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Whilst its widely assumed that WiFi signals are produced in waves, this isnt always the case. There are two types of Wi-Fi antenna, omnidirectional and directional. The former produces a wider yet weaker signal, whilst the latter produces a strong signal which is projected directly to devices. See, youre learning already!

For example, the best WiFi antenna for shops and offices are dome ceiling WiFi antennas. These antennas produce a wide signal for devices in a large room to pick up. These would fall into the omnidirectional category. Yagi antennas are a great example of directional antennas. Shaped like an arrow, they must be pointed at the target device as they only have around a 45° radius.

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Bum Wifi From Your Neighbours

As youre sitting around with no WiFi internet of your own, you may notice the WiFi hotspots of other people around you. Which brings up the possibility of simply asking someone else if you can use their WiFi internet connection. We cant guarantee anyone will agree, especially if youre a complete stranger. A neighbor you know may be more willing to do this favor for you. If so, there are some tips that could be useful here.

From your point of view, treat this shared WiFi the same as you would a public WiFi. You dont control who connects to it, so its best to use a VPN service to encrypt your data and hide your activity.

You should also ask the person whether their router supports guest networks. This is a separate WiFi network that doesnt allow your devices and their devices to mix. It only gives you internet access. Thats perfect both for your friendly neighbor and your own peace of mind.

How To Connect External Hard Disk To Home Network Over Wifi Without Pc

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This power backup and built-in WiFi allow you to communicate and transfer files even when you travel. These portable Hard Disks can communicate with mobile phones, tablets, and WiFi-enabled cameras and laptops directly with the built-in Wi-Fi on the hard drive. Do you know that you can attach any External Hard Disk into the home router and use it as a part of the Home Network? The Hard Disk is getting cheaper.

You can get a decent brand Hard disk for under 100 bucks with storage capacity in terabytes. Hard disk manufacturers are bringing more features to connect storage drives directly to the home network without any difficulty. Earlier days, we depended on a dedicated PC to connect external Hard Disk to share for other users. Unfortunately, if you want to use this HD connected to PC, the system should up and run 24/7, and not reliable.

There are two smart solutions to overcome this problem and keep external HD connected on Home Network 24/7. The first one is to depend on NAS devices. The NAS devices have a built-in network card and a bit expensive, but a very reliable solution. The second low-cost solution is to buy a WiFi router with a USB port. This USB port can be used to connect the External Hard Disk and share it to the home network.

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Connect To A Wireless Network On A Mac

Prefer to explore the World Wide Web on your Mac? No worries, connecting to your new wireless network is easy as pie.

  • Click the Network icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen to see all the available networks.
  • Choose the network you created in step 3, Rename your network, from the list.
  • Youll be asked to enter the password . Type it in and click Join to connect to the network.
  • If Windows Has The Drivers

    300Mbps Fast Speed WiFi Booster,Extends WiFi Range to Smart Home in ...

    In most cases, Wi-Fi adapters are simply plug-and-play in Windows 10. Windows contains minimal drivers for many devices so you can get online without downloading the driver separately. In this example well be installing a TP-Link Archer T2UH AC600 USB networking adapter, which Windows 10 already has a driver for.

    When you insert your USB and once youre online you can download the updated drivers either from the manufacturers website, or through the Windows Device Manager, as well explain in the next section.

    Once Windows 10 installs the drivers, one of either two things will happen: If you have a functioning wireless adapter already, Windows 10 will automatically set the new adapter to Wi-Fi 2 as the secondary backup network. To switch from one network to the next, you can do so by first clicking the Wi-Fi icon from your taskbar, then choosing Wi-Fi 2 from the drop-down menu at the top of the wireless network list.

    Once this is selected, simply re-connect to the network you were previously on, and youre done.

    If you dont have a separate wireless networking device installed, Windows will automatically treat the USB adapter as the primary adapter, and you can connect to a wireless network the same as you would otherwise.

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    How To Connect One Router To Another To Expand A Network

    This article was co-authored by Spike Baron and by wikiHow staff writer, Travis Boylls. Spike Baron is the Owner of Spike’s Computer Repair based in Los Angeles, California. With over 25 years of working experience in the tech industry, Spike specializes in PC and Mac computer repair, used computer sales, virus removal, data recovery, and hardware and software upgrades. He has his CompTIA A+ certification for computer service technicians and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 28 testimonials and 80% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,515,269 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to add a secondary router to your home or small business network. If you want to add more computers or other devices to your home or small business network but have no available ports, try adding a second router. In addition to increasing your network capacity, a second router can also be placed in Wi-Fi blackout areas where the wireless signal is weak or nonexistent.

    How To Set Up My Tp

    1471294This Article Applies to:

    Please refer to the Video first:

    TP-Link smart devices can be controlled by Kasa App locally and remotely. By this means we can easily make the home smart. This article will introduce how to connect the TP-Link Smart Plug/Switch to the home network.

    Note: If your Apple device is IOS 14 or above, please have the “Local Network” enabled first following theFAQ

    Before we begin:

    1. Please download Kasa Smart from App Store or Google Play and install it on your smartphone.

    2. Connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi network .

    3. Plug your Smart Plug into a power socket.

    Here we take HS100 for example.

    Steps to configure TP-Link Smart Plug via Kasa App.

    1. Open the Kasa App and login to your cloud account.

    a. If you dont have an account, please sign up with one refer to How to create a TP-Link Cloud Account on Kasa?

    b. Login to the Kasa App with your cloud account.

    2. Add your Smart Plug on Kasa APP. Tap + and Add a Device, then click on Smart plug and choose an icon according to your model number.

    3. Follow the instruction on the Kasa app to power on the HS100, wait for the Wi-Fi light blinking orange and green.

    If the light do not blinking orange and green, please reset the HS100 as per User Guide/Quick Installation Guide.

    4. Connect your phone to the Smart Plug Wi-Fi. There is a difference between Android and iOS phone in this step.


    For Android: Kasa will look for your Kasa Cam automatically, and it will take about a minute.

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    How To Get Wifi Without An Internet Provider

    Without leeching off of your neighbors

    Youve moved into a new place and someone accidentally dug up your fiber connection or you just dont have the budget for a broadband home internet connection right now, so how do you get connected to the Internet? There are many reasons you might not have WiFi internet access when you need it.

    Is there a way to get WiFi without an internet provider? Actually, weve got six things you can try.

    If you prefer to quickly watch a video instead of reading through the article below, make sure to check out our YouTube video where we go through the different ways you can get WiFi Internet without an ISP.

    Create A Username And Password Or Find The Existing One

    Slitinto Smart WiFi Plug with built in Energy Monitoring Unboxing and Setup Review

    Your router app should automatically walk you through setup procedures, so answer its questions and fill out forms as necessary. For most new routers, youll be asked to create an app name and password. Make sure this password is unique and secure because anyone who has it can do all kinds of nasty things to your network.

    Step 1: WPA2 encryption is currently the standard for security, and you should always choose it if given an option for your security protocol. Make sure you select a long password, too, one that is distinct from the admin password you set earlier. Ideally, it should not include words from the dictionary or an easily-guessed name . Store the password somewhere secure afterward.

    Step 2: A used router, however, may already have a password and need to be reset. Most routers have a recessed reset button on the back. Holding down the Reset button with a paperclip for at least 30 seconds will do the trick. Leave the power on, and wait for the router to rest. It should utilize the default settings when it restarts, meaning the default username and password will now grant you access to settings.

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    The Pros Of Plugging An Ethernet Cable Into A Wifi Extender

    One of the best benefits of plugging your Ethernet cable into a WiFi extender will allow you to have more range. If your router is in one room and you need it elsewhere, the WiFi extender will access an Ethernet cable wherever you are.

    Additionally, if your wireless connection is not working well for some reason, the extender will offer a wired connection. This can be incredibly helpful when updating the software on a laptop or tablet. The hardwired connection may provide better speeds and stability than a wireless connection.

    Learn How To Improve Your Wireless Signal At Home

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    A Wi-Fi extender does just what its name tells you: it extends your Wi-Fi signal to help you use the internet into more areas of your home. If you live or work in an immense space, one with multiple floors or one with thick walls or other obstructions, a Wi-Fi extender will spread your Wi-Fi signal throughout the area.

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    Oh No My Ethernet Cable Is Broken

    Since theyre inexpensive and ubiquitous, its easy to take Ethernet cables for granted. Even if theyre not the fanciest tech you own, its important to remember that theyre not indestructible. A tight kink can sever the tiny copper wires inside the cable, and theres usually no way to tell from the outside. Even cats and puppiesteething toddlers toocan be their biggest adversaries.

    If you still cant connect with an Ethernet cable attached, try swapping out the cable for another. Theres a good chance it might be damaged. This problem is relatively common, so its always worth checking.

    Q: What Does It Mean If The Light On My Modem Is Green Orange Flashing Or Unlit


    The meaning behind the lights on your modem may change based on which brand of modem youre using, but in general, these rules apply to modem lights:

    • LAN: You want a flashing green light here. That means theres internet traffic on your network.
    • DSL: If your modem has a DSL light, you want it to be a steady green light. If its blinking, that could mean youre having trouble connecting to the internet or your modem is searching for a connection. If its red, call your internet provider.
    • Power: You want your power light to be a solid green light. If its unlit or orange, your modem may be malfunctioning, and you should call your provider.
    • Ethernet: If the Ethernet light is solid green, your modem knows youve connected it to a router or computer. If its off, your modem cant detect your router or computer, and you should check that your Ethernet cable is plugged in all the way.
    • Wireless: If youve set up your wireless network correctly, the wireless light on your modem will be a solid green or a flashing green light. If its off or orange, you may not have set up your wireless network correctly, or your Wi-Fi is disabled.

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    Test Your Internet Connection

    Once your modem and router are booted up, its time to test your internet connection.

    Open your web browser and head to or another search engine. If the web page loads, congrats! Youve got an internet connection.

    If you test out your internet connection by going to a website you recently visited, your web browser may load it from the cache. So youll think your internet is golden, but you may not actually have an internet connection at all.

    Best Ultra Cheap Usb Wi

    Wi-Fi Technology: 802.11n | Frequency: 2.4GHz | Signal rate: 150Mbps

    The TP-Link N150 is the USB Wi-Fi Adapter to get if your wireless networking needs are fairly basic. Perhaps your gaming PC is already hardwired to the router and you just need to occasionally connect wirelessly, or maybe you just have a fried Wi-Fi chip in a laptop and want a simple, affordable fix. In either case, the TP-Link N150 can provide it for just under $10, and it’ll take up almost no space.

    The TP-Link N150 is absolutely tiny, with most of its volume consisting of the USB connection itself. So, it’s definitely a plug-and-forget solution you can just leave inserted. The internet connection it offers is a bit dated, with a simple 802.11n wireless connection on the 2.4GHz band and max speeds of 150Mbps, but that may be sufficient if you’re running a modest router and don’t have a premium home internet plan. For the record, 150Mbps is plenty for streaming HD video, and even for 4K HDR video, Netflix only calls for 25Mbps.

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