How To Get Wifi In My Area

Check With Your Internet Service Provider

how to get wifi and router passwords in your area

Several internet service providers do provide free internet services, but they dont always make it well-known.

Some ISPs have highly discounted internet service $10 a month or cheaper!

But, they usually try to upsell you to a higher speed that you dont necessarily need.

So, always make sure you ask first about all of your options before signing up .

But, if you bundle services with the provider, theres a good chance you can get your internet for free.

Many large ISPs are starting to bundle phone, internet, and TV services together to save customers money.

Often, theyll have offers for 1 year or more of internet service free when you bundle more than one service.

If youre considering one of the other services anyway, this can be a great way to save!

Once your year of free service ends, there is usually another similar offer waiting.

Most companies will be happy to switch you to a current offer rather than risk you going to another company.

How To Get Wifi Without An Internet Provider

Without leeching off of your neighbors

Youve moved into a new place and someone accidentally dug up your fibre connection or you just dont have the budget for a broadband home internet connection right now, so how do you get connected to the Internet? There are many reasons you might not have WiFi internet access when you need it.

Is there a way to get WiFi without an internet provider? Actually, weve got six things you can try.

If you prefer to quickly watch a video instead of reading through the article below, make sure to check out our YouTube video where we go through the different ways you can get WiFi Internet without an ISP.

Maximum Download/upload Speeds In The Us

The table below shows the percentage of ZIP codes with download and upload speeds matching the speed on the left. For example, in the 1 GB or faster range, 18.2% of ZIP codes have at least one provider offering download speeds and 11.7% of ZIP codes have gigabit upload speeds.

1.7%1-3 devices, web browsing, email, social media, some video or music streaming, single-player gaming

Typical speeds are almost always lower than the maximum advertised speed across all providers.Cable providers, in particular, tend to have lower actual speeds than advertised. Speeds will vary by location.

When you enter your ZIP code below, you’ll see actual vs. advertised speed for the internet providers in your area.

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Ways To Get Free Internet Connection

Is free internet possible?

Is it legal?

Let me reiterate that nothing about these free internet hacks is illegal.

These are all legit ways to get free internet that wont get you into any legal trouble.

Its all about knowing your rights and what certain companies and organizations provide for consumers.

I will state that some of these are government programs or only for those with low incomes.

So, they may not all fit the bill for you, but you can likely find something on this list that will work for your situation.

Connect to Compete is a program started by the Federal Communications Commission and to help low-income families in disadvantaged areas get free internet access.

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Hotspot

Ways To Get Much Stronger Wi

Most smartphones offer a mobile hotspot feature that allows you to share your phones cellular internet connection with other devices. For iPhones, just go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and toggle it on. For Android devices, its not quite as straightforward but still not bad: Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot.

You can also change the network name and password if youd like to customize it more. The way to configure your hotspot may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but its fairly straightforward whatever device youre on.

The upside to using a mobile hotspot on your phone is that you have a secure hotspot with you pretty much wherever you have cell serviceno need to hunt down a good connection. However, many cell providers limit hotspot usage and charge additional fees to get more. It also uses up your battery power and data, so this works better as a quick fix than a long-term option.

Pro tip:

Though a phones hotspot is really nice, you can also use a separate, dedicated mobile hotspot to connect more devices, use more data, and preserve your phones battery power. Read our guide to the best hotspots to learn more.

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Internet 500 Best All

We picked the Internet 500 plan as the Best All-Around Internet Plan that AT& T has to offer. Not only is this plan available in most areas for only $45.00 per month, but it features download speeds up to 500 Mbps that will fulfill the needs of most small family households. If youre a frequent internet user, and you stream 4K video content, then this plan could be the best choice for you.

Finding Wifi Password In Android

This method needs a rooted Android device with the free app ES File Explorer installed on it. Follow these simple steps to recover your WiFi password:

  • Open ES File Explorer. Now in the menu, go to Local, then tap on Select Device. Here ES File Explorer will ask for the Super User permission, click and allow it.
  • Now open the folder named data and look for folder misc.
  • Now open the folder wifi where you will spot a file named wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • Open it as text and look for your WiFi name . Below the SSID, youll find your lost WiFi password .

So, this is how you can find out the password of the WiFi network that you are connected to on different devices. If you find the article on finding WiFi password of your current network helpful, let us know in comments below.

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How We Got Our Results

Our data comes from speed tests taken on We examined results from more than one million US speed tests to find the fastest and slowest average rural internet speeds.

We defined a rural city as a community with a population of less than 10,000 people that is geographically removed from an urban city, which we qualified as meaning its at least an hour drive away from the nearest major city. We also filtered out locations with fewer than 50 speed test results to ensure accurate representation of the citys average speed. In all, we ranked and researched nearly 600 rural cities in the US.

Because the rural cities are ranked by average speed, it is entirely possible to find much faster- or slower-than-average internet speeds in any given area. These numbers do not represent actual internet speeds but are a reflection of the average tested internet connection in an area.

Featured Verizon Fios Tv And Internet Packages

How To Find Wifi Zone In Your Area

200 Mbps + Your Fios TV

Lowest-priced internet and TV package

Monthly price*

Verizon TV and internet package details

  • Bundle savings None. Verizon Fios standalone plans are already priced at the lowest rate.
  • Special offer Free streaming subscriptions for 12 mos. Select Verizon Fios plans come with Disney Plus for your first year of service at no extra cost.

Disney+: Get 12 months of Disney+ on us from time of enrollment Must be 18 years of age or older. When 12 month promotional period expires, your Disney+ subscription will auto-renew at $6.99+ tax per month, and you will be charged monthly on your Verizon bill unless you cancel with Verizon. If you are a current multi-year or annual Disney+ subscriber, your existing subscription will be paused during the promotional period and will resume through Disney at the end of the 12-month period. Offer available on one eligible Verizon account. Use of the Disney+ service is subject to the Disney+ and ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement.

Learn more about each Verizon Fios service

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How We Ranked The Fastest Internet Providers In The Us

We took data from more than 3.6 million speed tests taken by users with our speed test tool between July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021. We identified the internet providers with the fastest average upload and download speeds and ping rates in the US.

We ranked the internet providers based on download speed, since thats the speed internet users depend on the most. Its also the main speed that internet providers rely on when advertising their speeds and quality of service.

When it comes to download and upload speed, the higher the speed, the better. For latency, however, lower numbers mean faster response times and a smoother connection overall. Latency is the delay that happens when a signal is sent from a device to a network, or vice versa. Its measured in milliseconds, and higher rates of latency lead to glitchy video and audio performance in streaming and online games.

Our data is based on averages across many different internet plans and locations, so your experience might not exactly match our results. Its definitely possible for you to have service from one of the fastest internet providers and still have slower internet speeds. Its also possible to get faster service from one of the slower internet providers.

Looking for the fastest internet providers in your area? Run your ZIP to compare speeds and prices near you.

Who Is Behind Inmyareacom is a home services comparison website built by a team of designers, programmers, developers, data scientists, and military veterans passionate about connecting people.Our team has decades of aggregate involvement with Internet Service Providers and a desire to provide users with the best possible online experience.In 2014, we reorganized our efforts, analyzed 10 million broadband records and greatly improved the accuracy of our results.Since then, our data has grown to over 100 million records, and we continue to make advancements in data analysis by enhancing our system’s performance.We built to help our family, friends, and neighbors find the providers in their area when they move, need to save money, or want to change providers.

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Best Cable Internet Customer Satisfaction Ratings

While many cable internet providers increased their satisfaction scores in the past year, none received anything above what could be considered a passing grade. This isnt uncommon as cable providers are somewhat notorious for poor customer satisfaction, but the year-over-year increases from many providers indicate a continued effort to better customer satisfaction in the industry.


Source: ACSI

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According to Time, the average person pays about $50 per month for a broadband connection.

Only a decade ago, the average was about $10!

As our internet gets speedier and more people hop on to the web, internet prices keep on rising.

Its no wonder, then, that people take advantage of free WiFi wherever they go, like airports, hotels, and even restaurants.

But, what can you do at home to save money on your internet every month?

There are actually quite a few tricks and tips we have up our sleeves that can get you free internet.

And, theyre all 100% legal ways to do it.

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Verizon Jetpack Mifi 8800l

Despite being a couple of years old, the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L is probably still the best 4G hotspot available right now. It uses Qualcomm’s X20 modem and supports 11 LTE bands. It provides both 2.4 and 5GHz mobile networks, supports guest connections, and allows you to connect up to 15 devices to the network at once.

The device is only available through Verizon. You can get the device for $99 if you . It is $199 if you buy the device contract-free.

Heres How Much Youll Spend On Internet In Your Lifetime

Ever wondered how much internet will cost you over your lifetime? Yeah, we get a dose of morbid curiosity every now and then too.

Well, here in the US, you can expect to pay about $32,400 for internet. Compared to the top 20 countries with the most internet users across the globe, thats . . . not great.

Heres what else we found out about the average lifetime cost of internet over the average global life expectancy of 72 years:

  • The average lifetime cost of internet across the world is $18,584.96. Thats $13,815.04 cheaper than the average lifetime internet bill in the US. Oof.
  • Internet in the US costs $6,266.16 more than the next highest average internet bill: In Japan, youd pay $26,133.84 to scroll through Instagram and read the news.
  • Here in the US, we pay about $18,280.08 less than the highest average lifetime internet bill: In Nigeria, youd pay a whopping $50,680.08 to hop online.
  • Speaking of Nigeria, youd pay 10.6x more for a lifetime of internet there than you would in the cheapest location for internet, Russia. Thats a difference of $45,917.28. *insert screaming emoji here*
  • Yup, Russians pay the least for a lifetime of internet at $4,762.80. Which is lucky for them, because no one wants to go outside during Russias brutally cold winters.

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Whats The Difference Between Average Speeds And Advertised Speeds

The average speeds were discussing reflect what customers get from the internet plans theyve purchased. But many of these providers also have Wi-Fi plans that give you faster speeds, if you so desire. To get a sense of just how fast a providers internet can go, take a look at its maximum advertised speeds.

Which Internet Service Provider Is The Best Out Of The Above Options

Extend WiFi range without range extender

The answer solely depends on the type of connection you are looking for, where you are residing, and which connection meets your requirements with regard to internet speed and price.

If DSL internet, mobile wireless internet or fixed wireless internet services are available in the rural area, you can choose any of these services over satellite because then you will not have to worry about data cap that comes with such internet services. You can get extremely annoyed and frustrated with data caps. But if your area does not provide cell phone service, you need not worry because satellite internet is always available everywhere.

If you do not require heavy data on a regular basis, hot-spotting from your mobile data connection can also be a good solution, only if you have a good cell phone signal. If you are a heavy internet data consumer, for instance, if you use applications like Hulu, YouTube, or Netflix, then hotspotting from your cell phone data is not going to provide you with enough data in a month.

You can also opt for mobile wireless internet that provides internet connections via cell phone towers. If your area has good cell phone connection service, 4G LTE service such as Ladybug Wireless can provide unlimited internet data at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. You can certainly go for that. In addition to this, it is also portable and contract-free.

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