How To Make Your Pc Wifi Faster

Choose The Correct Wi

Make Your Laptop’s WiFi Signal Faster On Windows 10/8/7 [SOLVED]

Channel overlapping also obstructs the Wi-Fi signal and tones down your internet speed. Choosing the correct Wi-Fi channel reduces the interface and improves your Wi-Fi performance. The overlapping is done mostly with nearby channels, so, choosing channels 1, 6, and 11 is the best option as they are spaced far enough and do not overlap .

If you are willing to know more about choosing the correct channel to get a better Wi-Fi speed, read our in-depth article here.

Faqs On Internet Speedup Using Command Prompt

What is Netsh command to fix internet?

Netsh is a cmd tool in Windows computers that can be used to tweak the network confiuration. A popular command to rest the TCP/IP configuration is: netsh int ip reset

Which cmd tool can I used to test Internet speed?

You can use Python-based speedtest-cli on Windows to test your internet speed. After installing python, run this command to install: pip install speedtest-cli

Why is some internet connection fast and some connection slow?

Internet speed that you get is the result of multiple factors like equipment like router, quality of cables, signal strength, device modem, and finally your ISP. With all these factors into account, the internet speed is bound to vary.

How Do I Prioritize My Internet For Gaming

First, identify your gaming consoles MAC address. Its a unique identifier number that all devices have.

Next, youll need to refer to the model number of your modem/router. This way you can login to your control panel and prioritize the MAC address of your device, and/or limit the bandwidth of others.

Build Your Dream PC.

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Adjust Your Routers Antennas

Many routers and wireless gateways have internal antennasmeaning theyre mounted inside the device, and you cant adjust them. If thats the case for you, skip this step.

But if you do have adjustable antennas on your router, try reconfiguring them. Router antennas are usually omnidirectional, which means they send out signals in all directions perpendicular to the antenna. For example, a vertical antenna sends out Wi-Fi signals horizontally and vice versa.

So if you need to stretch your Wi-Fi signals to multiple floors, adjusting an antenna to sit horizontally to spread Wi-Fi signals up and down could help.

Increase Upload And Download Speeds

How to Make Your Laptop

Any tabs or apps that may be using your internet can slow down your download speeds. If you dont know what apps are using your internet, then follow these steps to close these apps:

Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and click on the Settings cog.

Step-2: When the Setting screen opens, click on Network & Internet.

Step-3: Under Network Status, you will see the connection you are connected to at the moment. Click on the Data Usage button.

Step-4: The Data Usage screen will show all the apps that are using your internet, and if you see any app that is unnecessarily using your internet, close it.

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Change To Google Public Dns

This may or may not increase your internet speed because it all depends on the DNS server you are using. If you are using the DNS server which location is quite near to your location, changing it may not help but if your DNS server is situated far away from your location, changing to Google Public DNS would help because it is one of the fastest public DNS which has servers around the world that keep responding to the requests.

I am not writing the full guide about changing the DNS on your PC because I have already written a blog post about it which you can read by .

How Can I Boost The Wifi Signal On My Laptop

Laptop Changes

  • Move your laptop closer to the wireless router.
  • Update the drivers for your wireless network adapter.
  • Replace your Wi-Fi adapter if your laptop has trouble connecting to any wireless network.
  • Move your router closer to where you use your laptop.
  • Set your router to use a different wireless channel.
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    Solution : Important Updates

    Update your browser and OS to the latest version. Many times there are optimizations made for security and performance that are useful to boost the internet speed. Switch to Chrome or Firefox browser for faster speed and security. By updating to the latest versions of both your operating system and your browser, you will get much better stability and performance. Also, update your drivers with Driver Booster. Its probably the best software for gamers to update the game drivers.

    Get Closer To The Router Or Move The Router Closer To Your Pc

    How to Make your Laptop’s wifi signal faster on windows 11 – 2022 – WIFI Faster | ð?

    Getting closer is an easy and effective way to speed up your internet connection. The farther away your PC or laptop is from your Wi-Fi router, the slower your internet becomes.

    You dont have to get this close to your router to stream your favorite episodes of Star Trek Voyager, but closer is usually better. Youll also want to ensure that there are no thick concrete walls between your router and your device. Not every router is alike: some have a fantastic signal strength, and others dont.

    Your ISP typically wont give you the best router available, so if your signal strength is lacking even when youre right next to it, its high time to get a new router. This page will help you find a solid Wi-Fi router with plenty of power.

    Whatever router you choose, make sure it supports the latest Wi-Fi standards: 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and potentially even the new 802.11ax.

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    Solution 1: No Plugins Toolbars And Apps

    We mostly install a lot of apps, plugins, toolbars that we only use once and then forget about it. Remove all the toolbars and plugins added without your consent or if your plugins bar is cluttered by things you added and forgot about. Keep limited apps and plugins on your system so that bandwidth and data usage is limited. This will ensure that you get low pings while gaming.

    Uninstall unnecessary apps as well. Many apps tend to install other third-party apps that take all your bandwidth which you would use for gaming. By cleaning your system and your phone, you will be able to fix the internet lag for gaming.

    Make sure you install software such as Driver Booster to update drivers and boost wifi and gaming performance.

    Keep Your Router Updated

    If you follow the news, youve heard about the growing number of large-scale malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals alike billions every year. Many of these attacks wouldnt be possible if all routers were kept updated. Once a malware infects a router, it can steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices.

    But even without a presence of a dangerous malware, routers with old firmware perform worse than routers that are properly updated.

    To check if your router is running the newest firmware available:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device and connect to your routers network.
  • Enter the IP address of the router into the web browser.
  • If you dont know what the IP address is, check if there is an information sticker somewhere on the router.
  • Log in with admin username and password.
  • Again, if you dont know what the right admin password is, look at the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router.
  • Select an option called Firmware Update or Router Update.
  • Because there are many different routers, you may need to do some digging and detective work to find the right option.
  • Wait until your router finds and installs the latest firmware.
  • Never interrupt the update. If it takes a long time and your router appears to be unresponsive, give it a few more minutes before you disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.
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    Move Your Router To A Central Location

    Gaming far from your router is often a problem, especially if youre in a big house with a bunch of walls between you and your router.

    The more between you and your router, the slower your internet speeds will be. This goes for both physical distance and things in the way.

    Moving your gaming setup closer to your router is one way to alleviate this issue – but if you cant move your setup, try moving your router.

    If you place it in a central location in your home, it should distribute the WiFi signal evenly to the rooms in your house, creating a better overall experience for everyone.

    Switch To Google Or Open Dns

    How To Make Your Laptop

    Another way to increase the speeds is to move to Google DNS or OpenDNS.

    Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel in the search bar and click Open.

    Step-2: Once you open Control Panel, select Network & Internet.

    Step-3: Now, select Network and Sharing Center.

    Step-4: Under the View your active networks section, click on Wi-Fi.

    Step-5: Once this screen opens, select Properties.

    Step-6: When the Properties window opens, double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 .

    Step-7: Check the Use the following DNS server addresses. Once you do, you will be able to enter the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.

    If you want to use Google DNS, use the following:

    • Preferred DNS server:

    If you want to use OpenDNS, use the following:

    • Preferred DNS server:

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    Solution 1: Old Routers Into A Repeater

    If you have more than one router then you can make an old router into a wifi repeater. This is the homemade version of a repeater.

    There is custom firmware to modify and upgrade your old router into a better device or turn in into a repeater.

    Using custom firmware such as DD-WRT and Openwrt etc. you can turn an old router into a repeater which will help you boost your network signals and get faster wifi speeds

    Note: This should be done with proper care. Read all warnings associated with the installation of custom firmware. Warranty is voided if custom firmware is used. Do take caution.

    Find Problems With Your Wi

    Its not that only your software slows down your internet speed, your hardware can affect it too. Previously, we wrote about the Ofcom Wi-Fi checker app that runs on your smartphone or tablet and checks the quality of your WiFi signal. So, my advice to you is to download and install Ofcom or any similar Wi-Fi checker app to detect the problem and improve your Wi-Fi connection.

    Read the following points to know small fixes to boost internet speed on your machine.

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    Get A Different Internet Provider

    Barring negotiations, you can always call their bluff. Shop around for different service providers. A lot of them will offer some great introductory rates to new customers and there might be a cheaper and better plan for you than the one you locked in. This is especially true if you got your plan at least 5 years ago. The market has changed and providers have a lot more competition, which means they have a lot more incentive to offer great, competitive rates to entice you to sign a contract with them. There’s a lot of great providers – here is one post that compares Spectrum and AT& T.

    Set Up Wireless Security

    How to Make Your Laptop’s Wifi Signal Faster On Windows 10/8/7 [Tutorial]

    It may sound pretty obvious to some, but plenty of networks are left open and unsecured. Not only is this a potential threat to users of that network, it can also cause dramatic slowdowns, thanks to users who leech off open networks and hog bandwidth by streaming videos or downloading large files.

    Log in to your router’s admin page by navigating to the router’s IP address in a Web browser, then using the default credentials to sign in. This varies by brand, but it’s generally very easy to find, often on the bottom of the router itself or in the produt manual. Choose WPA2 as the encryption method and select a passphrase — something you can easily remember.

    Only share this password with people you trust to be on your network.

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    Solution : Bandwidth Filtering

    Check your internet traffic to see whats really slowing down your internet. Sometimes a service or an app might be running in the background which is using a lot of data and bandwidth. Find and disable such services so that you get more bandwidth for gaming. If you do require more data and bandwidth change to a better plan or a different service provider.

    Making sure you have a good amount of bandwidth will give you a better lag-free gaming experience online.

    Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again

    Yes, this first piece of advice is rather cliché, but it really works. Errors and bugs affect all computers, and in a router, this means that data takes longer to go from point A to point B. So, if you normally have decent speeds, but theyve recently dropped, try a quick reboot.

    Although the best method does depend on your router, there are a few options. The easiest way is to just unplug it, but you can also press the power button or turn it off through your browser. Be sure to leave it off for about 10 seconds to ensure it fully shuts down.

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    Solution : Download Managers

    If you are having slow speeds while downloading games and other things from the internet, then download managers and good browsers are your best friends. Chrome and Mozilla are the most recommended browsers you need to download.

    You can also check out the OperaGX gaming browser.

    Now the second step is to use a Download manager like IDM OR DAP. These applications can significantly increase download speed. You can get up to a 30-40% speed boost for downloading on the internet. Do note that playing online games while something is downloading on download managers is a bad idea since they allocate the most bandwidth leaving you hardly anything for games when the downloading is on.

    So download and gaming do not go hand in hand.

    Add An Internet Extender

    How to make wifi and ethernet work at the same time on your laptop ...

    A Wi-Fi extender works similarly to a Wi-Fi repeater to boost your internet signal to other rooms. The advantage is that extenders are less likely to limit your bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters, and they provide connected devices with a strong internet connection. A powerline Ethernet kit uses a wired link to your router to provide Wi-Fi signals to other devices in your home. Because its wired, it doesnt use additional Wi-Fi bandwidth to communicate.

    A powerline Ethernet kit is usually a good way to boost internet for basement gaming equipment or devices in a garage. Since it requires wiring, though, its not the best internet boosting solution for everyone.

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