How To Lock My Wifi

Even Better Establish Wpa2

Securing your WiFi network

To deploy the Enterprise mode of WPA/WPA2, you first need to get a RADIUS server. It enables the required 802.1X authentication and is where you define the usernames and passwords for Wi-Fi users.

If you dont have the time or expertise to set up your own server, consider using a hosted service. Keep in mind that there are also access points with built-in RADIUS servers, such as ZyXELs 802.11a/b/g/n Business Access Point . But if youre a Linux fan, you might consider installing the open source FreeRADIUS server software on a server or PC.

Next, you have to configure each router or AP with security and authentication settings. You log into the control panel of each router or AP by typing its IP address into a Web browser, and log in. Then you look for the wireless security settings and enable WPA2-Enterprise security, which may be referred to as just plain WPA2. You must then enter the IP address of the RADIUS server that you set up and input the Shared Secret you created for that particular router or AP. Once you apply these changes, users will be able to connect.

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Keeping Your Home Router Secure

These tweaks only take a few minutes to make, and won’t impact the usability of your network in most cases. Protecting your network from intruders is important, and you’ll be much better off with these tweaks applied.

Now that your home network is strongly secured, next you can tackle slow Wi-Fi issues if you have those, too.

How Can I Secure My Home Wi

Encrypt your network. Encrypting scrambles the information sent through your network. That makes it harder for other people to see what youre doing or get your personal information. You encrypt your network by simply updating your router settings to either WPA3 Personal or WPA2 Personal. WPA3 is the newer and best encryption available, but both will work to scramble your information.

Older Router? No WPA3 or WPA2 options on your router? Older routers have WPA and WEP, which are outdated and not secure. If those are the only options listed, try updating your router software. Then check again to see if WPA2 or WPA3 are available. If theyre not, consider getting a new router to keep your information secure.

Change your routers preset passwords. Some routers come with preset passwords out of the box. But hackers can easily find these passwords, so its important to change them to something more complex. There are two passwords on your router that youll need to reset.

1. The Wi-Fi network password: this is the one you use to connect your devices to the network. A unique and secure Wi-Fi network password prevents strangers from getting onto your network.

2. The router admin password: this is the one that lets you into the administrative side of the device. There, you can do things like change settings . If a hacker managed to log into the admin side of your router, the hacker could change the settings . That would undo any other security steps you may be taking.

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How To Lock Internet Connection Wifi And Cellular Data On Android Phone

The first time you run this security app on mobile phone, you will need to select the unlock option, either pattern or password. A security email address for lock pattern and password recovery is also strongly recommended so if you forgot the lock pattern or password, you can use the email to get them back. The configure of the security app is very easy, nothing complex that may confuse you as a first time user.

At the home screen of the security lock app, you can see its Privacy tab opens by default. Here you can see a list of apps and settings that you can lock. Scroll down a bit until you reach the Switch Lock section, here you can find WiFi and Mobile Network Data . Touch the unlock/lock icon besides to lock or unlock the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data access on your phone.

Set A Band Preference In Windows

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In Windows, you can set which band a Wi-Fi adapter should use.

  • Right-click on the Start Button and select Device Manager.
  • Expand the Network Adapters section.
  • Right-click on your Wi-Fi adapter and select Properties.
  • Under the Advanced tab, select Preferred Band under the Property label.
  • Next, open the dropdown menu under Value and choose which band you prefer.
  • Do note that the language seems a little different depending on the version of Windows youre using as well as the specific network card. For example, sometimes the property is called band and the setting lists 2.4 GHz Only or 5GHz Only instead of using the term preferred.

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    Set A Band Preference In Android

    When it comes to Android devices, things arent as straightforward as they could be. Some Android phones have a Wi-Fi priority menu. You can find this under:

    Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Overflow Menu > Advanced Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi priority.

    If you didnt know, the overflow menu is usually a button with three horizontal bars. In some cases, it may also be in the menu accessed by tapping the three dots.

    Using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra we had at hand, that setting is nowhere to be found. We suspect that this will be the case for many Android devices with customized, brand-specific versions of Android.

    As such, the most reliable solution is to use a Wi-Fi switching app. These apps take over control of which Wi-Fi network youre connected to. Do note that this does involve giving the app high-level permissions.

    Based on our research, a prime suggestion is Smart Wi-Fi Selector, which is a paid application. However, the developer does offer a free trial so you can make sure it works for you.

    Note: Take care to only use apps you find on the Play Store that are verified by Play Protect, and have a look at our Android antivirus list to test any such app you install. Pay attention to user reviews as well to ensure the app works as described.

    Set A Band Preference In Macos

    If youre using a Mac and want to make sure that the computer connects to the network of your choice, youll need to change the order of preferred networks. Your Mac will try to connect to the network higher up on the list of preferred networks first before falling back on the next available option.

    This isnt quite like forcing the network connection into one band, but as long as your preferred network is available, the Mac will use it over other available options.

  • Click the Apple logo.
  • Under preferred networks, drag your known Wi-Fi networks into your desired order.
  • Select OK when done.
  • If you never want your Mac to join a particular network, you can either remove it from the list or untick the Auto-join option next to that network. Then, it will only connect if you specifically tell it to.

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    A Q& a With Rand Singer

    Whats the gold standard in systems designed to protect your home and kids from internet-related threats?

    There isnt really a single gold standard and you cant just put in one piece of gear, consider your home and kids protected, and not give it another thought. No technology is going to replace actual parenting. That said, the right technology can go a long way, and it can definitely make your home internet safer for you and your children.

    For our most security-conscious businesses and homes, we upgrade to high-level firewalls, routers, and filters. We primarily use one of the following systems: Cisco, Meraki , SonicWALL, FortiGate, Barracuda. Some of these systemslike Meraki, SonicWALL, and Barracudacome with content filtering built in. For instance, in my home, I use Meraki to block things like adult content, gambling, and P2P from my kids devices. We have different filter settings for my son and daughtermy son is younger so his internet access is more restrictedand then nothing is blocked for my wife and me.

    Without going for the gold standard, then, what can parents do to make internet access safer?

    For the average house, you can get a suitable firewall from your internet provider or a store like Amazon or Best Buy. There are many fine consumer brands in this space. For instance, you can get plenty of bang for your buck with an ASUS, Linksys, Belkin, or Netgear router. And then you can supplement that with a parental control system.

    Use A Strong Antivirus Solution

    How to Lock a Wireless Router

    As Ive mentioned in the introduction of this article, fortifying your Wi-Fi router is just one component of home network security. To further protect your household devices from hackers, you will need to enhance your protection on each one.

    The most accessible starting point for this is by installing a strong antivirus solution. One of the most common cybersecurity solutions for home users out there, AV is designed to prevent, detect and block malicious code from entering computers. It achieves this by continuously scanning the files that make their way into your devices against a database of known viruses and other types of malware.

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    Ensure Your Network Is Password

    If your home Wi-Fi network is not password protected, the Schlage Home app may not list it let alone connect to it. So ensure your Wi-Fi network is password protectedyou can set this on your router. Also, make sure you use your correct Wi-Fi password during the connection process as an incorrect password will result in connection failure.

    Update Your Wifi Router Firmware

    To maximize wifi security, its vital that your router’s firmware is always up to date. When hackers identify a doorway into a router’s software, internet service providers must patch these openings with a stronger solution. Without upgrading your modem, your system will remain an open door. Those with a Cox Certified Cable Modem do not have to worry about manually upgrading the firmware as Cox pushes out updates automatically. In addition, customers with Cox High Speed Internet and Cox Digital Telephone can upgrade their modem for free. Several tools and applications are also available online to help you determine whether your software is up to date. The following examples can help you get started:

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    Limit Dhcp Leases To Your Devices

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol makes it easy for your network to manage how many devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network at any given time, by limiting the number of IP addresses your router can assign to devices on your network. Tally how many Wi-Fi-capable devices you have in your home then find the DHCP settings page in your router administrator console, and update the number of client leases available to the number of devices you own, plus one for guests. Reset your router, and youre good to go.

    Disable Wireless Remote Administration Of Your Router

    PINEWORLD Security Electronic Door Lock, APP WIFI Smart ...

    If you turn off the Remote Administration via Wireless feature on your router, then someone trying to hack into its settings would have to be on a computer that is physically connected to the router. Disabling this feature doesn’t prevent you from changing your router’s settings it just makes it a little more inconvenient for you, your child, and hackers.

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    How To Protect Your Wifi Router From Hackers

    Here’s how to protect your WiFi routers from hackers!

    After installing a Wireless Router, we usually set up a password and forget about it. As long as the WiFi router is working and we are able to connect our devices, we dont care about its security. But, its actually wrong and can invite lots of trouble.

    Actually, internet routers are the gateway to our internet access. Cybercriminals can access our network and can sneak into our devices if we dont set up proper security rules.

    Change The Password Frequently

    There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should change the router password. However, you should change it on a regular basis. Memorizing a new email or online banking password can be annoying because you have to log in all the time. But because wifi routers typically only require you log in once to be allowed indefinite access, changing a wifi password is less of a nuisance.

    Make changing the router password part of your monthly routine. On the first of the month, after breakfast, change the wifi password. If you have a lot of people in and out of your homeduring a renovation, for examplechange the password weekly. Remember to update the note you kept of the password.

    Many modern WiFi routers also include an option for setting up a guest network with its own SSID and password. This means guests can connect to the internet with their devices, and you dont have to share your main password.

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    Use A Login Home Page

    In it you can indicate the access conditions and request compliance with them. If you have a constant flow of external visitors who need access to the WiFi network, such as hotels, it is advisable to have a mini portal or web page in which you publish your access policies to the local guest network, through which they must connect first before connecting to the network. It includes an agree button, listing the terms and conditions that must be met before guests can connect to the network. This provides some protection if a guest violates your company policies. Its also a good idea to apply content filtering policies to prevent someone from visiting inappropriate or malicious sites.

    How To Fix Wifi Disconnecting On Lock On Windows 10

    Schlage Encode won’t connect to Wifi
    • User

    WiFi problems tend to occur when youre actively using your desktop. Your WiFi signal may drop, it may disconnect at random, or it may refuse to connect altogether. Other problems are easier to isolate e.g., when you lock your screen and the WiFi disconnects.

    This isnt intended default behavior though the WiFi can be set to disconnect on system lock. If your WiFi is disconnecting each time you lock the system, or the system locks automatically, you need to fix a configuration in the registry.

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    Keep Your Devices Healthy

    The computers and other devices in your home could provide avenues for hackers to get onto your router. Some of the devices that connect to your network will be portable. Devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are more likely to get infected because they likely connect to other networks and access the internet in public places. There are more possibilities for virus infection and intrusion outside of the house. Equipment that never leaves the house is only exposed to one internet access point and so is less likely to be infected.

    You also need to be careful about people transferring files onto your computers with USB memory sticks. File copying offers an access method for viruses. So make sure that your computers have both firewalls and anti-malware software.

    Make sure that your software is kept up to date and you allow automatic updates. Patches and new releases for operating systems and applications are often issued to plug security weaknesses.

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