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How to get Faster Spectrum Internet

If youve ever had trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network, theres a good chance spectrum congestion was the problem. Whenever you have too many devices trying to connect over the same band of frequencies, some devices will start to get dropped. So if you see a long list of nearby Wi-Fi networks in your area, that may be why your connection is getting slower and less reliable. There are simply too many competing signals for your computer to get through.

The hope is 6GHz performance gains will last, even as theyre more widely used

6GHz Wi-Fi can go a long way toward solving that problem. It offers not just a new swath of airwaves for routers to use, but a spacious swath that doesnt require overlapping signals like on some current Wi-Fi channels. The new spectrum has enough room for up to seven maximum-capacity Wi-Fi streams to all be broadcast simultaneously and not interfere with each other all without using any of the previously available spectrum.

To get a little more specific, the FCC is opening up 1,200MHz of spectrum in the 6GHz band. For the past two decades, Wi-Fi has been operating with roughly 400MHz of spectrum, and all available channels had to be split up within that limited space. Channels on the 6GHz band are expected to be 160MHz each in size. Only two channels at that size could fit inside the currently available airspace.

Get A Different Internet Provider

Sometimes your internet provider is the biggest problem. We admit this tip isnt necessarily easy or simple, but it is practical and might even be cheaper for you in the long run. If your internet provider is going to give you a slow connection no matter how many other tips you try, consider a swap.

Most areas have only a couple Internet Service Providers available, so it should be a pretty quick check to see if the other provider that serves your area has better prices for faster speeds. You can skim this roundup of best ISPs and check this month’s internet deals to figure out if an alternative provider might give you a better price.

Switching providers should be a last resort, but if you try the other tips on our list and your speed is still sluggish, it might be time to make a change. Especially if youre using satellite internet and find out you can switch to cable or DSL.

Check out our top recommended internet providers or use our zip finder below to see what your options are in your area.


What Does This Have To Do With 5g

Nothing. But also okay, it kind of seems like everything has something to do with 5G right now, doesnt it?

Heres the deal: technically, the FCC didnt open up new Wi-Fi spectrum. It opened up new unlicensed spectrum, which is roughly what it sounds like. It means that you dont need a license to use it, so anyone can use it as long as they do so responsibly.

That means other devices and technologies could make use of the 6GHz band, potentially taking up space Wi-Fi wants to use. And yes, 5G is one of those things.

Cell carriers have in the past used unlicensed spectrum to augment the licensed spectrum that makes up the core of their wireless networks. They did this with LTE as one of many technologies meant to speed up connections. From the looks of things, its possible theyll do that again by letting 5G overlap on the newly cleared spectrum with Wi-Fi 6.

Will this lead to interference issues? Will 5G come to dominate all global connectivity and totally replace Wi-Fi? Probably not, but its too early to say. The two standards arent necessarily in contention, though, so its not like one has to be the winner or loser here.

Theres so much spectrum in the 6GHz band that there should be room for both, Solis said. Cellular use of 6GHz would be similar to Wi-Fi use, in factories or small cell sites, he said. Youre not gonna see macrocells using 6GHz.

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Commission Makes More Spectrum Available For Better And Faster Wi

Today, the Commission adopted a Decision harmonising the use of the 6 GHz band for wireless networks across the EU, which will support a growing number of devices, online applications and innovative services that require larger bandwidth and faster speeds. Thanks to this, citizens and businesses will be able to enjoy better, faster and more stable Wi-Fi connections across the EU, including for video conferencing, streaming and sharing content, telemedicine or when using augmented reality technologies.

Scan Your Computer For Viruses


Sometimes, your internet speed will slow down because something on your device is taking up all the bandwidth. This might be all right if it was an important update or a large download which you can check inside Windows task manager but it can be infuriating if its a virus.

Luckily, theres plenty of good antivirus software out there. You can even get free antivirus software if you only want to check to see if theres a major problem with your device. Simply install a reliable program and run a full system scan to find out if theres a bug hiding somewhere.

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Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again

Yes, this first piece of advice is rather cliché, but it really works. Errors and bugs affect all computers, and in a router, this means that data takes longer to go from point A to point B. So, if you normally have decent speeds, but theyve recently dropped, try a quick reboot.

Although the best method does depend on your router, there are a few options. The easiest way is to just unplug it, but you can also press the power button or turn it off through your browser. Be sure to leave it off for about 10 seconds to ensure it fully shuts down.

Hack Time Warner Cable Modem Free Internet

Wired is reporting on a simple hack putting some 65,000 customers at risk. The hack to gain administrative access to the cable modem/router combo is remarkably simple: Chen, founder of a software startup called, said he was trying to help a friend change the settings on his cable modem and discovered that Time Warner had hidden administrative functions from its customers with Javascript code. By simply disabling Javascript in his browser, he was able to see those functions, which included a tool to dump the routers configuration file.

That file, it turned out, included the administrative login and password in cleartext. Chen investigated and found the same login and password could access the admin panels for every router in the SMC8014 series on Time Warners network a grave vulnerability, given that the routers also expose their web interfaces to the public-facing internet. If you use Time Warners SMC8014 series cable modem/Wi-Fi router combo, watch for firmware to be released soon that they are reportedly in the process of testing.

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Spectrum Doubles Spectrum Internet Starting Speed To 200 Mbps In 17 Markets

STAMFORD, Conn. Spectrum has doubled the starting download speed of Spectrum Internet from 100 to 200 Mbps, reaching approximately 8 million additional homes across 17 U.S. markets. The faster 200 Mbps speeds are available now to new Spectrum Internet customers, and the company will automatically increase speeds for current residential customers with new Spectrum Internet packages in these markets during the first quarter of 2021.

For customers who want even faster speeds, Spectrum Internet Ultra includes download speeds up to 400 Mbps, while Spectrum Internet Gig offers a gigabit connection to the customers home. Upon completion, starting speeds of 200 Mbps will be available to nearly 75 percent of the companys 41-state service area, including these markets:

Albany, N.Y. Beaumont, Texas Buffalo, N.Y. Chattanooga, Tenn. Cheyenne, Wyo. Columbia, Mo. Elmira, N.Y. Lexington, Ky. Orlando, Fla. Palm Springs, Calif. Rochester, Minn. Rochester, N.Y. Savannah, Ga. Springfield, Mo. Syracuse, N.Y. Tampa, Fla. and Tri-Cities, Tenn.

Fast, reliable connectivity is more important than ever, said Carl Leuschner, Senior Vice President, Internet & Voice Products at Charter Communications, Inc., which offers services under the Spectrum brand, and we are delivering Spectrum Internet customers in these communities even more speed for streaming, remote work, distance learning and staying in touch with family and friends with no modem fees, data caps or contracts.

Check For Service Disruptions/outages Using Spectrum Support

How to INSTANTLY Make Your WiFi Speed Faster

Issues on Spectrums end can also cause your internet to drop out. But you would need to establish that a provider side outage has occurred. Luckily, Spectrum has a tool that lets you find exactly that.

Their outage tool can help you find out if theres an outage in your area and tells you how long it would take for a fix. But, unfortunately, the only thing you can do about it is waiting until they fix the issue.

Its also possible that a Spectrum Internal Server Error is whats causing your Internet to keep dropping.

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Use Game Mode On Your Tv

While the majority of issues you may face when connecting to Google Stadia are related to networking, there is one other trick you need to do to improve Stadia on your Chromecast Ultra. Simply put your TV into Game Mode, which turns off all of your TVs picture enhancements. With those enhancements off, your TV will more swiftly show each frame coming from the Chromecast, reducing your overall input lag.

The way to turn on Game Mode varies between TVs, so youll need to toy around with your settings to find the correct way. Alternatively, the Google Home app offers a way to automatically enable your TVs Game Mode when your Chromecast Ultra detects that youre playing Stadia. Note: Not all TVs are compatible with this option, so be sure you test it out before relying upon it.

Simply open the Google Home app, tap your Chromecast Ultra, then tap the gear button in the top-right corner to open the Device settings. From here, scroll down to the Display section and turn on Automatically enable game mode.

Get A New Internet Service Provider

If youve tried everything and youre still experiencing slow internet speeds, then it may be time to shop around for a new ISP. Internet companies are always trying to one-up each other to get your business, so there may be a newer, faster service thats now available to you.

Even if you live out in the middle of nowhere, and theres only one traditional provider, there are other options. Unlimited mobile hotspot devices are getting faster and more reliable, and high-speed satellite internet options such as Elon Musks Starlink are starting to become available.

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Clear Your Browsers Cache

The browser cache is usually intended to make your browsing experience faster, but if it gets filled with unnecessary files, it can have the opposite effect. All internet browsers will have a way to do this, but it generally follows these three steps.

  • Open the Clear Browsing Data Page

    Click the three dots in the top-right corner to open a dropdown menu, then choose more tools and select clear browsing data.

  • Choose What You Want to Delete

    In the clear browsing data window, make sure its clearing the cache and any cookies with the time range of all time.

  • Clear the Data

    You should now click the clear data button. This may take a few minutes but will delete everything youve selected.

  • Use Ethernet When Possible

    Spectrum Internet  Cable Internet In My Area

    One of the best things about Google Stadia is the promise that you can play from anywhere that you have WiFi. However, WiFi comes with its own challenges, like distance from the router and interference with the wireless signal. Even under the best circumstances, connecting via WiFi adds a small layer of extra delay to your ping.

    The developers of League of Legends did an in-depth analysis of the differences between players on a wired and wireless internet connection. From the data, they found that using WiFi on average adds over 8ms of ping. That may not sound like much, but every little bit counts.

    Additionally, depending on how old your router is, you may find that a wired connection also has faster download speeds than a wireless one.

    If its at all possible, you should consider connecting your Stadia devices to Ethernet, but this is easier said than done for some devices. For example, the Chromecast Ultra allows you to very easily connect an Ethernet cable to the power adapter. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are Pixel phones, which dont offer much of a way to connect via Ethernet without a separate adapter which would make Stadia far less portable.

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    Get A Stronger Antenna

    Most WiFi routers come with small, weak antennas. Its not that manufacturers want to save every cent they can, but powerful WiFi antennas tend to be hideously large. Compared to the antenna that came with your router, which probably is just a few inches tall and has around 4 dB gain, a 10-dB antenna can be anywhere between 10 to 15 inches tall.

    But if you dont mind the size, a new, powerful WiFi antenna is a great way how you can boost WiFi at home or office without buying a new router.

    There are several different types of WiFi antennas, but the only type you need to care about is the common rubber duck antenna, which is an electrically short monopole antenna that consists of a springy wire in the shape of a narrow helix, sealed in a rubber or plastic jacket to protect the antenna.

    Such antennas use the same RP-SMA connector, and there are many different models available on Amazon and other online stores. Some even come with a handy extension cable that allows you to place the antenna farther away from your router to achieve optimal signal distribution.

    To boost WiFi signal, you need to purchase an antenna with more gain than your current one. The gain of an antenna system relative to an isotropic radiator at radio frequencies is expressed in dBi, or decibels relative to isotropic. Most home routers come with small antennas, whose gain tends to be between 45 dBi. Replacing such antenna with a 9 dBi antenna should provide excellent signal boost.

    Buy A Wifi Repeater/ Booster/ Extender

    Even though they are referred to by many names, WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders are basically the same thing.

    WiFi repeaters are relatively simple devices that take an existing signal from your WiFi router and rebroadcast it as a new network. This new network is just an extension of your main network, and all data that go through it also go through the main network.

    WiFi boosters and extenders are very similar, but they also amplify the existing signal before rebroadcasting it to create a second network. Because WiFi boosters typically have greater range than WiFi repeaters, they make sense in situations where the original signal is very weak.

    A good repeater or booster costs less than $100, and it can be installed in a few minutes by anyone since the installation process usually involves only the press of the WPS button. You can find a list of the top 5 WiFi boosters at the end of this article.

    To achieve the best performance when using a WiFi repeater or booster, its a good idea to use a WiFi booster app to analyze existing WiFi coverage and determine the optimal way how to extend the existing WiFi network.

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