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Option : Change Your Wi

How to block or limit others from accessing my Wifi / Router – MAC Filtering – CenturyLink

The easiest, most secure method is merely changing your Wi-Fi networks password on your router. This will forcibly disconnect all devices from your Wi-Fi networkeven your own. Youll have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network by entering the new password on all your devices. Anyone who doesnt have your new password wont be able to connect.

Lets be honest: If you have a lot of devices, reconnecting them all will be a pain. But its also the only real, foolproof method. Even if youre capable of blacklisting a device on your router so it cant reconnect, someone with your Wi-Fi password could connect on a new device.

To do this, youll need to access your routers configuration settingsusually in a web interfacesign in, and change the Wi-Fi password. You can change the Wi-Fi networks name while youre at it, too. Weve got a guide to accessing your routers web interface, and you can also perform a web search for your routers name and model number to find the manufacturers manual and official instructions. Look for a Wireless or Wi-Fi section in your routers options.

This all assumes youve set a password on your router! Ensure you enable secure encryption and set a strong passphrase. If youre hosting an open Wi-Fi network, anyone will be able to connect.

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Setup Parental Controls On The Centurylink Modem With Secure Wifi

With CenturyLink Secure WiFi it becomes ever so convenient for you to access and set up parental controls. You can do so via the My CenturyLink web portal or the My CenturyLink app, depending on whatever you feel more comfortable with.

  • Sign in to your CenturyLink account via the web portal or the app using your CenturyLink login Chances are you have had an interaction with your CenturyLink account prior to this, perhaps when you changed the default CenturyLink WiFi password or to viewed your bill.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the Internet service option from the My Productsmenu , and from the My Products screen . Youll find options here that allow you to manage groups of devices, control content and internet access time.
  • How Do I Remove A Device From My Modem

    If your modem has always connected, it will appear on your log in screen as a list of all your devices. You have the option at the top right of configuring the list and then you can opt to manually delete the ones you no longer desire. The names of those devices can be found if they reconnect in the future.

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    Using Your Router’s Page

  • 1Disconnect from the Internet everything except your computer. This is the easiest way to determine whether or not you have intruders on your network, as any remaining addresses that you find belong either to your computer or to an intruder.
  • If you have any Internet items that are wired directly to the router via Ethernet cables , disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • 2Determine your router’s IP address. In order to boot someone off of your network from the router page, you’ll need to know your router’s address. To find the address:
  • Windows – Open Start
  • Change Your Wifi Password

    Connect a Wireless Device to Your Network

    Changing your routers wifi password is the easiest way of ensuring that nobody will have access to your wifi. This will automatically disconnect all the devices from your wifi network and you can only reconnect using the new password. Anyone who doesnt have the new password wont be able to connect. If you have multiple devices, it can be a very tedious process having to enter the new password on all these devices, but its the only way to block other unauthorized users from accessing your wifi.

    If you forget your password, you can recover all the saved passwords on your Windows PC and any other device. Access your routers configuration settings in your web interface, log in, and change your wifi password. You can change your wifi networks name too.

    Once youve set a password on your router, enable WAP2 secure encryption and ensure you set a strong passphrase.

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    How To Kick Someone Off Your Wifi Centurylink

    Its very easy to set up wireless connections for both your home and office. You can set up a wireless network using an internet cable or DSL or using your smartphone as an access point and Centurylink allows you to do that.

    Although you can set your wireless network easily, you might not be well versed in network security which leaves your wifi vulnerable to hacks and free riders who want to use your wifi for free. You can easily kick them off your Centurylink wifi by changing your wifi password or you can set up a guest network.

  • Does Centurylink internet require a phone line?
  • How To See Who’s On Your Wi

    You can see who is using your Wi-Fi network through your router’s interface.

  • Log in to your router.

  • Find the DHCP settings, “attached devices” area, or a similarly named section. The specifics vary by router manufacturer.

  • Look through the list of connected devices and isolate those that aren’t yours. If they’re not immediately obvious, disconnect and/or turn off those you know belong to you. Any remaining devices are using your network without permission.

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    Change The Network Name And Add Encryption

    These steps are along the same line as changing the password but take it a step further. While you are changing the password, go ahead and also change the network name itself. This way people wont even know which network to attempt to access for that sweet, free Internet. You can also take an extra step beyond that and encrypt the network traffic using WPA or WPA2 encryption.

    Why Does My Centurylink Internet Lose Connection Constantly

    Remove Devices From Wifi Using Android

    When you’re seeing random CenturyLink Internet disconnects, one or more of the following may be happening:

  • Your CenturyLinkWiFi connection is too weak -WiFi signal is not strong enough or you are near the edge of the WiFi coverage.
  • Overloaded CenturyLink network – there are many people connected to the same network as you – may happen in public places such as parks, stadiums, concerts, etc.
  • Wireless interference – there may be several WiFi hotspots using the same or overlapping channels or devices that can induce interference, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones or other wireless devices.
  • Router / modem or other networking equipment issues on your side, at home, in the office, faulty Ethernet cables.
  • Networking software issues with your devices – outdated or incompatible drivers.
  • CenturyLink issues – temporary maintenance, outages, bad public WiFi hotspots with no working Internet etc.
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    Can My Centurylink Wifi Be Fixed

    Luckily the answer is yes, we can! Take a look below.

  • Try to connect your laptop to your WiFi gateway with an Ethernet cable and check to see that you do indeed have access to the internet, and that you can login to your CenturyLink device.
  • Once you have logged in, check your settings and ensure that your WiFi network is being broadcast and that the CenturyLink WiFi radio is switched on.
  • If all of your CenturyLink router settings are correct, then the next thing to do is check out your laptop.
  • Open up Network Settings Click Manage known networks and remove all saved networks from there so they dont show up as options when you try connecting again.
  • Go back into your WiFi networks and refresh the list.
  • If your WiFi is still not showing up, or it is showing up but not connecting, then read on for more solutions.
  • Option #3 Use Mac Filtering To Block Certain Devices

    This can be a good option, but only for non advanced users who you want to kick off the Wi-Fi, because it can be circumvented by someone who is a little tech savvy and knows what they are doing.

    So if your problem is more related to younger people in the household who you want to kick off the Wi-Fi, then it can work as a basic solution if they arent tech savvy enough to know how to get around it.

    If however you have a bigger problem of someone actually hacking your network from another house, then this solution probably wont work, because if they know how to hack your Wi-Fi, theyll also probably know how to clone or spoof a MAC address to get access to your network even if you block their initial MAC address.

    However, here are the general steps for MAC Filtering on a router:

    An example of a MAC filtering page on a router. Enter in the MAC addresses and select deny or block to kick them off the Wi-Fi

    You may want to combine this option with the Change Password option listed at the top, to add an extra level of security.

    Again, if the unwanted person on your Wi-Fi is a hacker, then you are better off resorting to the more fundamental solution of a full factory reset and change of password we list below.

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    Option : Use A Guest Network In The First Place

    If youre giving a guest access to your Wi-Fi network, you can make this process much easier on yourself by setting up a guest Wi-Fi network on your router. The guest network is a separate access network. For example, you could have a network Home Base and another one named Home Base Guest. Youll never give your guests access to your main network.

    Many routers offer this feature, calling it a guest network or guest access in their settings. Your guest network can have an entirely separate password. If you ever need to change it, you can just change the guest network password without changing your primary network password and kicking your own devices off.

    Guest networks can often be isolated from your main network, too. Your guests devices wont have access to file shares on your computers or other network-connected resources if you enable isolation or disable allow guests access to local network resources, or whatever the option is called.

    Once again, youll have to dig into your routers settings to see if it has a guest network feature. However, guest networks are much more common than access control lists.

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    More Advanced Router Security

    Bypassing needless CenturyLink Wireless Router on Gigabit Fiber  Kevin ...

    Think of network security as a race to outrun a bear, You don’t need to be the fastest you just need to be faster than the slowest person trying to escape. There’s no way to make a home network perfectly impervious to a dedicated hacker who has the tools and skills to break into your network. But if you layer enough security practices, the hacker will pluck the low-hanging fruit first, reducing your relative risk of intrusion.

    Disable File and Printer Sharing in Windows. If a hacker gains access to your network and all your files and devices are easily discovered from within your home network, your risk of a data breach increases substantially. A “defense-in-depth” approach means you employ several different levels of security access instead of relying on just one strategy.

    Start by implementing MAC address filtering on your router so that only the MAC addresses you specify are allowed to connect. This approach isn’t foolproofit’s easy to spoof a MAC addressbut this level of filtering adds one extra step to hack through and dissuades low-skill, opportunistic Wi-Fi leeches.

    Similarly, limit DHCP addresses to the exact number of devices you regularly use so that no new devices are allowed an IP address even if they manage to get past your Wi-Fi password.

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    Fixing Device Setup Errors By Adjusting Your Router

    Important note for our Neighbors:

    The steps provided in this guide are being provided to help you resolve the potential problems identified below. It is up to you to determine what steps you are comfortable taking, the security needs for your network, and how to meet those needs.

    If youre having trouble getting your Ring device to set up in the Ring app successfully, please ensure you followed all of the instructions in the Ring application before following the guide below. If your Ring device failed to connect to your wifi network, the problem may lie within your routers settings. This article will provide several possible solutions that involve adjusting various router settings.

    Note: If your router is more than 4 or 5 years old, it may have exceeded its expected lifetime service. In that case, you may need to replace the router as troubleshooting won’t always fix problems.

    Things to Try First

    Before you begin adjusting your router, verify that the following items are not causing the setup to fail:

  • Change the name of your wireless networks so that you can easily tell the difference between a 2.4 GHz network and 5 GHz network.
  • Use a Web browser to visit and verify your internet connection.
  • Check your wifi password. One of the easiest problems to resolve when setting up Ring devices is to make sure you’re using the correct wifi password. To make sure you are using the correct password, do the following:
  • Make sure you have your wifi password available.
  • Wifi 6

    Access Your Router Software

    You can access your router software or Internet service provider software to manually kick off any device using your network. This can be done by accessing a dedicated web portal provided to you by the ISP or by simply connecting the router itself to a personal computer if you were wondering what a USB port on a router is for. Once accessed, remove any suspicious devices. As an added bonus, you can set other security parameters via this same software and download new drivers.

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    Why Kick People Off Your Wifi Network

    • Slow bandwidth and internet
    • Hackers in control of your router, internet, network, and you
    • Friends downloading illegal torrents
    • Bandwidth exceeding FUP limits resulting in plan upgrade
    • Asking people to stop is not working, nobody listens to your requests

    In all the above situations, its much more efficient and easier to just kick people off your WiFi network rather than asking them to remove themselves.

    How Do I Kick Or Remove Users Devices Off My Wifi Router

    Remove “Phantom” Devices showing connected to Wireless Router

    Here are a few tips to secure your modem/router:

  • Under Wireless Basic Settings Do not leave your SSID at the default setting. Usually the default setting is the router brand and model. Sometimes, the brand and model of the router is all that a malicious individual needs to know, to access your router without your knowledge.
  • Under Wireless Basic Settings Lower the radio power just enough to get good signals inside your house. This will lessen the possibility of neighbours or people on the street from detecting your WiFi signal.
  • Under Wireless Advanced Settings Set Broadcast SSID to “disabled” to prevent other people from finding your WiFi signal. Enable it only when you have a new device that you want to connect to the router.
  • Under Wireless Security Setup Use WAP2 Mixed if all your wireless devices supports it.
  • Under Wireless Access Control Set “Allow Listed” and list down all MAC addresses that you want to allow.
  • Optionally, you could turn off DHCP or at least limit the IP pool range. For example if your house has only 5 wireless devices, then limit the IP pool to This will prevent too many users from connecting wireless to your router all at once.
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