How To Prevent Wifi Jamming

Why Would Someone Attempt To Jam A Security System

WiFi Deauthing / Jamming & How To Protect Against it

A person who attempts and succeeds in jamming security cameras is typically involved in some sort of criminal activity. The rationale for doing so is rare. And, of course, tampering with signals is illegal. Despite the fact that this jamming is carried out for a legal reason, interfering with it is not legal.

A Question Of Plausibility

Jamming attacks are absolutely possible. As said before, with the right equipment and the right know-how, it’s possible to jam any wireless transmission. But how plausible is it that someone will successfully jam their way into your home and steal your stuff?

Let’s imagine that you live in a small home with a wireless security setup that offers a functional anti-jamming algorithm like the one we tested from SimpliSafe. First, a thief is going to need to target your home, specifically. Then, he’s going to need to know the technical details of your system and acquire the specific equipment necessary for jamming your specific setup.

Presumably, you keep your doors locked at night and while you’re away, so the thief will still need to break in. That means defeating the lock somehow, or breaking a window. He’ll need to be jamming you at this point, as a broken window or opened door would normally trigger the alarm. So, too, would the motion detectors in your home, so the thief will need to continue jamming once he’s inside and searching for things to steal. However, he’ll need to do so without tripping the anti-jamming algorithm, the details of which he almost certainly does not have access to.

Jamming Wireless Security Cameras By Cutting Off Power

In the method, you can only succeed if using a plug-in wireless camera. These types of cameras are common with wireless NVR systems and indoor standalone WiFi cameras.

Just like with the wired PoE or analog CCTV, you can disable the cameras power by either cutting the cable or plugging it out from the socket. This will then shut down the respective device and prevent it from taking any footage.

But if the camera did have a backup battery, cutting the visible cable means you have only shut off the main power supply. So, the camera will still be active and recording everything within the range.

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What Types Of Jammers Exist

Interference generator can jam a certain band or be broadband sabotaging several communication technologies of security systems simultaneously.

For example, Ajax uses 5 frequency bands for communication:

  • 2G/GSM , 3G/UMTS , and LTE networks of cellular operators
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Jeweller radio communication

Broadband interference generators that can jam several networks at once can be:

  • Hand-held or portable with the size of a phone and relatively low power therefore, they prevent data transmission at a distance of 5-15 meters .
  • Stationary such appliances are much more powerful and expensive. The higher the price, the greater the range and number of networks that they can jam. The wider the frequency band and the larger the jamming radius, the more powerful the interference generator must be. Powerful jammers can become very hot, and they require additional cooling. Also, the lower the jamming frequency, the larger the size of the interference generator antenna must be. All this affects the dimensions of the device, and jammers with a range of 100 meters have considerable dimensions, need forced cooling, and power supply of 230 V.
  • Self-made as a rule, low-power jammers that operate over short distances. In order to increase the jamming coverage, expensive broadband amplifiers are required, and the creation of such equipment involves specialized skills.

Avoid Open Public Networks

How to make wifi jammer at home

As convenient as public WiFi networks are, you should be very cautious when connecting to one. Not all public WiFi networks respect the privacy and security of their users, and some public networks may even be set up by hackers who want to lure in unsuspecting victims to steal their passwords and bank accounts. Only connect to verified, trustworthy public networks and always disable automatic WiFi connecting.

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Reduce Your Wifi Range

We understand that most people would rather extend the range of their WiFi network than reduce it, but, sometimes, it makes sense to limit the range to a small area. If youre, for example, living in a small apartment, theres no reason to broadcast your WiFi across the entire block, giving more people than necessary the opportunity to hack it.

A WiFi analysis tool such as NetSpot can help you determine the current range of your network, and you can then turn down the Transmit Power Control on your router to adjust it.

Option #: Enable 80211w Protected Management Frames

If your internet router supports 802.11w, you should be able to enable Protected Management Frames in your router. This protection can help prevent a wireless device from dropping from your network.

Therefore enabling this protection might help prevent some WiFi jammers. More expensive jamming devices will still work, but ones that rely on disassociation attacks will no longer succeed in blocking your Ring doorbell footage from being sent to Rings servers.

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Jammers Are Not Reliable

If a burglar chooses to use a jammer instead of wire cutters, hammers, or screwdrivers, there is no guarantee it will work.

The cellular or Wi-Fi frequencies found in home security systems vary from provider to provider and model to model. Some belong to different carriers, while others feature newer technologyand technology is continuously changing. The burglar would need to match the security system frequency exactly to block the signal.

Additionally, jammers have a limited range based on their quality. Expensive jammers have a longer range than more-affordable jammersand a burglar would be more likely to buy a cheap jammer if they bother to buy one at all. If a customer places their security system hub in a recommended location away from doors and windowsa burglar will have a hard time knowing if theyre in range for the jammer to work.

And as a burglar lurks outside waiting for a jammer to work, you are more likely to capture them on a security camera.

Set Up Strong Encryption

Disabling Wireless Alarms – Issue 1 – Simple Jamming

WiFi encryption is your main defense against hackers looking for a quick and convenient way how to hack WiFi passwords. Unencrypted wireless communication can be captured, analyzed, and abused. The basic level of WiFi protection is WEP encryption.

While better than nothing, there are many easy-to-follow online tutorials out there that can teach virtually anyone how to hack a WiFi password on a WEP-encrypted network. You should always use at least WPA+TKIP encryption. Ideally, configure your router to use WPA2+AES encryption for a bulletproof security.

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Protect Your Privacy With A Spy Camera Wifi And Bluetooth Jammer

This portable unit will instantly block wireless spy cameras, WiFi, and Bluetooth, in the range of 900mhz to 2.4 Ghz.

This WiFi jammer device disables almost all types of existing spy cameras working via wireless video, wireless LAN, and bluetooth bands. It is an excellent choice to maintain privacy in todays wireless world. The unit blocks signals up to 30 meters and is very easy to operate. The frequency range covered by the jammer is between 900Mhz2.5Ghz covering all video cameras mentioned.

How To Make A Security Camera Jammer

Jamming is a technique used to prevent electronics from communicating within wireless security systems. Jamming devices are known as interference generators or signal suppressors, however, they are often referred to as jammers.

Interference generators function at the frequency of the device whose operation is to be disrupted within a certain radius. If the frequencies of the gadget and the jammer do not match, the jamming has no effect on the devices operation. Jamming can be directed at both individual detectors and the entire security system.

An idea behind wireless jamming is that a device transmits data via a specific frequency when it is wireless. The first frequency must be disrupted or jammed by sending out a stronger signal than the first to block it so that it cannot be received. To jam the first signal properly, the second signal must be frequency-locked to its frequency.

It is important for the person who jams Wireless Security Cameras to know the frequency that the camera is broadcasting on so that he can jam it properly. However, he must also have the proper equipment to do so.

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Its All About Your Camera

It does not mean a thief cannot access a device just because they cannot design a jammer. You can, however, take action to defend your home from burglars in many ways. Installing other security alarms besides cameras may ensure that your home is even more secure. Make sure your cameras are placed in less obvious locations. They are therefore less likely to be damaged or vandalized. Knowing which type of camera you want to buy is another way of keeping safe.

Lets talk about the type of camera you should consider being jammed.

Designing A Jammer Is It Really Worth It How Would You Go About Doing It

The Illegal $5 WiFi Jammer for iPhone &  Android

Jamming cameras requires a device that emits a specific frequency. On top of that, these devices are extremely expensive and are often hard to obtain.

In terms of actually designing a jammer, it would be extremely challenging since you would need the correct amount of technology to do so. Getting it done is not impossible, but it will cost a lot of money and wont be accomplished in a weekend. Because burglars wont bother with that one, you can relax as the odds of your cameras being jammed are slim. Having your house targeted by a burglar is even less likely if your house has the resources to create a jammer.

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How To Protect The Security System From Jamming

1. Install the hub in a place hidden from third parties, away from doors and windows. During installation, remember that the location of the hub must ensure a stable signal strength for all Ajax devices.

2. Use all available communication channels.

If you have Hub: SIM-card and Ethernet.

If you have Hub 2: two SIM-cards from different providers and Ethernet. If Ethernet is lost, the hub switches to the SIM-card. If data dont pass via the mobile Internet, the hub engages the second SIM-card. It takes up to 4 minutes to switch SIM-cards, while the standard for security systems is 17 minutes.

The use of two SIM-cards will not protect against GSM jamming but it helps in cases when one of the SIM-cards stops responding for whatever reason. For example, due to a failure on the side of the cellular operator.

If you have Hub Plus or Hub 2 Plus: two SIM-cards provided by different operators supporting 3G , Ethernet, and Wi-Fi from different access points using Internet from different providers.

If Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are lost, Hub Plus/Hub 2 Plus switches to SIM-card and uses 3G network. If the data are not transmitted through the 3G/LTE Internet, the hub switches to 2G within seconds. If the problem is not resolved, it uses the second SIM-card following the same logic: 3G/LTE as the main network and 2G as a backup one. Moreover, it takes up to 4 minutes to switch SIM-cards, while 17 minutes represents the standard for security systems.

Change Your Router Admin Credentials

Do you remember the time when your router arrived, and you went through the initial setup procedure? If so, you probably also remember that you had to input an admin login and password, right? Let us guess: the login name was admin, and the password was also admin, correct? We thought so.

You see, most routers have the same default admin login name and password, which means that just about anyone could walk right up to your router, connect to it using an ordinary Ethernet cable and mess with the settings. While this is less likely to happen to regular home users, its something business owners cant afford to take lightly. As soon as you can, change the default login credentials for something more secure.

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Will I Know When My Security Camera Is Getting Jammed

Sadly, its not in every situation you can tell your security camera is being jammed. Many of the systems in the consumer dont have that advanced algorithm to alert when theres signal interference. Youll just realize that your camera has lost internet connection or else stops recording. But that doesnt justify jamming as it could also be an issue from your service provider- either internet or CCTV company.

A great way you could tell there is an interference generator or device nearby is by monitoring the noise level of security cameras location. The noise in this case is not the audible sound, but the strength of an outside signal of a wireless device. Its usually expressed as decibel-milliwatt, or simply dBm, and measured from 0 to negative 100.

In a nutshell, the higher the number on the reader, the higher the noise interference. For example, a negative 70 dBm signal or better indicates an area with higher signal interference than a negative 100 dBm. So, if theres a signal jammer close to your wireless cameras, you will get noise levels closer to 0.

But again, many household electronics that emit radio and microwave frequencies could also cause signal interferences. So, its also not 100% effective in detecting active jammer.

Is It Illegal To Jam Security Cameras

WiFi “Jammer” Tutorial – Kali Linux

Jamming a security camera can only be done when doing or preventing a criminal intent. When doing criminal intent is when youre interfering with your companys system so that you can break into the vault. Then, when preventing a criminal intent is like when you jam those AirBNBs hidden security cameras instigated to spy on you.

Regardless, the federal law prohibits using or even marketing any form of the signal jamming devicehere in the United States. It doesnt matter if you have it for good or bad intent, the law is against all interferences of authorized radio communications. Only local enforcement agencies are exempted in limited situations as long they have applicable statutes.

One of the reasons the law is against signal jamming is because the interference affects not only security cameras but also other radio signals nearby. This includes the various wireless devices we use in day-to-day communications, as well as police radar and GPS.

Even so, this doesnt mean wireless signal jammers are hard to get. As was mentioned earlier, even a regular handheld two-way radio could be deleterious if it has the frequency of your CCTV. The same goes for those wireless controllers we use on the gates, garage doors, or even automobiles.

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