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How To Buy The Best Router or WiFi System For Your Smart Home

The Asus RT-AX86U is a solid choice for online gamers looking to eliminate network bottlenecks. It uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 tech to deliver fast, close-range throughput and offers several features designed to optimize your network, including multi-gig LAN ports, link aggregation, an optimized LAN port, and a handful of game acceleration utilities. It also comes with strong parental controls and lifetime malware protection. That said, if you require a Wi-Fi 6 router that offers faster all-around performance and is equipped with twice as many LAN connectivity ports, our Editors Choice, the TP-Link AX11000 is your best bet, but be prepared to shell out around $400 for the privilege.

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Tether Your Smartphone Or Tablet

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If you don’t need regular mobile data and instead just need occasional access to the internet on your laptop, the fastest and easiest way to get online is often to tether your smartphone.

Tethering your smartphone or tablet does have two drawbacks.

  • You’re entirely dependent on the signal of your mobile phone carrier. That’s fine if you’re in a city but less reliable if you’re out in the country.
  • Laptops typically use much more data than smartphones, meaning you could be in for a nasty surprise when your next phone bill lands in your mailbox.
  • If you have an Android device, you can enable tethering by heading to Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot, then slide the toggle next to Wi-Fi Hotspot into the On position.

    iOS users need to go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and slide the toggle.

    On both Android and iOS, you should set a new username and password to protect the security of your hotspot.

    What Areas Do Your Local Isps Cover

    Coverage may or may not be important. If you already have an internet connection and youre just looking to add Wi-Fi capabilities, then in most cases itll be a matter of picking up the equipment you need to get started.

    If you dont already have internet connection then coverage will be important. Youll want to check each internet service provider in your area and see if they offer service, as well as the type of connections. We go into more depth on how to do this in our internet buying guide.

    If you want 100% wireless, the best advice I can give you is to really zoom in on the map and make sure the coverage is adequate and strong. Most ISP coverage maps will have different colors to show how good or strong the signal. Since this will likely be your primary source of internet for your home I wouldnt settle on any ol internet provider.

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    Find The Best Internet Deals By Provider

    Whats the best internet bargain? Depending on which internet service providers are available in your area, you could be eligible for a variety of internet promos, such as gift cards, price guarantees or streaming specials. Here are a few internet providers that often feature internet deals from special limited-time offers to year-round savings. Keep in mind that all providers and deals are not available in all areas.

    Eero 80211ac Mesh Wifi System

    How to Buy Best Wifi Router in India Online for home and ...


    For reliable and scalable internet connection all wrapped up in one simple package, check out the eero Home WiFi system from Amazon. The system starts with a really stylish, sleek base unit thats augmented by a series of beacon systems that plug into your standard electrical outlet. Fast and easy, with units that eliminate garish antennae, this is an elegant solution for homeowners looking to never lose a step with their coverage. Buy as many eero units as you need to cover your entire home and never worry about buffering again.

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    Select A Good Place For Your Router

    Not all places are equally suitable for your router. To start with, you want to avoid placing your router close to metal objects and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves. Metal is the top disrupter of a WiFi signal, and its presence close to a WiFi router can easily create a large dead zone.

    Other materials, including glass, wood, plastics, foam, and cardboard, can also disrupt a WiFi signal but their influence of WiFi signal strength tends to less severe. Keep in mind that many buildings use metal studs for the particle board mounting, and placing your router close to them would be a bad idea. When in doubt, use a handheld stud finder or at least a stud finder app on your smartphone.

    Strictly speaking, all household appliances emit electromagnetic waves to some degree, even fluorescent lightbulbs, circuit breakers, and electric razors. The biggest emitters of electromagnetic waves tend to be found in the kitchen, and they include stoves, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.

    Other problematic appliances are washing machines, tumble dryers, televisions, cordless phones, and radiant heaters. If you have any of these appliances at home, keep your WiFi router as far away from them as possible to boost WiFi signal.

    Ideally, you also want to keep a safe distance from electric wires. To cover an area with an even WiFi signal, you should place your WiFi router roughly in the center. You can slightly boost your wireless signal by elevating the router above the floor level.

    The Best Wireless Routers For 2021

    Upgrading your router can improve your wireless speed, especially if you stream high-definition videos or play games online. Buying a newer model may also improve wireless coverage, so you can watch and play anywhere in the home or office. Our current favorite is Netgears Nighthawk RAX50 AX5400, namely because it packs a ton of great features into a device that remains extremely affordable.

    Along with our favorite, we reviewed and compared some of the latest models to select the best wireless routers you can buy right now. Take a look at the recommendations below to get a better idea of which device matches your needs. Whether youre looking for a Wi-Fi 6 router, a budget-based alternative, or the best router for gaming, weve got you covered.

    Shopping on a budget? Weve also rounded up the best wireless router deals available now.

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    Turn Your Phone Into A Wi

    If you are in the middle of nowhere with no cafes around but you really need to finish that work assignment, check whether your phone has a 3G or 4G connection. If so, perfect! Just turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You may not be able to stream HD movies, but it’s more than sufficient to do some research or send emails.

    Android users:

    • 5 million hotspots in the US
    • 500,000 hotspot reviews

    If youre wondering how to get free Wi-Fi at home, some of these apps may provide you with hotspots in your vicinity. However, results will vary the signal might be weak or the owner might change the password at any time.

    How We Test Mesh Wi

    HOW to PURCHASE Add on Data Using Globe at Home Prepaid WIFI

    We test every mesh Wi-Fi router that lands on our desk before we can recommend it to you. Much like with any peripheral or device we test, we check everything from its design and features to its performance.

    We take a look at its design, of course, because if youre going to have several routers spread around your space, they should blend in with your home or office aesthetics. We also check its ports and any extra features it might have like the ability to create a guest network and set up family controls as well as ease of initial setup and use.

    Then we move on to its performance. We check its range and strength of coverage as well as perform the Ookla speed test and our file download test, jotting down any information we collect. Naturally, we also test it against our everyday network usage to give you a glimpse on its real-world performance.

    We then take everything weve learned and measure all that against its price tag to see if its a great value to consumers.

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    What Is A Mesh Router

    Routers have long had the ability to expand their signals via repeaters, or devices that take the router signal and replicate it in a different area, reaching more space and fixing problems like dead zones and dropped connections. A mesh router is simply a more advanced, user-friendly version of this idea in one package, allowing home owners to blanket their property with good Wi-Fi coverage and reduce dead zones. Routers like Netgear Orbi and Nest WiFi have a primary router to serve as a hub, and satellite routers made to connect to it. These mesh systems are strong solutions for businesses, venues, and other large areas.

    While mesh routers have been a pricey investment in the past, thats not always true today Vilos latest mesh system starts at $20 for a single router and $60 for a three-pack to extend Wi-Fi signal to remote corners of your home. But you dont have to buy a dedicated mesh system to get the benefits of this type of network some manufacturers even allow you to convert traditional routers into a mesh system by purchasing additional main units or satellite nodes and connecting them together to create a mesh network through a smartphone app. One example of this is the ASUS ROG GT-AX11000, which can be used as a stand-alone gaming router or be added to a mesh system.

    Check The Router Wired Interfaces

    There are several forms of Wi-Fi routers. Some are designed to be connected to broadband, whereas others are only designed for Ethernet, or possibly other connections. Often domestic orientated routers will have a connection for a broadband service as well as Ethernet, and possibly USB.

    When selection a router to buy, ensure it meets the connectivity requirements in terms of broadband and Ethernet only, with USB or whatever combination is needed.

    Routers with USB ports are now more commonly used for cheap networked storage. It is possible to plug an hard disk drive or flash storage drive into the back of the router and share that data with any device on the network. In this way it is possible to create a networked media hub for locally streaming movies, music or television.

    When looking at the wired connections it is worth checking the speeds. Often cheaper routers may have Ethernet switches rated at only 100Mbps, so to select the best router it is best to ensure that the Ethernet connection is rated at 1Gbps . Also check the performance of any USB connections as USB3 / USB3.1 is very much faster than the older USB 2.

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    Connect Your Wireless Router

    Its time to connect your wireless router to your broadband modem . Broadband modems have a variety of looks to them, but every single model will have a

    LAN port. If youve already been using wired internet, this is the port your LAN cable is already plugged into. If you see more than one LAN port, look for a label of OUT or to router on one of them.

    Once you locate the LAN port on your modem or gateway, plug in one end of a LAN cable to the modem and the other end into the IN port on your wireless router. Make sure both devices are connected to power as well. Wait a couple of minutes for the devices to boot, then proceed to step 3.

    Installation Configuration And Performance

    Wireless router shopping guide: How to (and why) buy the ...

    The installation process of RT-AC88U is a piece of cake, thanks to the fantastic web interface. When you connect it to the PC and the internet for the first time, the Asus Web Interface will automatically launch and give you two options to configure the router after you power up the PC. You can then continue with the wizard or set it manually.

    The Quick Internet Setup wizard will check your internet connection and configure your router as a Dynamic IP, Static IP or PPPoE, depending on your connection type selection. After that, it allows you to set a name for each SSID, and then create a network encryption key for each band. With that complete, its setup.

    When it comes to performance, the Asus RT-AC88U provides multi-client MU-MIMO data streaming, works extremely fast on both bands plus file reading/writing and transfers were great.

    • The router comes with 8 Gigabit LAN ports that can easily handle the fastest possible internet
    • The Wi-Fi performance happens to be one of the best we have used in a long, long time.
    • Asus has given us one of the best web interfaces we have used on a wireless router. Its simple, easy to use and highly intuitive.
    • The placing of the USB 3.0 isnt the best we have seen.
    • Once coupled with an external hard drive and used as a NAS, the router manages to give the only mediocre performance for the price you are paying for it.

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    The Difference Between Modems & Routers

    If youre replacing your ISP-provided networking equipment, you may need more than just a router. ISPs often supply subscribers with modem/router combination devices, and you need to replace both to set up your network. A modem modulates the internet signal from the provider, whether that comes from a cable, satellite, DSL or fiber optic service. It translates the signal from the original into an Ethernet-friendly version and back and acts as the gate between your home network and the ISPs larger network.

    Though you can plug your computers Ethernet connection directly into the modem, we dont recommend it. Thats where the router comes into play. The router connects to your modem and creates your home network. It manages all the wired and wireless internet connections in your home and adds a layer of security between your home network and the internet at large.

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    Netgear Orbi Pro Wifi 6

    Superb Wi-Fi performance

    Reasons to avoid

    Sprawling mansions and big companies have demanding network coverage needs that only the best mesh Wi-Fi systems can meet, which is why such routers as the Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 exist. This is a powerful piece of kit, even at its most basic configuration, delivering superb Wi-Fi connection over a remarkably large area. If you want the most powerful mesh Wi-Fi, youve found it. However, it also comes at a lofty price that most households shouldnt spend. Invest, but only if it makes technical sense.

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