How To Setup Honeywell Wifi Thermostat

Honeywell 9000 Wifi Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat – Install and Set-up
  • Temperature

This is where youll find your start screen. To modify the temperature in the house, press the up or down arrows to adjust the temperature.

Once youve determined the desired temperature to change, there are two alternatives: temporary hold or permanent hold. To return, use the green Done button once youve made your selection.

  • Alternatives for Fans

Your fan selections are found on the second tab. Youll be able to choose from a variety of fan functions here. Just use up and down arrows on the Honeywell 9000 Thermostats right-hand side.

To return to the home screen, tap the green Done button once youve picked your desired fan mode.

  • System Configuration

System settings are the third tab. Press any of the keys to change from heating to cooling or to switch it all off. Once youve made your choice, tap the green done tab to return to the main display.

  • Preferences in Scheduling

The menu is located on the fourth tab. Once youve logged in, youll see a variety of choices. Today, well speak about how to build and change your schedule.

The fact that there is a manual to help you through the scheduling possibilities is quite helpful. When you press this, it will offer you stage process directions on how to program the thermostat.

How Do You Replace A Furnace Thermostat

Replace car thermostat Make sure your car is cool. Drain the antifreeze from the car. Find your thermostat. Remove the radiator hose and remove the thermostat housing. If necessary, check the thermostat. Replace the old thermostat with a new one. Assemble the system. Replace coolant and check for leaks.

Connecting A Honeywell 9000 Series Thermostat To Wifi

Connecting your Honeywell 9000 series to WiFi is easy and can be done on the thermostat screen. You will need your home WiFi password to complete the setup.

To connect your Honeywell 9000 series thermostat to WiFi, follow these steps.

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  • Press the Menu button.
  • Press the WiFi Setup button.
  • The thermostat will scan the WiFi networks in the area and display a list of the networks.
  • Touch to select your network from the list.
  • The screen will present you with a field to enter your WiFi password. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password. Click the Done button when you have entered the password.
  • The thermostat will display a Connection Successful screen. Click the Next button.
  • The next screen will display the thermostats MAC and CRC. Make a note of these numbers, as you will need them to register the device online.
  • On your laptop or another internet-connected device, go to and create an account. Register your thermostat on their system. This registration will allow you to remotely access your thermostat through the internet.

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How Do You Reset The Wi

There are times when you need to reset the Wi-Fi on your Honeywell thermostat. You need to know that a Honeywell thermostat becomes a wireless access point during the initial setup.

This allows you to connect and administer the t-stat using either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Ethernet-based devices wont work for these types of devices. `

Lets assume that a thermostat is fully functioning and connected to a Wi-Fi network. All youll need to do is change the password and wireless network name. Youll therefore not alter any other non-network-associated settings.

If you want to change or reset Wi-Fi on a Honeywell thermostat, then go through the following steps:

Features Of Your Thermostat

Honeywell Thermostat WiFi Setup RTH8580WF

With your new thermostat, you can:

  • Connect to the Internet to monitor and control your heating/cooling system
  • View and change your heating/cooling system settings
  • View and set temperature and schedules
  • Receive alerts via email and get automatic upgrades

Your new thermostat provides:

  • Heat/cool auto changeover

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Using A Honeywell Thermostat Without A Touchscreen

  • 1Put your thermostat in “Wi-Fi Setup” mode. If you see “Wi-Fi Setup” displayed on the screen, you can skip to the next step.
  • Press the FAN button and the UP arrow, then release them when you see a set of numbers.
  • Press the NEXT button to change the number on the left to 39 and press the DOWN arrow to change the number on the right to 0.XResearch source
  • Press the DONE button to return to the main screen on the thermostat.
  • 2Open Wi-Fi settings on your phone or computer. You should find a network that your thermostat is sending.
  • 3Connect to the Wi-Fi network similar to “NewThermostat. If you don’t know how to connect to a wireless network, refer to How to Connect to a Wireless Internet Connection. Generally, you need to tap on the network name to connect.
  • 4Open a web browser. If you’re on your phone or computer, you should be redirected to a list of available networks to which you can connect your thermostat’s network.
  • If you aren’t automatically redirected to the Wi-Fi setup page, go to
  • 5Select your home’s network, enter the password, and then tap Connect. If you don’t have a network set up, refer to How to Set up a Wireless Network Connection.
  • Changing Your Current Temperature

    Perhaps its a blisteringly hot afternoon, and youd like to keep your sitting room a little cooler than normal.

    On the other hand, perhaps youve simply returned after a day spent outside in the chill and would like your house to be a little warmer than usual. In any scenario, you may not want to tamper with your preset temps.

    You may temporarily overrule the setting by merely increasing or reducing your temperature preset. This will not permanently modify the thermostat configurations. Instead, the term temporary will show on the screen.

    That temperature will persist until the specified time for the changes in temperature starts, at which point your thermostat will return to its original configuration.

    If you wish to maintain the temperature over or below the preset value for an unlimited period of time, hit the hold key. Whenever you do that, the phrase hold will appear on display.

    Then, when youre ready, hit the run tab to stop the override and revert to your preset configuration.

    Keep in mind that once you alter the temperature, the thermostat will display the current temperature until the space heats or cools to the adjusted temperature.

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    How To Fix Honeywell Thermostat

    • Clean thermostat. One of the many things that can cause your thermostat to read the wrong temperature is dirt and debris.
    • Replace air filters. Old or poor quality air filters can also cause all sorts of problems with your thermostat, including the one you’re experiencing.
    • Change the position of your thermostat. Your thermostat can be installed in a very inconvenient place.
    • Sensor defective. Another reason your thermostat may not be displaying the correct temperature is the sensor itself, which is not repairable.
    • Your thermostat may need to be aligned or calibrated. One of the last things to check is whether your thermostat is fully aligned.

    How To Test A Thermostat

    How to Set Up the Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat
    • Step 1. Disconnect the wires from the thermostat under test. You will find two types of terminals used with:
    • Step 2. Set the function switch on the DMM to the resistance measurement mode. If your DMM is a portable rangefinder, install it
    • Step 3. Connect one of the DMM probes to each terminal of the thermostat. meter

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    Connecting A Honeywell T5 And T6 Series Thermostat To Wifi

    The T5 and T6 series Honeywell thermostats are easier to configure using the Honeywell Home App. Download this app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, depending on your device, before starting the setup on the thermostat.

    Open the app and create an account on the app. You will need to know your WiFi network name and the password for your network.

    The steps below will detail how to configure these units via the app.

    • On the thermostat screen, press Start Setup on the screen.
    • Select Yes to use the app to configure the thermostat.
    • Open the Honeywell Home App on your smartphone and log in to the account you created when installing the app on your phone.
    • The app will scan for active thermostats nearby and show your thermostat on the Thermostat found screen. Select your thermostat from the list.
    • The app will connect to the thermostat and walk you through the settings to set up the thermostat, including selecting the WiFi network to connect to and the password for the network.

    Connecting A Honeywell T9 And T10 Series Thermostat To Wifi

    The first step to connecting your T9 or T10 Series Honeywell thermostat to WiFi is to enable the WiFi on the thermostat unit.

    Follow these steps to enable the WiFi on a T9 or T10 series.

    • Touch the screen to wake up the unit to present the full display.
    • At the bottom of the screen is a Menu icon. Touch this icon to bring up the menu.
    • Once the screen presents the menu, scroll down and select the WiFi menu option.
    • Tap the Enable selection to make sure it is activated.
    • Exit the menu.

    To connect the T9 series Honeywell thermostat to your WiFi network, you will need to have your WiFi password on hand.

    To connect to WiFi on the T9 series, follow these steps.

    • Touch the screen to activate the display.
    • Touch the Menu icon to bring up the menu.
    • From the menu, select the WiFi option.
    • Touch the Choose network option on the screen.
    • The unit will scan for WiFi networks that it can locate in the vicinity. Select your network from the list.
    • The screen will prompt you to enter the network password, which you can do from the touchscreen keyboard that is displayed.
    • Once you have entered the password, the unit will connect to the network and return to the WiFi screen, displaying the network that it is connected to.
    • Exit the menu.

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    Connecting The Thermostat Wire

    Connect each specified wire to the appropriate terminal. Next, disconnect the terminal screws using a screwdriver, then insert the cables and fasten the screws. Any residual wire should be pushed back into the wall aperture.

    Adjust jumper JP1 on the rear of the thermostat if a cable has been attached to the G terminal. Put the jumper in the factory-set setting HG if you have got a gas or oil furnace. If youre using an electric heater, set the jumper to HE.

    Configure jumper JP2 on the backside of the thermostat if you have a heat pump. Set the jumper in the factory-set setting O if youve attached an O wire to the O/B connector. Shift the jumper to slot B if a B wire is attached to the O/B terminal.

    Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Connection Problems

    Honeywell Smart Thermostat Wifi

    As an Amazon affiliate, we earn a commision from qualifying purchases.

    If your Honeywell thermostat wont connect to the WiFi, and youd rather attempt your own fix before calling in a pro, this Honeywell wifi thermostat connection problems troubleshooting guide will help you on your way.

    We look at everything from what to do if your Honeywell thermostat is stuck on connecting to the fixes to try if your Honeywell wifi thermostat keeps losing connection.

    Read on to learn how to resolve most Honeywell wifi thermostat connection problems and get your stat working properly again:

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    How Many Zone Valves Can Be Put On A Transformer

    A simple solution is to connect three zone valves to each transformer. This ensures that if one of the transformers burns out, at least three zones will continue to heat up. Speaking of burning transformers, why do transformers always seem to be on fire in the middle of the coldest, darkest night?

    Honeywell thermostat older modelsHow do you replace an old Honeywell thermostat? Replacing an old Honeywell thermostat generally requires a newer model or an energy-efficient programmable digital thermostat. The process is simple and can be done with a few simple hand tools.How to identify a Honeywell thermostat?Use a different reset method depending on the Honeywell thermostat type. Determine your thermostat model by looking at the â¦

    Enter Wifi Setup Mode

    First of all, switch from normal to WiFi setup as follows. Press the Menubutton at the top right of the Homescreen, as shown above.

    Then, scroll with the arrow keys at right, through the main menu. Stop scrolling when you see the WiFi Setup button, as shown next.

    Next, press the WiFi Setup button, circled in red in the above pic. The WiFi setup screen then displays, as shown next. Note that we have blanked the t-stat MAC address and CRC values, to preserve its anonymity. Also note that normally, this screen shows the status of the setup WiFi network. But here, the OurHouse1 network is not in range . So were going to discard that info, and replace it with an in-range WiFi network in the following steps.

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    How To Set A Thermostat

    • Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Choose heating or cooling depending on what you are going to do, depending on the season of course.
    • Set the temperature per day of the week by setting the switch to heating or cooling and selecting the program for the day of the week.
    • Set the temperature for the weekend in the same way.

    Register Your Honeywell Thermostat Online For Remote Access

    How to install your Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

    Next, press the green OK button.

    Then, the Register Online for Remote Access screen displays, as shown next.

    Now perhaps you already registered your t-stat. If so, then you need not register it again, so long as you have not unregistered it. Note that setup on a new WiFi network does not unregister a Honeywell thermostat.

    Then, press the green Done button.

    The system then returns to the Wi-Fi Setup screen. But this time, the connected network settings appear, as shown in the next shot.

    Next, press the green Donebutton.

    Then, the t-stat takes you back to the main menu, as shown below.

    Then from there, press the Homebutton at the top left corner of the Main Menu screen, to return to the Home screen, as shown next.

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    Why Does My Thermostat Keep Shutting Off

    For example, if your thermostat is near a vent, a blast of cold air from the vent can trick your thermostat into thinking your home is cool and shut down your system. And when the air stops flowing, your thermostat recognizes that your home is still warm and turns on the air conditioner, repeating the cycle.

    Installing The Honeywell Thermostat

    A qualified HVAC installation technician should install the Honeywell thermostat. Refer to the documentation that came with the thermostat for detailed installation instructions. Clare Controls does not assume any responsibility for damages caused by improper installation or connection to the data network.

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