How To Get Wifi In An Rv

Can I Just Use The Internet At An Rv Park

RV Internet: How to Get RV WiFi So You Can Stream and Work Remote

Oh, dont we all wish! Many RV parks today advertise high-speed internet to attract guests. Its a good idea however, in reality, it just isnt something you can depend on. Most of the time this high speed internet isnt much to get excited about. Plus, if there are a lot of people staying at the park and people are trying to stream, then the bandwidth will get sucked up and you wont be able to use it.

This is super important to know, especially if you work from your RV! I cant tell you how many times we have heard other campers vent to us at how they get kicked off of Zoom calls and cant even download a file from their email on the RV parks WiFi.

Im telling you now, never depend on it. Great RV park WiFi is awesome if you have it, but its a nightmare when it doesnt work and you dont have an alternative!

The Scoop On Satellite Internet

Finally, we must address the satellite internet option. Honestly, we only recommend this option if you spend the vast majority of your time boondocking in very remote locations with absolutely no cell signal. While a satellite can provide internet access no matter where you are, it has some major cons.

The first of these cons is cost. Getting set up with satellite internet is extremely expensive, and the monthly costs can be pricey as well. Besides all of that, satellite providers tend to put limits on internet usage just as a cell carrier would. Finally, should anything such as trees, snow, or even rain clouds get in the way of your satellite, your connection will be poor, meaning this isnt always the most reliable solution.

However, Starlink a brand new low orbit satellite plan has recently made headlines. This is a giant start up company by Elon Musk. They have just announced some of the first details to this plan for beta users, unfortunately it will not be useful for mobile RVers at the beginning. But if you are stationary it sounds like it willl be unlimited for $99/month and one time $499 for the equipment you can give it a shot! Of course this product is not out yet and lots can change.

Why Isnt Using My Phone Hotspot A Good Idea

Using a phone hotspot is an easy fix but almost every cellphone service will squash your plans. You have unlimited data on your plan, so that means that youll get the fastest internet for as long as you want, right? Not so fast.

Reasons using your phone as a hotspot is a bad idea:

  • Phone battery drain
  • Cell phone network throttle
  • Potentially huge phone bills

The above three reasons are the main reasons you should use your phone hotspot for your main WiFi supply. If youre in a pickle and your other internet is on the fritz, then thats totally fine, but you shouldnt rely on it.

Using your phone hotspot for the internet can hurt your phones battery in the long run. Since most phones dont allow you to just swap out a battery anymore, that can be a big pain.

If you dont know what throttling is, thats when your cell phone service provider slows your internet speed down. For instance, if you get 4G normally, they might take it down to 3G. Yes, its only 1G, but it makes a big difference. Even if you have unlimited internet they usually have a throttle disclaimer in there after 15 GB of usage.

For those of you that dont have unlimited plans, you can usually rack up hundreds of dollars in data charges from streaming a few of your favorite movies. For just one hour of Netflix, youre looking at using 1GB which will eat through your data pretty quickly if you get into a binge-fest.

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Free Internet Access Options And Public Wifi

You might be surprised to know that there are many places that provide free WiFi signal. Coffee shops are one of the first places that come into mind.

Theyre often small enough that their WiFi signal will reach well out into their parking lot. Just be kind enough to go in and buy a coffee.

This is usually necessary to get the password, which is usually on a sticker at the counter. Public institutions like libraries and university commons are also relatively popular and likely areas where WiFi is available outside for free.

Just bear in mind that there might be security issues with these free institutions.

They are meant more to provide internet access to people inside the building who need to look things up.

Its probably not the place where you want to handle your online banking. More than one person has fallen victim to security issues and malware when using sensitive files through public access WiFi.Security issues aside, the larger problem with these forms of free internet is that they are limited to the place itself.

You cant really take them with you. Its the sort of thing thats great for taking a break from driving, and you want to download some music files.

They can also be a great pitstop for a treat while you look up the details about your next leg of the journey.

Bearifi Bearextender Usb Wi

iBoost Launch
  • Dust and water resistant antenna
  • Works for homes, boats and recreational vehicles
  • Durable, shielded 16ft USB cable
  • Finds weak signals with its long-range capability
  • Features a powerful combination of high-gain directional antenna and high power amplifier
  • Not suitable with android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows RT tablet

Are you looking for WiFi signal booster for RV, you should not miss this Wi-Fi extender antenna that works like no other when it comes to supplying our RV with a strong internet connection and picking up even weak signals for its long range capability.

I would also like to recommend this product because it can solve the common problem of RV owners when it comes to gaining stronger and more reliable connections. Even weak signals can be picked up and converted to robust connection, helping us have a more pleasurable time in our RV by being connected online anywhere we are.

The BearExtender WiFi extender is one of the best to use for marine and outdoor use. This product is also designed for the Windows PC. Another thing I like about the WiFi extender is the ability to combine 10dBi high gain directional antenna and excellent amplifier.

I also like that it has a good enclosure to protect it from harsh weather and outdoor elements. You will also appreciate that it can resist both water and dust for long lasting use.

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Install The Antenna On The Roof Of The Rv

Before you install the antenna on the roof, you will need to determine the best location for the unit. Its best to install the antenna in a location that is well spaced from other devices and with a clear line of sight. You will also need to determine where you want to drop the cable through the roof into the interior of the RV.

Install Location on Roof:

  • At least 12 inches from other devices and from the edge of the roof.
  • Parallel with the RV, with the cable exiting the back of the unit towards the rear of the RV.

In our case, we wanted to drop the cable into an interior wall, so we could mount the power switch in the wall. You could also mount the switch in the ceiling, in a cabinet, or in the dash. The unit comes with a 12 foot cable attached, plus a 20 foot extension, so you can mount the switch almost anywhere inside your RV.

Once you determine your location, you simply attach the unit to the roof with four mounting screws.

  • Use an approved sealant to help adhere the feet and seal the holes.
  • Attach the unit with the mounting screws.

Then you need to drill a hole for the cable and feed the cable through the hole into the interior of the RV.

  • Push the power cable through the hole.
  • Use an approved sealant to seal the hole.
  • Cover the hole with the cable cover plate.
  • Rv Wifi: Everything You Need To Know

    In this day and age, more and more people are looking to be connected to the internet wherever they roam. For many people this even includes camping trips, leading them to search for a way to have an RV WiFi connection.

    Sure, some do still enjoy disconnecting for the weekend and heading out into nature without any electronics whatsoever, but for others, this simply isnt possible. Perhaps they are some of the million Americans who live in RVs full-time and need to work from their rig, or maybe they can only leave work for a vacation if they can still be contacted reliably. Of course, some people just want to have the ability to stream the occasional show or send an email even when out in the wilderness.

    Fortunately, there are ways to get internet while camping in an RV. Not only that, but you have options for how to go about it. In this article, well discuss those options so you can hit the road with the RV WiFi connection youve always dreamed about.

    There are several options for RV WiFi.

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    Uk Phone & Data Contracts In Europe

    Almost all 4G providers have reintroduce extra fees after Brexit and now set data limits on EU roaming, even with unlimited data plans.

    For all the providers mentioned below, fair usage policies have taken the form of limiting you to how many days in a rolling period you can use your SIM in Europe, to ensure youre not a permanent traveller.

    From 2022, most of the big providers will cap your data and charge you every day for using it, as well as monitoring your whereabouts to ensure you use your phone and data more in the UK than in Europe.


    From January 2022, for new customers from 12th August 2021, Vodafone will charge £2 a day for European roaming, using data within your existing plan, and capped to 25gb a month. There are exceptions depending on your plan, so check with Vodafone if youre not sure.


    EE have a similar change coming in from 3rd March 2022 for those who took out a contract after 7th July 2021. You pay £2 per day and can use all your monthly data allowance.


    From 23rd May 2022, Three customers who have taken out a new contract from 1st October 2021 will pay a charge of £2 per day and will be limited to using 12gb of data a month when roaming within the European Union.


    Virgin Mobile phone users will not face roaming charges in the EU and your full data allowance can be used.


    O2 imposes a roaming limit of 25gb in Europe. You can still use data if you reach the limit, but it costs an expensive £3.50/gb.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    How Do I Get WIFI in an RV

    You should trust us because we didnt just simply review the products featured in todays guide. Instead, weve carefully researched, compared and determined which among the plentiful of choices can provide us with the most valuable investment. For this reason, weve listed certain factors to consider and from there we have looked for WiFi boosters that meet standards for a truthful review.

    Smart RVing also envisions becoming your one-stop source of valuable and trustworthy product reviews and information content for all thing recreational vehicle lifestyle. Weve been around for years and since then have been RV enthusiasts ourselves. For this reason, we have also encountered and used RV products and accessories, so we have firsthand experience on what makes good WiFi boosters on the market.

    We do hope you picked up something from this guide to buy the right WiFi signal booster for your RV. But if you have more questions, our team is ready and willing to help. Contact us anytime.

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    Stick To Simple Tasks

    The first and easiest thing you can do is simply stick to the tasks that dont require a fast connection. Often, my family will download movies before a trip in order to remove the need to stream anything later. Social media and email should work even with a very bad connection, so as long as you dont need to attend video meetings, you might be able to get away with a poor connection for a few days while you camp.

    How To Get Mobile Internet In A Camper Or Motorhome Using A Wifi Dongle

    The downside to using your phone for the internet is that it can use up all your mobile data pretty quickly if you’re not careful, leaving you without any for later in your trip.

    For this reason, we chose to get a wifi dongle like this one to use on our motorhome and it’s been BRILLIANT. We use it with EE, and as long as there is a phone signal, we’ve been able to get pretty decent internet. I should point out, we’re used to boat internet, NOT high-speed fibre broadband or whatever it’s called, but most of this website has been built using our motorhome wifi dongle, and my husband manages his business using it, so it works well for us.

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    Where Are Americans Headed This Year

    Topping the list of travel destinations this year are US National Parks, many of which were closed for parts of the past year. In 2020, national park visitation dipped nearly 28% due to traveling restrictions and park closures.1 But now that travel is picking up, many Americans are headed to the great outdoors.

    Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Acadia National Park top the list for the parks Americans most want to visit. Yosemite boasts rushing waterfalls, scenic valleys, and ancient sequoia forests that were popularized by Ansel Adams. The hot springs and geysers of Yellowstone attract visitors from around the world, although its often the bison and bears that get the most attention. And Acadias picturesque beaches, lighthouses, and evergreen trails also land it on the bucket list of must-see nature spots in the US.

    If youve already visited the top three national parks, try taking a road trip to another one in the top 10 list.

    Our survey showed that these are the top 10 national parks Americans want to visit:

  • Yosemite National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Acadia National Park
  • National Park of American Samoa
  • Zion National Park
  • Big Bend National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Mount Rainier National Park
  • How Much Does It Cost To Install Wifi In My Rv

    RV WiFi Setup with Unifi and airMAX : Ubiquiti

    Depends on your setup.

    If you go the cellular data route, itll cost an initial $100-300 for the hotspot, plus anywhere from $10-$55 per month for the data plan. Satellite WiFi is much more expensive, with the initial cost around $7,000 plus installation, plus $50-$400 per month depending on your plan.

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