How To Run A Speed Test On Wifi

Why You Should Care About Your Internet Speed

How to run a speed test with Nest Wifi

Its generally helpful to know how fast your Internet is. Faster is always better, but most importantly, you need certain speed grades to do specific tasks.

Take video streaming one of the most bandwidth-taxing online activities for example youll generally need a minimum download speed of:

  • 3 Megabits per second for DVD quality.
  • 5Mbps for HD quality.
  • 25Mbps for Blu-ray quality.
  • 80Mbps for 8K video.

Keep in mind that this is the speed required by a single stream. If you have more than one person streaming simultaneously, you generally need to multiply those numbers with the concurrent clients to figure out the necessary real-time bandwidth.

Also, there are a lot more online applications than streaming. Some of these applications such as automatic updates even occur within a connected device without you getting involved.

So yes, again, faster Internet is always better. But theres more than the download speed when it comes to the Internet.

Testing Your Wifi Speed With A Web App

The easiest way to test your at-home WiFi speed is through a free web app, usually provided by Internet Service Providers . On average, speed tests take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and transfer roughly 40 MB of data or more, so keep that in mind if you have a data-based usage plan through your ISP.

Heres a list of web-based apps that provide free at-home WiFi speed testing:

Why Arent There Any Servers In My Area#

Your computers firewall or a proxy server might be blocking communication over port 8080, which will limit the number of servers available for testing.

Though our server network is always growing, its possible that we dont yet have a host in your area. If youd like to host a Speedtest server, details are on our network page.

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What Is A Good Wifi Speed Test Result

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Think your internet is sluggish? Perform a speed test wifi. !

Performing a speed test will not only give you a good idea of whether or not your speeds are strong enough for your online activities, but also allows you to pinpoint performance trends, isolate which devices may be causing issues for your wireless network, and ensure your bandwidth is secure. However, it can be a big challenge to interpret speed tests, especially with those who are not IT professors. In this article, were going to explore what the internet speed test tells about and introduce some tips to boost your Wifi speed. Lets jump in!

Good internet speed test wifi results. Explained

Let’s Test Your Wifi Speed

Why I bought a high

This test will measure the speed from secured third party test servers to this device. Results can be lower than your plan speeds due to wifi conditions and device specific capabilities. Follow these instructions to test your wifi speed.

1. Use one device. Before you start the test, make sure that any other devices in your home that are connected to the wifi, like an iPad, Xbox, or a Smart TV are turned off. Testing your speed while using other devices simultaneously may impact the accuracy of the results.

2. Be sure to test different locations. For the best test result, make sure you test multiple locations around your home. If you experience issues further from your router, you may need a wifi extender. To test your internet speed, follow these instructions.

3. Stay up-to-date. If you have a computer running an older version of a Windows or Mac operating system, this may impact your test results. You may want to consider updating your device.

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How To Test Your Wi

Wi-Fi speed tests can tell you how fast your wireless network is. These tips will help you check your Wi-Fi speed accurately.

When your internet starts feeling slow for no obvious reason, the best way to see if you’ve got a problem is to test your Wi-Fi speed. It’s easy to do, and there are lots of Wi-Fi speed test services online that run in any web browser. They’ll show you how fast your internet connection really is.

Here’s how speed tests work, and how to make sure you have the best Wi-Fi speed.

How Does My Gateway Impact Internet Speed

Your home WiFi connection is only as good as your Gateway , since all devices connect through it. We upgrade our smartphones regularly, but often neglect to upgrade the actual devices that connect us to the Internet. A Gateway that’s a generation or two behind may not be able to deliver the fastest broadband speeds to the latest devices. If you have an older Gateway consider an upgrade.

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How To Increase Internet Speed

If you are unsatisfied with your Internets connection speed there are a number of remedies that can be tried to resolve the issue.

  • Perform a survey of your network Using a quality network monitoring tool such as Netspot will allow you to test a wireless network to identify where potential issues may exist. Running an active scan returns visualizations that allow you to analyze upload and download speeds as well as the wireless transmission rate. Information gained through the scan can help you decide which factors may be holding down your Internet speed.
  • Upgrade your router A dual-band router gives you two a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz network in one unit.
  • Move to a wired connection Wired connections will provide faster and more consistent Internet speed but may cost more and offer less flexibility than a wireless solution.
  • Eliminate signal interference Your WiFi router needs to be placed where microwaves or other devices will not interfere with its signal. Locate your router where there will be a limited impact from walls and furniture that may degrade the signal.
  • Invest in a range extender These devices are relatively inexpensive and can be instrumental in achieving high Internet speeds throughout your intended coverage area.
  • Limit the number of connections You may be causing congestion by having too many devices operating at the same time.

Howto Run A Speed Test While Directly Connected:

How to Run a Speed Test with Nest Wifi
  • Unplug your CAT5e cable from your router and plug it directly into a laptop or desktop. If your laptop or desktop does not have a CAT5e port to plug into, you may need to purchase an adapter . Be sure to use a USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter as it can be used for connections greater than 100 Mbps reliably. A good option for a USB 3.0 to CAT5e adapter on Amazon can be found here.
  • Keep in mind your computer has to have a USB 3.0 port for your laptop or desktop to run a proper speed test. One way to tell is to see if you have a blue USB port on your computer or a port marked 3.0
  • USB 2.0 can only do 480 Mbps in connection speeds at max. Some USB 2.0 adapters can only do up to 100 Mbps, so be sure to test with a USB 3.0.
  • Make sure your CAT5e is plugged into Port GE1 on your UTOPIA equipment.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 above under How to Run a Speed Test Over Wi-Fi.
  • Here is what a speed test should look when you are directlyconnected:

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    Once You Have The Results

    If your results leave something to be desired, there are a few steps you can take before contacting your ISP, upgrading your router, or adding a range extender.

    • First, re-set and re-test the router to make sure the low speeds weren’t just a tech hiccup.
    • Then try moving your router to an open area in the middle of your home or office, keeping it away from competing electronics, cordless devices, metal, and concrete.
    • If you have a dual-band router, use its included software to change some of your bandwidth-intensive devices from a 2.4GHz frequency to a 5GHz frequency, where you’ll face less Wi-Fi congestion.
    • Lastly, make sure your modem isnt from 1999!

    As a final measure, you can always plug your PC or laptop directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable and bypass your wireless router altogether. This will determine if your sluggish speeds could be the fault of your Internet service provider or your Wi-Fi devices. If the problem comes from your router, you may need to consider upgrading to one that supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, which is 802.11ac. And if you have a busy household with lots of devices, ensure that your new Wi-Fi router supports MU-MIMOthe ability for multiple devices to stream simultaneously versus having to wait their turn like on non-MU-MIMO capable routers.

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    How Do I Improve My Wifi Speed

    How do I interpret my WiFi speed test results?

    If after running the speed tests your WiFi just isnt kicking the way youd like it to, it might be time to diagnose the problem. Your WiFi speed test results are impacted by a variety of factors, such as the device youre using on the network, how many devices are currently on the network, the distance between your device and the network access point, and even the time of day. With so many factors potentially affecting your WiFi speed, its important to try and narrow them down until finding the root of the problem.

    Here are some suggestions for improving your WiFi speed at home:

    • Move the device youre running the speed test on closer to the router or access point
    • Restart the router
    • Contact your ISP to ensure everything is configured and working properly on their end
    • Move your router or access point to a centralized location of your home where walls and floors wont obstruct the wireless signal
    • Check that you arent connected to the 2.4 GHz WiFi band while testing for 5 GHz speedstheres a big difference between the two
    • Use a different or newer device to retest sometimes older devices arent able to achieve the same speeds as newer devices

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    How To Test Download Speed

    The download measurement is performed by opening multiple connections to a server and simultaneously starting the download of a large data file on all connections. This approach ensures that the entire bandwidth of the internet connection is maxed out, and thereby the maximum data throughput can be measured. Recording the data throughput against measurement time finally yields the available internet speed for downloading data.

    Is My Internet Speed Test Result Fast Enough

    Our speed test tool is designed to help you understand how your internet connection performs on a daily basis. As you can see from the data above, internet speeds are improving across the country in 2021. For a more detailed comparison, you can also view average speed test results for internet providers in New York, Denver, Atlanta, and every other city in the U.S. by visiting our dedicated city data pages.

    1-2 Mbps

    At speeds below 2 Mbps, you will be very limited in terms of what you can do online.

    1-2 Mbps is suitable for:

    • Basic web browsing

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    Good Internet Speeds Explained

    Test Your Internet and WiFi Speeds

    Below are some speed requirements for certain activities:

    • The average household needs 25 Mbps to perform basic functions like checking email and browsing or streaming video

    • The average internet download speed is between 12 and 25 Mbps. You should run speed test Wifi before downloading data to ensure your internet supports this.

    • Fast internet speeds are in the 100+ Mbps range, ideal when there are multiple devices and users at once. According to the FCC, the download speed that ranges from 3 to 8 Mbps is considered basic service, while advanced service exceeds 25 Mbps.

    • In terms of upload speed, there is no standard for upload versus download speeds. But, download speeds tend to be higher than advertised.

    • The minimum upload speed for the fast internet set by the FCC is 3 Mbps. Upload speeds usually go from 1 Mbps to 15 Mbps.

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