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How To: Setup a TP-Link Range Extender using a Web Browser (2019)

Youre going to want to match two values between the router you have and the extender you want to buy: the Wi-Fi generation, and the Wi-Fi speed. The generation will generally be either Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 . The speed is expressed as a function of that connection: if the extender is marked as AC750, that means its using 802.11ac at up to 750 megabits per second. If it says AX1800, its using 802.11ax at up to 1800 megabits .

You can buy an extender thats newer and/or faster than your router, and it will work fine. But youll be paying for something that you dont really need, since the extender wont be able to speed up the connection from the router itself.

Tplink Wifi Password Change

for Wireless N Nano router: ( TL-WR702N & TL-WR802N

  • Log in to the web-based utility (Management Page of TP-Link wireless router.
  • Go To Wireless and Click On Wireless Security.
  • Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, .
  • Enter your default TPLink Password in the PSK Password box.
  • If you have changed the password, click on Save. Now reboot the router.

For Wireless AC Router

Log in the router and go to Basic.

Enter your Wireless Network Name and Password.

If you have changed the password, reboot the router & AP.

For Wireless G AP

  • Log in to the AP.
  • Go to the Wireless option and click on Security Settings to verify your security page.
  • For WEP, the password is Key 1.
  • For WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, the default TP-Link password is PSK Password.
  • If you have changed the password, click on the Save button. If you have changed the password, you need to reboot the router.

Wireless ADSL Modem Router

  • Login to the Modem.
  • On the Wireless page, youll find the Pre-Shared Key or Key 1.
  • If you have changed the password, reboot the modem.
  • Go to Advanced Setup and then on the SysRestart page. If you have changed the password
  • Restart the modem with the current settings.

For Broadcom- TD- W8960N

  • Go to the Wireless and then the Security Page to locate the Wireless Key.
  • It can be the WPA Pre-shared Key or the Network Key 1.
  • Go to Management and click on the Reboot page option.
  • If you have changed the password, you need to reboot the modem.

TP-link WiFi extender setup

TP-link ac 1750 Manual

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When To Use Wifi Extender

Many families only use one router at home, and their WiFi signals are normally sufficient enough to cover studios and small apartments. However, in some cases, one router may not be strong enough to ensure a reliable signal and pleasant WiFi experiences in every corner, especially in large houses.

In these cases, you may need a WiFi extender.

Some rooms or spots have weak or no signals at all when theres only one router, especially in a big apartment, villa, or multi-story house. You may also experience weak signals when there are physical obstacles or other sources of interference in your house.

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What To Do If Red Led Does Not Light Up At The End Of The Setup Process

If red LED doesnt light up after completion of the setup process, make sure you check the following things.

  • You may have entered the wrong wifi password of the host network while configuring the extender. Log in to the extender and check the password, and then try again.
  • The extender may be out of range, therefore try moving extender closer to the router.
  • You can also try resetting the extender to factory default settings. After resetting the extender, go through the whole process again and check if the red LED lights up this time or not. Most of the problems with your extender can be solved by simply resetting it to factory default settings.

How To Configure My Range Extender Via Web Gui To Extend An Existing Wireless Networks Coverage

How to Setup TP

This Article Applies to:

Note: This FAQ is suitable for all single band RE products of TP-Link, and here we just take TL-WA850RE as an example.

We have made clear introductions in the QIG of TL-WA850RE that how to configure TL-WA850RE via WPS. Here well introduce how to configure TL-WA850RE to extend an existing wireless networks coverage via Web GUI.

Before we configure TL-WA850RE, please check the hardware connection:

  • Plug your TL-WA850RE into a power outlet near your wireless router or AP.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your TL-WA850RE to your PC.
  • Note:

    We strongly suggest you should configure your TL-WA850RE via wired connection. But if you dont have any PC, or your RE product like TL-WA854RE doesnt have any Ethernet port, in this situation you can only configure TL-WA850RE/TL-WA854RE via Wi-Fi.

    Now lets begin configuring TL-WA850RE:

    1. Log into the Range extender by typing or in the address bar of the web browser . A little window will pop out and ask you for the username and password. The Username and Password are both admin in lower case by default.

    Follow the Quick Setup, and click Next to continue.

    2. Select your Region here, and then click Next.

    3. Now your TL-WA850RE will scan all the wireless networks around.

    Then please choose the wireless network you want to extend, click Next.

    4.Now input the password of the wireless network you want to extend, and clickNext.


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    Hard Reset Of A Tp Link Wi

    The first method and the most common way you can reset your TP Link Wi-Fi extender is to make use of its WPS/RESET button.

    The TP-Link extender features a WPS/RESET button, which is a button that can be used to reset the TP Link Wi-Fi extender or restore the device to its default factory settings. This is what you call the hard reset. It makes use of the WPS/RESET button you can usually find at the front, back, or side panel of the range extender.

    You can do this with the TP Link range extender powered on.

  • Press and hold the WPS/RESET button of your TP Link range extender.
  • Hold it for about 8 seconds or until you can see the System LED light transition from quick flashing to slow flashing. There are other devices that require you to hold the button for at least 10 seconds.
  • The WPS/RESET button usually works in two ways. Pressing and holding it for about five seconds will enable the range extender to use WPS function while pressing and holding it for 8 to 10 seconds will reset the range extender.

  • Once the System LED light is flashing in quick successions, you can now release the button.
  • Sit back and wait for the TP Link range extender to reset to its factory default settings.
  • Once you use the hard reset to reboot the TP Link extender to its factory default settings, you will then have to reconfigure the range extender from scratch. You can also make use of the configuration file, but that is only possible if you have backed it up before the reset.

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    Accessing The Tplinkextendernet Login Page

    • Open a web browser on your smartphone/computer that is connected to the repeater network. In the address bar, type the default web address or Alternatively, you can also use the IP address
    • Press Enter once you have entered the web address in the address bar. Youll be redirected to the tplink extender login page.


    • When the login page appears on the screen, type the default access credentials including the username and the password in the fields provided.
    • The default password and username you can use is admin. Key in the same in the username and the password fields and click on the Login button.

    How Range Extenders Work

    TP-Link 300Mbps Universal WiFi Range Extender TL-WA850RE Setup Tutorial Video

    Wireless network extenders work by receiving and rebroadcasting WiFi signals from your wireless router in order to boost signal in areas that may have been physically blocked before hand. There are two basic types of extenders: antenna based extenders, which basically just add another broadcasting node to your network, and power-line based extenders, which use your homes electrical system as a wired network to transmit wireless signals across obstacles.

    For example. take a look at this typical house plan. The router is located in the living room. Areas of a strong signal, good signal, weak signal, and no signal are indicated on the plan

    In this example, there is a good signal in most of the house, but in the bedrooms on the left side of the plan, there is an only a weak signal or no signal at all. This problem could be resolved by moving the router to a more central location, but that might not be convenient or possible. However, you could place a wireless extender in the hallway leading from the living room to the bedrooms. That would change the signal map to look something like this:

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    What Should Be The Location Of The Tp

    To have the optimal use of your extender, you have to keep in mind certain things.

    • Between your host router and the Wi-Fi dead zone, plug the extender into an electrical socket. Your chosen venue must be within the range of your current host network.
    • Wait for the LEDs to turn on. Make sure the extender is placed where three or more LEDs are illuminated. If it isnt, move it closer to the router to improve signal strength.

    Get An Overview Of Tp Link Extender

    TP Link provides its users with the top-rated wireless network extenders. These extenders are perfect for enjoying excellent network connectivity. For better WiFi coverage and performance, TP-Link has designed its extenders with adjustable antennas that will help you to forget about dead zones. It will cover all the areas where the network connectivity cant reach on its own and help you to enjoy a fast network connection. For offering a notable experience, TP-Link has designed an easy management app i.e. Tether App. Using this app, you can manage your extender right from your smart device. To have a better understanding of TP-Link extenders, you must look at some of its outstanding features.

    Simple and effortless TP Link extender setup

    There is more than one method available to set up your extender which makes it easier for the user to choose the one that works best for him/her. Also, the setup of the extender includes a stable connection with the TP Link Wifi Router. On completion, you can place it in an ideal location and you are done.

    Remarkable signal indicator

    TP Link extenders are easy to position in an ideal location. This is because of its notable signal indicators. With the help of indicating lights that are easy to understand, you can learn about the perfect location for your extender.

    Powerful external antennas

    Ultimate Wired Connectivity

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    Range Extender Setup Help


    This article provides configuration assistance and troubleshooting guides for initial setup of the range extender.

    If you problem is not included, contact our Technical Support with the product model and problem details.

    Before setup

    Q1. Can the range extender work with a non-TP-Link router?

    • Yes. The range extender works with almost any Wi-Fi router. But it may not be compatible with routers or gateways with firmware that has been altered, or is non-standard or outdated.

    Q2. I have two range extenders, how can I connect them to my home network?

    • Generally we suggest connecting all the extenders to the router for better performance. You can also connect one extender to another extender which already gets connected to your router, however we dont recommend adding more than two extenders to one single link chain in consideration of the Wi-Fi quality.

    Q3. How do I log into the range extender?

    • Method 1: Via the Tether app
  • Connect your smartphone to the range extenders Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the app and tap your extender to log in. The Tether App and web page will use the same login password for your range extender.
    • Method 2: Via the web management page
  • Connect your smartphone to the range extenders Wi-Fi.
  • Launch a web browser and visit .
  • Create a password to log in. The Tether App and web page will use the same login password for your range extender.
  • Q4. What should I do if the Tether app cant find my range extender?

    Access the internet

    Wireless Range Theory And Practice

    How to Set Up a TP

    One common problem that wireless network installations often run into is the fact that radio waves, which WiFi networks use to communicate, carry very well through open-air, but are much less effective when asked to propagate through solid objects, such as walls or doors. Radio waves can penetrate such obstacles, but it uses up a considerable fraction of their power to do so. You may note that a piece of wireless hardware has a nominal range of 600 feet, for example. And if you set that equipment up outside, in perfect weather, in a giant open field, with nothing in between the two network components, you would indeed find that they would work pretty well even if they were 600 feet apart.

    If you have a large home or office or are trying to extend your Internet connection to an outlying building such as a shed, garage, or patio area, then a wireless network extender may be the product that you need. TP-Link is a networking company that makes a wide variety of networking products, from whole-home wireless routers to range extenders to modems and switches. For this article, we will concentrate on their line of range extenders. Range extenders are generally inexpensive and they work very well, but home networking can be something of an acquired skill. In this article, you will learn how range extenders work, why you might need one , and how to set up your TP-Link extender model.

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