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Wi-Fi Not Working On Greyhound Bus | What Can You Do?
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  • It’s no surprise so many school systems have chosen Kajeet SmartBus. Its ease of use and dedicated support ensures users are able to get access quickly and easily. Its powerful and configurable back end ensures the system is set up the way you want to support your teachers, students, parents, and communities.

    The next step is easy, complete the form to learn more or schedule a demo and see how Kajeet can help you!

    How To Get To Wireless Festival By Bus

    There are lots of bus routes that go to Finsbury Park. Youll need to use one of the following routes: 4, 19, 29, 106, 141, 153, 210, 236, 253, 254, 259, 279, 341, W3 and W7. We really recommend using the Bus Times London journey planner to see which buses work best for you. There are also step-by-step guides so youll know exactly how to get to Wireless.

    Satellite Internet Service For Van Life

    The most expensive type of mobile internet service for people who really need a signal out in the middle of nowhere is satellite internet for van life.

    Theres something really cool about connecting to the internet when youre boondocking in the absolute middle of nowhere.

    However, can cost tens of thousands of dollars to outfit your rig for satellite, and it can cost as much as $1,000 per month for just 5 gigs, and up to $2,000 per month for higher usage plans. Satellite internet seems best for major earners who really need internet service at all times.

    To read up on the reality of getting satellite internet for your campervan or RV, check out this in-depth post from the Mobile Internet Resource Group.

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    Bridging The Digital Divide

    In a world where the use of technology is prevalent, we still experience a significant digital divide. While some communities use many variants of information technology and wireless networks, underserved communities have limited to no access.

    As we return to normal and try to help students make up for lost time due to COVID-19, the ConnectED Bus provides students with an opportunity to study, download assignments, complete homework and submit assignments from the bus thus improving engagement and academic performance.

    ConnectED Bus can bridge the gap and give everyone access to the many benefits of wifi on school buses.

    Smart Bus Intelligent In

    Wireless technology on buses: the evolution of the ...


    Billion M500 features an excellent Smart Bus communication backbone:

    Bus companies operate and have access to precious assets, intellectual property, and data. The security of data exchanged or transmitted is essential for design considerations when building a wireless network. The complicated authentication process and highly encrypted over-the-air data transmission from any location require vital and security-focused equipment. Billion M500, rugged LTE product, is designed to deliver seamless and high-bandwidth connectivity to large coverage areas while withstanding the most extreme environmental conditions. By leveraging Billion M500’s external superior high gain antenna, network range can span up to 40% greater than essential LTE coverage. The services and applications that Billion M500s 4G LTE devices provide stable and outstanding broadband connectivity for a smart bus system.

    Case studies

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    Discover The Best High Speed Internet Service Option For Your Rv

    Speedify is a unique software app available for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. It was built specifically to harness and optimize all the Internet connections you have available. This results in faster, more stable, and secure RV Internet.

    Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that uses channel bonding technology. You can use multiple Internet connections at once and correct the RV Internet transmission errors you get when moving around.

    How To Use The New Next Bus

    Using satellite tracking on buses, Next Bus gives you real-time transit information by estimating when the next vehicle will depart, based on its last reported location.

    You can also enter an address or landmark and Next Bus will find nearby bus stops and passing routes around that location.

    The estimated departure times of buses are displayed in the results window. Click the information icon next to the departure time to see if a bus is running on time, early or late.

    Refer to our How To Use Next Bus step-by-step guide for additional assistance.

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    Charter Bus Trips Complete With Wifi Access Available

    Many of the passengers on our charter bus trips have been asking for the ability to stay “plugged in” while on the road and Cardinal Buses, Inc. has been happy to comply.

    Over 40 of our buses come equipped with power outlets for laptops as well as wireless Internet access. The power outlets will also come in handy for recharging and powering cell phones, DVD players, hand-held video games, iPods, iPhones and other electronic devices.

    If you need to charter a coach for business purposes, Cardinal Buses is here to ensure that you can be productive while traveling. During transit, your colleagues will be able to write business documents, check their e-mail, research your competitors on the Web — whatever your business trip’s needs may be.

    If you are thinking of taking your class on a field trip, bus them with internet access so your students can research their destination while en route! Your students are sure to get the most out of the entire experience!

    Of course, if to you charter bus trips mean a nice leisurely trip for a vacation destination and you know you don’t want your fellow travelers to have the ability to stay online , just let us know. We have a field trip bus selection that is sure to meet your needs.

    202 E. Winslow St.

    New Trip Planner And Next Bus Faq

    Is There WiFi on the Greyhound Bus?

    Why does the information vary between Google Trip Planner and TransLink’s new Trip Planner?

    Google and the Trapeze Trip Planner use the data in a different way, this can result in slightly different results.

    Why do you offer both Google Trip Planner and a new Trip Planner?

    We want to offer choices for your trip planning. The upgrade to new Trip Planner and Next Bus is a new product and user experience. We’re giving access to Google because it’s familiar. However, be sure to try out and give feedback on the newTripPlanner and Next Bus.

    Are the results for the old and new Next Bus the same?

    Both Next Bus options use the same data, but you may see slightly different results from the way each application uses the data.

    Can I save a bus route or stop to my favourites using the new Next Bus

    Unfortunately, favourites is not available on new Next Bus.

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    New Trip Planner And Next Bus

    Plan your trip with TransLink’s Trip Planner, view route schedules, get real-time Next Bus departures, and transit alerts.

    Trip Planner shows you route options, trip duration, transfers, walking distance, and fare pricing.

    Next Bus is a quick way to look up departure, real time, or scheduled times for a specific bus stop and bus route.

    Try the new TransLink Trip Planner and Next Bus.

    How To Get To Wireless Festival Train

    You can get a direct train to Finsbury Park for Wireless Festival from Kings Cross or Moorgate. Trains from Kings Cross to Finsbury Park are fairly regular with as many as 6 leaving in an hour. Look out for trains going to Cambridge Station, Welwyn Garden City and Peterborough.

    The trains are even more frequent from Moorgate so you wont be waiting around for long. Look out for trains going to Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Hertford North, Gordon Hill and Letchworth Garden City.

    For longer train journeys, you can use the myTrains journey planner to see your other options.

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    Reduce Buffering Eliminate Dropped Connections And Enjoy Your High Speed Internet For Rv

    If youre using two or more connections with Speedify, youll always be online. Speedify intelligently monitors the quality of your connections. It will know before your Internet drops or if youre stuck on a bad WiFi hotspot.

    Then, Speedify will shift the traffic to the other working connection. Once the troublesome connection gets back in parameters, data is going to be sent through it. This way, you wont get any annoying buffering screens or skip a beat on your Spotify.

    How Speedify Helps You To Solve Public Wifi Hotspot Connectivity

    New York City rolls out its first WiFi

    By being able to use multiple Internet connections at the same time with Speedify, your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or laptop will avoid those nasty disconnects that show up when you get handed off from one public WiFi hotspot to another. Plus, if your device connects to a hotspot with no Internet functionality, by using the other connection, Speedify will keep you online. So, your Spotify will not stop, your Skype business call will not jitter and your video stream will still be online.

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    A World Of Entertainment Is Waiting For You

    Watch – Enjoy your ride with a wide selection of movies and TV shows from our extensive database.

    Listen – Simply want to enjoy the landscape and scenery from your seat? Listen to our selection of audiobooks provided by Spoken Ink.

    Read – Immerse yourself in a fantasy world or inspiring life stories with our selection of fiction and non-fiction e-books provided by Kobo.

    Play – Time will fly by with our large selection of engaging fantasy, strategy and puzzle games.

    How To Get To Wireless Festival

    Available free on iOS and Android

    Wireless Festival has been running for 11 years now and has become one of the top events in London for music lovers. This years Wireless lineup includes headline acts such as Calvin Harris, Chase & Status, J. Cole, Kygo and Boy Better Know. For those of you heading to Wireless for the first time, the site of the festival is at the south end of Finsbury Park. Heres all you need to know about how to get to Wireless Festival.

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    Speedify Keeps You Safe Online In Your Rv

    While traveling in your motorhome, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots can be dangerous. Many cyber attackers lurk around just to get your private data. Using a VPN will protect you, but most of them will also slow down your RV Internet. This happens as all data passes through their servers first before going to or from its final destination.

    Speedify bonding VPN doesnt slow down your online speed. It uses an advanced encryption algorithm that is fast and secure. This allows you to avoid compromising speed for security.

    Most important: Speedify doesnt log any data regarding your online activity. Other services might do that. They collect data to sell it to marketing agencies for targeted advertising.

    Its time you take over your RV Internet connection and use it on your own terms. Get the best high speed Internet for RV with Speedify!

    Watch Listen And Read Great Content On The Go

    Free WiFi on an entire public bus fleet (with subtitles)

    When you sign in to GO Wi-Fi Plus, you open the door to our amazing and extensive free onboard entertainment portal. Enjoying your favourite content will be a breeze.

    There are tons of channels on our watch list with top TV dramas and comedies, news, documentaries, music videos and more. Catch your favourites or find new ones on the go!

    If you just want to listen up, sit back, and relax, then check out the large audio content collection with free music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

    Or, catch up on your reading with our free e-book library. Theres everything from fiction, non-fiction, how-to, autobiography, and many more genres.

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    How To Use Transit App

    View bus capacity predictions:

  • Open Transit app to see transit lines near you

  • On the apps home screen, tap the route youre interested in

  • Youll see a capacity prediction indicator next to upcoming departure times as well as attached to the bus icon on the map. Tap the bus icon on the map to learn more.

  • Additional information about the capacity prediction will be shown in an information sheet that appears at the bottom of the screen.

  • Plan a trip on Transit app:

  • On the apps home screen, tap the green search bar that says Where to?

  • Type in and select your desired destination

  • Compare your options using public transport and other modes

  • Tap a trip to see more details

  • Tap GO to get step-by-step instructions during your trip

  • For more detailed information about how to use Transit app, visit

    Next Bus And Next Bus Sms

    Use Next Bus to find real time and scheduled bus information,or have text messages sent to your smartphone withNext Bus SMS.

    Using satellite tracking on buses, Next Bus gives you real-time transit information by estimating when the next vehicle will depart, based on its last reported location.

    An asterisk * next to the time indicates the scheduled departure time.

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    Why Are Some Public Wifi Hotspots Not Working

    Sometimes the public WiFi hotspots are placed in locations that result in spotty signal strength or even dead zones zombie hotspots / sticky WiFi. Thats why you may see youre connected to the public WiFi network, but not able to access any website.

    If you are on the move you could also run into problems when moving between different hotspots. If youre connected to the public WiFi, your iPhone or Android smartphone will navigate from one WiFi hotspot to another . So, there are many chances you stumble upon a non-working WiFi hotspot.

    Plus, by default, as youre moving around, you will be passed around from hotspot to hotspot, like in the case of a cellular network. Unfortunately, mobile devices dont handle WiFi handoffs smoothly and thats one of the reasons why public WiFi hotspots keep disconnecting. Smartphones are bad at detecting poor WiFi networks, and they default to WiFi instead of LTE when its available. Connecting to a bad WiFi hotspot is often the same as having no Internet at all.

    The Connected Bus Maximizes Gps Usage

    TfL London Buses to get wireless payment methods

    With the ConnectED Bus school bus wifi, you can have optimum Global Positioning System function with fast internet connection and precision. Heres what our ConnectED Bus offers:

    Real-time location information: This information is especially helpful in case of disaster. Often, accidents happen quickly, and vehicles go missing. The number of casualties increases during the prolonged wait period. With the modified Global Positioning System tracking, emergency responders can act quickly and locate possible victims.

    Gives allowance for setting Geo-fences: With geofencing, you can program certain responses within specific areas. For example, you can activate a geo-fence within a particular area to receive notifications when a bus enters or exits that area including the bus depot or even specific stops on each bus route.

    Helps you set customized alerts: With customized alerts, you can create signals to track specific changes. These notifications can help the students, the driver, and even the bus. For example: if you set connection limits to one device per student, you can make alerts that inform you when one student connects more than one device, thus maintaining traffic on the school bus wifi interface.

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