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Want to have a better wifi connection to your computer in a room that typically gets a weak wifi signal? After your initial setup, you can move your wifi extender closer to the device you want to connect and attempt to boost the signal. Keep in mind that the distance between the router and the extender is important.

When you plug the extender into a new outlet, a green light will indicate that you have a good connection with your wifi router. A red light means you need to get closer the router. You may need to do this a few times before you find an optimal distance.

Once you have a good connection, you can connect your device by using the new network name . The network will be the same but has an extension of either 2.4G or 5G. User will use the same password as you when connecting with your regular network.

How To Set Up A Wireless Network Connection

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Installing a router is the first step to creating a solid home network, but how do you choose the right one? And once you’ve purchased your router, how do you go about setting it up? Follow this guide to get the right router configured for a secure wireless network.

What Is Wifi Direct In Windows 10

Don’t have a wireless Access Point? No worries. You can use WiFi Direct to provide device-to-device connectivity without a wireless AP. Learn how to do it here.

Let’s get started!

Today, more new devices are using WiFi Direct than ever. The WiFi Direct feature lets two devices establish a direct, peer-to-peer WiFi connection without requiring a wireless router. Think of it like a better version of Bluetooth accessible, easy to use, and provides new unique functions to your devices.

WiFi Direct is similar in concept to the “ad-hoc” WiFi mode. The difference is that unlike an ad-hoc connection, WiFi Direct offers an easier way to find nearby devices and establish a connection with them. If you regularly find yourself needing to connect to another device, you definitely need to start taking advantage of this groundbreaking feature.

There are different WiFi Direct applications. Before we can get into that, let’s learn what exactly is WiFi Direct in Windows 10, how does it work, and how do you connect it? Read on to find out more.

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How To Connect Desktop To Wi

A desktop computer can be connected to a Wi-Fi connection just as easily as a laptop or cellphone. Depending on the type of device you are on, connecting to Wi-Fi may vary but the basics remain the same.

In order to connect a desktop or PC to Wi-Fi, you will need to make sure your desktop has a wireless network adapter. Check for the wireless network adapter by selecting the Start button, typing device manager in the search box, and selecting Device Manager when it appears. Expand Network adapters and look for/select a network adapter with the word wireless in the name.

You will then need to position your wireless router where it will receive the strongest signal with the least amount of interference.

The benefits of connecting a desktop to wireless network connection include being able to set your workspace up anywhere that there is a power outlet rather than being limited to where the modem is. Connecting a desktop via Wi-Fi means you no longer have to physically connect the modem to the desktop computer.

If you have questions regarding your computer Wi-Fi, or you need help with Wi-Fi setup for your PC, contact Geeks on Site today!

Connect Wireless Mouse Via Bluetooth


To connect a wireless mouse to the computer, you can achieve that through the Bluetooth. But it may only be applicable to the Bluetooth wireless mouse.

Now, here is the tutorial.

1. Press Windows key and I key together to open Settings.

2. In the Settings window, choose Devices.

3. On the left panel, choose Bluetooth & other devices.

4. Then Add Bluetooth or other device.

5. In the pop-up window, choose Bluetooth.

6. Then follow the set-up wizard to continue.

Once all steps are finished, check whether the Bluetooth wireless driver has connected to your computer.

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Set Up A Wireless Network

1. Follow the instructions in the video to set up your Brother machine, and then go to the next step.

2. Follow the instructions in the video to set up your computer, and then go to the next step.

The wireless network between your Brother machine and your computer has now been set up.Go to the next step to install the driver.

3. Start the installer:

Why You Might Want To Do This

If youre happy with your current Ethernet connection, theres no need to throw away the cables and go wireless. Good old Ethernet cables are still useful, offer faster speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connections than Wi-Fi.

The benefits of Wi-Fi are tough to ignore, even in a desktop PC. With Wi-Fi, you can position your desktop computer anywhere in your home or office, as long as theres a power outlet nearby. You can then connect it to your router without running an Ethernet cable. Adding Wi-Fi to your desktop PC can also be useful even if it already has an Ethernet connection. With Wi-Fi, you can host a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC, allowing other devices to connect through its Internet connection.

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Just as you can add Bluetooth to an old computer simply by plugging a little Bluetooth dongle into its USB port, you can add Wi-Fi to a computer by plugging a tiny little dongle into a USB port. This is an easy and cheap option.

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You can . Its a simple way to add Wi-Fi to any computer. You could leave the device in a spare USB port and forget its there or take it with you so you can add Wi-Fi to any desktop computer you come across. This is also a great way to add Wi-Fi to a Raspberry Pi.

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How To Transfer And Send Files With Wifi Direct

While you can use Bluetooth for file transfer, it becomes quite the hassle to transfer large amounts of files. WiFi Direct removes this factor from the equation, drastically reducing the time taken to send files between devices even if the file size is large.

If you have an Android device, we recommend using the Feem app to handle file transfers using WiFi Direct. Feem has built-in Windows 10 and Android support and has an alternative transfer method for Apple products without native WiFi Direct support.

Can I Use My Laptop As A Wireless Router

How to Set Up a Wireless Router

Yes, you can! To set up a Mac or Windows laptop as a wireless router, you can use an app that will do it all for you or set it up manually within the operating system. To make your laptop a hotspot, it needs to use your Wi-Fi adapter. Therefore, you cannot access the Internet using the same device. However, you can use a USB Wi-Fi adapter so that you have two Regardless, ethernet is the best option to use if you can, mainly because its faster and more reliable as a source.

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Connecting To The Router

  • 1Connect a device to the network. Once the router is broadcasting a wireless signal, you can test the connection by scanning for wireless networks using a Wi-Fi device such as another computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc.
  • Scan for new networks. In Windows, click the network icon in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the desktop. Select Connect to a Network and look for your SSID. On a Mac, click the AirPort icon in the menu bar, which looks like 3 curved lines. Select your SSID from the list of available networks.
  • 2Enter the password. If you enabled WPA2 encryption, you will need to enter your password to connect to the network. If you are using a private computer, you can disable the hidden characters on some systems to let you see the password you are typing easier.
  • 3Test your connection. Once you are connected to the network, wait a moment for your IP address to be assigned. Open a web browser and try to connect to a website you don’t normally visit .Advertisement
  • Use Your Smartphone As A Network Adapter

    Below, well tell you some simple steps that you can follow to have a wireless internet connection on your computer:

    • Grab your smartphone and a USB cable and turn on your computer. Even a charging USB cable will work for this.
    • After your computer is turned on, connect your phone with it using the USB cable. You will hear a recognition sound from your computer and see a notification as well.
    • Turn on wifi on your smartphone.
    • Next, drag down your smartphones notification bar and tap on the USB notification.
    • Select USB tethering from the list of options.
    • Alternatively, you can go to your smartphones settings, connections, and then turn on USB tethering here.
    • Wait for a minute. Eventually, youll see that the wifi bars symbol in your PCs taskbar has changed into a desktop symbol. This means youre connected and ready to surf the web now.

    That was pretty simple, wasnt it? You got a good enough internet connection on your computer and didnt even spend a penny on a wifi adapter.

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    What Is Wifi Direct

    WiFi Direct is a standard that makes it possible for WiFi radio frequencies to make a direct, peer-to-peer connection with other devices. The connection doesn’t require an existing WiFi network since the connection is established directly between the two devices.

    The WiFi Direct feature in Windows 10 works by facilitating a software-generated temporary WiFi access point. To keep the connection secure, WiFi Protected Setup is used for authentication. Users can either use a push button or a PIN code to establish secure connections.

    While WiFi Direct is different from Bluetooth, the two share some resemblance to one another. Just like with Bluetooth connections, you can seamlessly transfer files between devices, and share one device’s screen onto the other device. However, WiFi Direct also allows you to directly play games or even share internet connection.

    WiFi Direct may already be present in your life without you even noticing it. Services such as Miracast, which allow users to cast Android device screens to TV screens, use this technology already. However, you can explore even more possibilities than Miracast if you utilize WiFi Direct on Windows 10.

    Check To See If Your Router Supports Wps

    Have Lenovo 4446 laptop. Got a Linksys E1200 wireless ...

    If your router supports WPS, it will have a separate button with arrows that look a bit like a yin and yang symbol. What is WPS? It stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and is a shortcut for setting up devices without requiring the need for network name or passwords. If your router doesnt appear to have a WPS button, read the how to setup without WPS further in the article.

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    Keep The Packaging And Directions

    If you follow these steps, youre not likely to even need to look at the wifi extender directions, but dont toss out the packaging or the directions. While Netgear makes some of the best wifi extenders on the market, no tech product is immune from being defective. Hold on to the packaging just in case it doesnt work.

    Does Alexa Need Wifi

    Alexa devices need a WiFi connection to function properly. When you ask Alexa a question or use a voice command, an audio recording is sent to Amazons cloud over your WiFi network. Then it is processed and sent back to your device over WiFi so Alexa can answer your question or fulfill your request.

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    How To Install An External Wi

    Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. His work has appeared in PCMag and Digital Trends, and he’s served as Managing Editor of Gadget Review. Read more…

    If your laptops internal Wi-Fi adapter is dead, or just doesnt have enough power to get the kind of speed you were hoping for, you might want to look into installing a third-party adapter that can boost the signal. Heres what you need to know.

    This guide assumes youve already picked out an adapter and bought itso check out our buying guide before coming here to get everything up and running.

    Dont Forget To Check The Router

    General Computer Help : How to Set Up a WiFi Network

    Although we already talked about a wifi router, it never hurts to mention again because this is an important step that many people overlook. Even though the purpose of a wifi extender is to boost the range of the connection, the extender relies on a good connection with the wifi router. Again, if the router works poorly, your wifi extender setup will be frustrating and may not even work. So dont forget to check out the condition and placement of the router.

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    Keep Your Router Updated

    If you follow the news, youve heard about the growing number of large-scale malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals alike billions every year. Many of these attacks wouldnt be possible if all routers were kept updated. Once a malware infects a router, it can steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices.

    But even without a presence of a dangerous malware, routers with old firmware perform worse than routers that are properly updated.

    To check if your router is running the newest firmware available:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device and connect to your routers network.
  • Enter the IP address of the router into the web browser.
  • If you dont know what the IP address is, check if there is an information sticker somewhere on the router.
  • Log in with admin username and password.
  • Again, if you dont know what the right admin password is, look at the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router.
  • Select an option called Firmware Update or Router Update.
  • Because there are many different routers, you may need to do some digging and detective work to find the right option.
  • Wait until your router finds and installs the latest firmware.
  • Never interrupt the update. If it takes a long time and your router appears to be unresponsive, give it a few more minutes before you disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.
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