How To Monitor Wifi Traffic

Can You Monitor Internet Activity Through A Router

How to monitor traffic on your router

In simple terms, yes!

But if youre looking for what exactly each person who ever logged into your router was looking up at any given time, and what websites they clicked on, then not exactly. Unless you have a new router that has these capabilities installed, but older routers shouldnt have this capability easily accessible.

Just a reminder that there are ethical dilemmas with trying to snoop on someones web browser history

Anyways, the type of internet activity you can relatively easily access through a router is IP addresses of the devices that connected to your router, and traffic. If youre interested in seeing every attempted connection to your router attempt made from outside your network, then you can do that by looking at your firewall logs.

If you want to really do a deep dive into which website a device accessed at any time and this kind of browsing history information, then youre not going to get that simply with a run-of-the-mill router, but youll need a parental control family security software might.

You can, however, easily block websites just from your router by accessing your routers settings.

How To Track Wi

When running a business network, you’ll probably want to know what sort of Internet traffic is moving through your routers and servers. While a group of security experts working on staff might be the best way to address this problem, this may not be feasible for a small business. Instead, you can download free packet sniffing programs such as WireShark, Net Stumbler or Ethereal to monitor network traffic packet by packet.

How To Monitor Traffic On Your Wifi Network

Using a network monitoring tool means you can monitor more traffic on your router than you can on any of your own devices.Wireless wifi analyzer and packet filtering device, Wireshark is among the most frequently used and most popular models in the world.The tool is frequently used by companies to check the flow of traffic over their networks.

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Check Network Activity With Windows Resource Monitor

While you’re in the Task Manager, to get to another bandwidth troubleshooting tool, click on the Performance tab, and then click on the OpenResource Monitor button at the bottom.

The Resource Monitor is a handy diagnostic tool you can use to check out what’s going on in your computer.

A glance at the Send and Receive columns shows me that Chrome and Spotify currently account for most of my bandwidth. Seeing programs like Chrome, Malwarebytes, and Spotify at the top of the list is fine because these are trustworthy programs. However, if you see an unknown process or application at the top of the list, draining your bandwidth, it is time to investigate.

Best Wifi Monitoring Software

5 best WiFi channel scanners [Windows 10, Mac]

We have selected three best WiFi monitoring software solutions, all of which meet our own recommendations for selecting WiFi monitoring software and have received thousands of favorable reviews from home users and professional network administrators alike.

  • 4.8
  • 500K
  • Users

Our favorite WiFi monitoring software is NetSpot. Available for free with some limitations, NetSpot is a professional WiFi monitoring solution and wireless surveillance application with such an accessible user interface that it can be recommended even to inexperienced computer users.

  • Discover mode

    Reflects the rate of data transfer from user to the Internet.

  • Survey mode

    Available on any MacBook with macOS and PC laptop on Windows.

Unlike other WiFi monitoring software products on this list, NetSpot lets users see dead zones, making it easy to find the perfect spot for a router. Besides its ability to visualize signal coverage, NetSpot can also take a quick snapshot of nearby wireless networks and gather all important information about them.

  • Not Enough Ratings

WiFi Analyzer is a simple WiFi monitoring software solution that can be downloaded from the Windows Store for free with in-app purchases. The beauty of WiFi Analyzer lies in the total absence of all non-essential features, making it great for those who dont expect to perform more than one wireless analysis.

  • Not Enough Ratings

WiFi analyzer app

  • 4.8

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Scan Your System For Malware

The other possibility is that your bandwidth issues aren’t coming from your local network. You may well have picked up some nasty malware that is stealing your bandwidth as it communicates with an external server or acts as a spam email bot. Malware can consume your bandwidth in numerous ways, although it isn’t always “all-consuming.” Still, if you have malware, regardless of bandwidth consumption, you need to clean your system.

You should have an antivirus suite installed. Run a full system scan with whichever antivirus you use. Furthermore, I would strongly advise downloading Malwarebytes and running a full system scan. Quarantine and remove any nefarious items the full system scan brings to light. Then, check if your bandwidth increases. You might notice a sudden boost in speed!

How To Monitor Bandwidth Use Of Each Device On Wifi Network

Your kids are hooked on youtube, and your partner is streaming her favorite season on Netflix. In the meantime, youre trying to download an important document, but the network speed doesnt seem to cooperate.

Amidst all, you may wonder whats hogging your bandwidth usage? Is it the number of devices connected, system malware, or any other network intruder?

Whatever it is, you can monitor the bandwidth usage to figure out the source of interruption. Additionally, you can also fix the network performance with a few tips. Please read below to learn more about it.

  • Bottomline
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    The Advantages Of Router Tracking

    There is third-party software that uses parental control to track a family members browsing activity. However, any tech-savvy individual can discover workarounds with a simple Google search. Even worse, some of these tools have to be installed on the target computer.

    But by monitoring user activity through your router, you can be a bit more discreet about it. It is also harder to remove by the computer user.

    Your router stores all sites users visit even ones that were accessed through Incognito Mode.

    Apply Network Monitor Tools

    How to capture WiFi traffic in Windows with Wireshark

    In addition to a network topology mapper, there are multiple network monitoring tools you’ll want to consider utilizing to have total control of your network’s traffic and security. There is a wide range of network monitoring tools on the market today, so you’ll want to get the lay of the land before deciding which tools are best for your budget and technology stack.

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    Wifi Analyzers To The Rescue

    The term WiFi Analyzer is quite broad and generic. To put it simply, it is anything that can be used to analyze WiFi traffic, data, and/or signals. Every maker of such software seems to have its own idea of what it is and what it should be. In one sentence, WiFi analyzers are tools that can let you see WiFi networks. For example, in a location with several WiFi networks, each using a different SSID, a WiFi analyzer will list what SSIDs are available and, most of the time, the strength of each SSIDs signal.

    Some WiFi Analyzers go deeper and can identify a source of interference that might be hindering a WiFi connection. Those tools are very useful as diagnostic tools. Some WiFi analyzers collect data about all WiFi networks they can find and display that information in a useful manner. Most WiFi analyzers boast some sort of visual display depicting WiFi networks. Others present data in a table format.

    There are two general types of WiFi analyzers. Those which capture WiFi radio waves emitted by WiFi access points and those which connect to access points using SNMP or other means to read their operational parameter. The best tools combine both techniques, offering the greatest level of detail.

    How To View Bandwidth Information For Devices Connected To Your Network

  • Launch a browser from any of the devices connected to your router.
  • In the URL bar, enter your routers IP address.
  • Your routers login page will display.
  • Enter the login credentials for the router.
  • These details are usually found on the back or underneath your router. If youve set your credentials, then enter those.
  • If you dont remember your username and password, just reset the router and use the default ones.
  • After logging in, find the list of connected devices. Each router set up will be different, looking for the following or similar worded options:
  • Under Wi-Fi.
  • Under My Network.
  • Under Attached Devices.
  • Once youve located the list, you can observe information like download/uploading speeds and the amount of bandwidth being used by each device.
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    How To Access Your Router Settings

    For this to work, you need to be able to enter your router settings page. You will need to know your IP address to proceed.

    • To find out your IP address, open Run and type CMD. Click OK.
    • Type IPCONFIG /ALL. Let Command Prompt execute the command.
    • Scroll down the results to Default Gateway.
    • The string of numbers parallel with Default Gateway is your IP address. Copy that value and paste it in any web browser. If you are connected to your browser, this would open your router settings.

    How To Check Data Use On Wi

    Best Wifi Analyzer Software for Monitoring your Wireless Network &  Traffic

    Another thing you can check from your router is how much data each connected device is using. For example, just how much data is everyone connected to your Wi-Fi consuming?

    As you can see in the above image, some devices are consuming a considerable amount of data. For example, the desktop device has used over 1TB, while the connected Amazon Fire Stick has consumed just shy of 500GB.

    Although the Setting page will differ between router manufacturers, you should be able to find a page that details data use on your Wi-Fi router. So again, if you spot an unknown device consuming lots of Wi-Fi data, you may have found your bandwidth-consuming culprit.

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    The Best Android Tools For Monitoring Wireless Networks

    Running wireless analyzer tools on a mobile device has a number of advantages. You can, for instance, easily take your tool to any location where you need it. Of course, tools for mobile platforms are of the airwave-scanning type. They typically wont connect to access points and read their operational parameters but the information they can collect over the air can prove invaluable when troubleshooting wireless networking issues. Here are some of the best tools we could find.

    Using Filters In Wireshark

    When capturing data in Wireshark you will need to configure a capture filter to limit the information that you collect. To filter packets on Wireshark click the Filter box beneath the toolbar and enter TCP . The TCP search criteria will ensure that only packets using the TCP protocol are captured. You can also use the Bookmark icon on the left of the entry field to activate other popular filters.

    In addition, you can apply filters to filter data that has already been recorded. These are called Display filters.

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    Home Vs Business Network Monitoring Tools

    As you start to fortify your home network security, you’ll need to know what devices are connected to your network and track activity to identify invasive actors. The best place to start is having an accurate view of what devices are connected to your router. Catalog what devices you think are connected. Make sure to include every user’s laptop and mobile device, as well as things like home security systems, gaming consoles and appliances.

    Once you have an inventory, compare it against the device list that your router registers. The router will show an inventory of currently connected devices, including IP addresses and media access control addresses. The router’s list will just show the currently connected devices and may not be entirely complete. You can use an open source scanning tool to get more complete information on the devices using your network, including the open ports and services the devices are using.

    Several free or low-cost tools are available to help you monitor home network traffic. As these tools monitor activity on your network, they can identify performance issues and flag unauthorized and potentially malicious traffic.

    Overall, network monitoring software provides a practical way to see activity across the network, including which devices are logged in when you aren’t on the network. It will also alert you whenever a new device logs onto the network.

    Functions Of Network Monitoring Tools

    MikroTik Tutorial 59 – Monitor network traffic using Mangle rules

    Before reviewing the best network traffic monitoring tools available, lets first look at the key functions of an enterprise-grade network traffic monitor. When choosing a network traffic monitor, you should consider which of these functions are most important to your business. This will help ensure you select the network traffic monitor best suited to your companys individual needs.

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    How Can I Block Websites Using Just My Router

    After youve successfully logged into your routers settings page, there should be a button labeled Content Filtering. After choosing this option, you should have another option that says Block Sites.

    Here you should be able to enter domains, or keywords inside a domain name, that you wish to be blocked. There should be another option here giving you the option to block these domains at all times, or to schedule from what time access to them will be restricted.

    If you want to block certain wireless router users from visiting specific websites but also let other users or devices access them, you can add trusted IP addresses that will not be restricted.

    Paessler Prtg Network Monitor

    Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is another network usage monitoring tool that can be used to monitor traffic. PRTG Network Monitor uses SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, and jFlow to monitor network usage and performance. The tool enables the user to measure the bandwidth consumption of devices in the network to make sure no device is using too many resources.

    Key Features

    • Analytical tools
    • Protocol analysis

    The SNMP Traffic Sensor comes preconfigured to show traffic data on Traffic in, Traffic out, and Traffic total. These can be expanded to include Errors in and out, Discards in and out, Unicast packets in and out, Non-unicast packets in and out, Multicast packets in and out, Broadcast packets in and out, and Unknown Protocols. You can select between Live Data or Historic Data over a time period of your choice.

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