How To Improve My Wifi Network

Tips To Help Improve Your Wireless Network

How to boost network/ internet speed ( 3 simple steps)

Are you having problems with your wireless network? If so, you are not alone. Many wireless networks sometimes slow down or temporarily break down. This poor performance impacts your productivity. While there is no golden rule for fixing wireless network issues, the following tips and tricks may help improve the performance of your network.

Test Your Internet Speed To Know Whether You Are Experiencing Bandwidth Hogging Or Not

Bandwidth hogging can heavily affect your online gaming speed for bad.

Therefore, it is always advisable to check whether you are really experiencing bandwidth-hogging or not to nip the problem in the bud itself. A simple speed test can help in that.

Note: Its advisable to perform the speed test at least thrice to get a decent average estimation of your upload and download speeds.

For gaming, upload speed is not considered as important as that of the download speed. So focus on download speed instead. If the download speed is found below 10Mbps, it might signify a problem.

How To Boost Wifi Faq

How do I increase my WiFi signal strength?

If youre wondering how to improve WiFi signal strength, then we have good news for you: there are quite a few things that you can do to boost your WiFi without spending a single dollar. For example, you can use a WiFi signal analyzer to determine a more suitable place for your router, or you can switch to the 5 GHz band for an instant boost in performance, especially if you live in a densely populated urban area.

How can I boost my WiFi signal for free?

If you want to boost your WiFi without purchasing a new router, you can start by tweaking your settings. If you havent done so already, activate the 5 GHz band to benefit from its greater resistance to signal interference. You should also make sure that your router uses the least cluttered channel possible, especially when using only the 2.4 GHz band. Use a WiFi analyzer app to determine the best settings.

Do WiFi extenders really work?

Yes, WiFi extenders really work, but their effectiveness greatly depends on their placement. A poorly placed WiFi extender wont be able to perform nearly as well as a well-placed one, and it might even degrade the performance of your existing network by causing additional signal interference. Thats why its essential to play the deployment of any WiFi extender using a WiFi analyzer app like NetSpot.

How can I boost my home WiFi?

How can I boost my WiFi signal for free?

Do WiFi boosters work?

Why do you need to Select a Good Place for Your Router?

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Check Out Antenna Upgrades And Omnidirectional Antennas

Another alternative is to upgrade your antenna. Some router models are equipped with a visible antenna, and high-speed internet customers with these models are in luck. Why? Because some third-party manufacturers produce replacement antenna with more robust signals than the ones provided by your cable and internet provider. Some antennas are omnidirectional, so their positioning is irrelevant to maximizing your hardware upgrade you wont even have to angle the antenna to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

How To Extend Wifi Range With Another Router Or Other Equipment

3 Killer Tricks to Improve WiFi Signals in Laptop

If you have exhausted the free methods of extending your WiFi range to no avail it might be time to consider purchasing some additional equipment in order to improve your WiFi coverage. There are a number of different ways you can do this. Here are three methods from which to choose.

Using another route

You can use a second router as a repeater to help reach WiFi dead spots in your coverage area. In some cases, you will need to connect the two devices with a cable, though some configurations can be accomplished wirelessly. Basically, you are using the second router to catch the WiFi signal and push it to previously unreachable parts of your home or office.

Using a WiFi extender

In a similar manner to a second router, a WiFi extender or booster also takes the original signal and repeats it to extend its reach. They come in a variety of styles including extenders that simply plug into a nearby electrical wall outlet and can solve the problems of an inadequate WiFi range.

Employing a mesh network

Large wireless networks may benefit from the installation of a mesh network to replace the traditional WiFi configuration currently in place. They are meant to provide coverage of areas of more than 1,000 square feet on either a single or multi-floor building. Mesh networks are easy to configure and offer resiliency by design as each base station is seen as a node.

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How To Boost A Wifi Signal With Connectify Hotspot True Wifi Extender App

Wondering how to increase WiFi signal strength of your home WiFi network, but dont want to go through the hassle of setting up a hardware WiFi repeater / booster / extender or buying another wireless router? At the same time, do you need the same advanced features of a router?

The solution is simple: use Connectify Hotspot virtual router software! It allows you to create a WiFi repeater in order to increase WiFi signal strength with just a few clicks and also has advanced networking features you can configure for increased compatibility with various devices… and, best of all, theres no additional hardware necessary!

Connectify Hotspot uses your laptops wireless card or your PC’s WiFi adapter to give your existing WiFi network the signal boost needed to reach that out-of-signal place in your home or office.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how you can turn your laptop into a WiFi repeater and boost the range of your existing wireless network at the click-of-a-button. All with Connectify Hotspot repeater software free!

Dont Hide Your Router

Routers can be disgusting looking things and your first instinct is to hide it behind your television or in a box. Resist that urge as a wide open router, clear of obstructions and with antennas pointed upwards, will perform better. Make sure the router is relatively close to where youll be using the WiFi.

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How To Extend Wifi

When faced with the need to extend the range of your WiFi network there are a number of options from which to choose. Some are simple and do not involve the purchase of any additional equipment. In other cases, you may need to make a financial investment to provide the WiFi range that your users require.

Add An Internet Extender

Securing your home wifi network – 7 recommendations to improve your wifi security

A Wi-Fi extender works similarly to a Wi-Fi repeater to boost your internet signal to other rooms. The advantage is that extenders are less likely to limit your bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters, and they provide connected devices with a strong internet connection. A powerline Ethernet kit uses a wired link to your router to provide Wi-Fi signals to other devices in your home. Because its wired, it doesnt use additional Wi-Fi bandwidth to communicate.

A powerline Ethernet kit is usually a good way to boost internet for basement gaming equipment or devices in a garage. Since it requires wiring, though, its not the best internet boosting solution for everyone.

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#solution 5 Check Wifi Card For Issues

If you use a PC, you must give your WiFi network card a check. Sometimes its the WiFi card that causes the issues. If the WiFi card is loosely connected to your PC, or if theres dust accumulated on the card and connecting ports, it can lead to a weak WiFi signal. Try to reconnect the WiFi card to see if that works.

And old WiFi card could also be the reason why your PC is not getting enough WiFi signal. You can replace your PCs WiFi card if you think its too old.

Are you not aware of what a WiFi card is or are not familiar with your PCs hardware? Get help from someone who is an expert in PC hardware.

Extend Range With A Wi

The first Wi-Fi booster is a Wi-Fi range extender. A Wi-Fi extender picks up the Wi-Fi signal sent out by your router and lengthens it without negatively impacting overall internet speed. For example, if you get very poor service on a second floor and want to watch YouTube TV at night, you can place a Wi-Fi extender in a bedroom or bathroom. And, you can use multiple Wi-Fi range extenders to increase signal strength in different areas of your home. One key thing to note: check the signal on your router typically a number such as 802.11 and find a Wi-Fi extender that matches it.

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Switch The Router To A Different Band

A typical house is filled with wireless devices. Luckily, with a dual- or tri-band router, you will have the potential of separating them to maximize speeds.

In simple terms, youre opening another lane for network traffic. While a one-lane road will get you there, two lanes are better for everybody involved.

If youve got a dual-band router, youll assign some to the different 5GHz band rather than all of your devices competing for space within the 2.4GHz band.

Experiment With Router Location

How to increase extend Home WiFi Network Range

Its not only about finding the simplest router settings for fast internet, and you furthermore may get to consider where youre placing your router in your home.

Because the router competes with every other 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz device in your area, subtle movements often make a world of difference. Additionally, the artefact of your house might interfere with the wireless signal, and solid concrete walls are notoriously hard for a Wi-Fi connection to undergo.

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Boost Your Home Wifi Signal Strength Using Your Laptop

If you find yourself out of the WiFi network coverage area or near its edge, where the signal gets weak, you need to extend your WiFi range or increase WiFi signal strength.

Generally, most think this calls for a WiFi repeater, a more powerful router in terms of wireless transmit power or a WiFi booster. Most WiFi repeaters, boosters or extenders are hardware devices that cost a bundle, and require complex setup steps in order to get those going. Plus, if you’re looking on how to increase WiFi signal while traveling, for example, you to carry yet another device around with you in order to stay connected.

But there’s a simpler way: WiFi repeater software! Read below to see how to increase WiFi signal strength using only your laptop!

Use The Latest Wifi Technologies

The newest wireless technology, IEEE 802.11ac, offers superior download and upload speeds as well as improved range compared to older WiFi technologies, such as IEEE 802.11b, g, and others. To take advantage of the latest WiFi technologies to boost home WiFi, you need to make sure that both your home router and your WiFi-enabled devices, such as smartphones and laptops, support them.

When selecting a new WiFi router with support for IEEE 802.11ac, dont pick the most affordable model you can find. Unless your budget is very strict, its always worth spending extra to purchase a router with excellent range and modern features such as MU-MIMO, Quality of Service, guest networks, gigabit Ethernet ports, and replaceable external antennas.

A good router should be able to serve you well for at least five years, which is approximately how long it usually takes for a major new WiFi technology to become mainstream. Near the end of this article, we recommend five best WiFi routers from leading manufacturers, so all you need to do is pick one that fits your budget.

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Position Your Router Correctly

It’s a little thing, but putting your router in the right place can make a big performance difference. Generally speaking, you want your Wi-Fi access point in a high, centralized location. That’s why many offices place their routers in the ceiling. You’ll also want to keep your AP away from walls.

Of course, that’s a general rule. To know precisely where your AP should go, you should place your AP in a likely spot and then measure your signal strength where you’ll be using your computers, tablets, Roku boxes, and so on to make sure these devices are getting the best possible signal.

To do that, I use Network Analyzer Pro on Android to survey my devices’ locations. If your equipment is already in place, I recommend using NetSpot on Windows PCs and Macs and LinSSID for Linux. Armed with this information, you can then move your AP to where it provides the strongest signal to all your gadgets.

Use Ethernet Over Wifi

How to INSTANTLY Make Your WiFi Speed Faster

One of the first steps in our quest on understanding how to reduce network latency is going for a better medium of transmission. Even the best Wi-Fi cards are unable to make up for latency issues, especially when used straight out of the box.

Prefer Ethernet over Wi-Fi, which is inherently faster, with the currently-used Cat-6e standard. Cabled connections are faster, but if you cant use them , make sure no obstacles exist between the router and you, and that the Wi-Fi routers antennas are placed perpendicular to the router itself.

The latter is a second factor altogether, the element of interference. Physical objects are obvious points of interference, but there are invisible enemies too. This is why dual-band Wi-Fi receivers and routers are preferred since they give you the option of the less-crowded 5GHz band in addition to the more-popular 2.4GHz band. You can also change your routers configuration settings to choose a Wi-Fi channel of your choice, which should, ideally, be the emptiest one.

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Make Sure Youre On The Right Frequency Band

Modern routers work primarily on two radio frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The band you use for your connections can affect your speeds and the quality of your connections at different distances from your router.

The 2.4 GHz band has been used for Wi-Fi since the beginning, but its also used for a ton of other wireless communications, so the airwaves in this frequency can be a little crowded. This band also has slower max speeds than 5 GHz, but its range is better.

The two frequency bands often appear as two separate Wi-Fi networks. So to reorganize your connections, you should log off incorrect bands and reconnect to the correct band on each device.

Connections best for 5 GHz band:

  • Gaming consoles

Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:

  • Smart speakers
  • Security cameras

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