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How To Find An Internet Connection In Remote Locations

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When it comes to accessing the internet, people living in big cities and major towns probably cant imagine what it might be like to struggle to get Wi-Fi. Usually, it is easy to get Wi-Fi at home with a range of different providers to choose from, and there are Wi-Fi hotspots pretty much everywhere you go.

On the other hand, rural and remote areas dont always have the same type of connectivity, making it harder to stay in touch with the rest of the world. Thankfully, there are several things to consider when getting connected in a remote or rural area.

What To Look For In Portable Internet

You want a portable internet service that works over a large network, gives you adequate speeds and data, and comes at an affordable price.

Most portable internet services rely on cellular networks to give you Wi-Fi, so make sure that you get portable internet that connects to a cellular provider available in the area youre traveling around. Also, most providers dont offer unlimited data. So the more data you can get, the better.

Keep reading farther down on this page for more details about portable internet challenges and considerations.

Go For Satellite Internet

Cheaper Satellite internet options have become popular and a common option for getting broadband in rural areas. Satellite internet is the best simply because its accessible anywhere you are as long as there are no obstacles in the southern sky. Another contributing factor to its wide availability is that it doesnt require any hard wiring or complicated infrastructure.

All that is required to get your internet is a dish antenna for signal transmission to the satellite, a modem, and cables.

While satellite internet may not provide the high speeds you will find with cable or fiber-optic, the satellite providers have been working towards improving their technology and services. Nowadays, its easier to get faster speeds and a larger download capacity from the satellite internet.

The improved broadband performance means that users can stream videos, game online, and do various high bandwidth tasks with little to no hitches. Unless the weather is bad , satellite internet connection is mostly consistent.

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Enabling The Dynamic Dns

Since your dynamic IP address is somewhat public, you need to have a dynamic DNS in place to ensure that your remote access connections are well-integrated with your router.

To have a dynamic DNS, you need to find a DNS provider. There are a host of DNS providers available ou there, some with and some without payment options.

Choose the server that is best supported by your router. For the setup, you will be required to establish a new hostname along with a new subdomain. Next, enter this information into the control panel of your router.

You will notice your domain ending with a :8080. While this is the default, you can enhance it for added security.

Option : Channel Bonding Everything Together

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Channel bonding lets you combine all of the above options to give you the best of everything. It’s a paid service that combines all of your internet sources, chops up your packets, and then sends them to a source using all of the available bandwidth where they’re reassembled and sent to the internet at large. Theoretically, you could get an accumulative amount of download and upload speeds from each option, but it’s more complicated to set up. Most DSL providers will offer a channel bonding option, so it’s worth asking about if you’re going that route.

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Confirm Sites Use Https

A surefire way to check if a website is secure? Look for HTTPS at the start of every URL you visit. This confirms that a site is encrypted and, therefore, protects your information while you browse it. You can even download browser extensions like HTTPS Everywhere to check HTTPS for you and flag if a site doesnt use it.

How Can Someone Get The Android Data Through Internet

The process is quite simple for competent hackers or the ones that are accustomed to doing it. It might seem difficult to you, but you can learn it easily.

There are a lot of applications and software available to hack Android phone through WiFi. Some of them are free, and some others are to be paid for. You can use them to access the data on Android through Wi-Fi.

The simple steps of this process include:

  • Step 1. Buy and install a new Wi-Fi router with a built-in tracking function and pre-configured software.

  • Step 2. Make sure that the Android phone that you are trying to access is connected to this particular Wi-Fi.

  • Step 3. Once you are done with the process, you need to log in to the router’s background on the computer to view the relevant historical browsing records.

This method can help you get the browsing data, but you need to re-purchase a special router and need to know some technology to complete tracking.

How to access other phone data?

Luckily, there is a convenient tool for you. As long as you install the tool, mobile phone data monitoring can be realized anytime and anywhere.

Are there any more features and cost-effective methods to access Android phone data? Of cause, the next part will present this amazing tool for you.

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Off Grid Internet: How To Get Internet Access When Living Off The Grid

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Going off grid doesnt mean you have to cut all ties to civilization. In fact, thanks to modern technology you can still live your off the grid dreams, while still staying connected to the rest of the world.

One of the questions that I receive most from people looking to go off-the-grid is how they can access the internet when living in remote areas of the country. This is especially important for those of us that rely on the internet for our jobs.

How Hotspots And Wifi Work

Tech Tips Remote: How to optimize your Wi-Fi.

Hotspots are sites that offer an Internet connection over a wireless local area network by way of a router that then connects to an Internet service provider. Hotspots can be found at many coffee shops, universities, libraries, airports, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, department stores, campgrounds and other public locations. Also known as “WiFi hotspots,” these sites primarily utilize WiFi technology, which allows electronic devices to connect to the Internet or exchange data wirelessly through radio waves .

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What To Ask About Internet Access If You Plan To Move Off The Grid

If you haven’t yet made your move to an off-grid lifestyle, ask about internet options before moving. You don’t want the surprise of a big internet bill as an unexpected off grid cost. Keep these three questions in mind:

  • Is there cell service in the area? This is important as it allows you to access data on your phone or to get a wireless mobile hub.
  • Does your current phone provider service the area? If so, ask about bundling to get a break on your rates.
  • Does the plan allow for unlimited internet usage? This is one of my biggest pet peeves. While I love the convenience of our wireless hub, our service provider does NOT have an unlimited data plan for our area.
  • So yes, it is possible to get internet off the grid. Talk to others in the area, talk to your current service provider, and find out what your options are.

    Even if you’re disconnected from the electricity grid, you might not have to disconnect from the internet.

    How To Access A Router Remotely

    If you are experimenting with the various functionalities of your wireless network, you may wonder how to access a router remotely. The best routers, after all, tend to include some way to remotely access the device. Keep reading to learn why and how to perform this procedure.


    • Accessing a router remotely is a good idea for parents checking up on their children or for users concerned about hackers and wireless thieves.
    • There are several ways to do this, one of which is downloading and installing a remote desktop app.
    • Another option is to activate a routers remote management feature via advanced settings and then enter the WAN IP address and default port information into a browser address bar.

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    Watching Out For Your Children

    Now, if youre a parent, youll likely breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing this. When you can access your router remotely, you can monitor and control the content that your kids are watching on their mobile phone, tablet, computer, or anything connected to WiFi.

    If your router allows parental controls, you can set that up, thus ensuring that your children dont go off wandering into prohibited sites in your absence. Isnt that precisely what you want as a parent?

    Its The Weboost Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster

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    • 12v power adapter

    • A Magnetic-mount Antenna for the outside of your vehicle

    • If your vehicle will allow – we’d HIGHLY recommend buying for the additional weBoost OTR Antenna* as it places the antenna further up on your vehicle and, in our experience, provides an overall better signal strength in more remote or wooded areas.

    • An internal antenna – used to broadcast the signal inside of your vehicle

    • HOWEVER this is key: Your cell phone or portable cellular hotspot MUST be directly on top of the internal antenna in order for the booster to work to its full potential.

    Admittedly, the weBoost Drive Reach is a bit of an investment, and its not going to miraculously create usable cell service where none exists. But if you need wifi while camping, weve found that it has been well worth the investment.

    On numerous occasions it took our cell signal from weak or nearly non-existent, to adequate enough to use for camping wifi to be able to work remotely, or even binge watch Netflix on occasion! And even when our signal was already decent, the weBoost significantly improved our upload and download speeds.

    Having this camping wifi setup has drastically reduced the daily stress of working remotely by minimizing the constant struggle of finding reliable cell service while camping. Plus it has opened up so many more amazing campsites that we would have otherwise had to pass up – and that alone is worth its weight in gold!

    And thanks for reading!

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    Creating A Mobile Hot Spot

    You can also get a dedicated mobile hot spot from the carrier of your choice, which is similar to tethering but designed specifically for mobile devices when you are on the go.

    On an Android phone, for example, you simply swipe down from the top of the screen and select Hotspot. You should also check with your provider settings to make sure that mobile hot spot features are turned on. This is an increasingly common feature for smartphones and phone plans, so its certainly worth checking if you arent sure. Typically these hot spots have limits on how many devices they can connect, around 5 to 10 depending on plans. You will also want to make sure your phone is being charged because this can sap a lot of battery life.

    Theres another way to get mobile hot spots if your phone doesnt support them: Separate hot spot devices help you get reliable internet connections wherever you are going. There are a variety of these hot spot devices, and many are carrier-specific, but it can be nice to have a dedicated hot spot that you can keep in your pack when you travel. Plans may be required to use them. If you are interested, take a look at this Nighthawk M1 mobile router, or this Somewear Global Hotspot that uses satellite connections.

    Working Remotely Rv Mobile Internet Considerations

    We all have different requirements for our mobile internet – from the tasks we need to accomplish to the adventures we want to have. This why is the intersection between affordability, reliability and flexibility can be evasive.

    When considering your mobile internet setup for working remotely from an RV or boat, there are a variety of needs and desires to contemplate:

    How do you like to travel?

    • Do you yearn to park out in the ‘boonies’ where no one will come knocking for days? Or are you a city-slicker, preferring to be near to modern conveniences ?
    • Do you like staying put for months? Or do you move along every few days or weeks?

    How Critical is a Constant Connection?

    • Do you need to be connected from 9-5?
    • Does your line of work allow for breaks in connectivity?
    • Do you have scheduled meetings to attend?
    • Can you work offline at times and upload work when you are able to get back online?

    For more in-depth information on this topic:

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    Leaving Room For Plan B

    So, you’ve built a redundant mobile internet arsenal to meet your specific travel style and mobile work needs. You’ve done your research and planned around reported signal coverage and strength. You’ve left yourself plenty of time to set-up and test your connectivity after moving to a new location.

    You’ve just dialed into your daily conference call on a strong, fast connection, when suddenly… nothing.

    That’s right, your connection has given out in the middle of your work day. Maybe you’ve lost power and your hotspot has shut off. Maybe the network you are on has crashed. Maybe a giant rig has pulled up next door, blocking your signal enhancers.

    Have your back-up option accessible and ready to pop-in!

    Always prepare clients and colleagues for your variable connectivity.

    Working online while living a nomadic lifestyle is a surmountable challenge for most who are up for the preparation and flexibility required to build and maintain a mobile internet arsenal. Where there is a will, there is usually a way.

    If there is one thing that we can suggest for almost everyone looking to work online while traveling: Redundancy!

    Cell Phone With Signal Booster

    How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Wifi Without Remote

    Hotspotting off your phone is great, but unless you start with a strong cell signal it wont work well for you. Thats where cell signal boosters come in. Varying in size, complexity and price, theyre designed to capture and amplify the incoming cell signal, giving your phone more to work with.

    Many folks report mixed results from cell boosters, but my own experience has been good. Where I live, in rural Northern Ontario, Canada, our cell signal wasnt fantastic when we first built and moved into our forest cabin. We only got two bars or so consistently, and often had trouble watching videos online or using Skype.

    We bought a signal booster similar to this one, and it made all the difference for us. We now get three to four bars consistently, and almost never have issues watching videos or using video chat services. To gauge your signal strength more precisely, google simple procedures that will tell you the exact numeric signal strength your phone picks up in decibels. I never found that necessary.

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