How To Have Wifi Without Service

Is It Better To Buy Your Own Equipment

WI-FI WITHOUT INTERNET: How To Get Wi-Fi Without An Internet Provider

Some wireless internet providers, including CenturyLink, Verizon and Xfinity, give you the option to use your own products and save the monthly equipment fees. Buying your own equipment not only saves you money, but it can also get you access to the highest quality Wi-Fi equipment on the market.

If you rent your equipment through your ISP, you likely wont get the most advanced Wi-Fi technology. Verizon and Spectrums gateways, for example, only go up to 802.11ac standards. In contrast, many of the newer models available are on Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e technology. This technology can offer faster speeds and more bandwidth than Wi-Fi 5.

The only downside to buying instead of renting your equipment is that you will not have access to the same quality tech support as you would when renting your router with your Wi-Fi company. If you would rather use your own equipment, click on your provider below to view a list of compatible modems and routers.

Ways To Get Internet Access Off

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The Internet is an integral part of modern life. We use it for countless things emailing Mom, buying a new pair of boots, reading the latest news. And its probably hard to imagine life without it.

But what if you move into the middle of nowhere? Or what if an emergency or disaster situation knocks out our electrical grid, chances are that most people would lose or think they have lost their Internet access. However, even without power, there might be a way you can still get online thanks to massive power banks and generators specifically designed to back up the data that appears online.

The trick is to know how.

What You Need at Home

Most of us receive Internet access through our phone lines or our cable TV subscriptions. In either case, the transmission of the signal to your home is the responsibility of the provider, not you. As I mentioned, phone companies generally have massive stores of back-up power. So, if you are getting broadband through the phone company, you should still have Internet access from your home.

New Lantern Provides 100,000 Hours of Emergency Backup Lighting With No Open Flames

Your Electric Power

Since were talking about an outage or off-grid situation, you cant count on electricity from the power company to power your computers and devices. That means youll need devices that are battery powered, with a means to recharge them. Or youll need some sort of power generator at your home.

1. Connect Via Your Cell phone

How To Use Your Phone Without Service Or Wifi

To get free internet the first step would be to install the VPN. Its free on most Android devices and can be found under the VPN tab in the devices options. Sometimes this tab is hidden in the ore tab. There you tap the button to add a new VPN and do the following steps:

  • Give it whichever name you want.
  • Select type as PPTP.
  • Add the server address of your particular country. You need to register to get this IP address. It will be at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format.
  • Go to
  • Select check PPP encryption and save.
  • Enter the credentials that you have used during registration and click connect.
  • This way you will connect to the FlyVPN services. You dont even require to install an app for that! There are many more VPN options out there, chose whichever one you want if you dont like FlyVPN for some reason, other than that you are done.

    Note: For this method to work your phone balance should be zero. If you have money on your phone, you are still going to be charged. It works so that If the carrier uses their own proxy to check whether you have a balance for allowing or blocking the internet connection, a VPN allows you to skip that check, thus, free data connection. This also wouldnt work if the carrier uses other methods to check for balance or to allow mobile data connection.

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    Get 10 Free Hours Of Internet Service Per Month

    NetZero and Juno are two ISPs that offer 10 free hours of internet service per month.

    This is perfect for those who arent heavy internet users to save money on the service.

    These offers are for dial-up internet rather than broadband. So, it wont work for you if youre into gaming, watching videos, or doing anything on the internet that requires some speed.

    You can sign up for NetZeros free service here.

    Members of the service are also eligible to receive special discounts on other NetZero products and services.

    and you can receive multiple free e-mail addresses, too!

    At& t Home Wifi Without Cable

    How to Get WiFi without Internet Provider?

    AT& T users can get packages that include Direct TV and the internet. AT& T does not offer a variety of plans. The only plan it offers costs $40 per month which comes with a speed of up to 50 Mbps. However, AT& T does not offer its services to every state. Some of the states where you can enjoy Wi-Fi at home from AT& T include Texas, Nevada, Florida, California, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Arkansas, and many more.

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    Save Money Using Super Cheap Internet Services

    Like most things, some internet services are much cheaper than others.

    Theyll likely not offer top speeds like more expensive services, but theyll give you basic internet thatll be enough to check your email and access websites.

    Access from AT& T is made especially for low-income citizens who need internet access.

    The service is for 3 Mbps internet, which is very slow compared to most internet speeds, but its only $5 a month. You cant beat the price tag.

    To qualify, at least one person in your home must be eligible to receive SNAP benefits.

    Theres also Internet Essentials by Comcast, which is $9.95 per month and offers 10 Mbps. Its not super fast, but this speed is decent enough to let you get most normal web tasks done.

    You can always check with your local internet providers to see what their cheapest services are, most of which are ones they rarely, if ever, advertise.

    How To Tether A Smartphone To A Laptop

    If you have a flexible mobile data plan with your phone service provider, you may want to consider tethering your smartphone to your PC.

    This allows you to share the Internet from your mobile phone or tablet to the PC in order to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, make Skype calls, and much more.

    But what apps and settings do you need to set it up? Below I cover everything you need to know – with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can follow along with.

    Use Apps

    There are apps like Samsung Kies, Riff-Raff, and Yappy that enable tethering smartphone to a PC that you can get in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.

    The results are that your smartphone will be able to share the internet with your PC and you wont need to connect to any ISP.

    You can tether your smartphone to your PC via Bluetooth. This will share the internet from the smartphone to the other device. This is useful when you have limited or no WiFi but you still want to be able to go online. Here is how:

    • On your Android smartphone, go to Wireless and Networks settings.
    • Then select tethering and portable hotspot
    • Check the box next to Bluetooth tethering
    • This will enable internet sharing for your smartphone.

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    What Can A Smartphone Do Without A Sim

    For all of the above steps the phone user is required to have a SIM card and a working plan, however, some people wonder what a phone can do without a SIM card inside. Does it become useless, or is it an option? What are the benefits of using a phone without a SIM-card and can you bring its potential to the maximum?

    First and Foremost: smartphones obviously can be used without a sim card. It limits the use of a phone.

    Another downside is GPS. It requires a stable internet connection, which is hard to achieve using wifi. Almost every app on the market has some online features. They can be used while connected to the network but without wifi, you would only be able to use the offline features of these apps. For example, almost all games have scoreboards, leaderboards, and other social features, which can not be used without a connection.

    You can call and text all you want by allowing wi-fi calls in the options and if you dont have money for that, you could use third-party apps on the store designed for making calls such as WhatsApp and telegram. Those typically require entering a phone number to sign up but you can take it out after entering the number and receiving the registration code.

    You Need Internet To Live Stream Your Drone Video

    How to get WiFi For Arlo Cameras without have a phone line or internet service via Verizon Jetpack

    When I say live stream, I dont mean the feed that is being sent between your drone and your contoller . The feed between the drone and controller uses radio waves and is something that will always be used in flying drones with a remote control.

    Honestly though, actual live-streaming to a third-party site isnt a feature Ive used much . The way it stands, Im usually just shooting video for editing later. But if you want to stream your footage live, you definitely have the capability to do that. Obviously though, you will need an internet connection to do this.

    Not only that, but before you start the live stream, you will want to make sure that you have an unlimited data plan, or at least one with a lot of data. Live-streaming 1080p or even 720p through your phone or tablet will eat through your data limits pretty quickly.

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    Buy A Portable Router

    Portable routers, also known as travel routers, are not too different from the router you have at home. Instead of being connected to the internet via a cable, they have a slot for a SIM card, allowing you to connect to 3G and 4G networks practically anywhere in the world. Once connected, a portable router can create a WiFi network, so you can connect all your electronic devices to the internet.

    Portable routers are relatively inexpensive, and they often last a whole day on a single charge. When selecting a portable router, pay attention to how many simultaneous connections it supports and how fast it is.

    Cheaper portable routers typically support only three simultaneous connections, while premium portable routers can often handle more than 10 simultaneous high-speed connections. Of course, the free WiFi hotspot created using a portable router wont technically be free since you have to pay for the router and the SIM card, but its convenience makes up for the initial investment.

    Take Advantage Of Included Wi

    As an added bonus, if you subscribe to cable internet at home, your provider probably gives you free access to all of their Wi-Fi hotspots around town.

    In 2012, Spectrum, Optimum, Cox and Xfinity all announced that their broadband customers could access each others metro Wi-Fi hotspots for free. The cable internet companies call this shared network of more than 500,000 hotspots CableWi-Fi as an extension of the Wi-Fi services they offer.

    To find Wi-Fi hotspots in your area, head to and pick your provider for a map of nearby hotspots. Or, download your providers mobile app to find available hotspots.

    To access the internet via the hotspots, connect to the network and sign in with the credentials your cable provider has given you.

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    Share The Internet Provider

    Whether you want to use your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop to connect to a Wi-Fi signal, you are used to scanning available Wi-Fi connections, right. Well by doing so you get to see which networks are available, which require passwords and which are unlocked.

    You can try your luck and perhaps there is one that youll be able to connect to without having to pride a passcode. If you are not that lucky, you can always ask a kind neighbor to let you use theirs. In that case, make sure to check with than what sort of plan are they on the last thing you want is to inflict your neighbors with high costs.

    Another option is to ask your neighbor to pitch in on their monthly internet bill and get access in exchange.

    See If Your School Offers Free Internet

    Connect to Home wifi without internet

    A good idea would be to check and see if your school offers free internet some do specially to enable students from low-income groups to stay connected so as to enable them to research their papers, review their homework and streamline their performance as a result.

    If you are planning to apply for the same, then you would have to apply to meet your district state commissioner and make your case, as to how you and your kids come from a low-income group.

    There is no clarity on how families get picked for the same but one criterion is thought to be the income status of that particular family.

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    Check For A Municipal Wireless Network In Your Area

    Some areas around the world have free WiFi, known as a municipal wireless network.

    This is a citywide network that connects WiFi connections from businesses and government offices throughout a city.

    These networks can be instrumental in giving everyone access to the internet, even when they cant afford it, especially underprivileged families and schools.

    Its mostly large metropolitan areas that have them, but more areas are starting to catch onto the idea.

    Some places have a few restrictions, such as a limit of two free hours per day, or restricted to outdoor and park areas only.

    You can check Wikipedias extensive list of current municipal wireless networks around the world to see if theres one in your area and what, if any, restrictions exist.

    How To Set Up A Phone Without A Sim Card

    It doesnt matter which way you want to use the phone with a sim-card or without one, you would require to do the first steps with it. You insert the sim-card and go through the initial setup. Thats it, you can take out the sim-card now, connect to the internet, sign in to your Gmail account, install the apps you need, all the stuff you typically do with a smartphone.

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