How To Get Wifi In The Basement

Improve Internet For Router In The Basement

How I Finally Solved My Basement-WiFi Problem

A Wi-Fi network broadcasts the internet signal using radio waves. Like other types of radio signals, Wi-Fi networks suffer signal instability due to interference and obstacles.

Interference may come from radio waves from different devices and obstacles usually present in objects, especially the walls and floors.

Thats why its not advisable to put a router in the basement. But even in case you have to put your router in the basement, you can still work out some methods to improve its performance. In this article, we propose a few fixes you can try to improve the internet for a router in the basement.

But before we start, lets look at a few questions regarding the Wi-Fi signal in the basement.

Select A Good Place For Your Router

Not all places are equally suitable for your router. To start with, you want to avoid placing your router close to metal objects and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves. Metal is the top disrupter of a WiFi signal, and its presence close to a WiFi router can easily create a large dead zone.

Other materials, including glass, wood, plastics, foam, and cardboard, can also disrupt a WiFi signal but their influence of WiFi signal strength tends to less severe. Keep in mind that many buildings use metal studs for the particle board mounting, and placing your router close to them would be a bad idea. When in doubt, use a handheld stud finder or at least a stud finder app on your smartphone.

Strictly speaking, all household appliances emit electromagnetic waves to some degree, even fluorescent lightbulbs, circuit breakers, and electric razors. The biggest emitters of electromagnetic waves tend to be found in the kitchen, and they include stoves, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.

Other problematic appliances are washing machines, tumble dryers, televisions, cordless phones, and radiant heaters. If you have any of these appliances at home, keep your WiFi router as far away from them as possible to boost WiFi signal.

Ideally, you also want to keep a safe distance from electric wires. To cover an area with an even WiFi signal, you should place your WiFi router roughly in the center. You can slightly boost your wireless signal by elevating the router above the floor level.

Avoid Devices That Emit Interference

Along with structural issues, you’ll need to be certain that other devices in your home are not interfering with Wi-Fi. Where there is interference, it must mitigate this with improved positioning.

It’s surprising how many domestic devices generate electromagnetic interference that can mess up your wireless signal. Key culprits include:

  • Wireless telephones
  • Baby monitors
  • Neighbor’s Wi-Fi network
  • Older Bluetooth hardware

As you can see, these devices are a router’s worst enemy. When you’re looking to place your router in that perfect location, think bigger. Draw a floor plan and highlight where you have existing devices that broadcast signals and interference.

Router placement should then be simpler.

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Powerline Adapters As A Solution

The best solution for this problem, if the wiring of your house allows for it, is to use a powerline adapter to send a wired internet connection down to your basement, allowing for a strong connection no matter how far you are from your router.

Powerline adapter kits consist of a pair of adapter plugs, one of which you plug in and connect to your router, the other of which you plug in and connect to your device. The two plugs then communicate through the electrical wiring of the house, delivering a strong, wired connection to your device even at distance from the router.

TheTP Link Nano TL-PA4010 Kit model is an entry level, best selling no nonsense powerline adapter model with just one ethernet port and no passthrough. to view on Amazon. It will provide a solid, wired ethernet connection to your router using the existing electrical wiring of your house. See our full review of the product and our Powerline Adapters page. Our Product Comparison Table compares all the wired and wireless powerline adapter models at a glance by feature and functionality.

They are excellent home networking solutions allowing for reliable internet connectivity anywhere in the home. This can be especially useful if you have devices in the basement used for gaming, streaming or downloading, or perhaps the basement is used as a work study.

Which Router Is Best For You

Ways To Get Much Stronger Wi

These days, youll find two types of wireless routers: traditional models and mesh network models. Youre probably familiar with the former. Theyre single-unit devices that plug into a modem. They can be plenty fast, supporting even the data-hungry activities of families with dozens of internet-connected devices. But they dont always have the range to effectively blanket a whole home in WiFi, especially if you have a large or obstacle-laden layout.

Mesh routers are typically packaged in a set with multiple unitsa hub and one or more satellitesthat work together to spread WiFi into the far-flung corners of a home. If you place the hub, which plugs into your modem, near the center of your dwelling, you can shift around the satellites, which help relay the WiFi signal, until you find a configuration that helps you eliminate any dead spots.

So why doesnt everyone simply choose a mesh router? Theyre pricey, for one thing. The top-rated models in our ratings cost $400 to $500. By contrast, our top-rated single-unit model sells for $200, followed by one that goes for about $160. Theres also an argument to be made for simplicity. With a mesh system, you have several devices strewn about your home vs. just one with a traditional router. If you dont actually need mesh routers, theres no reason to invest in them.

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Does A Wifi Booster Really Work

WiFi extenders can, in fact, expand the range of your wireless network. But their effectiveness is limited by a host of factors, including the speed of the internet connection coming into your home, the distance from your router, the areas in your home in need of WiFi coverage, and the WiFi demands of your family.

The Problem Of Weak Wifi

Unfortunately, signal degradation and deadzones are something that is somewhat built into the way wifi operates, as we have covered in another article. Wifi signals are part of radio frequency or RF signals, which always degrade the further they travel from the source, in this case the wireless router.

This added to the fact that wifi will also degrade the more stuff it has to pass through, like walls, floors, and furniture, means that weak wifi is still a problem in some houses, particularly older or larger ones. Router technology has improved in recent years to alleviate this, and the new 802.11ax wifi standard is set to take another big step in wifi technology as it is rolled out over the next few years.

It depends on a lot of different factors such as the size and structure of the house, the quality of the wireless router and wifi chips in devices, and the distance the device is from the router. Some people may have no problems with wifi even in large houses others may struggle even when in the next room. Wifi can be temperamental that way.

A basement may have additional complications, since the signal may need top travel through floors which are even thicker than walls, further weakening the signal. Furthermore, if the wireless router is installed upstairs at on the top floor, the the signal may have two or more floors to pass through, making signal dropouts even more likely. Weak wifi in basements is not uncommon, so what is the solution?

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Solution #: Relocate Your Router

When your WiFi signal strength just isnt cutting it for most areas of your home and property, your first step should be to try a different location for your main router .

Clearly, a centralized location in your home is best in order to provide more even WiFi signal coverage. That means moving your router out of the basement if you live in a two or three-storey home and putting it in as central a location as possible on the main floor.

That can be easier said than done if you have a poorly located main internet connection into your home. If thats the case, you could run an ethernet cable from your main signal input to change where your router/modem gets located, but that wont be practical in some cases.

Nobody wants an unsightly tripping hazard like a cable running through the main part of their home.

And running cable through your walls and ceiling can be tricky business if you dont know what youre doing. Contact your internet service provider or an electrician for help in this area.

Why Do I Have No Service In My Basement

How to extend / boost Wi-Fi signal in basement and backyard with Amped Wifi Extender

Do you struggle with no service in your basement? A surprising number of people either have an office, workshop or other workspaces in a basement or live in a basement-level apartment.

Getting reliable cell signal in these spaces is typically problematic because a basement is below ground level and cell signal has a hard time getting to this area. Keep in mind that mobile phone signal operates on a line-of-sight basis.

If you happen to be below ground level in a basement, then theres no clear line-of-sight to the nearest cell tower signal source that your phone is trying to connect with.

And that, in a nutshell, is why its normally so tough to get good cell reception in a basement.

Fortunately, there are some tips below you can try for free that may improve your below-ground-level cell signal. Also, there are proven technologies that absolutely can solve for poor cell signal in your basement, for example, a signal booster for basements. Read on below to learn more.

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How To Get A Stronger Wifi Signal

Before you run out to buy a new router, try these tips for improving the signal throughout your home

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    Few gadgets in your home can make you quite as frustrated or bewildered as a router with a crummy WiFi signal. Without a fast and reliable internet connection, you find yourself huffing as you wait for websites to load on your laptop, fidgeting as YouTube videos freeze on your tablet, and staring in despair at email inboxes and social media feeds as they struggle to refresh on your smartphone. As for streaming the latest edition of WrestleMania on your smart TV? Forget about it. To add to your angst, you may not know how to troubleshoot those problemsbeyond calling a tech-savvy relative and pleading for help.

    Sick of all the waiting? Let our experts bring you up to speed on solutions.

    Home Wifi Extenders Signal Booster 2022

    If you want to work in the basement of your home or office, you need something special for the connection. With improved technology and the four antennas, you will get signal coverage in every single corner of the home. It covers up to 3000 sq ft and also comes with an Ethernet port. One can use wired and wireless devices together, but above all of this, you will need a strong wifi connection and router to be connected to.

    The only drawbacks are that it may be a bit difficult to install and it can connect only 20 devices at a time.

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    Ways To Get Much Stronger Wi

    Easy fixes to improve your internet connection while everyone’s clamoring to get online!

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    Its a problem weve had at our house for years. We consistently have interruptions when trying to stream Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Even worse, we struggle to get a good internet connection in our bedroom .

    Luckily, with some new technology and some tweaks to my router, I now have great Wi-Fi across my entire house. Here are a few easy things I did that really helped.

    Keep Your Router Updated

    Modem/Router in basement, need new solution. : wifi

    If you follow the news, youve heard about the growing number of large-scale malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals alike billions every year. Many of these attacks wouldnt be possible if all routers were kept updated. Once a malware infects a router, it can steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices.

    But even without a presence of a dangerous malware, routers with old firmware perform worse than routers that are properly updated.

    To check if your router is running the newest firmware available:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device and connect to your routers network.
  • Enter the IP address of the router into the web browser.
  • If you dont know what the IP address is, check if there is an information sticker somewhere on the router.
  • Log in with admin username and password.
  • Again, if you dont know what the right admin password is, look at the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router.
  • Select an option called Firmware Update or Router Update.
  • Because there are many different routers, you may need to do some digging and detective work to find the right option.
  • Wait until your router finds and installs the latest firmware.
  • Never interrupt the update. If it takes a long time and your router appears to be unresponsive, give it a few more minutes before you disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.
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    How Do I Get Stronger Wifi To My Basement

    Distance is one of the biggest offenders for your WiFi signal. The second is thick floors or walls. The farther away your devices are, the thicker the barriers, the more your connection will suffer. If your WiFi signal is struggling to reach spaces like your basement, you now know why.

    There are a few things you can do yourself to boost the WiFi in your basement. Here are tips to try.

    Improve Your Garages Overall Functionality

    Upgrading your garages tech capabilities isnt the only way to get more functionality out of the space.

    Improving the storage systems and appearance of your garage will transform it into a part of your home that can serve your family better.

    Schedule a free-design consultation with us to get a garage makeover quote.

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