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If you notice that your Wi-Fi is consuming a lot more battery than it usually does, or you always appear to be connected, but the internet isn’t exactly lightning fast, then you might be suffering from a poor Wi-Fi connection. Here’s our guide for how to improve the Wi-Fi signal on your Android and iOS smartphones.

Tip #9 Prevent Your Wifi From Prying Neighbors

If you have observed a gradual decrease in the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi, there are chances that someone else is hoarding on the bandwidth. It can be your neighbor or a friend or relative who uses your Wi-Fi. There are more than one ways to the retrieve password from a device in which you or anyone has already unlock it. On the contrary, there are series of steps you can take to minimize and prevent such Wi-Fi thieves from accessing the service you paid for.

You can frame a proper strong password for your router consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters. A combination of these three variables will make a password strong and difficult to crack. Select WPA2 password on the router settings that will make it encrypted. It is more secure than other security protocols like WEP or WPA. Next is to hide the network from any other device. Yes, you can hide your SSID or network ID from the firmware settings on your device, usually accessible at the IP addresses like,,, or others. Search for the feature Broadcast SSIB in the settings and untick it. This will hide the network from anyone near the range and the only way to access it will be by entering both SSID and the password. This actually doubles the protection, however, it takes efforts to constantly enter the SSID and password to get access to the internet.

Update Your Wifi Router Password

If you havent updated your routers password, you should do so right away. Strangers could be stealing your WiFi connection, causing your Internet speed to drop.

Enter your WiFi settings page and look for the section that lets you update your SSID and password.

Update your SSID and password accordingly. Be sure to use WPA2, the latest in network encryption technology.

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How To Make A Wifi Antenna

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Have you lost your WiFi antenna? Most antennas can be removed from WiFi cards, making them easy to lose. With a few household supplies, you can make an effective replacement antenna that can get you by until you can purchase a replacement. If you are having range issues, you can create your own directional antenna that can significantly increase the distance of your wireless connection.

Best Wifi Antenna In 2021


We’re not meshing about with these top picks

Whilst its widely assumed that WiFi signals are produced in waves, this isnt always the case. There are two types of Wi-Fi antenna, omnidirectional and directional. The former produces a wider yet weaker signal, whilst the latter produces a strong signal which is projected directly to devices. See, youre learning already!

For example, the best WiFi antenna for shops and offices are dome ceiling WiFi antennas. These antennas produce a wide signal for devices in a large room to pick up. These would fall into the omnidirectional category. Yagi antennas are a great example of directional antennas. Shaped like an arrow, they must be pointed at the target device as they only have around a 45┬░ radius.

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Tip #3 Avoid Poor Connections

Out of all the network connections available when you try to find a Wi-Fi network on your android phone, skip those with poor or bad quality network. Although this can be done manually, you can set the settings on your phone that will avoid detecting any poor connections will require. When enabled, it will only show networks that have good quality and strong network.

  • To Enable it, go to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi option the screen.
  • Now, click on the three vertical dots on the right bottom side of the screen and hit on Advanced feature.
  • Scroll and locate the tick box Avoid poor connections and tick it.
  • Now, scan the available networks and connect to those with the only strong network.

Troubleshooting: Is It An Antenna Problem

If the only thing you’ve noticed so far is that your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cell service aren’t working, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually an Android antenna problem. There are a lot of different possibilities here. To sort through them, we’re going to have to do some troubleshooting.

There are two broad types of problems that can occur with Android smartphones: software and hardware. Software problems are usually the most likely of the two to be the culprit. Software problems have nothing to do with your antenna or hardware on your device. They typically are due to errors in code that keep things from working as they should. Hardware problems are physically damaged or malfunctioning components.

Although it’s easy to assume the worst and blame your lack of connection on a broken antenna, it’s better to troubleshoot for software problems first so that you can save yourself a trip to the repair shop.

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Check If Your Phone Case Is Blocking The Signal

There is a huge possibility that your phone is also responsible for weak wifi signal strength. And this possibility goes higher if your phone case is made up of metal.

To make sure that your phone case is not posing a problem for your phone to catch signals. Follow the steps written below.

Step 1. First of all, download and install the Ookla speed test by clicking on the download button below.

Step 2.Now open the app as soon as it is installed.

Step 3. Tap on Begin Test.

Step 4. After that, the results will appear.

Step 5.Remove the phone case and tap on Restart Test.

What If I Do Not Have Any Existing Outside Cell Signal

how to make your cell phone wifi antenna stronger

If you do not have any existing outside signal, but do have a quality broadband internet connection and Verizon is your carrier, then you can contact Verizon about getting a network extender.

If you have a carrier other than Verizon, then your best option is going to be to use WiFi calling on your mobile devices while in your home or business.

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Android Antenna Problem Heres Why And The Fix

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet or using your favorite wireless devices, there’s a chance there’s a problem with your Android phone’s antenna. Hope might seem lost, but there’s a good chance that you can fix this easily without ever having to see a repair bill. In what follows, I’ll show you how to fix an Android antenna problem.

Adjust Settings In The Firmware

You might also be able to boost the signal from your wi-fi router by adjusting settings in the firmware. Depending on your firmware, you can amp up the throughput and achieve greater range and signal strength. Just be careful, as this will also make your router run hotter and could damage or shorten its lifespan.

If your router doesnt have this option, look into replacing the firmware with an open-source alternative like DD-WRT or Tomato. This will unlock capabilities that are walled off by the manufacturers firmware. Just use caution, as flashing the wrong firmware or flashing improperly could permanently brick the router.

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Using A Wifi Antenna On Your Mobile Can Make You Desperate

When entering any of the many online stores we will find countless WiFi antennas , which are very easy to use and will allow us a greater range. But when we receive them we will give ourselves the first blow of reality by verifying that it only has a USB input. For now there are no WiFi antennas with Micro USB input, USB Type C or Lightning.

We can think that they are only using an OTG adapter like the ones that many Samsung mobiles include, this would be solved, but without going further from reality this will not work. Not because the range is going to be bad, but because this type of antennas cannot be used in mobile phones due to the lack of a compatible network card and the same drivers.

For this same reason we will not find any type of WiFi antenna compatible with smartphones that is advertised directly in this way. When trying to get hold of the said drivers we will not have any luck either, since the Android operating system is not capable of recognizing it, just like iOS.

G Network Extender Or Microcell

Diy External Wifi Antenna For Android Phone

A network extender, sometimes called a microcell or femtocell, is an option for boosting an Android signal. The device plugs into an existing broadband internet connection and works like a mini cell tower in your home. One disadvantage of using a network extender is that your device will have to compete with other traffic on the network. Also, the devices signal range is limited, and it wont work in your car.

If you are a Verizon customer, you can purchase a 4G LTE Network Extender for a one-time fee with no additional charges to your monthly call plan. If AT& T is your carrier, unfortunately, they have discontinued their network extender product called MicroCell®, so you may have to find another option. Contact your carrier to learn more about their devices.

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Tip #1 Change The Frequency Band

If the signal is poor, change in the frequency band wont improve it, is it so? WiFi uses signals propagating in the electromagnetic spectrum. Since most of the devices use the conventional 2.4Ghz band, it is clutter by numerous that use this band. With the availability of just 14 channels in the 20Mhz frequency, you will get a poor signal with lots of people in the same space. Opting for 5Ghz frequency bands opens up a large space in the electromagnetic spectrum which has a lot of space to accommodate countless devices without any adverse and poor signal strength. This band has 23Mhz frequencies for use thus improving the strength of wifi signal that you have been wanting for so long.

Most of the modern devices and routers have 5Ghz frequency band as default. If not, you can alter the band on your router using the admin page. You can tweak and set the said frequency band as default by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit Settings on your phone.
  • Next is to proceed towards WiFi option.

Hopefully, this method will boost the strength of the WiFi signal that you have been complaining about. You can try other methods in the extract to get a boost.

Poor Mobile Signal Use Wifi Instead

Most UK households have fast enough broadband for WiFi calling. Theres really no difference between making a call over Skype or Whatsapp compared to what most mobile operators call ‘WiFi calling’. Its simply a phone call that uses the internet instead of the mobile phone network.

You can check if your mobile provider offers WiFi calling, but its also important that your phone supports it too. If one or both turn out to be incompatible, then the obvious thing is to use a VoIP client instead. Skype is available for most phones and its completely free, so long as you’re calling another Skype user.

Chances are that the person you want to call already has a Skype account, but if not, its quick and easy to create one, install the app, log in and receive a phone call over WiFi.

Sometimes you can’t check if the other person has Skype or not, but luckily, the service lets you make real phone calls too. This is useful if you have poor signal and your recipient doesnt but isnt willing to install Skype or it isnt appropriate to ask them to install it such as if youre calling a business or customer service centre.

There are, of course, plenty of alternatives to Skype, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Duo and FaceTime. So if you’re already chatting with someone using one of those services, you can also call them over WiFi from within your app of choice.

O2 allows owners of certain handsets to make WiFi and 4G calls without using a specific app.

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I Need An Antenna With A 100 Foot Cable

Adding to the cable length will greatly reduce the signal getting to your phone. As a general guide, you’ll lose about .1db gain for each additional foot of cable with analog networks and .15db gain in digital. You’ll also lose about .1db gain for each additional connector you use. 100 foot cable would most likely require an amplifier.

Can You Boost 5g

How To Make Antenna Wifi Signal Booster For Android part2

Cellular boosters generally can’t boost the “good parts” of 5G networks. AT& T and Verizon carry a small amount of 5G signal on the old cellular bands 2 and 5. Boosters handle that, so a booster may summon you a 5G icon, but that signal doesn’t give you an experience that’s different from 4G. The fastest 5G networks for AT& T and Verizon are currently on bands n77, n260, and n261, and those aren’t supported by any consumer boosters. No booster can handle any of T-Mobile’s current 5G networks, which are on bands n41 and n71.

There is a sneaky way around this. While there are no powered boosters for these bands, passive antennas will still improve signal on bands 41 and 71. They may only get you 10dB to 20dB of gain as opposed to 70dB, but that isn’t insignificant . Waveform’s Griddy parabolic antenna and MIMO panel antennas improve signal on the new 5G band n77. Connecting an outdoor cellular antenna to a Wi-Fi hotspot that has a TS9 connector, such as the Netgear Nighthawk M5, can turn an outdoor cell signal into an indoor Wi-Fi signal.

That said, here are our top picks for boosters for homes, apartments, and cars:

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