How To Set Up Wifi Router

Best Practice For A Wi

How to Set Up a Wireless Router

Before you can have a Wi-Fi network, you must have a wired network, which might just be the router itself. After that, considering how Wi-Fi works, as mentioned above, the following are a few things you should do to get the best Wi-Fi experience.

1. Hardware placement

All home routers use omnidirectional antennas. As a result, wireless signals are broadcast outwardly as a sphere more like a horizontal ellipse with the router in the center. So if you place your router by the side of your home, half of its coverage will be on the outside.

Wi-Fi broadcaster placement: Dos

Here are the best places to put your Wi-Fi router.

  • Center: As close to the center of the house as possible. Since, in most cases, the Internet drop is at a corner of a home, you can run a network cable from the modem to the router.
  • High ground: Its best to place your router above the ground. If you have a two- or three-story home, put the router on the second floor. If its a single-story home, place it on the ceiling or top of furniture, like a bookshelf.
  • Out in the open: Avoid putting your router in a closet or behind a large, thick object such as a TV or a refrigerator. Generally, you want to set the router in an open space.
  • Vertical antenna position: That is if you want to signal to go out horizontally. Use the antennas in the horizontal position if you want the signal to go out like a vertical ellipse. Note, though, the antennas positions generally dont matter much.

2. Get your own equipment

Why Bridge Together Two Routers

The primary reason to bridge together two routers is to increase the maximum range of your wireless network. This is particularly useful if you notice some dead spots around the home where you struggle to receive Internet connections for mobile devices. Router bridging increases the range, efficiency, and bandwidth, including more perks in line with when you learn the definition of a UPnP router.

Insider Tip

Other options to increase your wireless range include using a mesh router or a wireless range extender.

Set Up Your Google Wifi Primary Wifi Point

Before you set up your first Google Wifi point , make sure your modem is working and connected to the Internet.

  • Download the Google Home app for Android or iOS.
  • If this is your first time using the Google Home app, set up a home.
  • Choose a location for your primary Wifi point.
  • You can use any Google Wifi point as a primary Wifi point.
  • Your primary Wifi point will need to be connected to a working modem that is connected to the Internet.
  • For the strongest signal, place your primary Wifi point at eye level, in plain view, like on a shelf or TV stand.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to your Google Wifi points WAN port . Then, connect the other end to your modem.
  • Plug your primary Wifi point into a wall outlet.
  • Wait 90 seconds for the light to slowly pulse blue. This indicates that it is ready to be set up in the Google Home app.
  • On your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app .
  • New device.
  • Choose a home.
  • The app should find your Google Wifi device. Tap Yes to continue. If you have multiple devices available for setup, select your primary Wifi point.
  • Scan the QR code on the bottom of your device.
  • Hold your phone about 5 inches away to scan. Learn more tips for scanning QR codes.
  • If youre unable to scan the QR code, tap Continue without scanning, then enter the setup key on the bottom of your device.
  • Select a room for your router or create a new one.
  • Give your Wi-Fi network a name and a secure password.
  • Continue through the app to complete setup.
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    Problem #: Tethering From Your Smartphone

    When using your Android or Mac smartphone as a tethering device in windows 8 or 10, it does not get identified as an internet source under certain applications or drivers. Yeah, it works, but some aspects of Windows do not recognize the USB ethernet as a valid internet connection, even though it is to some degree. This is because tethering apps used like pdaNet and EasyTether do not offer automatic IP addressing or managing multiple IPs as the apps Wi-Fi and phones hotspot functions do. So, Windows gets confused due to communication and data exchange restrictions between the two. After all, tethering is really designed to connect to one device only.

    It is important to note that you CAN share your ethernet connection when using third-party app options.For instance, pdaNet offers Wi-Fi direct , Wi-Fi Share , that automatically sets up a hotspot in your connected laptop using the existing tether connection, and Bluetooth internet functions.

    For Wi-Fi sharing with Samsung smartphones, see the article on how to use Wifi-Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

    How To Set Up And Optimize Your Wireless Router For The Best Wi

    How to Set Up and Configure a Wireless Router

    Looking to update your wireless network for better performance or security? Follow these simple steps for configuring your router and wireless network the right way.

    While networking-gear makers have been making installation utilities easier to use over the years, getting the best out of your new wireless router purchase usually means delving a little deeper than the standard installation routine will go. Just because you’ve plugged in everything and all the blinking lights have turned green doesn’t mean your network’s performance and its security are as good as they could be. Follow these basic steps to properly configure your router and optimize your wireless network.

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    Use The Second Router As A Switch Or Access Point

    The above procedures enable an additional router to support a subnetwork within a home network. This approach maintains extra control over specific devices, such as placing further restrictions on their internet access.

    Alternatively, a second router can be configured as an Ethernet network switch orif wirelessan access point. This arrangement lets devices connect to the second router as usual but does not create a subnetwork. A no-subnetwork setup is sufficient for households that want to extend basic internet access plus enable file-and-printer sharing to additional computers. However, it requires a different configuration procedure than given above.

    How To Change Your Wireless Router Settings

    Ok, so you’veused inSSIDer to select the best channel for your Wi-Fi network awesome! The next step is to actually make the change in your Wi-Fi router settings. All routers and access points are slightly different, but this guide will give you a general idea of the process of accessing your router configuration to change the channel, security type, and other settings.

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    Configure The Wireless Router Gateway

    In some cases, ISPs offer customers gateways with built-in routers. In most cases, these combined devices are not built for business environments, nor do they have extra ports, security, and other options that allow you to add services and expand networks as the business grows.

    If you have a gateway with an integrated router, you’ll have to configure the gateway to disable the router and pass the WAN IP addressthe unique Internet protocol address that the Internet provider assigns to your accountand all network trac through to your new router.

    If you dont take this step, you may run into conflicts that prevent devices from working properly. You may need to contact your ISP for help with this step.

    How To Connect One Router To Another To Expand A Network

    How to Setup Wireless Router for Home WiFi

    This article was co-authored by Spike Baron and by wikiHow staff writer, Travis Boylls. Spike Baron is the Owner of Spike’s Computer Repair based in Los Angeles, California. With over 25 years of working experience in the tech industry, Spike specializes in PC and Mac computer repair, used computer sales, virus removal, data recovery, and hardware and software upgrades. He has his CompTIA A+ certification for computer service technicians and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 28 testimonials and 80% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,515,269 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to add a secondary router to your home or small business network. If you want to add more computers or other devices to your home or small business network but have no available ports, try adding a second router. In addition to increasing your network capacity, a second router can also be placed in Wi-Fi blackout areas where the wireless signal is weak or nonexistent.

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    Further Troubleshooting For Connecting Your Router:

    • If you are using NETGEAR Business products , please visit
    • If youd still like to use or, visit the
    • If you are using a VPN connection or a customize IP range, type your Gateway IP address on the browser to access your router. The default gateway IP for your router is

    [NOTE: Some browsers may have cached this page by accident. You can follow the instructions below for some popular browsers to clear the cache and try again:

    Internet Explorer :

    • For Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet options and select Delete browsing history.
    • Make sure all options are checked and then click Delete.

    Google Chrome:

    Final Information You Need To Know

    Whichever option you choose is up to you, but there are a few measures that you should always take regardless:

    • Change all default passwords and usernames to something unique
    • Make sure all passwords and usernames are long and strong
    • Dont repeat passwords and usernames across networks
    • Always update firmware to your router and IoT device with the latest patches

    You can learn more about home networking and Wi-Fi security with Actiontecs Complete Guide to WiFi Networking. For the latest news in technology, check out Actiontecs blog.

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    Update The Routers Firmware

    Router manufacturers often release new firmware after theyve shipped the router. The new firmware might contain critical bug fixes as well as security and performance improvements, so always make sure you have the latest version. Most routers will check for new firmware, but few of them do this automaticallyyou typically need to at least click a button on the routers configuration app. Take a look at your routers documentation for details. Youll need to reboot the router after a firmware update.


    The first steps you should take when configuring your router is to change the admin password and update its firmware to the latest version available.

    How Do You Fix A Router Problem

    How to set up a wireless router


  • Check Your WiFi Routers Lights.
  • Reboot Your Router and Modem.
  • See if Your WiFi is Working on Other Devices.
  • Make Sure There Is Not an Internet Outage in Your Area.
  • Connect to Your WiFi Router with an Ethernet Cable.
  • Reset Your Router to Factory Settings.
  • Remove Any Obstructions Blocking Your WiFi Signal.
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    How Do I Use A Second Router As An Extender

    The easiest way to use a spare router as an extender is to connect it to your main router via an Ethernet cable. The design and phrasing used for router settings and features can vary greatly from router model to model but the general setup steps are typically as follows.

    Detailed instructions for your routers specific model should be available via the manufacturer or internet providers website.

  • Update the firmware on your old router. If you havent used your old internet router in a while, it may need to be updated to improve its internet connectivity and security.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable to an Ethernet port on your main internet router.

  • Plug the other end of this Ethernet cable into the WAN port on the secondary router you want to use as a Wi-Fi repeater.

  • Log into your secondary routers admin settings by using its IP address and login information.

    This information is often written on a sticker on the router itself or can be found in its manual or packaging. These are the same admin settings used when changing a modem or routers password.

  • Once logged in, locate the routers wireless settings and select AP Mode. This will turn your router into an access point for your internet connection, essentially extending the Wi-Fi beyond the main routers range.

    You may need to click an option like Apply, Confirm, or Save for the change to go live.

  • To Get Started Youll Need:

    • A Google Nest Wifi router.
    • Any additional Wifi devices you would like to add . This is optional to expand coverage.
    • A Google Account.
    • One of the following mobile devices:
    • An Android phone running Android 6.0 or later
    • An Android tablet running Android 6.0 or later
    • An iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.0 or later
  • Modem .
  • Note: It’s strongly recommended to purchase Nest Wifi from the country where you’ll be using it. Since wireless regulations vary by country, you may experience compatibility issues if you move your Wifi device to a different country and Google will be unable to offer support. If you’re setting up a mesh network, it’s recommended to purchase all of your Wifi points in the same country.

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    Wired Or Wireless: Which Is Better

    Data transmission rates for wireless networks have improved markedly in recent years with advancements in transmission technology, but anything that relies on radio frequencies is, by its very nature, prone to losing some quality between devices. If speed is paramount, a fixed ethernet connection should typically be much faster than wireless.

    However, this presumes that in every single case youre happy to be tethered to one location because thats the very nature of a wired connection. Going wireless enables you to move around with your wireless device, ideally throughout your home or office.

    How Do I Configure My Router

    How To Setup Wifi Router at Home? How To Setup Wireless Router For Home Wifi? Tenda

    With the username and password set, you can proceed to configure your router’s settings. As with cooking a dinner, there’s no “right” way to install a router, and every model is likely to have its own unique steps, depending on its features. Because of this, trying to describe every possible configuration path here would be exhausting and pointless. We recommend consulting your router’s manual for specifics.

    That said, we do have a few points of advice. First, use the easy setup wizard. Most routers provide some form of brief setup routine that asks for little more than the SSID and password. If in doubt, start with this. Yes, this utility only gets you as far as that abovementioned set of blinking green lights, but even for those looking to go beyond that stage, you need to get there first. Following the router’s documentation and using its own setup utility is always the shortest path to that destination.

    Second, use the WPS button to connect Wi-Fi devices. If you’ve ever paired two Bluetooth devices, such as a smartphone with headphones, then you already have the basic understanding of how this works. Let’s say you want to connect a Windows laptop to your router. On your laptop, you’ll see your router’s SSID pop up on the list of visible wireless networks in Windows. When you select the SSID and attempt to connect, Windows will prompt you to enter the network security key .

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