How To Get Wifi In My Apartment

If Your Problem Persists Call Your Internet Provider

How to get Free WiFi & Internet At Home or Apartment

Whether youre dealing with Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, or RCN, theyre used to fielding calls related to poor internet connectivity. Theyll be able to run quick diagnostics from afar to see how your connection is faring and if theres any indication about whats causing the issue.

Sometimes there are isolated outages, which you have no control, and in other instances, it could be as simple as a quick software or hardware upgrade. Dont hesitate to ask for a service credit, too. Youre paying good money for your internet service.

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Head To Community Boards

Most of the apartment complexes have a homeowners association or some such party of local residents who put up fliers and announcements on a community bulletin board. Head to that board, inspect it for signs of internet complaints, and note the providers who have a bad repute among the building dwellers. You can also visit the associations office to ask them in person about ISP recommendations.

Set Up The Home Wifi Network

Next you need to set up your WiFi in your internet browser. Remember you have to connect to your WIFi which will show with the name of SSID mentioned behind the router.

Open the browser and type in the IP address depending on your router. For example Belkin users must type in and Linksys users have to type in in their browser. You can find this IP address in the router manual or on Google too.

This will open the settings for your WiFi network. Enter the SSID and password noted in step 2 and select manual setup. You can now rename your WiFi and reset the password. Select WPA or WPA2 as your security option.

Your WiFi is now ready to connect

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Mdu Internet And Its Capabilities

If youve ever used WiFi at a hotel or on a larger campus, then you already have some idea of what MDU internet is capable of. At an apartment complex, MDU WiFi can be accessed in every unit as well as common areas like the pool and in the lobby. Staff might use a separate, password-protected WiFi network for work purposes. In that case, the network wont be the same as the network your residents and their guests use.

MDU internet has the same download capabilities and speeds as any other internet service. The difference is in whos providing that access. Residents and visitors can access the internet, download files, stream movies and use data on their mobile devices just as easily with MDU internet as they could with home WiFi.

Depending on the size of your apartment complex, future needs and how many residents you have using your internet, your network will need to be able to accommodate high bandwidth use. Thats one reason its important you work with a reputable service provider when you install the cabling and set up the right equipment for your WiFi.

How Do I Get Internet In My New Apartment

How to Set Up Your Wi

You can get internet in your new apartment by shopping for available internet services in your area and signing up for an internet plan that meets your needs. See whats available in your area with our zip code tool.

Once youve signed the lease on your new place, use your new address and zip code to search for providers that offer Wi-Fi in your area. Once youve chosen a plan that fits your needs, sign up for the service and schedule an appointment for installation.

Youll want to start your internet search before you move in, just to make sure youre fully connected to Wi-Fi by the time youre settled. Depending on the kind of internet you have, it can take up to two weeks to get everything up and running.

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More Megabytes Per Second May Not Always Mean More Speed

The overall calculation of internet speeds provided by your ISP is often misunderstood by consumers.

When comparing internet packages, it may seem obvious to choose 150 Mbps over 100 Mbps. But more Mbps does not always mean you will have a faster online experience. When you sign up for a package that has more Mbps, you are purchasing more capacity, not speed.

When we as consumers think of speed, we comprehend it as miles per hour like a cars speed. With the internet, speed is measured with latency. The lower the latency, the faster websites will load.

Back to the driving comparisons, if you imagine buying more Mbps as purchasing more lanes on the freeway instead of a faster speed for your actual car, you will gain a better understanding of how it works. The individual lanes still move at the same speed, no matter how many are added, whether it is a two-lane road or a four-lane.

For The Information Wifi In My Apartment

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    The Verizon $7999 Plan

    When you are using this plan you can do different stuff due to the speeds accompanied by this plan. The Verizon $79.99 Plan comes with up to 940 Mbps. If you are a movie enthusiast then, this plan suits you since you will have access to a 1 year free Netflix where you can stream movies and TV series of your choice.

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    How To Connect Wirelessly

    How Portal works in WiFi-congested apartment buildings

    If you have a Windows 10 PC or laptop, you can click on the wireless connection icon on the lower right corner of your taskbar. This menu should display all the available networks nearby. Your modem should also have a sticker on the side of it saying the name of the network.

    If the sticker is not on the modem, check out the box it came in for that information. If you still are unable to find the name of your network, reach out to your internet service provider for additional help.

    Once you find your network, click on it, and then click connect. It will ask you for a password.

    That password will be on the modem or a preset password provided to you by your internet provider. Once you enter the password successfully, you are now connected!

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    How To Stay Safe Online

    Free WiFi is great we all love using it. After all, its the best way to stay connected, wherever we are. But, most public hotspots are set up for convenience, and security isnt at the top of their list. So, we should be careful whenever we access a public network. Once we connect to a public WiFi, malicious third parties can track everything we do. That sounds very troubling indeed, but there are ways to protect ourselves.

    We should:

    • Turn off public networking sharing

    When we connect to our home/work network, turning on public network sharing is fine. However, with a public network, thats not the case. If we fail to turn off public network sharing, we are giving hackers an opportunity to access all the information on our devices, which can have terrible consequences.

    • Enable our firewall

    Annoying notifications and pop-up commercials often make us disable our firewall. However, when we are using a public WiFi network, its essential that we enable it.

    • Use a VPN whenever possible

    By using a VPN service to connect to a public WiFi network, we will make sure that our IP is hidden and our connection fully encrypted.

    • Confirm WiFi authenticity

    What Are The Different Kinds Of Internet Services

    Choosing the right internet service provider for your apartment means knowing the difference between internet service types. Weve come a long way from DSL and new infrastructure planning means that the USs fiber-optic network will be greatly expanded.

    If that sounds like gibberish to you, take a look at this breakdown of the different kinds of internet services.

    • Cable: Cable internet transmits data using electricity. Its not a great option for residents in locations that experience severe weather, as its the most susceptible to outages.
    • DSL: Digital subscriber line internet uses telephone lines to deliver internet service. Its generally slower than the other options on the list, but its affordable and a great option for those who are not heavy internet users.
    • Fiber: Fiber internet is an internet service delivered through fiber-optic cables. Its a complex system, utilizing ethernet cords, light beams, subterranean cables, and more. Its great for customers who prioritize reliability and speed in their internet connections.
    • Satellite: Satellite internet is spaced-based internet, literally. With a satellite internet connection, your internet is beamed straight from satellites that orbit our planet. Its a common choice for those who live in rural areas but isnt a great option for high-data activities.

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    Double Check The Information

    It’s crucial to do a little research on your own. After all, information can sometimes be outdated or there may be new providers in the area. One of the best ways to discover whats available to you is to simply plug in your potential new zip code into Internet Providers by ZIP. From there, youll be able to see a full list of providers, contact information and even speeds and data plans offered.

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    Why You Should Set Up Internet For Your Apartment Building

    How to Get the Best Wi

    While there are some technical and logistical factors youll need to consider when setting up internet for your apartment complex, its still a worthwhile investment. Providing internet access in every unit and across your apartment complex presents a unique opportunity for you as owner or landlord.

    Installing WiFi for apartment complexes is an easy way to upgrade your entire property. Unlike major construction projects, MDU internet installation involves a few specialists and a few days of work. Its much easier and faster to install this amenity, plus you know your residents will want to use it.

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    How Can I Get A Stronger Wifi Connection In My Apartment

    A wireless router influences the strength of your Wi-Fi connection. Most people feel helpless when they have a slow connection. You can contact a commercial Wi-Fi provider to link you to their router. However, you can take specific measures to improve your home’s Wi-Fi connection speed.

    Router Upgrade

    Place the router in the middle of your home to attain an optimal network speed. Ordinary routers appear as large black boxes. However, some firms are trying to manufacture beautiful and powerful routers that you can comfortably display at home. Modern routers offer Wi-Fi connection in different directions. They have an app which performs a speed test to help you increase your network speed if it reduces.

    Router Position

    Relocate the router to an open place to have sufficient network at your house. Place it on a flat and elevated surface to strengthen internet your connection. Ensure that it is close to your work desk and remove nearby furniture for smooth transmission of wireless signals. Naturally, metal objects deflect Wi-Fi signals to different directions. It is prudent to relocate them or to purchase a range extender.

    Range Extender


    At times, it is essential to update the router’s firmware to improve your Wi-Fi connection. Check the router’s model and make to purchase the right firmware. You can download an upgrade from its manufacturer’s website.

    Frequency Adjustment

    Xfinity By Comcast Home Wifi Without Cable

    The internet services provided by this company are almost available in the whole country. Their plans differ according to the area you live in in the US. For example, when you are living in Minneapolis, you can enjoy a plan called Performance Plus Internet. This plan does not require a TV subscription. Its an effective plan since it costs just $29.99 per month plus a downloading speed of up to 60 Mbps. With this plan, you can connect up to 5 devices and they will work effectively. Therefore, it can provide home Wi-Fi that wont let you down.

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    Can You Always Get Wi

    Certain considerations regarding Wi-Fi exist when you live in an apartment. Typically, you get your own service set up via an ISP as the renter. Before you sign your rental agreement, check with your landlord to ensure youre allowed a provider to install internet.

    Once you have the go-ahead from your landlord, you can research the providers available in your area and compare packages based on what you need. Consider factors, such as internet connection speeds, bundling options if you want things like cable TV, and the overall price, to make your decision. Then, you should sign up with the ISP and make arrangements so they can install any needed cables and equipment.

    In some cases, your apartment may come with the internet as part of your utilities. Ask your landlord about the type of internet you get and whether you can get your own set up. Additional factors may decide whether its easier to stay with the Wi-Fi included in your rent. For example, public Wi-Fi means less security. Many devices accessing the same connection can also lead to performance issues if youre playing games or streaming shows.

    How To Improve Wifi In A Dorm

    How to get a stronger Wifi Signal in your apartment?

    If youre experiencing spotty WiFi in a dorm, theres unfortunately often less you can do about it. Most colleges and universities have established, on-campus WiFi and students are unable to choose their own network or provider.

    However, you have a few options. First, try a USB WiFi adapter. This can increase your range of connectivity or boost your current signal. In some ways, its like a WiFi extender or mesh network, but doesnt require having control over your internet service.

    You can also turn your phone into a hotspot if you need a temporary boost. While a hotspot can burn through your phones data fairly quickly particularly if youre streaming it can also give your connection a much-needed boost to finish uploading a presentation or downloading a study guide. Almost every smartphone comes with a hotspot capability, and you can enable it under settings.

    If youre looking for a more long-term solution, you can try reducing your bandwidth. While it could be your whole dorm taking up bandwidth, opting to turn off any streaming while youre on a videoconference or downloading large files can help. The fewer programs you have running simultaneously, the less your speed is split.

    If these tips have made it clear that you just need a new internet service provider, EarthLink can help. Were serviceable at more than 78% of homes across the U.S. and have speeds up to 1 Gig on fiber internet. That means a dedicated connection for internet at the speed of light.

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