How To Get Wifi In Your Backyard

Do I Need To Extend My Wifi Signal

How to Get Internet to Your Backyard

You may be tempted to rush out and buy a product promising you better WiFi coverage, but thats not necessarily the best approach. Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as changing up where your router is located within your home.

That said, if your router is in a central position already, or you cant move it from where it is, there are a number of products you can use to help deliver a solid connection where you need it.

In this guide, well take a look at the popular types of devices meant for extending your home WiFi network. Well also look at some of the most common coverage issues that come up, as well as how to fix them.

How Does Wireless Internet Work

WiFi communicates through radio waves. While the ranges for WiFi are distinct from those of other technologies, the concept remains the same. Consider the visual representation of WiFi as a calm body of water. When a drop of water strikes calm water, the ripples gradually spread from that point. The waves are greatest around the center point and diminish in strength as they spread away. Just like water ripples from its source, WiFi transmits frequencies from the position of your router.

That is why there are several factors that can affect your wifi connection. Here are some of the following:

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    How To Get Wi

    The best way to blanket or cover your entire house in wi-fi is to set up a mesh network using a system like or Linksys Velop. Both systems come with three pods that replace your router. Wi-fi signals are sent from pod to pod, so Internet coverage extends to wherever you place the pod.

    I recommend Google Wifi because it can cover 4,500 square feet for only $300. The Linksys Velop works just as well , but was too expensive. It covers more area and includes two 5GHZ bands, so if you need the extra coverage and you do a lot of downloading and streaming, it’s probably better to buy the Linksys as a set of three rather than buy a Google Wifi pack and then an extra pod.

    I have a small house, so I personally use Google Wifi, and although it’s pricier than a standard router, I think it is totally worth it for uninterrupted, full-coverage wi-fi. In my house, I place one of the pods downstairs in the office, the other pod in the kitchen area, and the third pod upstairs in the master bedroom.

    It’s been two years since I’ve purchased it, and it is still running strong. I get around 55 Mbps in the upstairs bedroom. It’s not the full 60 Mbps I pay for, but it’s still faster than other systems I’ve used. I also get fast internet in my backyard .

    This thing is called a node. You connect one of these to a modem, and the other you just plug into an electrical outlet in an area where you need more coverage.

    Double Check Configuration Settings

    How to Get WiFi in Your Backyard 2020: Own The Yard

    It is conceivable that your gear is working properly but is set incorrectly or needs a firmware upgrade. Adjust the parameters until youre happy with the performance. The majority of contemporary routers operate on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi bands.

    Alternate between the two frequencies to see if you obtain better results. If you are not technologically skilled, troubleshooting your internet network problems may seem daunting. If youre having difficulty sorting anything out, contact your ISPs technical assistance.

    Additionally, if technical assistance is ineffective, request that your ISP send a technician to your house to resolve your network problems. Another option is to employ a home network expert to assist you in optimizing your setup.

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    How To Get Internet In My Detached Garage

    There was a time where the internet was a luxury and you were very fortunate to have it at the office and at home. However, the reliance on technology has evolved to the point where we expect the internet anywhere and everywhere we travel. It isnt surprising that more and more homeowners are looking to get internet in a garage, even one that is detached from the rest of the home.

    How do you get internet to a detached garage? Well, there are a variety of solutions so read below to find out which strategy works best for your situation.

    Put In An Outdoor Access Point

    The final option and one of the most costly to implement is an outdoor access point. This method is the most useful when you want to maximize your signal strength while out in a larger yard or direct your connection to multiple outdoor spaces around your home. All the other methods covered would only direct an internet connection to one section of your yard, while this can effectively get a solid connection out to multiple locations by using multiple access points. This is usually achieved with a buried Ethernet cable and can be time-consuming to implement. You will have to purchase conduit and dig a hole to bury the conduit in. Once the conduit is laid down you need to install the Ethernet cable inside it and route it into your house. Install the access point outdoors near where you want your signal to be. Now run an Ethernet cable to your wireless router indoors. If you are going over distances more than 300 feet from your router, youll have to rely on a point-to-point antenna setup, or a Powerline network extender device to get out to your access point device effectively. When installed properly, your wireless access point will give you excellent wireless speeds and should give you a larger network coverage area as well compared to the other options on this list.

    Extending to a detached Garage/Outdoors:

    If you dont have time to read the whole content, heres a simple summary of the methods I discussed in the following content:

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    How To Get Great Wi

    Need some helpful tips to improve the Wi-Fi in and around your home?

    Work and Wi-Fi go hand and hand these days for a lot of us, anyways and now that the weather is nicer youre likely looking for more ways to work outside. Maybe out on your porch or in a park? That means extending your homes Wi-Fi network so you can get coverage in places you normally didnt, or creating your own mobile Wi-Fi signal that you can take with you. Heres what you can do.

    A Wi-Fi extender, also known as a Wi-Fi booster, is a device that plugs into the wall and repeats the wireless signal from your router. It wont improve the signal in areas of your home that you already get Wi-Fi, as it simply extends the signal to cover more areas of the home. The good news is that there are a number of great Wi-Fi extenders that are affordable and easy to set up, like the Rockspace Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender . If you have a dead zone in your house or directly near it, like a porch or a yard, and you want a low-cost way of curing it, a Wi-Fi extender might be your best bet.

    There are Wi-Fi extenders that will extend your home’s Wi-Fi without creating a separate Wi-Fi network, but they are more expensive and they usually are proprietary to your Wi-Fi service. For example, if you get Wi-Fi through Verizon Fios you can buy a Wi-Fi extender, like the Fios Extender E3200 , that’s specifically designed to work with the latest Fios router .

    What Is A Mesh Network

    Tip for getting strong WiFi connection from your backyard

    Mesh networks can be easily thought of as a series of access points spread throughout your home working together to create a mesh of connections, though this isnt entirely accurate from a technical point of view. All the same, this is essentially how a mesh network functions a number of nodes provide distributed internet access across a large area. In fact, similar mesh networks have been used to cover whole cities, and even entire swaths of a country, in some situations.

    Up until recently, mesh networks have required some fairly advanced networking knowledge to set up properly, but new consumer-level products such as and Plume have begun to streamline the entire experience, making it practically effortless to be up and running in minutes.

    However, these types of solutions are far and away the most expensive in this guide, with many of these products running in excess of $200. Whats more, a mesh network may be complete overkill for your needs, and likely is if youre just looking to plug a few holes in your network.

    Bottom Line: Mesh networks are the most robust form of WiFi extension out there, but they come at a cost. They are the easiest to install for non-technical customers.

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    Use Buried Ethernet And A Wireless Access Point

    If youre looking for the absolute best network connection, and dont mind a bit of digging, you can achieve peak results by burying an Ethernet line going from your home to the detached garage. Keep in mind, that with this solution you can only stretch the connection for about 328 feet or 100 meters. If your line is smaller than 300 feet, you can get a stable connection that wont drop out in your garage.

    To do this, attach your Ethernet line to a port on your router indoors. Now route cable outside and through the conduit that you bury underground. Route the other end of the cable through the wall of your garage and attach it to a network bridge for wired connections or go with a wireless access point to create a wireless network. Its highly reliable, though time-intensive to set up and will notice wires a lot of visible wires at different places.

    Wavlink Ac1200 High Power Outdoor Weatherproof Wifi Range Extender

    You can use The WL-WN572HP3 Outdoor Point To Point CPE for WISP CPE solutions and long-distance wireless network solutions. In addition, it is ideal for data transmission and video surveillance. This extender for the outdoor WiFi range is high power and designed for WISP CPE. Its a perfect solution to small businesses, offices, and homes with outdoor networking needs.

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    We Fix Poor Wifi & Cell Signal

    If poor WiFi or cellular coverage is affecting your home or business, get in touch with the RF experts at Simple WiFi .

    We solve weak signal & coverage 24/7, because we’re field experts, meaning we’ve been rolling up our sleeves and doing this for homes and offices with precision for many years compared to the guy with a truck and ladder and “theoretically” can do it.

    You don’t want theory, you want results. That’s what we provide.

    Free consultation with our Miami-based customer support or call us at 305-798-8505.

    Extend Signal With A Cable

    How to get Great Wi

    If you prefer a nice, tidy home, running a cable through your kitchen may not be ideal however, pretty or not, the best signal comes directly from the router. If good outdoor Wi-Fi is critical to your work-life balance, consider a cable from the internet connection junction to a strategically placed router that sits just inside your outside space.

    Now that you are ready to extend your Wi-Fi outdoors, dont forget to extend your outdoor security to cover more of your property. Visit our website to shop Brinks Home products that seamlessly connect to your homes Wi-Fi network and help your entire property remain safe.

    Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

    Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Wifi Network

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    Indoor Range Extenders Are Cheaper Less Reliable

    You can replicate the mesh setup mentioned above with a regular router combined with indoor Wi-Fi range extenders or repeaters. This option is a little more affordable. The extenders would be in place of the mesh satellite units. The setup is slightly more complicated, but if you follow the quick start guide included with the extender, you shouldn’t have much of an issue.

    Also, make sure that the extender you purchase is compatible with your router, especially if it is older. For simplicity, look into extenders made by the same manufacturer as your router. Many newer devices devices are mix-and-match though, like the D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi extender , which is advertised to help extend Wi-Fi into your backyard and is compatible with any router.

    D-Link’s AC2600 range extender is compatible with any router.

    Keep in mind that most wireless extenders will cut your Wi-Fi in half, because they receive the wireless signal then rebroadcast it using the same radio on the same channel. Expect your speeds, when connected to an extender instead of the router, to be slower. One way around this is to use a tri-band extender, which has an extra 5GHz network that can act as a dedicated link to your router. This will help you get the maximum bandwidth out of the extender.

    The Linksys EA8300 Wi-Fi router can also be used as a wired access point or a wireless extender.

    Up To 5 Meters: In The Front Of Your Garden Or On Your Balcony

    The wireless range of a router is about 10 to 15 meters. It has to travel some distance indoors, meaning the signal has already lost some of its strength when it reaches your backdoor. To increase the WiFi range outside, you can install a powerline adapter. This allows you to set up an extra WiFi point. For example for WiFi in the garden or on the balcony.

    • You plug a WiFi repeater into the socket and connect it to your router with one press of a button. You don’t need to know anything about networks.
    • A powerline isn’t affected by other radio signals since it transfers the signal through a cable.

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