How To Send A Fax Over Wifi

Can You Send Fax With Microsoft Office

How to Send or Receive Fax Wirelessly: A Step-by-Step Guide 2021

As discussed earlier, installing Windows Fax Printer Driver allows you to send fax Microsoft office. However, it requires you to connect your device to a fax modem.

Online fax doesnt need any other hardware for you to fax from Windows PC. iFax offers platforms that are compatible with any device as well as any operating system. For Windows users, you can download their desktop-based application for your convenience. Its compatible with Windows 10 or higher.

Can You Fax With Wifi Only

WiFi in a WiFi fax machine is only a connection between the fax machine and the computer. There is no WiFi connection between the fax machine and the phone network. A fax machine that can be used to send wirelessly or to use software. The fax machine can be connected to an active landline phone line.

What Are The Benefits Of Wireless Faxing

This new method of faxing has plenty of advantages that certainly sets it apart from traditional faxing.


  • Low cost

Online fax offers a more cost-effective faxing solution as you do not have to spend so much money on the equipment and the installation the machine requires. As previously stated, this new-age document-sharing technology allows you to use your mobile phone or laptop as a wireless fax machine. You also do not have to pay extra for consumables like ink cartridges and paper.

  • Confidential

Most faxing service providers these days use robust security measures to keep all your highly sensitive documents secured and confidential. You are significantly less vulnerable to threats of breaches and hacks.

One of the weak points of traditional faxing is if the authorized receiver leaves the machine unattended, there is a high chance of your document falling into the wrong hands. With online faxing, this is unlikely to happen. Your receiver can receive your transmission through his or her phone directly.

  • Efficient and Speedy

With the ability to use your handheld devices as a wireless fax machine, it can increase the efficiency and productivity levels of your organization.

  • Environmental Friendly

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How To Use Other Devices As A Wireless Fax Machine

As mentioned earlier, recent technological advancements have made it possible to turn your devices like your mobile phone, laptop, and tablets into a wireless fax machine. Its so easy to do.

First thing that you need to do is sign up with iFax. iFax is one of the leading online fax service providers in the market today. They offer a plethora of features including email to fax, military-grade 256-bit encryption, 24/7/365 customer support, and e-signature integration among others. Best of all, they make online faxing integration so easy and seamless.

Their apps are compatible with any operating system such as iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Whatever device you prefer to use, you can definitely use it as a wireless fax machine.

Requirements For Faxing Through Wi

Fax Over WiFi

Fax through Wi-Fi needs a few requirements that are as follows:

An Internet-connected Device

Any device whether its mobile phone or computer will be auxiliary as long as it has a good internet connection. Faxing over an internet connection is the major requirement.

A CocoFax Account

A CocoFax account is mandatory to send and receive the fax through Wi-Fi. It is very simple to create a CocoFax account. All you need to do is to sign up via CocoFaxs website.

A Fax Number

A fax number is another crucial requirement in this whole process. CocoFax will provide you a free fax number when you register.

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Before Sending The Fax

  • 1Create the cover letter. Fax machines are often shared by offices or several people within an office. Since anyone can see a fax sent to a fax machine, it is a good idea to include a cover letter. This will ensure that your fax gets to the correct person.
  • The cover letter includes information like the recipients name, the content of the fax, and how many pages it includes. It should also include the senders information, such as name and fax number, so that the recipient will know whom it came from and can reply if necessary.
  • 2Dial the fax number. Next, you will need to dial the fax number, just the same way you would on a telephone. On most new fax machines, the area code will not need to be dialed for a local number but is still necessary for long distance numbers. Some fax machines require the area code regardless of location. Check or ask about your machine.
  • The country code will also sometimes need to be dialed before local numbers but only when the area code is also required. The country code is almost always necessary to dial long distance numbers.
  • You will often also need to dial 9 before dialing long distance numbers. Check the specifications for or ask about your individual fax machine.
  • Be sure that the number you are using is the fax number and not the phone number of the person you are trying to reach. Often the numbers will be listed next to each other on business cards and it is easy to misread it or look at the wrong number.
  • Use A Fax Machine With A Wireless Or Cellular Connection

    Some fax machines can connect to your homes wireless network over Wi-Fi, or they can connect to your computer over Bluetooth.

    However, some fax machines go beyond this and connect to a cellular network on their own. These wireless fax machines are physical fax machines that have a dedicated cell phone connection.

    These machines also go by names like GSM fax machines or CDMA fax machines, depending on the type of network they use.

    If you use a wireless fax machine like this, then your fax machine will have a separate fax number and cellular service account. Faxes are sent and received over the cellular network just as they would be received using a traditional fax machine.

    This type of wireless fax machine is ideal for situations where you dont have a phone line but have good cell service. These fax machines require a strong cellular connection, as any static or loss of quality on the connection may prevent the fax from being accurately transmitted.

    These are all the ways to send and receive a fax wirelessly!

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    How Do I Fax Without A Fax Machine

    How to send a fax without using a fax machine

  • Visit the GotFreeFax website.
  • In the “Sender Info” fields, enter your name, and email address. …
  • Under the “Receiver Info” field, enter the name and fax number of the receiver. …
  • In the “Fax Content” section, type in any text you want to accompany your document.
  • Faxing Online Overview: The Transition From Fax Machines To Online Faxing

    How To Send And Receive Faxes Over The Internet

    As the business world decreases its dependence on paper, email has grown so much. Attaching PDFs, text documents, and graphics to an email and sending them takes seconds.

    Unlike with standard faxing, theres no printing or waiting by a machine involved.

    However, faxing is still among the most secure ways to send and receive sensitive information and confidential documents. Many industries rely on it for that exact reasonemails are often too exposed to security issues and cyber threats.

    This is where faxing over the internet comes in. It makes the most out of both worlds. It sends documents securely as fax pages, but it doesnt require you to own and maintain a physical fax machine, fax servers, special fax modem, or additional software. Forget about replacing the toner in your fax machine!

    Heres what you need to fax online:

    • An internet connection
    • An email account
    • A subscription to an internet fax service

    With this setup, you can easily send faxes and receive incoming faxes. The best part? You can get started in a matter of minutes.

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    How Wifi Faxes Work

    The first step is to sign up for an online fax service like eFax. Setting up an account takes fewer than five minutes. Then follow these steps:

  • Log into your eFax account online
  • Fill in the recipients name and fax number
  • Attach up to 10 fax documents per transmission
  • Type a message if you wish the message will appear on the recipients fax cover sheet
  • Thats it. Theres no paper, no busy signals, and no waiting involved.

    You can also send online faxes over email, which is just as simple.

  • Draft a new email. With eFax, youll address the email to the recipients fax number, followed by It will look like this: .
  • Attach up to 10 documents to your email.
  • Type a message into the body of the email. This will appear on the recipients fax cover sheet.
  • Hit send.
  • Sending a wireless fax by email is just as simple as sending a regular email. But fax is a safer way to send important documents. It also doesnt get caught in spam filters, as emails have been known to do.

    And like all faxes, wireless fax provides delivery confirmation. So you can be confident that the intended recipient got your fax.

    If your fax recipient also uses an online fax service, theyll receive the fax to their online portal or to their email. But if they have a traditional fax machine connected to a phone line, the fax will print out on their machine. It will make no difference to the recipient.

    Email To Fax Fax To Email

    Modern businesses and workers are familiar with email workflows, and most of the fax services we’ve tested offer similar fax-to-email capabilities. In practical terms, fax services convert received faxes into email attachments, and conversely, transmute email fields and attachments into their fax equivalent. As you can email from anywhere, this approach makes a fax service more universally available.

    The process of sending a fax via email is fairly straightforward and doesn’t vary much from service to service. Basically, you type the fax numberincluding country and area codeinto the address line, followed by an email domain specific to the fax service . The subject line and body text appear on the fax cover page, while any attachments appear as separate pages. Your fax number appears as the sender, so there’s no confusion about where the message originated.

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    What Do I Need To Send A Fax Using A Printer

    To send a fax without using a fax machine, apart from an active landline phone line, all you need is a printer with a fax capability. Some devices come with the option and a special fax button others may have an option to add this feature independently later. So if you have a printer without a visible fax option, all is not lost yet.

    If there is no fax button, check your printer for a telephone jack , which will mean that it can be connected to a phone line and used as a fax machine without any problems.

    You can also check the product information. Many of the modern printers come with the possibility to have a fax kit installed additionally. To get it done, simply contact a producer or your local office equipment supplier.

    How To Fax With An Online Fax Service

    Fax Over WiFi

    Not all printers are able to send and receive faxes. Even if you do have a fax-enabled printer, you may still not be able to send faxes if you dont have access to a phone line.

    In these cases, online fax services like eFax offer paperless faxing a more convenient and reliable alternative to faxing from a printer or a traditional fax machine.

    With an eFax subscription, users can send faxes via three quick and intuitive methods: by using eFax online, faxing via email, or by eFax Messenger.

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    What Are Wireless Fax Machine Options

    • Mobile Wireless

    There are online fax services through which you can easily send and receive fax documents wirelessly. All you need is a mobile connection. You can use fax services, such as iFax, to transmit and act as an intermediary to virtually send and receive fax files via email, web interface or even through the iFax app. This is the fastest way to send and receive fax wirelessly, especially in this digital age where everyone is constantly on their phones.

    The wireless component in this fax exchange is the mobile internet connection between the mobile device and fax machine. If any of the parties opt not to use wireless fax, then an actual fax machine must still be connected to an active landline. This step can be bypassed if both the sender and the receiver use an internet faxing service and use any handheld device as their wireless fax machine instead of the traditional one.

    Another option for wireless mobile faxing involves the use of a physical fax machine that is connected to a smartphone via its internet connection. However, its important to keep in mind that only certain types of fax machines support wireless fax connections such as GSM or CDMA fax machines, which are both dependent upon the cellular network.

    Apart from checking that the details of the sender or recipient are in order, all you need is a strong internet connection while using this type of wireless fax service.

    • Phone Jacks

    Online Fax Sending Made Easy

    With the internet, you no longer need an expensive fax machine to send or receive a fax. There are plenty of services that allow you to send and receive faxes. Some will enable you to integrate your faxing service with popular apps.

    For small businesses, you can now fax without a faxing machine, but to print, you’ll still need a printer.

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    Best For Low Overage Charges


    • Good fax quality for simpler, text-based documents in testing


    • Cannot choose or send to international numbers
    • No mobile apps or digital signature tools
    • Poor password security, no two-factor authentication
    • Cancellation is unnecessarily difficult

    Sometimes, you need to send a fax. The odds are good, though, that you don’t have a fax machine. Even if you do have access to one at your workplace, chances are good that you’re working from home and can’t get to it during the pandemic. You could always pay to use a physical fax machine at your local office supply store, but they’re not cheap to use and are generally a pain to figure out. Plus, you have to make sure that your intended recipient actually receives a legible copy of your fax, which involves waiting around to get a confirmation, too.

    Although all-in-one printers have largely replaced standalone fax machines, online fax services let you break free from the machine altogether. These services provide a fax number you can use to send or receive faxes through a web portal, by email, or even via mobile and desktop apps. Faxing is still a pain, but these services help modernize the experience.

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