How To Improve Wifi Signal

Use A Wifi Extender To Cover More Space

How to Improve Your Wifi Signal

This is one of my least favorite options to boost the WiFi signal, but its what most people tend to use when they have a difficult-to-reach spot. And its because these WiFi extenders are usually fairly cheap and you dont have to replace your existing router with some expensive mesh system. And it may be able to do its job up to a certain extent. That it because it extends one radio band, allowing the client device to connect to it, but then again, the backhaul traffic will not allow for many devices to use the bandwidth, the ping will be higher and all the other stuff that we hate about a bad WiFi connection. Still, if not other option is available, its going to give some Mbps to your wireless devices.

Check If Your Phone Case Is Blocking Signal

Using a case with your phone? If yes, you might want to check if one of the causes for poor Wi-Fi connectivity is tied to the case. It is a known fact that many phone cases actually make your Wi-Fi signal worse, especially if they contain metal.

To see if your case is affecting your Wi-Fi signal, do an Ookla speed test with the case off, then, in the same location, put the case back on and perform the test again.

If you see a difference when using your case you may want to look at alternatives. You can also perform the same test using Ookla’s official speed test app. However, the app asks for a wild number of permissions, so we recommend uninstalling it as soon as you have concluded your test.

Try A Wireless Access Point

Businesses sometimes deploy dozens of wireless access points to cover large office buildings. Many homes wouldn’t benefit from having an AP, but a large residence can. Wireless access points help cover those hard-to-reach corner rooms or outdoor patios.

Adding an access point to a home network requires connecting it to the primary router or gateway. A second broadband router can often be used instead of an ordinary AP because many home routers offer an access point mode specifically for this purpose.

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Extend Your Wifi Range

Get a Wireless Range Extender. Some of these are expensive BUT there are also software programs that can use your computer as a hotspot to help extend your signal. The biggest thing you need to watch out for when choosing one, though, is to make sure it runs on the same signal type as your router.

Optimize the Frequency Band: Depending on the frequency band your router is operating off of, you may get interference from other sources that are operating on the same frequency. Dual-band routers should be set to the 5GHz since most routers are operating off of a single band and fewer sources will be set to this. Fewer people operating on a band means less interference and greater wifi range.

Map Out Wifi Weak Spots

How to increase your wifi signal  Tech Sharing

Radio waves and light are both part of the same electromagnetic spectrum. The only real difference is that our eyes arent sensitive to radio waves, so we cant see them. However, understanding that radio waves and light are the same thing helps understand why you arent getting good signal in some places.

Imagine you put an omnidirectional light in a room. Some parts of the room will be lit up and some parts will be in shadow. Shadows are created when light hits materials that dont let it through. Some materials reflect light, some materials absorb it or scatter it and radio is no different.

Most materials let radio right through, others absorb quite a lot but not all and others reflect it. You can use a WiFi scanning smartphone app to measure the strength of your WiFi signal in various places within your home. This can help you discover dead spots and then try to figure out what might be interfering with the signal.

Then you can either remove the blockage, move to a different spot yourself or try out some of the other tips below. One app that works like a charm is WiFi Analyzer, so thats a good place to start.

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Update Your Security To Cut Off Bandwidth Leeches

Extra users slow your internet connection by taking up internet bandwidth. Failure to add protection to your Wi-Fi network means opening up your network to freeloaders. Thats why Wired recommends all homeowners protect access to their routers with a complex password and WPA2 security.

Keeping your home Wi-Fi network safe from intruders is doubly important if your home is automated. Every connected device uses bandwidth, and the more outside devices that use your network, the less likely your automated home devices will get the bandwidth they need. Plus, failure to keep your network secure might provide strangers with a bit too much control over your coffee maker, air conditioner or automated security system.

Use An External Antenna

If your router is of the type that uses internal antennas, you may want to consider adding external ones to it for better range and signal performance. Refer to the manual to see if your model does indeed have the ability to use an external antenna.

You can buy them cheaply from most online retailers and screw them into the right connectors on the back of your router. It might not be as elegant as an internal antenna array, but its definitely more effective!

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Replace Your Router’s Antenna

Router antennas are usually omnidirectional, meaning they broadcast in all directions. So if you place a router near an outside wall you end up broadcasting half of your wireless signals to the outside world. Many routers, however, come with removable antennas. If you replace the omnidirectional antenna with a high-gain antenna, you can aim the routers wireless signal in the direction you want.

Tip #: Change Your Wireless Router Channel

Best ways to boost your WiFi signal

This tip is fully dependent on your wireless router. However, if you live in an apartment or in a dense suburban neighborhood, your wireless interference issues may be because of your neighbors wi-fi router.

It may be difficult to determine if this is an issue. However, if you use any wireless device, such as a mobile phone or computer, you can check to see how many wireless signals are in range. The more devices in range, the more likely it is that a neighbors wi-fi equipment could be causing issues with yours.

Changing your wireless routers channel will allow it to operate on a slightly different part of the frequency band, clearing up the interference issue. How you go about changing the channel will vary by device and brand. Check your device manual or the manufacturers website to learn how to adjust the channel settings.

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Upgrade Your Router Or Add Extenders

Replacing your router is always something of a last resort. Not only can a new router be expensive, but it’s a lot of work to set up a new router and have your various devices join the network. But if your router is limited to obsolete 802.11n or 802.11g standards, for example, you might want to look for an 802.11ac or Wi-Fi 6 router.

If you have an especially large house and your router isn’t yet obsolete, you might want to add one or more Wi-Fi extenders. These are small, affordable devices that amplify the Wi-Fi signal and therefore extend the coverage area in your home. You’ll generally need to plug them in close enough to your router that they receive a solid, reliable signal, but are close enough to your home’s “dead zone” to fill in the gap. The major disadvantage of extenders is that they usually have their own SSID, so you need to change Wi-Fi networks when going from one end of the house to the other.

Another alternative: Upgrade to a mesh network. Mesh routers usually come in two or three components rather than a single router, and you connect them in different locations throughout the house. Together, they deliver a strong and fast signal over a much larger coverage area than a typical router can do on its own. For recommendations on this front, check out Insider Reviews’ guide to the best Wi-Fi mesh networks.

Use A Wireless Access Point To Boost The Wifi Signal

This option is not the one that you want, but the one that youll be the most happy with. Thats because it involves cables. Yes, I know, older houses dont have CAT cables through the wall and its a pain to install them afterwards. I know because I have to do it myself and Im postponing it as far away in the future as I can. But, a cable coming from your router and going through the thick walls up to your access point will give your client devices the maximum possible speed. There are a few issues though.

First, the possible interference with the main router, although that shouldnt be a problem in our case since the lack of WiFi is the main issue. Then, theres the lack of a seamless roaming through the separate networks. While the mesh systems do their best to mimic a single network experience, the access points rarely communicate that well with the main router, so you may experience disconnections when moving from one area of your house to the other. I can also mention the possibility of using fiber optics as an alternative to Ethernet cables, since theyre less prone to interference and will keep the bandwidth intact for a longer distance. But see it more as a fun fact since its incredibly overkill if you want to simply add a new access point for boosting the WiFi signal through some walls.

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Internet Connection Speed Vs Wifi Speed

Your internet speed over WiFi is a combination of two major components:

  • The wired connection speed delivered over DSL or fiber-optic cables from the network to your modem/router PLUS
  • The wireless speed delivered over radio signals from your router to your WiFi devices.

Want to know what speed you’re getting over WiFi? An internet speed test can help you determine the internet connection speed you’re getting to your device. Based on the results, you can then optimize and improve the WiFi connection. Please note: This speed test will not tell you the speed to your home or business. It will tell you the speed you are getting on that specific device.

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Check Out Antenna Upgrades And Omnidirectional Antennas

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Wi

Another alternative is to upgrade your antenna. Some router models are equipped with a visible antenna, and high-speed internet customers with these models are in luck. Why? Because some third-party manufacturers produce replacement antenna with more robust signals than the ones provided by your cable and internet provider. Some antennas are omnidirectional, so their positioning is irrelevant to maximizing your hardware upgrade you wont even have to angle the antenna to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

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Scenario : The Secondary Router Connects To A Non

  • Connect your computer to the secondary router’s LAN port. From the browser address bar, visit and log in to the router’s web-based management page. If the login fails, go to step 2. If the login is successful, go to step 3.
  • Set the computer network adapter to a static IP address in the 192.168.3.* network segment. From the browser address bar, visit and log in to the router’s web-based management page.
  • When prompted, enter the router login password and log in.
  • Click My Wi-Fi. Set Wi-Fi power mode to Max and click Save.
  • What Is A Wifi Booster

    WiFi Boosters expand your WiFi system’s coverage area by boosting or amplifying the wireless signal and broadcasting it into the desired areas. As a result, you will no longer have to deal with poor WiFi in your home or business.

    Different types of WiFi booster models are available they vary in design, range, amplification power, and frequency band usage.

    • Wall Plug or Desktop Design: There are two different types of booster styles available. Some simply plug-in to a power source and are great for improving the signal in one room, while others sit on a desk, table, or shelf and use stronger external antennas that are capable of improving the signal in multiple rooms.
    • Range: Most routers have a range of 150-300 feet. Any device outside that range will experience connectivity issues. Depending on the WiFi booster model, on average they can increase the range by 300-2,000+ sq ft.
    • Frequency Bands: There are two types of WiFi signal boosters single-band and dual-band. Single-band boosters only utilize one frequency band to transmit data. On the other hand, dual-band WiFi boosters use both GHz frequencies to transmit data one band solely communicates with the router, and the other band talks to the wireless devices.

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    Add An Internet Extender

    A Wi-Fi extender works similarly to a Wi-Fi repeater to boost your internet signal to other rooms. The advantage is that extenders are less likely to limit your bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters, and they provide connected devices with a strong internet connection. A powerline Ethernet kit uses a wired link to your router to provide Wi-Fi signals to other devices in your home. Because its wired, it doesnt use additional Wi-Fi bandwidth to communicate.

    A powerline Ethernet kit is usually a good way to boost internet for basement gaming equipment or devices in a garage. Since it requires wiring, though, its not the best internet boosting solution for everyone.

    How To Improve Laptop Wifi Connection: Make Sure You Stay Online

    How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength- Tips & Tricks

    Whether the tips above helped or didn’t help you improve your laptop’s WiFi connection, one thing is for sure: you will need to make sure you stay connected when WiFi fails.

    Sure, you can switch to another WiFi hotspot or even tether your smartphone to your laptop and use its cellular data. But that takes time and those 20-30 seconds from when you realize the Internet is down until you connect another source will surely:

    • disconnect you from any video call / online meeting you may be a part of
    • stop the live stream you’re broadcasting or watching
    • drop you from that game you’re playing online.

    To avoid this, you need to use all available Internet connections at the same time. This can easily be done with a bonding VPN like Speedify.

    Speedify is a allows you to use all of your Internet connections at once, providing more speed, stability and security. As long as you’re connected to more than one ISP, chances are you will not get disconnected completely from the Internet, thanks to Speedify’s automatic failover protection. Plus, you will get “super-pipe” type connectivity by combining all available connections – WiFi, cellular, wired Ethernet, etc.

    The Speedify app is available on all major operating systems for laptops: Windows , macOS and Linux. You can get it from our website or the Mac Store .

    Now you have more than 10 answers to the question of how to improve laptop WiFi connection. If you want to skip to a proven solution, just use Speedify.

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