How To Get The Best Wifi Signal

Try A Wireless Access Point

How to Pick the Best Wifi Router

Businesses sometimes deploy dozens of wireless access points to cover large office buildings. Many homes wouldn’t benefit from having an AP, but a large residence can. Wireless access points help cover those hard-to-reach corner rooms or outdoor patios.

Adding an access point to a home network requires connecting it to the primary router or gateway. A second broadband router can often be used instead of an ordinary AP because many home routers offer an access point mode specifically for this purpose.

Adjust Your Routers Antennas

Many routers and wireless gateways have internal antennasmeaning theyre mounted inside the device, and you cant adjust them. If thats the case for you, skip this step.

But if you do have adjustable antennas on your router, try reconfiguring them. Router antennas are usually omnidirectional, which means they send out signals in all directions perpendicular to the antenna. For example, a vertical antenna sends out Wi-Fi signals horizontally and vice versa.

So if you need to stretch your Wi-Fi signals to multiple floors, adjusting an antenna to sit horizontally to spread Wi-Fi signals up and down could help.

What Is A Good Signal Strength

A bad WiFi connection are some things weve all had the displeasure of experiencing. Maybe it had been during a public space, sort of a cafe, or maybe in your house. You desperately close up and on your router to hope that the WiFi strength will return to normal but to no avail.

You may plan to check your WiFi signal strength. But, on the other hand, realize youve got no idea what this suggests.

So, lets break this down:

  • -30 dBm: the utmost strength of any WiFi signal is typically found next to the access point or router.
  • -50 dBm: this is often still excellent signal strength: youre probably still very on the brink of the access point.
  • -60 dBm: The signal strength remains good. You will not have significant issues browsing the web.
  • -67 dBm: A reliable signal strength, but the minimum required to use most online services. In other words, this is often the rock bottom setting of WiFi signal strength.
  • -70 dBm: ditch watching a video, but you would possibly be ready to check your inbox.
  • -80dBm: While youll still hook up with the network, you almost certainly wont be ready to do anything. This is often an unreliable signal, and its likely to chop out halfway through you using it.
  • -90dBm: youve got insufficient signal strength and are unlikely to be ready to hook up with the web in the least.
  • Anywhere between -60 dBm and -50 dBm may be a perfectly decent WiFi signal strength. If you manage to seek out -30 dBm signal strength, then youre even better off!

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Connectify Hotspot Gets You Much More Than A Stronger Wifi Signal

Here’s what else you can do with Connectify Hotspot besides increasing your WiFi signal strength:

  • Save up to 60% of Internet bandwidth by using the built-in universal ad blocker. It even blocks in-app ads!
  • Easily bridge other devices onto your home network with WiFi Bridging Mode: eliminate all game consoles and smart TV issues with your home WiFi network!
  • Save Money While Traveling: Get all devices online for the price of one when being charged for Internet per device at hotels, on airplanes, etc.
  • Share any Type of Internet Connection with All your Devices: share Internet from existing WiFi networks, LAN, DSL, 3G/4G, even tethered smartphones!

How to increase WiFi signal strength? Get Connectify Hotspot repeater software now on your computer!

How To Improve Wifi Reception

6 Best Wifi Signal Booster Apps For Android 2020

This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido. Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! broadcasted on KSQD covering central California for over two years.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 3,356,409 times.

This wikiHow teaches you how to improve signal strength and minimize interference on your home wireless network. Your ability to maintain a consistent connection to Wi-Fi depends on many factors, including the physical location of your wireless access point. Placing your router in the best possible location and minimizing interference can greatly improve network performance.

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What Are The Best Cell Phone Boosters For Rural Homes

Rural areas seem to be peaceful areas to stay. The only downside to these areas is the weak network coverage that might disturb and irritate them. You can get the best cell phone booster for rural areas to have a solution to the poor networks. Some of them include

  • HiBoost cell phone signal booster
  • A ANNTLENT 5-Band booster repeater
  • Proutone booster
  • Anycall booster.

See If There Are Apps Hogging Your Bandwidth

Different applications use different amounts of bandwidth, and if youve got multiple apps running that are bandwidth hogs, overall performance is going to suffer.

Most routers come with something called Quality of Service tools that can help you limit the amount of bandwidth different apps use. You can use these tools to prioritize certain apps over others. For example, if you want to make sure your streaming of the big game isnt interrupted because your kids are playing games online you would assign a higher priority to your streaming service than their devices browser.

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Tips For Good Rv Wifi Signal While Camping

Having excellent RV wifi means we can run our blog on road trips, uploading photos and video. We can Facetime our family and friends and binge on our favorite Netflix series at will.

If youre anything like us, the best solution for your RV wifi will be a combination of the internet options available.

We use local SIM cards but aim to use different carriers. Where one providers signal is weak, the other often makes up for it.

A wifi booster helps on campgrounds where the signal isnt terrific, and when were in the middle of nowhere, we pine for SpaceX success!

Tip #: Reduce The Number Of Devices Using Up The Bandwidth

Getting a better WiFi Signal for Zoom

Low signal and strength issues can be a problem with the applications and devices using your internet connection. Activities that can be significant bandwidth hogs include:

When devices are using a large amount of your bandwidth, they can cause slow-downs for other devices that can have the appearance of poor signal strength.

Try reducing the number of devices you have eating up your internets bandwidth at any one time. If you intend to stream high-quality video or play online games, try doing so without multiple devices running as well.

You can automate this process somewhat if your router utilizes Quality of Service methods. These methods automatically prioritize operations to help reduce connectivity and bandwidth issues. Check with your router manual or device manufacturer to determine if your device utilizes Quality of Service, and if so, how to adjust the device settings to make it work.

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What Is Rv Wifi

RV wifi is much the same as any other wifi and provides a wireless connection to the internet.

In a house, typically, you connect a router to the internet through a landline. The router broadcasts a WiFi signal. Any wifi-enabled device within range can connect to it, using the signal to access the internet.

Theres no landline in an RV, campervan, or motorhome to connect the router to, so an alternative solution is needed.

Consider Upgrading Your Router

By all means, work through all the tips in this list to squeeze the most you can out of the gear you have. But were leading by throwing out the idea of upgrading your router first and foremost because in our decades of experience with wireless tech in both consumer and corporate settings it has consistently proven to be a silver bullet.


If your router is relatively new and youre not getting the signal strength and Wi-Fi experience you expect, then all these tips will be very useful. But if your router is long in the tooth then youre only going to get so much improvement out of small adjustments and changes. No amount of tips and tricks can magically make a ten-year-old router not, well, a ten-year-old router.

What was a perfectly serviceable router back when people had only a handful of Wi-Fi devices just doesnt cut it in a modern home where everything from the TV to the thermostat is internet-enabled. If it feels like your old Wi-Fi router is laboring under the burden of all those new devices and their increased bandwidth demands theres a good chance it is.

Rather than suffer through a crappy Wi-Fi experience with slow speeds, lag, and dropped connections, we recommend replacing old gear. Wi-Fi tech has improved exponentially and theres simply no comparing early Wi-Fi routers to even modern budget routers let alone premium Wi-Fi routers.

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Ways To Ensure A Strong Wifi Signal In Your Garage

WiFi dead spots are extremely frustrating, and extending the signal all the way to your garage can be especially difficult in large homes. So whats the best way to extend a WiFi signal?

The best ways to strengthen your WiFi signal to reach your garage are to use a WiFi extender, home mesh network, powerline network adapter, relocate the router, update hardware, and check the setup. Mesh networks work by sending your WiFi signal to other hardware devices throughout your home to improve the signal.

There are a number of reasons why a signal doesnt reach your garage and are well worth considering before you set about making changes.

Why Did I Choose An Asus Router

How to Improve Your Wi

The simple answer is because I already had one other Asus router, but the reasoning goes a bit deeper than that. Although not that much because I simply like their interface more than on other routers, but theres also the support for a large variety of devices. Even the older ones that were released way before the Asus-made mesh system called AiMesh was released. I had an Asus RT-AX82U as the main unit and the RT-AX88U as the secondary unit, and, as you may expect, both covered the entire office nicely with WiFi, without any noticeable issues. And whats interesting is the seamless transition between the nodes because even when I was in a conference call, I did not see any dropped frames, but I will test it soon with iperf to get a better idea on whether there are some dropped packets when moving between nodes or if the handshake is truly seamless.

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How Will You Use The Internet In Your Camper

There are several RV internet options well discuss below. But before we launch straight into that, take a moment to consider how youll use the internet in your RV.

Are you a digital nomad? If you work remotely and your income depends on an internet connection, youll want the most reliable solution, even if that costs a little more.

Do you want to stream video and music on demand? Again, youll need a decent and reliable wifi signal, though if its not 100%, it probably isnt the end of the world.

Maybe you just want to check emails once a day and browse your social media channels. Your usage isnt heavy, so you might not see this as critical, so you can get away with a cheaper, or even free, wi-fi solution.

Internet options vary in cost. Weigh up the features each provides against the upfront and ongoing costs to help your choose the best RV wifi solution for you.

Rv Park And Campground Wifi

At a Glance

Flaky security

Most RV parks and campgrounds offer wifi facilities now.

Some are marketed as free and included in the pitch fees. Others may charge a premium, so only those that want the service need to pay.

Some campgrounds offer a mix where a free connection is available in wifi zones, usually close to the reception, but offer a paid option for a higher speed connection.

In our experience, all campground wifi is hit and miss.

Large campgrounds need long-range wifi to get a decent signal across the entire site.

For some reason, not all campgrounds install antennas, routers, and access points capable of the task. The upshot is a poor signal in at least some areas of the campground.

Throw a few trees into the mix and the solid walls of your RV, and getting a usable signal to your device is a tall ask.

Even in zones where the signal is good, wifi speed will slow considerably if the frequency is congested with other users and devices.

Just try using the internet first thing in the morning when the entire campground is waking up. When lots of people want to see whats been happening in the world overnight, with their morning coffee. Forget it!

In our experience, if you rely on the internet for your income, or cant live without a good connection, campground wi-fi alone wont cut it.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the situation.

RV Wifi Boosters

An RV wifi booster does precisely what its name suggests. It takes an existing wifi signal and boosts it.


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Are You Having Trouble With Your Wi

Wireless signals can often drop out for no apparent reason, and therefore, getting frustrated with your internet connection, your router and your internet speed can seem like second nature.

However, most of the time youll find that the speed issue isnt with your internet connection itself or your internet service provider, but the Wi-Fi signal being broadcast from your modem or router. Its important to understand the difference as this can impact your internet speed, especially when youre streaming or gaming!

Heres how to boost your WiFi signal and the performance of your router, therefore improving your internet speed of your home internet connection.

1. Locate the best place for your router

If youre a designer, having your router out in the open may clash with your aesthetic. But if you want and need the best Wi-Fi signal for your home internet, this is something youll just have to deal with if you want the best home internet connection and signal strength for faster internet.

Firstly, you should make sure your router is in the centre of your home so that you have the best possible coverage and speeds everywhere. If it doesnt lay flat on a surface, consider elevating the modem router and mounting it on a wall for better coverage for your home network.

Most importantly, never place your router behind another appliance, like a TV as this can negatively affect the signal strength from the router.

2. Try to avoid interference to signal strength

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