How To Protect Yourself From Wifi Radiation

Paint Your Home With Emf Shielding Paint

WIFI Radiation Dangers and How to Protect Yourself – EMF Protection Part 4/4

EMF Shielding Paint is a black paint that you can paint on the exterior or interior of your home that has metallic particles in the paint to block the various forms of EMF radiation, such as WiFi Radiation. I saw kind of a mini documentary one time on a family that owned a home in Europe and the city set up a large cell tower literally right next to their home. Rather than sell their home and move, they painted the entire exterior with several coats of this paint all over their house.

They even removed their roofing and painted the plywood surface of the roof and then installed a new roof over it. Their final touch was getting drapery liners made with highly conductive metal fibers woven within them so that they blocked the radiation from coming through the windows. Since the drapery liners were thin and sheer, they could open their drapes but keep the liners closed, and get sunlight into the room.

When they were all done they measured the inside of the home with an RF Radiation meter, and the home was way down in the safe levels around 6 micro-watts per meter squared, if I remember correctly. So they were safe inside their home, but whenever they were in their yard they were getting blasted with that WiFi radiation. With the roll out of 5G I suspect products like this are going to become more and more necessary as they start putting mini cell towers everywhere.

Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Emf Radiation

17 EMF Protections

The contents of this article have not been evaluated by the FDA nor approved by any other government or official body. Nothing offered online or offline is intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind.

Many suggestions in this article are sourced from

The contents of this article have not been evaluated by the FDA nor approved by any other government or official body. Nothing offered online or offline is intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind.

Many suggestions in this article are sourced from

**************SAMPLE LETTER TO UTILITY COMPANY******************



Dear Xcel Energy and Xcel Energy Smart Metering Team:

I, Name, and I, Name, do NOT consent to your or any smart meter, including but not limited to Advanced Metering Infrastructure , as they are not proven safe. I, Name, and I, Name, do not authorize Xcel Energy or any other company to put any smart meter, including but not limited to any Advanced Metering Infrastructure , on our property located at Your Address. Please record this do not consent information officially into our Xcel Energy account number XX-XXXXXXX-X.

  • Are fire hazards due to lack of surge protectors in violation of necessary standards for utility meters.
  • Cannot withstand typical grid surges.
  • Emit biologically harmful pulsed EMF radiation continually .
  • Sincerely,

    Use Usb Adaptors Wisely

    If you use a USB Wi-Fi adapter use it on a USB extension cable . The same goes if you use a 3G or 4G USB internet stick, or dongle, to connect to the Internet while youre traveling. A USB extension cable will significantly reduce your exposure. Tip: the further the USB internet stick is from you when youre surfing the Web, the less you will be exposed. Buy a USB extension thats a good 10 to 15 feet long.

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    What Makes Wifi Radiation Dangerous

    The thing that makes WiFi Radiation so dangerous is the fact that it is a man-made unnatural form of electromagnetic radiation. So when it comes in contact with our tissue it interferes with the electrical systems in our bodies and disrupt the ways our cells function.

    As I said earlier scientific studies even show that this radiation and destroy and unwind our very DNA. That should be scary to everyone. It can enlarge and distort our blood cells and cause them to clump together and not be able to absorb oxygen like they are supposed to be able to do.

    Here let me show you a video example of the kinds of physical bodily harm I am talking about. In this below video a man has his finger pricked and a few drops of his blood are analyzed under a microscope so that we can see what his normal blood looks like. Then they have him talk on his cell phone for two minutes and while he is doing this they prick his finger again to test his blood again. You will see with your own eyes what RF Radiation does to a persons blood.

    G Is Coming What You Need To Know About 5g Emfs And The

    WIFI WORKSHOP: How to Protect Yourself from ...

    An emf bed canopy protects you against 5g radiation while sleeping. Another way to protect yourself from 5g radiation and emfs is by loving yourself and family.

    7 ways to protect yourself and your environment from the. 1) protect yourself from the 5g coming in.

    Emf radiation emf radiation how to stay healthy. 2) protect you and your family from the 5g radiation within your home.

    Easy ways to protect yourself from emf radiation with. Alright, now that weve gone over some of my favorite 5g protection products, lets talk about a few of the other ways that.

    Easy ways to protect yourself from emf radiation emf. Always put phone in airplane mode, power off, or place outside the bedroom before going to sleep

    How can you protect yourself from emf exposure in 2020. An emf bed canopy protects you against 5g radiation while sleeping.

    How can you protect yourself from emf exposure in 2020. Another way to protect yourself from 5g radiation and emfs is by loving yourself and family.

    Pin on 5 g. As a side note, there are two ways to protect yourself from 5g radiation:

    Pin on emf smartmeters 5g protection and news. Defenderpad laptop emf radiation protection & heat shield.

    Pin on emf smartmeters 5g protection and news. Here are a few more ways to protect yourself:

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    Wifi Router Radiation: How To Stay Protected

      WiFi has become a staple of everyday life. It has become so common that weve built our devices around it, creating WiFi-enabled smart TVs, appliances, and other gadgets. The technology is even widely available for free in certain cities. It is found almost everywhere.

      There are some safety concerns, however, around the radiofrequency waves used by wireless networks to transmit data. To read about those in more detail, see WiFi Radiation: Health Concerns & Protection Tips.

      Wireless networks, themselves, could not exist without one key component: a WiFi router. In this guide, we will break down how those routers work. We will also cover potential health concerns surrounding WiFi router exposure, and how to keep you and your family safe.

      Hold Up On Adding Gadgets Or Upgrading To Smart Homes Offices And Cars

      With new wireless technology, wireless-enabled devices with bells and whistles are on sale every single day. Smart home thermostats, bluetooth-controlled cookers, wireless baby monitoring system, and smart beds might make life easier, but they may not be as safe as we think.

      Such technologies are still very new. These devices use many forms of wireless technologies, for which we dont fully understand the long term health consequences. For these, less is more.

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      Make Sure Your Computer Equipment Is Grounded

      Grounding is the process of providing electricity with an effective and efficient path to the earth. If your PC equipment is ungrounded, particularly your laptops, placing your hands on the laptops keyboard can engender high electric field exposures.

      To start with, check whether your PC is grounded:

      • If your power cable has three prongs, then your PC is grounded
      • And if your PC power cord has two prongs, it means your laptop is ungrounded

      If your laptop has a 2 pin plug, you can get it grounded with a laptop grounding cord. This is going to enable the EMFs generated by your PC to route through the wire and not through you.

      In case youre as yet not sure if your outlet is grounded, you can get this checked with an outlet circuit tester. This may require minor electrical knowledge so on the off chance that you are not comfortable with this, consult an expert.

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      Keep Plants In Your House Or Office

      5G Protection Protecting Yourself from Wireless Radiation Exposure

      Studies have indicated that having plants in your office or home can detox the air of harmful toxins. Reports on the web claim that a few plants can also detox EMFs.

      For instance, cactus plants are said to have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation thats coming from a computer. While I couldnt confirm this, I will try to place cactus around my house anyway, on the off chance that it reduces the EMF exposure. Simply consider where you put them so kids dont get pricked!

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      Wireless Emf Energy Vs Body Energy

      I have been doing EMF detection videos on cell phones and mobile phones since 2006 because I wanted to make the invisible wireless energy waves, visible. Otherwise they can’t be seen, smelled, touched or felt .

      In many of the videos, I’ve pointed out that the energy coming from a Smartphone or a Bluetooth speaker, negatively affected the energy of my body. I’ve always felt that the wireless energy wasn’t interacting with my body’s energy in a good way. About 12 years ago, I found Dr. Carlo’s book about cellphone radiation, contacted him and explained my symptoms and realized I have electromagnetic sensitivity.

      TECH WELLNESS TIP Find the safe levels in your environment for better sleep and healthier down time. This easy meter allows you to “see” the invisible EMF energy and determine if you want to make changes. The pro-meter is our favorite simple and easy to use RF radiation detector. Read outs and sound identify Slight, Moderate, High and Extreme levels.

      What Exactly Is Wifi Radiation

      When researching about EMF radiation, you will surely encounter the term WiFi Radiation, and it usually refers to the radio frequency radiation which a WiFi router emits.

      This isnt any different from the radiation that is being emitted by a smart meter or your mobile phone.

      The main difference is that WiFi routers are designed to broadcast radio frequency so it can penetrate walls this is by design and people who setup Wireless networks use tools and software to analyze WiFi networks for dead spots and such.

      It also emits radiation constantly so users can connect anytime and stay connecting every time.

      The result is continuous exposure to EMF radiation which can result in certain effects on health.

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      Does Wifi Radiation Do Anything To My Body Isn’t It Harmless

      WiFi routers and the energy they use to function may not come to mind as a “danger. But research counters that reputation it shows if we care about our health, we will re-think our exposure to WiFi and the location of the WiFi in our homes and living spaces.

      Wireless routers give off electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency. This man made, artificial energy is considered potentially dangerous to people by the World Health Organization.

      Limit Emfs But Dont Let Them Freak You Out

      Protect Yourself from WiFi

      Youre not going to eliminate EMFs from your life. To do that, you would have to turn off the earths electromagnetic field, and then the birds and butterflies wont know how to fly south for the winter. You dont want that on your conscience.

      Instead, start with the easiest, highest impact EMF reducers unplug your wi-fi router and switch your phone to airplane mode at night. Scrap your microwave. Microwaved food is gross anyway. Those alone will drastically reduce your exposure and bonus! Youll notice that you sleep better.

      After that, look into EMF shields for devices close to your body, and assess your environment for other ways to reduce your EMF exposure.

      In a wireless world, electromagnetic noise bounces around us every minute of every day. Actively blocking at least some sources of EMFs is better than sitting there and taking it.

      Do you notice a difference when you use some of these tools? Id love to hear about it in the comments below.

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      Wifis Effects On Our Body

      Exposure to EMF radiation can have several symptoms especially if you suffer from a condition called EHS or Electro-hypersensitivity.

      But seldom do we hear about this actually occurring so how do we know what effects WiFi radiation has on our bodies?

      The human body continually produces between 2 to 3 million red blood cells every second of each day.

      This production happens at a fast pace which means that it is very much vulnerable to disruption from electromagnetic radiations like EMF.

      Within each cell is a small membrane that works like an antenna and its primary job is to continually communicate with the body and the brain using chemical signals.

      But research has revealed that they are also able to pick up signals that are coming from EMF radiation.

      Once received, the cells then interpret them as signals of danger leading them to assume some sort of a defense mode.

      So when you are continually exposed to large amounts of EMF radiation, like that which comes from WiFi routers, the following things are believed to be inhibited:

      • It affects the ability of the body to produce round and complete cells which is one of the features that can be seen in healthy cells. You can research videos on dark field microscopy to see actual examples.
      • It reduces the ability of the cells to absorb crucial nutrients for overall health.
      • It impacts the cells ability to shed-off free radicals and toxins.

      Why Do I Need A Router

      Wi-Fi is enabled with the help of wireless routers that use radio waves to transfer data across a network. To receive the data transmitted by the router, you need a Wi-Fi enabled device.

      You can find Wi-Fi offered in several public establishments including restaurants and coffee shopsjust to name a couple examples.

      Radio waves used by Wi-Fi are low in frequency range but still give off electromagnetic radiation. Even though this radiation is a low-gigahertz frequency, it can be dangerous because:

      • There is constant exposure to the radiation Wi-Fi networks are everywhere and at home we tend to leave them on 24/7, which means there is no break in our EMF exposure
      • The electromagnetic field passes with the signals so it can penetrate through walls and goes wherever the signal goes
      • At one time, you are exposed to numerous different signals from different wireless routers. If you were to search for wireless routers just now, you can easily pick up 2-3 routers on your device from your neighbor’s house or another source.

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