How To Restart A Wifi Router

How To Reset Xfinity Wifi Router/box


When it comes to technological services, it can be confusing to understand the differences between terms as well as comprehend which terms are interchangeable. If you have Xfinity as your wireless network provider and need to reset the service, you may wonder if resetting the box to the internet is the same as resetting the router. Luckily, these two terms go hand and hand and when it comes to resetting the router or box for Xfinity, the process is very simple.

To reset your Xfinity WiFi router/box, locate the Reset button on the box or router. When you have located this button, press and hold it for five consecutive seconds. Once this time has passed, release the reset button and the process will start and complete fully within a matter of minutes.

How To Reset A Router To Factory Settings


  • How to Reset a Modem
  • There are several reasons why you might want to reset your router or modem to factory settings. Perhaps you want to sell your devices. Or maybe you want to reset your IP address. Whatever the case, heres how to reset your router and modem.

    Warning: Resetting your router or modem will erase all your custom settings. Make sure to have a copy of your settings before doing a factory reset. You can find these settings in your manual or online. Simply do a web search for your router or modem models manual.

    How To Power Cycle Your Router & Modem

    Many modems and routers have a power button and a reset button. The reset button is usually a pin hole located in the back of the device and requires a paperclip to reach. It is not recommended to enact the reset method as it could potentially reset your device to factory settings and wipe the existing configuration. The power button or a power switch allows users to restart the networking device without having to unplug anything. If yours has no power switch, though, its time to pull the plug.

    While you could simply unplug your modem and router, wait for 15 seconds, and then plug them back in, a more thorough system-wide power cycle will help cover all your bases. This way, you dont have to unplug over and over again. It might seem a little odd to have a tutorial on how to properly turn things off and on again, but when it comes to internet connection problems, theres no fooling around!

    Just follow these steps to power cycle your router and modem:

    Step 1: Unplug the modem and router from the power outlet.

    Step 2: Wait at least 15 seconds.

    Step 3: Plug the modem back into the power outlet first, wait 1-2 minutes, then its time to power on the router.

    Step 4: Wait for all panel lights on your cable modem to become green on before testing your internet connection.

    Step 5: Connect to the network with your computer and test the internet connection. Its always better to test this by connecting with an Ethernet cable if possible.

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    How To Schedule A Reboot

    Some modern routers and wireless gateways provide the means to schedule a reboot from within a compatible app or web-based interface.

    For example, TP-Link routers have a tool that allows you to set the day, time, and interval. You could then schedule a monthly reboot at 3:00 a.m. every Sunday, so youre not disrupting everyones connection during regular hours.

    If you cant schedule a reboot, you can purchase a smart plug that cuts power to the router on a specific day, time, and duration. Xiaomis Mi Smart Plug is a good example, as you can create a schedule within the Mi Home app using the Set Time feature .

    Example: Set a schedule on a Mi Smart Plug

    Step 1: With Mi Home open, tap on a smart plug thats already connected to your wireless network and paired with your Mi Home account.

    Step 2: Tap Set Time.

    Step 3: Tap Start Time and select a time when you want the plug to cut power.

    Step 4: Tap Repeat followed by Custom on the pop-up menu to set a specific day.

    Step 5: Tap the check mark in the top right corner to save your settings.

    Step 6: Tap End Time and select a time and day when the plug resumes power to the router.

    Restart Router Reboot Router

    How to restart Wi

    A human language is a wonderful tool, but its not exactly known for being efficient. Often, there are many ways how to express the same idea, and thats why the terminology used by router manufacturers, internet service providers, and tech support staff may sometimes seem confusing.

    In reality, theres absolutely no difference between router reboot and router restart. They describe the same thing: turning off a router and then immediately turning it back on again. Unfortunately, the confusion doesnt end there because many routers also have a reset router button.

    All you need to do is turn off your router and then turn it back on again, and we describe exactly how to do that in the next chapter of this article.

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    How To Reset Google Wifi

    Google WiFi is a more modern approach to WiFi, as the goal of this router was to be able to get rid of congestion problems when using the internet so good service could always be found, no matter where you are in your home or business. Even with this advancement though, there are times when Google WiFi needs a fix that can simply only be done by completing a reset. To perform a reset on Google WiFi, read on to find the steps to complete this process.

    , locate the small circle that is located on the bottom of the router. When you find this button, press and hold it for 15 seconds. Once the time has passed, release the button and listen for the sound cue to start, which is what indicates that a factory reset has taken place.

    The sound cue that comes from the router is not a startling noise, but one that will continue for about 10 minutes after a factory reset has been employed. Be sure to keep a watch on the clock to time this, as a few minutes can seem much longer than they actually are, prompting users to restart the process all over when it is not necessary. Be patient with the process and allow Google WiFi to completely restart to see if the reset has been effective.

    How Do You Perform A Router Reset

    Taking control of a malware domain is called sinkholing and this was clever work by the FBI. However, you may decide that you want to reset your router anyway. This should remove the last of the VPNFilter code from the device.

    How you perform the reset varies by make and model. I strongly suggest you go the website of the router manufacturer and get the instructions from there, specific to your model. Exercise caution if you decide to Google the instructions for your device because there may be attempts to poison search results relating to this issue. You can restrict results to pages found on the manufacturers website by using the site parameter like this: Netgear WNDR3400 factory reset

    What follows is a generic guide that you use at your own risk.

    For many routers the reset operation is more than flipping a switch, it involves the classic paper clip poker and a small hole on the device. This may be referred to in the manufacturers documentation as Restore Factory Settings or something similar. It is often printed on the back of the device, along with the default values, like this:

    To proceed with the reset, first make sure:

  • You know the default user name and password for the device because you will need these to access the device after the reset.
  • You have recorded any adjustments you made to the factory settings, like changing the router password, as well as the wireless SSID name and password.
  • The router is powered on.
  • Release.
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    Your Router Is Low On System Memory

    When your router boots, the processor throws everything that it needs into the system memory. Think of system memory as a temporary holding cell and scratch pad. At some point, all that data juggling not only wears down the processor but also fills the memorys capacity.

    With no working room, the processor slows, as do your wired and wireless connections. A reboot clears the memory so the processor can work optimally.

    How To Reset A Router

    How to Restart Your Router
  • Keep your router plugged in.
  • Find your routers reset button. This will be on the back or the bottom of your router.
  • Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.
  • Release the button.
  • Wait for the router to power back on.
  • If your router doesnt have a reset button, youwill have to reset it using its configuration web interface.

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    Final Words And Recommendations

    If youre about to tear your electrical cord out of the socket wall, wait and investigate further. Unplugging your routers power cable is not the only way to fix your current internet problem, and it shouldnt be. There are other ways, too.

    Many network professionals aim to never reboot a router or switch, except when it is upgraded. Most of the time , internet problems will come from other places. Investigate further, restart your computer, your app, your VPN or call your ISP, as it could be a recurrent problem.

    If you feel like youre of options or time, you go about rebooting your router by unplugging the power cord, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it again.

    If All Else Fails Pull The Cable

    Unplugging the power cable the hard way is often the last and least-desired solution for the network admins. Fear creeps in What if services dont come back on? What if some configuration wasnt saved? If the router youre about to restart is used for production or sensitive traffic, investigate further or talk to a network engineering professional.

    Obviously, consumer-grade home routers are different. There is no production traffic going through, and your router likely isnt the source of complex processing/tasks. If this is your case, move forward.

    So, heres how to reboot router devices:

  • Unplug the power cord on your router. Unplugging a power cord wont damage any physical components within your router.
  • Wait at least 30 to 60 seconds, and then plug it back in again. This specific time range helps internal electrical components drain out all power. Additionally, other networking equipment connected to your router will notice the new unregistered device or lost IP and attempt to refresh the connection and continuously ping the lost device.
  • Wait for it to load and try again. The router loads up the startup configuration and starts with a fresh new RAM.
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    How To Reset Xfinity Wifi Extender

    WiFi is great for those who are looking to have their own personal network to operate on, but when it comes to having to reach large areas with this network, dead spots can occur where the WiFi becomes inoperable. The Xfinity WiFi extender works as a tool to help bridge the gap in those dead spots so that every area that the network covers is reliable across the board. If you have an Xfinity WiFi extender, take a look below to see how to reset this device.

    To reset an Xfinity WiFi extender, unplug all mesh network pods that are connected, unplug the WiFi extender, then wait for one minute. Once this time has passed, plug the extender back in, reconnect any pods, and wait for such devices to connect back to the reestablished network.

    Tenda N300 Router Easy Setup Guide List:

    How to Reset a Netgear Router: 7 Steps (with Pictures ...

    Even If I am sharing about the n300 Router Model of Tenda Router this guide will be quite the same for all types of models in Tenda Routers.

  • How to Admin Panel?
  • Change Admin and Wifi Password in Tenda n300 Router.
  • How to RESET the Tenda Router?
  • Tenda n300 WiFi Repeater Setup Guide
  • Lets get started with this Setup Guide. If you face any issue regarding any Tenda router you can ask me in the comment box.

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    How To Reset Xfinity Wifi Gateway

    If you are someone looking to elevate your wireless internet experience, Xfinity offers the Gateway which allows users to not only have a wireless internet connection, but the ability to work with voice control and high-speed connections, all through one device. If you have decided to bring home this technology but notice that it needs a bit of a reboot and are looking to reset it, continue reading below to see how this can effectively be done.

    To reset your Xfinity WiFi Gateway, log in to your personal account at Once logged in, go down and select the option to Manage Internet. From here you will click on the option to Restart Modem then select Start Troubleshooting for the reset to commence.

    Option : Use Your Modems Companion App

    In the case of a CenturyLink router, once you get connected to the My CenturyLink app, you can use the app to reboot your modem from the other side of the house or even the other side of the country, if needed. You can also schedule it to reboot at a future time. To do this on a recurring basis, you can perform the initial reboot from the app and schedule the next one as soon as its finished. Each time it reboots, schedule the next one so you dont forget.

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    Why Is There No On/off Switch

    You are probably here because you dont see the standard on/off power switch on your router or modem, as you would with computers, TVs or phones.

    Big networking companies like Cisco decided not to include a power switch on their consumer-grade routers because they know routers will not need to be turned off the way you turn off your TV.

    How To Reset Xfinity Wifi Password

    How to Reset WiFi Router (Any WiFi Router)

    Just as with any other secure device or service, there is going to be a username and password that is required in order to access the services that are offered. When setting up and personalizing your Xfinity WiFi, you will not only be assigned a username, but you will also be prompted to create a password. If you cannot remember this password or are having issues logging in with the password you know is correct, how can the password be reset?

    To reset an Xfinity WiFi password, on your mobile device or computer go to, type in your username and click continue, follow any security promptings, select the reason for wanting to change your password, then create and save a new password.

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