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The Type Of Connection You Have Makes A Difference

Make Your Laptop’s WiFi Signal Faster On Windows 10/8/7 [SOLVED]

The type of Internet connection you use is the most important factor in determining your connection speed. The three most common ways to connect to the Internet from home are dial-up, DSL, and cable. If you have a choice, cable is usually the fastest, but both DSL and cable are faster than dial-up.

Many Internet providers also offer Fiber Optic Service , which connects to the Internet using light over an optical network. In your home, you still connect your computer through copper wiring. The advantage of FiOS is that it can provide higher speeds than traditional copper wire connections such as DSL or cable. Some Internet providers offer multiple options, depending on the area you’re in. More populated areas are more likely to have FiOS available. Check with your phone company or Internet provider for more information.

If you use a dial-up connection, there are a couple of good ways to optimize your Internet speed. First, use the fastest modem you can. The fastest modem you can use will send and receive information at a rate of 56 kilobits per second . You won’t get a full 56 Kbps speed most of the time, but with a good phone line, you should approach at least 45-50 Kbps.

Check And Protect Your Router From Hacking Attacks

We have seen in past researches how WiFi routers are vulnerable to cyberattacks. A major flaw was discovered in the widely used WPA2 security protocol as well. The purpose of hacking into your Wi-Fi can be anything from stealing sensitive information to just using your Wi-Fi bandwidth for the internet. If goes undetected, this can harm you big time. So, I will advise you to check for the vulnerability in your router first and take the necessary precautions.

In the next point, Ill be explaining more about network security that will also cover some steps to protect your router from getting hacked.

Get Closer To The Router Or Move The Router Closer To Your Pc

Getting closer is an easy and effective way to speed up your internet connection. The farther away your PC or laptop is from your Wi-Fi router, the slower your internet becomes.

You dont have to get this close to your router to stream your favorite episodes of Star Trek Voyager, but closer is usually better. Youll also want to ensure that there are no thick concrete walls between your router and your device. Not every router is alike: some have a fantastic signal strength, and others dont.

Your ISP typically wont give you the best router available, so if your signal strength is lacking even when youre right next to it, its high time to get a new router. This page will help you find a solid Wi-Fi router with plenty of power.

Whatever router you choose, make sure it supports the latest Wi-Fi standards: 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and potentially even the new 802.11ax.

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How To Set Up A Usb Wifi Adapter

Begin by inserting your USB adapter into an available port on your computer. The machine should recognize it and prompt you to install the proper driver, but if it doesn’t, insert the CD that came with the device so you can install the software manually. Once the installation is complete, position the adapter so it’s within range of your router and isn’t obscured by cables, furniture, or other obstacles.

Then its just a matter of connecting to the nearest WiFi Access Point and youre ready to surf and stream with ease. Your computer will run faster with the updated network adapter, and youll be happier having saved a chunk of change on buying a new computer.

Scan For Malware And Adware And Remove Them

10 simple things you need to do to get faster Wi

If you take a look at different surveys and reports, realize that malware and adware risks are on the rise. To deal with these risks, you are advised to use an effective antivirus product and regularly scan your computer for malware, virus, adware, ransomware, etc.

Make sure that along with your operating system, your antivirus solution is up-to-date and offers the best protection.

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Switch To A Different Wifi Channel

Just like lanes on the highway, there are multiple WiFi channels on which a WiFi router can broadcast. Even though most countries have six non-overlapping channels , many users leave their router set on the default channel, which is usually either Channel 1 or Channel 6.

This results in a WiFi traffic jam as too many packets are trying to drive on the same line. The solution is simple: find out which channel is occupied the least and switch to it. This can be done with the help of NetSpot, a professional and easy-to-use WiFi analysis and surveillance tool.

With a new channel selected, you need to tell your WiFi router to use it:

  • Log in to your router as admin.
  • Go to Settings and look for Wireless Settings.
  • You should see an option called Channel. The chances are that it will be set to Auto.
  • Select the desired channel.
  • Save the new settings and wait for your router to restart.
  • You can now verify that your router is broadcasting on the new channel using a WiFi network analyzer like NetSpot.

    Why Is My Wifi Signal So Bad 7 Factors That Affect Wifi Performance

    WiFi can be a fickle thing. You may be enjoying a perfectly strong WiFi signal, move just a few steps in one direction, and watch it drop to one bar.

    The seemingly unreliable nature of WiFi networks has everything to do with the fact that there are many factors that influence their performance.

  • Physical distance: For obvious technical and safety reasons, WiFi routers dont have the same transmitting power as cell towers. Cheaper routers may even struggle to cover a relatively small apartment with a strong WiFi signal let alone an entire house. You can determine the reach of your WiFi router using a WiFi analyzer app like NetSpot.
  • Obstructions: WiFi signals can be partially absorbed or even completely blocked by various obstacles and objects, including walls, duct work, furniture, home appliances, and even people. These WiFi blockers have especially negative effect on 5 GHz WiFi networks, because higher frequency signals dont penetrate solid objects nearly as well as lower frequency signals.
  • Interference: WiFi signals occupy the same radio frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum actual radios, cell phones, microwave ovens, walkie talkies, baby monitors, and many other devices, all of which can interfere with WiFi signals. Of course, WiFi networks can also interfere with one another, a problem thats especially common in apartment buildings and other densely populated areas.
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    Map The Signal Strength In Your Home And Boost Your Signal Strength

    Moving your router or your computer around to get the best possible strength can take a long time. Its probably easier to determine where the signal in your home is strongest. The free Heatmapper tool can help, provided that youre willing to register in exchange for a download.

    Once youve installed Heatmapper, youll need to provide it with a floor map of your home using either one that you already have, or one that you create yourself as you walk around. The resulting projection of your homes Wi-Fi signal strength will show you the best and worst spots for reliable internet. Red means that youll be suffering from a slow connection or even connection drops, so make sure to position the router in a way that gives you at least strong or good strength.

    How To Boost Upload Speed On Windows 10

    How to optimize your Windows PC performance and get faster WiFi and boost Internet speed!

    We always talk about how to improve download speed Windows 10 but we hardly talk about boosting the upload speed. Upload speed is equally important for those who usually upload a lot.

    Here are few quick tricks that help boost upload speed on Windows 10:

    • Try using a wired connection:Wired connection offers much faster upload speed than wireless. So, if you can, try using the wired connection.
    • Clear your temporary files: Clearing temporary files on your PC is required to smooth the function of your computer and internet as well.
    • Change your DNS settings: You can change the DNS setting, and update the DNS to Google Public DNS or OpenDNS for better upload speed which I have already mentioned in this article in detail.
    • Update device drivers: Make sure to keep your PC drivers up to date. outdated drivers can cause slow upload speed.
    • Remove malware: Keep scanning your computer for malware time to time as it hinders the internet connection speed both upload and download. So, try checking for this, and if you find any, remove them.
    • Turn off the internet of other devices: When you have to upload some files, try turning off the internet of other devices that are connected to the same connection. Or, just remove them. It will surely help.

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    Reasons To Speed Up The Internet On Windows 10

    The internet is a hub for tremendous data and it also provides access and services to various software and platforms. So, to access the internet without any interruption or slow loading, preferring a faster download speed is a better choice.

    It has various advantages like:

    • Enhanced network speed.
    • Higher resolution video calls and other streaming videos.
    • No buffering issues, which saves time and also keep the task in continuity.
    • Smooth performance

    Turn Things Off And On Again

    First, lets power cycle everything to see if your Wi-Fi speed improves.

    Unplug your modem or wireless gateway, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This process allows the modem to clear its virtual head.

    Your modem translates internet signals between your home network and your internet provider. If your internet is acting up, a power cycle is a good place to start troubleshootingit may even fix your connection issues. But sometimes you need a customer support agent to reset your modem remotely and make sure its properly calibrated to translate your internet connections signals.

    Next, repeat the process if you have a standalone router. Like with the modem, a power cycle clears your routers memory and gives it a fresh start on tasks that were bogging it down before.

    Finally, turn off the Wi-Fi on all your wireless devices. Wait a few seconds and then toggle Wi-Fi back on. Allow these devices to reconnect and see if your connection improves.

    A power cycle might seem simplistic, but turning your home networking equipment off and on again can really give your network a boost. We recommend rebooting your equipment regularlyat least once every few months. But keep in mind that doing this will leave you without internet for a few minutes, so plan to restart your equipment at a time when no one needs an internet connection.

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    Use A Powerline Adapter

    What if you cant run an Ethernet cable from your router to your gaming setup?

    Your setup might be too far away, you dont want an ugly cable running along your floor, and hiding it can be a pain in the ass.

    All valid problems that Ive run into as well.

    Enter Powerline adapters, your new best friend.

    These bad boys make use of the existing electrical wiring in your home to send an internet signal.

    Simply connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your Powerline adapter, and plug your Powerline adapter into the nearest power outlet.

    Next, plug the other Powerline adapter into an outlet near your PC, and run the other included Ethernet cable from the adapter to your PC.

    The internet connection will go through your houses electrical circuitry and act like a wired connection.

    Its important to note, however, that while this solution is better than a wireless alternative, its not a replacement for an actual Ethernet cable.

    Ethernet cables are designed for the internet, and your homes power lines are designed for electricity.

    Ethernet is more reliable than Powerline, and Ethernet cables can transmit faster internet speeds.

    Still, its better than nothing. And just because its not as good as Ethernet doesnt mean you shouldnt use one.

    My Powerline adapter was awesome and I didnt lag at all when I was using it.

    Quick Tip

    If you’re thinking about getting a Powerline adapter to improve your internet connection, I’d recommend the TP-Link AV2000.

    But theres one caveat:

    Add An Internet Extender

    How To Make Your WiFi And Internet Speed Faster With These 3 Simple ...

    A Wi-Fi extender works similarly to a Wi-Fi repeater to boost your internet signal to other rooms. The advantage is that extenders are less likely to limit your bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters, and they provide connected devices with a strong internet connection. A powerline Ethernet kit uses a wired link to your router to provide Wi-Fi signals to other devices in your home. Because its wired, it doesnt use additional Wi-Fi bandwidth to communicate.

    A powerline Ethernet kit is usually a good way to boost internet for basement gaming equipment or devices in a garage. Since it requires wiring, though, its not the best internet boosting solution for everyone.

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    Make Sure Youre On The Right Frequency Band

    Modern routers work primarily on two radio frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The band you use for your connections can affect your speeds and the quality of your connections at different distances from your router.

    The 2.4 GHz band is the oldest and most commonly accessed Wi-Fi connection. Its used for many other wireless communications other than Wi-Fi, so the airwaves in this frequency can be a little crowded. This band trades speed for rangemeaning its better at passing through walls and other objectswhereas 5 GHz has better speeds but a shorter range.

    The two frequency bands often appear as two separate Wi-Fi networks. To reorganize your connections, log off from the incorrect band and connect to the correct one on each device.

    Connections best for 5 GHz band:

    • Gaming consoles

    Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:

    • Smart speakers
    • Security cameras

    Why Is My Internet Running Slow

    Unfortunately theres no single reason for a poor internet connection. The top causes for a slow connection are:

    • Programs or devices hogging your bandwidth

    • Problems with your browser cache

    • A broken Ethernet cable

    Last but not least, your device performance could also be at fault, and so we recommend always optimizing your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.

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    What Does A Usb Wifi Adapter Do

    A USB WiFi adapter overrides the computer’s built-in wireless functionality, giving you a faster, more reliable connection to your available network signals through the USB port instead. Since most computers have at least one USB port, youll typically be able to use it on both laptops and desktops. Plus, the plug-and-play convenience means you can remove the device when it’s not needed to use in another computer.

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