How To Reboot Wifi Router

When Should I Reboot My Router

How to Reboot Router

Finding a good time to reboot your router is pretty easy to do. Just pick a time where youre not using the internet.

For most people, this is in the middle of the night when theyre sleeping. How often are you awake and using the internet at 3 a.m. on a Monday?

I didnt think so.

If you work in an office building and are away from home all day, thats another good window where you can reboot your router.

The thing to keep in mind here is that rebooting your router should take less than 10 minutes. Im sure there are 10 minute spans throughout the day where youre not using the internet.

Just find the day and time that works best for your internet usage pattern and daily schedule.

How To Reset A Router To Factory Settings


  • How to Reset a Modem
  • There are several reasons why you might want to reset your router or modem to factory settings. Perhaps you want to sell your devices. Or maybe you want to reset your IP address. Whatever the case, heres how to reset your router and modem.

    Warning: Resetting your router or modem will erase all your custom settings. Make sure to have a copy of your settings before doing a factory reset. You can find these settings in your manual or online. Simply do a web search for your router or modem models manual.

    How To Restart A Router And Modem Properly

    In this part, we will show you how to reboot a modem and router properly.

    1. Unplug your router and modem. If there is other managed network hardware like network switches, you also need to unplug it.


    2. You need to wait at least 30 seconds. During this time, the device can cool down and indicates to your ISP, computers, and other devices.

    3. Plug in the modem. If you find it is not powered on, you need to press the Power button on it.

    4. Wait about 60 seconds to allow your modem to authenticate with your ISP. And it will be assigned a public IP address.

    A modem always has 4 lights: a power light, a received light, a send light, and an activity light. If the first three lights are stable, your modem is powered on normally. However, if there is an internet light, you need to wait until it is turned on to guarantee that the modem is getting internet from the ISP.

    5. Plug in the router. You may need to press the Power button if there is an available one.

    6. Wait about 2 minutes to allow the router to boot up. At the same time, your devices that use the network will begin to get new private IP addresses that are assigned by the DHCP service in the router.

    If you have turned off the power for switched or other network hardware, you need to turn them on and then wait for a minute.

    When your router and modem reboot successfully, you can go to check whether the network connection is back to normal.

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      How To Reset Tp Link Wifi

      TP Link is a popular choice for those looking for WiFi device connectivity solutions. They make an assortment of routers and range extenders for home and commercial use. Built in to their home WiFi routers is simple solution for resetting the device.

      The easiest way to reset a TP Link WiFi router is to press the WPS/RESET button. Hold it for 10 seconds until the Sys LED starts blinking fast. Then, take your finger off the button and the router will restart itself, booting up with factory default settings.

      There is a second way to reset a TP Link WiFi router and thats through logging into the device using a web browser. Once youre connected to the routers management page, find your way through the menu following these steps. Advanced-> System Tools -> Backup & Restore -> Factory Default Restore page

      How To Reset Spectrum Wifi After Power Outage

      How to restart Wi

      Experiencing a power outage can lead to deeper concern when it comes to the devices that support your Spectrum wireless connection, as power surges are capable of seriously damaging those items. However, a power outage does not always have to mean detrimental damage to your router, as a reset can be just the fix for the issues you might be experiencing. To reset your Spectrum WiFi after a power outage, take a look below to find the exact steps.

      To reset Spectrum WiFi after a power outage, disconnect the modem from power and remove the batteries from the back of the device while also unplugging the power cord from the router. Allow 30 seconds to pass, reinsert the batteries, plug the modem back in, and wait two minutes.

      When the two minutes have passed, you will have allowed enough time for the reset to take place in which you can then try to reconnect your devices back to your Spectrum wireless internet.

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      How To Restart Router From Cmd

      There may come a time when you need to access your router through a command-line interface. Maybe the router is working, but the web interface is not responding. In this case and others, you may need an alternative method to access your router.

      There are a few routers out there that have the option to log in via telnet or SSH. This provides a command-line option to interface with your router and can sometimes be a quicker solution. If your router does not support telnet or SSH, you may be able to upgrade it to enable that feature.

      In this article, we will explore some ways to restart your router from the command line. We will also discuss some basic router troubleshooting. We will also go over some options you have if you want to enable terminal to your router.

      How To Reset Tp

      3906117This Article Applies to: Notice: 1.2.WPS/RESETtwo methodsMethod 1: Hard reset/By pressing the RESET buttonpowered onWPS/RESET Method 2:

      You may refer to How do I log into the web-based Utility of TP-Link wireless router?, then go to Advanced-> System Tools -> Backup & Restore -> Factory Default Restore page, then click on the Factory Restore and wait the Router to reboot to its factory default settings.

      Note:adminGet to know more details of each function and configuration please go to to download the manual of your product.

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      How To Restart A Router

      Aaron DonaldRead moreSeptember 2, 2021

      A router is the key to providing internet access to multiple devices in your home or office. But sometimes your router connection fails. This can be caused by several things related to the private and public IP addresses it manages.

      If youre experiencing problems with your router, well show you how to restart it to flush its short-term memory and hopefully provides stronger internet connections once its back up and running.

      Well also show you how to restart a variety of routers, plus how to restart it remotely from your computer or phone.

      Should You Reboot Or Reset Your Router

      How To Automatically Reboot WiFi Router | Schedule Auto Restart of WiFi router

      A router reboot or reset depends on the situation. These terms have different meanings, although theyre used synonymously when referring to network troubleshooting.

      A router reboot does the following:

      • Clears out the memory

      A router reset does the following:

      • Reverts all settings back to their factory defaults

      A router reset is similar to resetting a PC or a mobile device to its factory defaults. It restores the operating system, reverts all settings to their out-of-the-box state, and deletes everything you downloaded to the device.

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      Giving Your Router A Break Can Do More Than Just Speed Up Your Internet Connection

      The Internet: Cant live with it, cant live without it. Whether youre using it to pay your bills online, watch your favorite streaming service or connect with friends via social media, a strong Internet connection is crucial in many households. But just as shutting down your computer every so often can improve its performance, rebooting your router can also help.

      Option : Use The Web Interface

      Most standalone routers and wireless gateways provide a backend interface you can access using a web browser. Once you enter the username and password, you can reboot the device somewhere from within the settings.

      However, the interface provided by each manufacturer is different, so our Linksys instructions might not match what you see on units supplied by other manufacturers.

      Example: Reboot a Linksys router

      Step 1: Open a web browser, and enter the routers web or IP address. Linksys prints the web address on a label stuck to the bottom of its routers.

      Step 2: Enter the username and password to log in.

      Step 3: Click Troubleshooting listed under Router Settings displayed on the left.

      Step 4: Click the Diagnostics tab.

      Step 5: Click the Restart Router link displayed under Restart.

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      How To Reset A Modem

      The steps to reset a modem may be different dependingon which model you have, but the basics are the same. Here is the generalprocess:

    • Keep your modem plugged in.
    • Find the modems Reset button. This may be on the back or bottom of the device.
    • Press and hold the button with a paperclip.
    • Release the button when the modem lights start to flicker.
    • Wait for the Internet light to turn green.
    • While your modem or router is resetting, do not interrupt the process by clicking a link, closing your browser, or powering off the device. Doing so might corrupt the firmware.

      Now that you know how to reset your router, check out our guide on how to test your WiFi speed.

      Plug In Networking Equipment


      Plug in networking equipment then wait up to two minutes for the router to assign private IP addresses to all devices. Most routers have a Ready or another aptly named LED indicator to let you know when everything is ready to go.

      If rebooting the router doesnt solve anything, it might be worth resetting. This is also a good option if your admin login details have been forgotten or compromised, or youve forgotten your Wi-Fi key. Theres a couple of different resetting options but dont worry, Uncle PC Guide has you covered.

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      Reasons Why You Should Reboot Your Router

      A router is a miniature computer with a processor, system memory, and enough storage to house the operating system. Its job is to assign addresses to all devices and route internet traffic to those addresses. Its the only public-facing device in your home network while all your computers, tablets, consoles, and other internet-capable devices hide behind it.

      That said, there are many reasons why you should reboot your router from time to time.

      How To Reset Google Wifi

      Google WiFi is a more modern approach to WiFi, as the goal of this router was to be able to get rid of congestion problems when using the internet so good service could always be found, no matter where you are in your home or business. Even with this advancement though, there are times when Google WiFi needs a fix that can simply only be done by completing a reset. To perform a reset on Google WiFi, read on to find the steps to complete this process.

      , locate the small circle that is located on the bottom of the router. When you find this button, press and hold it for 15 seconds. Once the time has passed, release the button and listen for the sound cue to start, which is what indicates that a factory reset has taken place.

      The sound cue that comes from the router is not a startling noise, but one that will continue for about 10 minutes after a factory reset has been employed. Be sure to keep a watch on the clock to time this, as a few minutes can seem much longer than they actually are, prompting users to restart the process all over when it is not necessary. Be patient with the process and allow Google WiFi to completely restart to see if the reset has been effective.

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      How Do I Install Dd

      With most routers, installing DD-WRT is as simple as installing a computer program. It is important to note, however, that doing the process incorrectly can render your router useless.

      Firmware flashing is when a program is installed on a router. The process to install DDWRT varies from router to router, but it usually involves downloading a file that contains DDWRT. the routers web administration page is where the DD-WRT installation file is uploaded.

      This process is straightforward because routers already have systems in place that let the user update its internal software.

      The DD-WRT community provides excellent resources available for those who wish to upgrade their routers. They have an excellent guide on how to install DD-WRT on your router.

      Reset Your Router To Factory Defaults

      How to restart your wifi router

      If you forgot your router password and cant access the router, or want to start over with fresh settings, you may perform a router reset to restore factory defaults.


      • Router reset will wipe out all of your customized settings
      • Router username and password will be reset to factory default values as shown on the router label
      • Personalized Wi-Fi settings will be deleted, including the Wi-Fi name and password you created. Your Wi-Fi network won’t be accessible until you reconfigure your router and update your Wi-Fi devices to use the same customized Wi-Fi settings

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      Linksys Cloud Manger 20 Migration


      By clicking the CONFIRM button I accept the Terms and Conditions related to the migration from Linksys Cloud Manager 1.0 accessible via to Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 accessible via for all devices purchased with the LCM1 firmware including LAPAC1200C, LAPAC1750C, LAPAC2600C and all regional variations. Migrating from LCM1 to LCM2 provides for new functionality, but also changes and eliminates other features. Those that are comfortable with the functionality provided in LCM1 do not have to migrate but should know that Linksys will not be developing new functionality based on the LCM1 platform. Details of the changes are outlined below. Please read carefully before initiating firmware migration.

      Important facts to be aware of before migrating:

      The migration to LCM2 brings new improvements over LCM1 which are listed here , but also changes and eliminates some functionality currently available in LCM1:

      For any technical issues, please consult our online Linksys Cloud Manager 1.0 to 2.0 Migration Guide or contact us at . For North American phone support, call our dedicated Business Technical Support line Monday-Friday, 5am-11pm PST at: +1 855-6899. For all other regions, go here to see your support options or contact your local Linksys office for more information.

      How To Restart A Spectrum Router

      To manually restart your Spectrum router:

    • Disconnect your router from the power source and remove any batteries.
    • Wait for a minute or so before putting the batteries back .
    • Re-connect your router to the power source.
    • Wait for two minutes or so while the router restarts.
    • The status lights will confirm the routers online status.
    • Check that your devices can successfully connect to the internet.
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