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How To See Who Is Currently Connected To Your WIFI For Free Windows Tutorial

August 25, 2013 by Mitz

WiFi connections have become so popular and are widely accepted nowadays for various reasons. Using a WiFi connected computer, laptop, or device can have many advantages. For example, you can have more than one device connected to the same internet without any wires to connect.

In spite of all of these benefits, there are various risk factors associated with WiFi connections. Even an outsider who is within the range of your wireless router may be able to access your WiFi, especially if you do not have any wireless security set in place.

Of course, that will gobble up bandwidth and if your Internet bill is based on bandwidth usage, then you will have to pay an extra amount for the usage of someone else that you dont even know. This might also cause other security concerns as the connection is registered under your name and an unknown person can perform malicious activities using your account. So, it is highly essential to take security measures to avoid such anonymous access of your WiFi connection. If you decided to on purpose then these are great points to consider.

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, you need to make sure that none can misuse your internet connectivity. As todays hackers are smarter and more intelligent than ever before, you should know methods to check if others are stealing your WiFi bandwidth. Below are few simple steps to check your WiFi connection to see if there are any uninvited guests.

How Can I See Who Is Connected To My Home Network

From the Devices tab, you can see the names of all devices connected to your network, together with those in groups. You can also scroll down to see any that are off-line .

Tapping on any of the devices shown, will open a Device Information menu where you can update access controls . You’ll need the Admin password to make changes

In addition, the Home screen gives you visibility of how your Whole Home Wi-Fi network is connected, with each disc showing the number of devices currently connected to it. For example, “x” devices connected. Tap on the disc and then press See Connected Devices, to show any devices connected to that disc. Tapping on any of the devices shown, will open Device Information. This is where you can update access controls . The Admin password is needed to make changes.

Additional Wifi Security Measures

Extra steps you can take to secure your Wi-Fi from intruders includes disabling WiFi protected setup and upgrading the router firmware.

Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup to enhance WLAN Security

There should be a setting in the wireless part of your router that disables WPS. This is a known vulnerability in shared properties, dorms, and other places where you dont control who comes and goes. Turn it off to stop people from authenticating on your network if they have physical access to the router hardware.

Upgrade Router Firmware to Enhance WLAN Security

Upgrading router firmware allows you to benefit from any security patches or fixes. The KRACK vulnerability is one example that found a weakness in WPA2 which was quickly patched out. Only a router firmware update can fully protect you, so allow automatic updates on your router if it is possible or check regularly for updates.

In closing, the above recommendations help secure your WLAN and Wi-Fi router to prevent unauthorized users, as well as hackers. If you want to take your privacy one step further, check out how to secure your PC.

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Why Monitoring Your Wifi Connection Important

Nowadays, monitoring your WiFi connection is important as some parents want to check their children activities, what they are browsing? what stuff are they downloading? Many small offices keep their eyes on the employees online activities, this also becomes important. There are many hackers who try to connect with your WiFi and might grab your personal information or the important data. So it becomes very much important to monitor the websites visited.

Why Should I See Who Is On My Wifi Network

How to See Who

The world of the internet has become very vulnerable as hackers are always trying to extract vital information from the users. In the past, things were not as aggressive as it is now today. Due to the strong attachment to the online industry, it has become one of the sweet spots to take financial advantage.

To ensure the safety of the users, the private browsing concept was first introduced in 2005. Later on, things have changed a lot. By using the same network thousands of people are connected through the internet which creates a weak spot for the hackers.

So, is it possible to get the list of the connected device on your network? The obvious answer is YES. Instead of using the traditional approach, various ways can be used to know about the connected device in your network. Lets dive into the details.

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Using Your Wireless Router

  • 1Open a browser. You can use a web browser to log in to the web interface for your wireless router. You can use the web interface to set up and configure your wireless network and check who is connected to your wireless router.
  • 2Type the IP address of your router in the address bar. This takes you to the web interface for your wireless router. The IP address for your wireless router is going to be different from one make and model to another. Consult the user’s manual or the manufacturer’s web page to find the specific IP address for your wireless router.
  • Common router IP addresses include, and
  • You can find your router’s IP address using the Command Prompt on Windows. Open the Start menu and type CMD
  • How Can I Detect Who Is On My Wifi

    If you notice that an iPhone 8 is connected to your home wireless network even though you dont own a single Apple device and are sure that neither do your friends and family, its possible that the iPhone belongs to someone who has no business being on your network.

    If your router allows you to disconnect a connected device from the admin interface, dont hesitate to do so. Just remember to also change your password otherwise the intruder might reconnect the second you go back to minding your own business.

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    We also encourage you to download a comprehensive WiFi analysis application, such as NetSpot, to understand the reason why someone has successfully joined your wireless network. NetSpot can create an easy-to-understand heat map of your wireless signal strength so you can determine how far from your router someone could be and still have access to your wireless network.

    Whats more, NetSpot can also give you accurate information about the security of your wireless network as well as the channel on which the network is broadcasted. With the information provided by NetSpot, its easy to optimize your WiFi so that strangers cant steal your bandwidth anymore.

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    Wifi Security Is Important

    Recently, two Belgian researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II implementations on most wireless networking devices that use the protocol. The name of this vulnerability is KRACK , and it allows attackers to steal sensitive data, including passwords, credit card numbers, or chat messages.

    According to Wired, Security analysts say its a tricky vulnerability to take advantage of, and major platforms like iOS, macOS, and Windows are either unaffected or have already been patched. But given the millions of routers and other IoT devices that will likely never see a fix, the true cost of KRACK could play out for years.

    Blocking Websites On Netgear Router

    How to see whos connected to your WiFi network
  • Open the internet browser on your PC and visit
  • Now the username and password will be asked to log in. Enter your details. The default login credentials are admin as Username and password as the password.
  • Navigate to Advanced > Security > Block Sites.
  • Now under the option Keyword Blocking, select Always.
  • On the next section of the domain name field, enter the domain name that you want to block.
  • Apply after all settings done.
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    Email & Application Alerts

    If you are not connected with your home network or somewhere outside, the email notifications through different apps alert you every time when a new device attached and the stuff they are browsing. Mostly it is seen that many parents use these applications to monitor their children activities and with these applications, you can block website you dont want to use by your children at home or other family members. Along with this, you can also set a metered connection that allows a limitation in the use of internet usage. Some of the best router manufacturers are Asus, Netgear, D-Link have application based monitoring that provides you real-time information.

    What Youll Need To Know: Mac Address

    Before we start, youll need to understand what a MAC Address is. And just in case you were thinking about it, no, it has nothing to do with Mac computers.

    A Media Access Control Address, or MAC for short, is a unique address every device has. It helps identify different devices that are connected to the same network. Knowing what MAC address your device has will help you identify it faster. Heres a quick guide on how to find the MAC address of the most common devices.

    Find the MAC Address of Your iPhone or iPad

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select General.
  • Tap About.
  • Scroll down to the bottom. Your MAC Address is the one next to the Wi-Fi Address.
  • Find the MAC Address of Your Mac Computer

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Find the MAC Address on Windows

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Now, click on your active network. It will be next to the Access type connections section.
  • A new window should open. Click on details.
  • Look for your computers Physical Address. Thats your Windows computer MAC Address.
  • Find the MAC Address on Android

  • Go to your Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Tap on the three dots on the upper right corner and select Advanced.
  • Scroll down, and youll see your MAC address right at the bottom.
  • Its important to note that every device shows a MAC address. Dont think just about your computers or your devices, every printer, smart TV, gaming console, and even your Google Chromecast will appear on the list of devices that are connected to your router.

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    Get Software Protection And Peace Of Mind

    If you have a pesky neighbour who is sharing your wifi connection without your permission you can implement these wireless network security settings. However there is no 100% guarantee that these will always work so you also need to protect your computer. PC Matic will save you time, money and the aggravation of dealing with a PC that is infected with malware and operating at a fraction of its original speed. At the moment I am using PC Matic to protect my computer from hidden security threats. This software will remove existing viruses & malware and maximize internet connection speeds. Of course it does a whole lot more, too much to mention! You can get a free scan for your computer to see how it works before you buy.

    Thoughts On How To Tell If Someone Is Using Your Wifi

    How to See Whos Connected to Your Wi
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    Why Should I Care Who Is Using My Wifi

    If you dont depend on fast Internet access and are a generous person by nature, you might be wondering, Why should I care whos on my WiFi in the first place? The answer to this question has everything to do with security and privacy.

    As you may know, most modern wireless networks are encrypted. Wireless encryption ensures that anyone who doesnt have the encryption password cant snoop on you and possibly steal your private information. When someone joins your wireless network, either because the person has managed to steal your password or because you gave the person the password yourself, the encryption stops affecting your security with respect to them.

    Depending on how your computer and other devices are configured, a stranger who joins your WiFi might gain access to the files that you share among computers, printers, and other connected devices. While its certainly possible to restrict access to these files, most people lack the required know-how, and its almost always easier to stop the intruder before the gates rather than allowing him or her to enter the town and then locking every door individually.

    But perhaps the most important reason why you shouldnt let strangers use your WiFi is security. The sad truth is that most computer users have terrible habits when it comes to security and seldom take even the most basic security precautions.

    Consult Your Router Settings

    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to recognize all the items on that list, but there may be a few that don’t have enough information. After going through my list, for example, I was left with a couple devices that listed no name and no manufacturer. However, I was able to get a little more information from my router’s web interface.

    You can open your router’s management page by typing its IP address in your browser’s address bar. Once there, look for an option that sounds like “Attached Devices” or “Client List.” This will present you with a similar list as Wireless Network Watcher, but the information may be slightly different. After cross-referencing the unknown devices between the two, I found one of them was listed as “AzureWave Technology, Inc” in my router’s interface, but not Wireless Network Watcher. A little Googling revealed that this was my Rachio sprinkler system, so I was able to mark that down and move on.

    If you see any other unlabeled devices in the list, check around your house for any internet-connected gadgets you might have missed. I realized that my wasnt listed, so after checking the Alexa app on my phone, I was able to match its MAC address to one of the unlabeled items in Wireless Network Watcher.

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