyWhy bother? The wifi doesn’t appear to work most of the time, anyone having better luck with TV reception?poserLast night they had seasons 1-10 of the Simpsons.. there should be enough good in there to pass time on any flight ursine1Actually, it’s only one episode from season 1, one episode from season 5 and one episode from season 10. I watched all three of the available episodes on my flight today.poserWow that is terrible.. It wouldn’t load on my Android tablet so I assume it was all the episodes.

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    How Do You Get Free Wifi On Southwest Airlines

    During flights with Southwest, elite A-List Preferred travelers are free to use the airports wireless network every time. The fee for doing so is $8 per month. The free connection will only be available once you access the Wi-Fi service by clicking the Connect for free button. You must also join your Rapid Rewards account to qualify for the free connection.

    Southwest Airlines Wifi Refund

    For Southwest WIFI Refund you can call Southwest Airlines Phone Number at +1-800-435-9792 or you can do it by simply going to the southwest airline website to the contact us form and request for the wifi refund. It is important to put your Southwest Airlines flight number and ticket number in order to get a refund at

    For additional information about Southwest Airlines Wifi Refund click here.

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    S To Connect To Southwest In

    • Go to your device settings.
    • Ensure flight mode is on upon boarding.
    • Also set on device Wi-Fi.
    • Pick SouthwestWiFi from the listed hotspot options.
    • A different page will show up carrying a web link to or directions to copy the link.
    • Tap the link or copy the URL to your devices browser.
    • In a case where the in-flight entertainment channel did not open up instantly, then manually search in your browser.
    • In the entertainment web portal, purchase and connect to the Wi-Fi.

    Unlimited Free Southwest Wifi

    Southwest Airlines

    When the Southwest Performance Business card came out, the benefits just said it came with Inflight wi-fi credits. I reached out to my contact at Chase to ask about this, and she responded that it was:

    365 credits per year. Each credit is worth $8

    But. Southwest wifi only COSTS $8 for a whole day of wifi! So to me this seems like unlimited free Southwest wifi. Well, unless youre traveling on February 29th She did clarify that you could use multiple credits in a given day , so its not technically free wifi for every day of the year, but that to me seems even better since there are fairly few people that are on a Southwest plane literally EVERY day of the year!

    Note that the Southwest Performance Business card DOES come with an annual fee of $199, not waived the first year. So free Southwest wifi is perhaps not ENTIRELY correct maybe a better way to put it would be unlimited Southwest wifi with your $199 annual fee. But free Southwest wifi just has a WAY better ring to it

    And of course all Southwest flights already come with free inflight entertainment

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