How To Get Wifi Service Anywhere

How To Get Wifi Hotspots Anywhere You Go Without An Internet Provider


If you want to access the internet, youre going to need to pay an internet service provider . However, many ISPs will lock you into contracts or place limits on where you can use your data. If you want to get online without these limits, youll need to use a provider thats focused on portability and travel.

Using Local Wifi Hotspots

There are, of course, WiFi hotspots all over the place these days.

One word of warning though! Be very careful that you are accessing things online securely.

The great risk you run, if you use public WiFi hotspots, is that without an extra layer of security, it is quite easy for your device to be hacked by others.

Using a VPN such as Panda VPN is very easy and inexpensive and a great way to secure your device whether it is a laptop, a smartphone, or an iPad.

So, be extremely careful with public WiFi hotspots and certainly avoid doing any banking or other financial transactions on your phone unless you at least have a VPN setup, if using public WiFi.

Tether Your Smartphone Or Tablet

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If you don’t need regular mobile data and instead just need occasional access to the internet on your laptop, the fastest and easiest way to get online is often to tether your smartphone.

Tethering your smartphone or tablet does have two drawbacks.

  • You’re entirely dependent on the signal of your mobile phone carrier. That’s fine if you’re in a city but less reliable if you’re out in the country.
  • Laptops typically use much more data than smartphones, meaning you could be in for a nasty surprise when your next phone bill lands in your mailbox.
  • If you have an Android device, you can enable tethering by heading to Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot, then slide the toggle next to Wi-Fi Hotspot into the On position.

    iOS users need to go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and slide the toggle.

    On both Android and iOS, you should set a new username and password to protect the security of your hotspot.

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    Are There Limits On Your Unlimited Plan

    That may sound counter-intuitive, but many cellphone providers place limits on your data even if you have an unlimited plan. Depending on your provider, you could be limited to just 20 GB per month. Once you reach that limit, youll experience a sudden drop in speed, often referred to as bandwidth throttling.

    Throttling happens when your cellphone provider will deprioritize your traffic to give other users faster speeds. It doesnt happen every time, and some customers never experience throttling or slow speeds, even when theyve exhausted their monthly data.

    Shakespeare Wifi2 Webwhip Long

    How to Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider

    The Shakespeare WiFi2 WebWhip a fully integrated and waterproof Wi-Fi antenna, radio and router increases the coverage of public hotspots by up to to 7 miles by creating a local Wi-Fi hotspot with any standard Wi-Fi router. Access the internet onboard directly through LAN or wirelessly. Manage the network without any software installation through any device with a web browser. 100+ Mbps throughput.

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    Which Internet Service Providers Offer No

    Many internet service providers have programs for helping low-income families. This number increased during the COVID-19 outbreak, when many more joined the FCCs Keep Americans Connected initiative, which asked companies to continue service, waive fees, and make their Wi-Fi hotspots publicly available. Although the FCCs initiative has ended, many ISPs still offer programs for those in need of low-cost and no-cost internet connections.

    Check to see which internet service providers are available in your area.

    Use A Portable Router

    This method is similar to the previous one, but, instead of using a mobile phone, you can use a portable router as a WiFi hotspot. Again, this method is not exactly free, as you will need to pay for the SIM card or data for your portable router. However, there are portable router deals that dont need long-term contracts. You only need to pay for the data you spend, without making a commitment to pay monthly fees.

    If you are in the market for a portable router, check out our list of the best dedicated mobile hotspots here.

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    What Is Muama Ryoko

    The MUAMA Ryoko is a pocket sized wireless modem, which creates a WiFi network around itself, using 4G LTE. Connect your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any other device to Ryokos WiFi and stay connected to the Internet! Ryoko covers 139 countries in all 5 continents so now you can forget of using insecure public WiFi, or paying for high international roaming charges.

    Moreover, the MUAMA RYOKO will protect your connections and will ensure your important data remains safe.

    The Best Devices That Get Wifi Anywhere In The World

    Free WiFi Anywhere Anytime!! – Howtosolveit
    • Limited plans
    • Expensive top-ups for high-speed data

    For only $9 per day, Skyroams devices give you unlimited data in over 135 countries around the world. It can do this because rather than being tied to one network, Skyroam uses the strongest local connection, giving you high speeds at low costs anywhere you want.

    You will have to pay for the Skyroam Solis device, and then subscribe to one of three data plans the day pass, an unlimited subscription and a per-GB subscription separated into four regions the U.S., the EU, Asia and Global. However, these plans will be good enough for most people, and the unlimited ones are all a decent value.

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    Familiarize Yourself With A Cell Phone Dead Zone Map

    If youre planning a trip somewhere or are planning to move to a rural place, its a good idea to check out a dead zone map beforehand so you know if itll be an issue. It also is helpful to know what areas around where you live and commute each day are prone to dead zones.

    To find AT& T, Verizon or T-Mobile dead zone maps, check out this dead zone map here. You can find cell tower locations and a map of specific dead zone areas, so you know where the troubling spots are in your area.

    Next, you can try out the tips below to solve the dreaded dead zone.

    If Driving/commuting Is An Option

    If youre able and willing to leave the house to get internet access, there are a bevy of options that you can take advantage of, including some of the obvious ones:

    • Coffee shops
    • Your local university campus
    • Gym/fitness center

    Keep in mind that using public Wi-Fi at an establishment requires a certain give and take. Its customary and a common courtesy to always purchase something when you take up space at a coffee shop or fast food joint. Better yet, if you tip well and get to know the baristas, no one will give you the stink eye when you plug your surge protector into the wall and pull out your days work.

    Furthermore, some places that offer public Wi-Fi limit it to members only. You might have to show proof of a library card to use your librarys Wi-Fi, or you may have to be a member of the gym if you want to take advantage of the internet there. Its always a good idea to call ahead and see what their policies are before you make a solid plan.

    Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. You dont have any control of security, which may not be up to recommended standards, and these can be popular spots for hackers looking to intercept financial information. If you frequently rely on public Wi-Fi, we recommend adding a VPN to your devices.

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    How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere You Go

    Today, we share the best ways to get free Wi-Fi on any phone or laptop. The trick is knowing where and how to look, whilst keeping safe. That last part is important – youll see why!

    Ever been on-the-go and realise you desperately need free Wi-Fi? Yeah, us too.

    Maybe you were travelling overseas, or just out of the house without mobile data. Not having internet access when we need it, frankly, sucks.

    Today, were showing you how to finally solve this #firstworldproblem with some easy, legal hacks to connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere. Be warned though public networks are Disneylands for hackers! So, well also share some security tips to pair with your new Wi-Fi-finding superpowers.

    What this article will cover:

    How I Will Check If My Laptop Is Connected With 4g Or 3g

    How to used free wifi anywhere â Netsmartz Pakistan

    The details may vary from system to system, but in broad strokes, the process will look like this:

  • Check which connection is offered by your data plan
  • Check whether the SIM card supports 4G
  • Check whether your device supports the desired mode
  • Alternatively, you can choose from a plethora of software solutions that give detailed information about the connection, although their reliability varies depending on the setup you are using.

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    Why Cant I Get Cell Service In My House

    On an Android phone, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences > Advanced.If you dont have cell service at home or work, Wi-Fi calling is by far your best option. However, if you dont see this option on your phone, then your carrier probably doesnt support it on your device.

    Visit Popular Wifi Hotspot Locations

    There are certain places where youre almost guaranteed to find a free WiFi hotspot. If youve ever wondered how to get free WiFi at home, then you should consider moving right next to one of the places listed below:

    • Libraries The purpose of libraries is to further the education of the local community, and providing free access to the internet is just one way how libraries accomplish their goal. Besides public libraries, your local bookstore is also a good place where to look for a free WiFi hotspot.
    • Public plazas In recent years, cities around the world have started to cover public plazas with free WiFi hotspots to attract more foot traffic to local stores. With hundreds and potentially thousands of people connected at the same time, you shouldnt expect the WiFi hotspot in the historical center of your city to rival the fiber optic connection you have at home, but even a slow internet connection is better than no connection at all.
    • McDonalds/Starbucks McDonald’s, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and other popular fast-food chains, ice cream parlors, and restaurants have long discovered the revenue-generating power of free WiFi hotspots. Yes, you might have to order a cheeseburger or a latte to connect, but thats a smalland tastyprice to pay for fast internet access.

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    Wireless Internet Anywhere With Sapphire

    If you travel frequently and need access to the internet, you could go through all the traditional channels: roaming fees, SIM cards, or pay-as-you-go phones.

    The reason Sapphire created a mobile hotspot device is so travelers like you dont have to stop, wait, or pay outrageous roaming fees while exploring the globe.

    You can access the internet from anywhere, and the Sapphire hotspot device fits comfortably in your pocket.


    Turn Your Phone Into A Wi

    Get “WIFI” Anywhere You Have Cell-Phone Service! (Mac, PC)

    If you are in the middle of nowhere with no cafes around but you really need to finish that work assignment, check whether your phone has a 3G or 4G connection. If so, perfect! Just turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You may not be able to stream HD movies, but it’s more than sufficient to do some research or send emails.

    Android users:

    • 5 million hotspots in the US
    • 500,000 hotspot reviews

    If youre wondering how to get free Wi-Fi at home, some of these apps may provide you with hotspots in your vicinity. However, results will vary the signal might be weak or the owner might change the password at any time.

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    How To Get Free Wifi By Making A Foreign Friend

    Going abroad doesnt only mean exploring the city and visiting popular sightseeing spots, it also means making friends. Getting to know the people will give us a better idea of the country were visiting, as well as of their culture. Also, it will give us free WiFi. Our new foreign friends can give us multiple tips about free WiFi networks in their country. They probably know which places offer free WiFi and where the internet is the fastest. Moreover, they can share their own internet connection with us, by making a router of their smartphone and letting us use their data.

    Best Cell Phone Dead Zone Solution

    One of the most reliable ways to ensure you get a cell signal in a low signal area is with a dead zone cell phone signal booster.

    Cell phone boosters can help improve cell signal, allowing users to get the strong signal they need in places where it wouldnt otherwise be available. These signal boosters work by amplifying the existing signal to a usable level inside a home or vehicle. So, this, of course, begs the question, do cell phone boosters work in a dead zone? The answer is, yes.

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    Easy Ways To Get Internet Service

    To tell you the truth, getting that free service doesnt mean you need to work the extra mile to get it or search everywhere to find a free service. There are still just those few things you have right now that only need some tweaking.

    Youll be surprised that you didnt think these tricks to get free internet legally before. You dont even need free coupon apps to save money on internet service.

    How Can I Get Free Lifetime Internet Access

    How To Get Wifi Anywhere With Xfinity : Free Wifi Xfinity ...

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many emergency assistance programs currently available. But if you want completely free internet access for the rest of your life, your best options are NetZero or FreedomPop. You can also work toward other long-term solutions for affordable internet, such as building a community mesh network or working with organizations like ConnectHomeUSA in starting a digital inclusion program in your area.

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    Do You Want Something You Wont Mind Carrying Around With You

    Its not shallow to say that how a device looks goes a long way towards how willing youll be to carrying it around with you. A clunky, brick-like device is going to become a burden, and youll end up not getting as much use out of it as you should. It goes beyond aesthetics, too, as a well-designed device will be user-friendly and convenient in addition to being a cool part of your portable communications system.

    Your search should consider the overall size of the device, its functionality, and how easily it will mesh with your other devices. Honing in on these key factors will ensure you get a portable WiFi router youll use again and again.

    The TP-Link is compact, simple, looks great, and can fit in a pocket or the pouch of a knapsack. It can deliver 300Mbps WiFi speed on a 2.4G hertz band, which makes it great for streaming and online gaming. its compatible with Chromecast, and powers via a Micro USB port. We like it because its sleek, secure, and efficient.

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