How To Remove Someone From Your Wifi

How To See Who’s On Your Wi

How to kick anybody off your WiFi!

You can see who is using your Wi-Fi network through your router’s interface.

  • Log in to your router.

  • Find the DHCP settings, “attached devices” area, or a similarly named section. The specifics vary by router manufacturer.

  • Look through the list of connected devices and isolate those that aren’t yours. If they’re not immediately obvious, disconnect and/or turn off those you know belong to you. Any remaining devices are using your network without permission.

  • Use A Modern Encryption Standard

    Older Wi-Fi encryption methods such as WEP, WPA1, and WPA2-TKIP are considered insecure. WEP in particular is easy to hack using brute force methods. So if youre still using one of those, its time to change to a more secure encryption method. We recommend using WPA2-Personal .


    Using good, modern encryption standard will keep out potential nearby hackers and prevent possible eavesdropping on your internet activities by neighbors. Also, disable WPS , which is also insecure and might provide a point of entry for a hacking-savvy neighbor.

    If your router doesnt support newer encryption methods, its definitely time to upgrade your router.

    How To Manage Devices In Your Home With Secure Wifi

    Secure WiFi puts you in the driver’s seat of your home network. Access all the features from the My CenturyLink website or from the My CenturyLink app.

    Important Note: Secure WiFi is available on modem models C1100, C3000A, C3000Z and C4000 leased from CenturyLink.

    Sign in to your account online or on the app and then select the “Internet” service option from the My Products screen or menu to access the Secure WiFi tools.

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    To Catch A Wifi Predator

    With the problems described above, youll need to first be sure that youre dealing with an internet thief and not just an ISP line error. To do this, youll have to access your router page by logging into your home router via an internet browser.

    To log into your router as an administrator:

  • First ensure that your PC is currently connected to your router. Should be rather easy, just see if you can pull up a webpage. For a more technical approach, Windows users, check the bottom-right area of your desktop. In your taskbar, look for the Internet Access icon. This can appear as either a PC monitor or a dot with waves emitted from it . Mac users can also check for an Ethernet or WiFi icon in the Menu Bar.
  • Pull up a tab on your browser and type in the routers IP address into the URL bar. The standard router IP is usually set to one of these three:,, or If none of these work for you, youll need to go and search for your Default Gateway IP. There are a few ways to do this but well keep this short and provide the quickest ways
  • Windows, youll want to go through the IPCONFIG process. Pull up your command prompt by typing cmd into the search bar attached to your taskbar or press the Windows Key+R simultaneously to open the run command, and type cmd there.With Command Prompt open, type in ipconfig | findstr Default Gateway and press ENTER.The IP needed can be found to the right of Default Gateway.
  • As a matter of fact, I insist.

    Kick People Off Your Wifi Network On Windows 10

    How To Block People From Wifi At Home

    We are going to use a free app called NetCut. It is an older project but works fine on Windows 10. The UI is straight out of the 90s though. Download and install NetCut from its official website . You might be asked to install another program called WinpCap during the process. Just follow the installation wizard and you are good to go for it. Reboot your computer if asked.

    NetCut will list all the devices currently connected to your WiFi network with their Mac addresses. Select the Mac address you want to block and click on the Cut button. This will disconnect the internet from the target device. Click on the On button to allow reconnecting to your network.


    • Free and easy to use
    • Works on all version of Windows


    • A temporary solution, WiFi moocher can connect later
    • The UI is dated and ugly
    • You have to know the Mac address of the moochers device

    How It Works

    When you start the NetCut app, it spoofs the Mac address of the router and makes the moochers device believe that it is the original router. Now, the victims device starts sending all the data packets to your device . Instead of forwarding data packets to the router, NetCut will drop the packets resulting in internet disconnection.

    Download NetCut: Windows

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    Turn On Wpa2 Encryption

    Switch your WiFi encryption to WPA2. Older routers use WEP, an outdated encryption method thats easy to crack. There are even free tools online that even novice hackers can use to gain access to your network.

    WPA2 however is better encrypted and more suitable in fending off leeches. Use WPA2 to set a strong password for your WiFi network.

    Remove Unwanted Users Directly From Your Routers Wi

    As mentioned before, there are ways to not only disconnect users from our Wi-Fi connection,but we can also make better protection of our internet signal, by removing or disconnecting them from our routers network, this action sometimes is rough with different routers and sometimes it is very simple and quick,it depends on your device.

    Follow the next steps to do so:

    Step 1: Go to your routers settings (which is normally the Address written on the routers back like, and some similar addresses. In case you cannot find it by yourself,help yourself with the user manual,which is given together with your Wi-Fi device when you buy it.

    Step 2: Now,just enter the required username and password,which enables you to get into your Wi-Fi settings. Most Wi-Fi devices come with pre-established usernames and passwords which are printed on the back of the router.

    Step 3: After doing this, go and find Access management or attached device,below settings menu and just ban them.

    This is a method which is called Mac Filtering,in case you are using public Wi-Fi signal and just feel like you want to kick other users out from it,try the method given below.

    Recommended for you:

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    Option : Use A Guest Network In The First Place

    If youre giving a guest access to your Wi-Fi network, you can make this process much easier on yourself by setting up a guest Wi-Fi network on your router. The guest network is a separate access network. For example, you could have a network Home Base and another one named Home Base Guest. Youll never give your guests access to your main network.

    Many routers offer this feature, calling it a guest network or guest access in their settings. Your guest network can have an entirely separate password. If you ever need to change it, you can just change the guest network password without changing your primary network password and kicking your own devices off.

    Guest networks can often be isolated from your main network, too. Your guests devices wont have access to file shares on your computers or other network-connected resources if you enable isolation or disable allow guests access to local network resources, or whatever the option is called.

    Once again, youll have to dig into your routers settings to see if it has a guest network feature. However, guest networks are much more common than access control lists.

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    How To Disconnect Someone Use Your Wifi

    How to remove someone from using your WIFI ? || Block People Off Your Wifi || 2020 || 100% WORKING

    How can I see all devices connected to my wifi?

    There are a few ways to see all devices connected to your wifi. One way is to use the command prompt on a Windows computer. Another way is to use an app like Fing.

    Can I see what devices are connected to my router?

    Yes, you can see what devices are connected to your router. Most routers have a built-in list of devices that are currently connected to the network. You can also see the type of device, the IP address, and the MAC address.

    Is someone using my Wi-Fi?

    There are a few ways to tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission. One way is to check your networks activity log. If you see devices that you dont recognize, or if the devices are connecting at odd hours, then its likely that someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission. Another way to tell is to check your Wi-Fi signal strength.

    How do I know someone is using my Wi-Fi?

    There are a few ways to tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission. One way is to look at your Wi-Fi networks activity log. This log will show you which devices have been connecting to your network and when. If you see a device that you dont recognize, its likely that someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission.

    Can I read someones text messages if they are using my WiFi?Can someone hack my WiFi?How do I block others from using my WiFi?Is someone spying on my Internet?How can you tell if someone is using your Wi-Fi spectrum?

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    Using Your Router’s Page

  • 1Disconnect from the Internet everything except your computer. This is the easiest way to determine whether or not you have intruders on your network, as any remaining addresses that you find belong either to your computer or to an intruder.
  • If you have any Internet items that are wired directly to the router via Ethernet cables , disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • 2Determine your router’s IP address. In order to boot someone off of your network from the router page, you’ll need to know your router’s address. To find the address:
  • Windows – Open Start
  • Disable Your Routers Guest Account

    Many Wi-Fi routers support guest accounts that are isolated from your main local area network , use an alternate password, and can be subject to other restrictions.


    If a neighbor is stealing Wi-Fi through a guest account, then youll need to log into your routers configuration interface and disable it.

    Even if your neighbors arent using a guest account for access, you should probably disable your guest account anyway if you never use it. They are often not secure.

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    Additional Wifi Security Measures

    Extra steps you can take to secure your Wi-Fi from intruders includes disabling WiFi protected setup and upgrading the router firmware.

    Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup to enhance WLAN Security

    There should be a setting in the wireless part of your router that disables WPS. This is a known vulnerability in shared properties, dorms, and other places where you dont control who comes and goes. Turn it off to stop people from authenticating on your network if they have physical access to the router hardware.

    Upgrade Router Firmware to Enhance WLAN Security

    Upgrading router firmware allows you to benefit from any security patches or fixes. The KRACK vulnerability is one example that found a weakness in WPA2 which was quickly patched out. Only a router firmware update can fully protect you, so allow automatic updates on your router if it is possible or check regularly for updates.

    In closing, the above recommendations help secure your WLAN and Wi-Fi router to prevent unauthorized users, as well as hackers. If you want to take your privacy one step further, check out how to secure your PC.

    Forget A Wifi Network On A Mobile Device

    How to remove people from using my WiFi #Nokiarouter

    Removing a WiFI network from a mobile device is easy.

    You will need to do this immediately following our StarID transition to erase the old connection settings.

    After you remove the old connection info, youll want to refresh and connect to the new StarID-credentialed network. Please see our other articles about adding a WiFI network to Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile phones .

    For Android :

  • Open Settings on your device, and tap on the WiFI icon to access WiFi network options.
  • Tap and hold the WiFi network you want to delete, then select Forget Network from the menu that appears.
  • For iOS :

  • Open Settings on your device, and tap on the WiFI icon to access WiFi network options
  • From the list of WiFi networks, select the one you want to delete, and tap Forget This Network from the details page.
  • For Windows 10 Mobile:

  • From Settings, tap Network and Wireless, then WiFI to access wireless network options.
  • Tap and hold the WiFi network you want to delete, then select Delete from the menu that appears
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    Pause Devices And Groups

    Does your family have a no-devices-at-the-dinner-table policy? Maybe your kids are supposed to be screen-free after a certain time of day? Are you a gamer with a big tournament coming up? With Secure WiFi, you can pause devices any time you want. This can be done either from the device management menu or from the group management menu. You can pause a whole group of devices or pause individual devices as needed.

    Pause options:

    • From any selected group or device, Click the “Internet access” toggle on or off to pause or unpause.
    • To pause all groups at once, click on the blue “Pause All Groups” button on the Manage Groups screen.
    • Note that devices will not receive any notification when they are paused.

    How To Kick People Off Your Wifi On Android

    When it comes to Android, there are many apps that can kill the internet of other devices on the network. Some of those apps include but not limited to WiFi Kill, cSpolit, etc. We contacted the developer of Netcut, and this is what he told us:

    NetCut works at Layer 2 of OSI model. It allows users to test its WIFI network by finding its brand test ARP protocol

    In almost all these apps, one thing that is common is that they require root access. If your Android phone is not rooted, you simply cannot use any of these apps. We recommend NetCut who also developed the Windows version and yes, it needs root access too. Download the app from Play Store, launch it, and give root permission when asked for. Search for the device you want to kick off your network.

    • Search for devices by its name instead of Mac addresses


    • A temporary solution, the WiFi moocher can connect later
    • Can disconnect internet of only one device at any given time
    • Some features may go paid in the future

    Update: For some unknown reason, NetCut Android app is no longer available on Google Play Store. You can still download it from its official website , but I suggest you be cautious of the app.

    Download NetCut: Android

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    How Do I Block A Device From My Router

    The first step is to find the MAC address of the device you want to block. For this, you need to access your routers admin panel or web interface. Heres how you can access that with any computer in your home:

  • Launch a browser and enter the router IP address
  • Login with the credentials
  • Look around to find a list of connected devices
  • Depending on the router, this list could be available under different tabs or headings. Look for tabs like Network or Attached/Connected Devices. Once you find this list, you will be able to see the IP addresses, as well as the MAC addresses corresponding to those IP addresses.

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