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Satellite Internet Can Be Used Off The Grid

How to Get Fast Wireless Internet Off Grid DIY

There are a couple of companies offering internet via satellite, but the problem with them is that they are fairly slow and extremely expensive. You might think that with all this modern technology they could make accessing the internet via satellites extremely easy. The truth is that this is the same problem as with the data caps, they keep the internet slow and extremely expensive because they can and every company is doing it.

The competition in the satellite internet field is fairly low, although there are two companies that are somewhat reliable.

  • Viasat: Offers 10-100 Mbps, the data cap is between 40-150 Gb and it costs between $50-$100, although you should take the internet speed claims with a grain of salt no matter which company you choose. The problem is that the internet speed fluctuates a lot, you would be better off with a 10 Mbps connection which is stable than a 100 Mbps one which often drops to less than 1 Mbps.
  • HughesNet: Offers 25 Mbps, with a data cap of anything between 10-40 Gb and a cost between $60-$150. In my opinion, the data caps are way too low, you should manage with a 40 GB data cap but as you can see it is fairly expensive.

How To Get Internet Where Theres No Service Available

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As mass amounts of people moved to work-from-home or virtual-learning environments, the strain on the Internet grid became quite pronounced. Personally, in the first few months of working-from-home, my internet connection would drop at random times, remaining unavailable for hours or even days.

And for people who live in remote locations or areas with poor service, these outages were even more troubling.

Unreliable internet connections are tricky for people who have deadlines to meet or use it to stay connected with family and friends. Thats why more and more people are looking at other options for Internet connections, plus the alternatives are often cheaper than shelling out hundreds of dollars a year for sub-optimal connection speeds from big Internet service providers .

In this article, well discuss the easiest ways to get Internet where there is no service. This can be at your off-grid tiny house, your prepper hideout, or your hunting cabin.

How We Get Inexpensive Internet Off The Grid

May 9, 2019

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Going off the grid is a dream for many folks, but off-grid doesnt have to mean primitive. The internet is more than a luxury. For us, it is a means of making money for our family as much as it is a source of education and entertainment.

Our property is pretty far removed from grid utilities like water, electricity, sewage, and cable/internet. We knew that if we wanted to build a home here, finding solutions for these things would be critical. Any solutions had to work and also be affordable.

If youre looking to go off the grid, live in a rural area with limited internet options, or are looking for a mobile internet service for traveling, check out how weve solved this problem and learn what to consider for yourself.

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Off Grid Internet If Your Usage Is Low

If Your Usage is Low

The good news is that if you dont stream a lot of video, you can turn your own smart phone with its normal data plan into a hotspot for other devices such as a laptop or tablet.

This essentially turns your phone into a wireless router so your other devices can get a cell signal.

Plus, you are using data you are already paying for while not traveling.

Its also easy to enable. You simply need to go to settings in your phone and turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature.

Some carriers charge a minimal fee for this and cap the amount of data using your phone as a hotspot before slowing down your speed.

I would recommend checking the exact policy with your carrier first so you dont incur any surprise fees.

This option is also only ideal for those who only need to be connected in touristy areas. By using your cell phone plan, your connectivity depends on a good cell phone signal. So, you are beholden to places that get good service from your cell phone service provider.

So if you like boondocking in rural areas, this wont be a very reliable option.

Investing in a signal booster is a perfect solution for remote connectivity.

A cell phone booster could boost your off grid internet signal by 33% on all your devices. They often run a bit pricey but its only a one-time cost rather than a monthly bill.

Fixed Point To Point Internet

Off Grid Solar PV for Camera and WiFi Applications
5+ MBPS download20-45 MS latency$75+ per month

There are some cases where an internet provider offers fixed point to point internet service where they have a tower with an antenna on it. If you have a line of sight to their tower, you can usually get internet. Ive done this with a business I used to run as our backup internet and it worked phenomenally.

Talk with your local point to point internet provider, as they usually are a smaller mom-and-pop operation that can let you know if youd be able to connect to their service before you buy any land. You may have to mount the antenna on a tower.

Your speeds will depend on your plan, but in general if you have line of sight, youll have a decent connection. If you do a lot of video calls or gaming, this can be a tad slow in terms of latency, but overall this is a great option.

These services tend to have an upfront cost to get connected and for equipment , and the service will be about $10-$50 more a month than your standard cable provider, but all in all, this is a decent option.

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Theres a debate thats been raging for decades, with no signs of slowing down: Should metal roofing screws go through the valleys of the corrugated metal or through the peaks? Ive noticed those who prefer going through the peaks are vehement in their position. They insist there is no better way to do it, and

Off Grid Internet: 6 Ways To Get Internet Access When Living Off The Grid

One of the modern conveniences we have all come to rely on is the Internet. Its hard to imagine a day going by without checking email, catching up with friends on Facebook or watching YouTube. We probably use the internet for a hundred different tasks every day. Having internet access is especially important for us because we run an online business. But, how can we run our online business and our YouTube channel when we plan to live off the grid?

Just because we live off-grid it doesnt mean we have to give up all modern conveniences. Living off the grid simply means that youre not physically connected to any public utilities such as electricity, water, sewer, telephone, natural gas, and so on.

As modern off-grid homesteaders, we need to be able to not only run our online business but also allow our children to do their homeschooling online. Thankfully, it is absolutely possible to have high-quality internet even when we are off-grid.

Today, Ill share with you 6 solutions that could solve our off-grid internet problems. At the end of the article, Ill share with you exactly what our plan is.

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If You Like To Be Very Remote

If You Like to be Very Remote

While a signal booster can help your signal, that still may not do the trick when youre in a very rural location.

If you absolutely need connectivity from anywhere and everywhere, then satellite internet is your best option for off grid internet.

Yes, the major downside is satellite service can be slow and cost a lot of money, but thats the price you pay for that kind of access.

Before jumping for this option, first consider how important internet connectivity is to you. If you only need data or phone calls for emergency situations, satellite phones are another way to go.

Speaking of being remote, check out our Boondocker and Outdoors clothing collections in our RV Shop.

Living Off The Grid: Today Was The Day We Got Our Off Grid Internet Installed

Free WiFi For Off The Grid

December 3, 2015 By Alyssa

Weve been living off the grid on our land for three full months now and today is a great day because we had our off grid internet installed! We didnt know how complicated it would be to get internet to our off grid property, and we also thought we may have to have a solid power system set up first . It turns out, getting internet to our property was extremely easy and was done by noon in a single day!

Living off the grid can be challenging to say the least. They say You dont know what you have until its gone and this couldnt be more true when it comes to off grid living. When we decided to start our off grid homestead 100% from scratch, we knew that we would have to temporarily say goodbye to many modern luxuries such as endless fresh water, endless hot water, endless heat, endless food storage, endless electricity, and endless internet.

Today, we decided to do ourselves a huge favor and get our internet installed. The first and second month of our homesteading journey was spent gathering tools, demolishing a barn and house for reclaimed materials, installing our septic system, cutting down trees for lumber, paving our driveway with rock, and more. Our last big project for the winter was building an off grid cabin for the winter, winterizing our RV, and now were ready to hibernate!

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Alternative Option #: Rv Park Wi

RV park Wi-Fi is the most economical option since its usually included with your site. Though getting internet in an RV park isnt technically off grid internet, it is an option for those who require internet access. However, RV park Wi-Fi signals are unreliable at best and RV parks can be very difficult places to get a strong signal.

Dont get us wrong. There are some well reviewed RV parks that have amazing internet. But, just in case your RV park isnt one of them, we included 2 things you can do to help connect when the signal is not great at your RV park.

  • Ask which sites have the best W-Fi when you book. Some sites will have better Wi-Fi signal reception than others.
  • Install a Wi-Fi booster. These are typically an antenna that plugs into the USB port of your computer or mounts on the roof of the RV. However, Wi-Fi boosters only work when there are signals to receive. Its also wise to keep in mind that the bandwidth at RV parks is usually insufficient for all the RVs that want to get on it, so internet download speed may be super slow even though you can get it.

RV park W-Fi is often good enough for those who dont work remotely and/or dont require reliable internet access. This could be a great, economical option for those who dont use the internet a lot.

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Best Availability: Satellite Internet Service For Off

In rural areas without mobile phone service, satellite internet is the best option. Providers like Viasat, HughesNet, or Starlink can give you steady internet service even if your residence is off the grid, remote, or unserved by utility companies. You dont need to have cell phone service in your area to get satellite internet service. You just need a clear view of the southern sky.

Satellite internet service is available from Viasat and HughesNet almost anywhere in the US . Starlink has a more limited coverage area than HughesNet or Viasat but offers faster speeds and unlimited data. If you have Starlink , expect periodic outages that could occur several times an hour for the next year or so. Once the Starlink constellation is fully built out, there wont be interruptions in service.

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Satellite Internet For Tiny Houses Buslife And Vanlife

To be honest, I dont know any Tiny Housers using this method, as its extremely expensive and not that fast. But, if you NEED Wifi at all time, in very rural areas, this may be an avenue to explore. Youll need a dish or some sort, and youll have to pay for the service. Make sure to review the latency , as well as the data caps from your providers. You can learn more about satellite internet providers in this article.

In my opinion, the satellite internet option isnt worth the price . You may end up spending up to $200 a month, and you wont even be able to stream video! Just plan to unplug for those days that youre completely off-the-grid and use the first two options in combination for all other days.

Mobile Wireless For Off

Gridless Power

Mobile wireless internet is a great option for portable off-grid living. To get mobile wireless internet you need to purchase a hotspot device. Some phones can act as hotspots, but using your phone for the internet can get very expensive and the connection speed isnt always good. A mobile hotspot device like the Verizon JetPack will allow you more data, better speed, and a more reliable connection. However, you still need to be within range of communications towers for them to work. New LTE home internet devices are becoming available, and are becoming a top choice over satellite internet when fixed wireless is not available. These devices do have data caps, and some have contracts as well.

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How Much Will Starlink Cost

Currently, Starlink offers a package of a one-off $ 499.00 fee, which includes your Starlink satellite dish, router, and accessories. The monthly fee after that is $99.00, which is reasonable for what you get.

Current Beta testing is logging the Starlink internet speed at an impressive 100 Mbps upload speed and just as fast at 110 Mbps downloading speed. That is faster than a lot of fixed-line service providers give.

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