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Using Your Android Smartphone To Make Calls Over Wi

How to get FREE WiFi Calling and Texting on your Cell phone or Tablet!
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Wi-Fi calling is a service offered by the major U.S. mobile service providers that allows you to use a Wi-Fi network instead of your mobile phone plan to make and receive calls. It’s a handy feature when you can’t get mobile phone reception or have limited minutes on your phone plan.

Here’s a closer look at Wi-Fi calling, when you can use it, and how to turn it on for Android smartphones.

How To Properly Send Messages Over Wifi

As I mentioned, switching off the antiquated text system is my recommendation. In fact, there are only two steps to sending your messages over WiFi

  • Stop Using The Old 1990s Text Messages
  • The old SMS/MMS system was never designed to be secure and private. You expose your unencrypted messages to potential eavesdroppers when you send and receive messages over this tired, legacy network.

  • Find A Messenger Network
  • I recommend you select 1-3 messengers and compartmentalize your use. Naturally, youll be influenced by the network effect. Youll want to be on the same message network that the rest of your friends and family are on in order to easily connect with them.

    Select a:

    • Knowingly Insecure Messenger: Use this messenger for sending unimportant communication. Be mindful that with enough collection, even insecure texts create a profile that an attacker can use against you over time.
    • Secure Enough Messenger: This should be your daily go-to messenger network. Its okay to send important messages but look for a system that allows deletion and expiration.
    • Completely Anonymous Messenger: Find an app with expiring messages and use it to text sensitive information.

    Many modern messenger apps also require you to register with your actual mobile number, which exposes your identity to the service. Ideally, you should select a messenger network provider that doesnt ask you to give up your identity for service.

    Why Do I Need To Set Up An Address To Use Wi

    To offer voice service over the internet, Verizon is required by the FCC to support 911 calls and collect a registered location to enable the service.By registering an address, youre providing information that determines how your 911 call is routed. This information:

  • Is provided to emergency services if youre unable to report your physical location.
  • Is also used if you call 911 using Wi-Fi Calling in an area or location where cellular service isnt available.
  • Isn’t used for billing or other purposes.
  • Note: Be sure to update your emergency address whenever you change locations.

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    How To Enable Wi

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    If youre on a carrier that supports it, Wi-Fi calling is a great feature to have. It will allow your smartphone to use the best connection in your house to make and receive calls and text messages. It also allows for higher quality audio, and its perfect if you dont get good signal in your house.

  • Pull down the notification shade and long-press the Wi-Fi icon to enter Wi-Fi settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Wi-Fi Preferences.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling and flip the switch to On.
  • While this has been a feature found on Android for many years, its still shocking how many people dont know it exists. This is in part due to slow carrier adoption, but also just a general lack of coverage for the feature and its usefulness. T-Mobile is probably the biggest proponent of Wi-Fi calling at this point, though the four major carriersSprint, T-Mobile, AT& T, and Verizonall support the feature. Unfortunately, if youre saving money by using an MVNO, you likely wont have it as an option. Thats a bummer.

    How To Turn On Wifi Calling On Android

    Text Free: WiFi Calling App APK Download

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Android phones. Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi internet connection, instead of using a cellular connection. Making calls over Wi-Fi is useful if you are in a location where your mobile carrier has poor network coverage. Turning on Wi-Fi calling may differ from phone to phone and carrier to carrier. Check with your mobile carrier for the official way to enable Wi-Fi calling on your particular phone.

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    How To Enable Telstra Sms Over Wi

    First, you need a compatible device. You can check to see which devices are compatible on our regularly updated Support Centre.

    For iPhone:

  • Select Mobile
  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling. This will also enable Wi-Fi SMS
  • To enable Wi-Fi SMS, youll also need to disable and re-enable iMessage if its already turned on:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to your phones calling app
  • Select More or the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Calling. This will also enable Wi-Fi SMS
  • Best Offline Messaging Apps For Android

    We have now seen that most Android Offline messaging apps use a variety of methods to deliver messages. Some apps like WhatsApp use cached messaging. Others work by transmitting data directly to a user via WiFi or Bluetooth.

    Some apps create mesh networks that grow depending on the number of active users. Be in a crowded festival or during an emergency situation, having a sure shot means of communication at hand is always a good idea. Despite their differences, all of the above apps are effective at communicating offline.

    These Android offline messaging apps are coming handy when you are at SubWays, Cruise ships, and other Internet dead zones. With these Android messaging apps, you can ensure that you are always connected with your loved ones at all time.

    Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    How Do I Set Up Wifi Calling & Text On My Phone

    Click here for instructions on setting up WiFi Calling & Text on your iOS device. Android devices:

    You can set your Android device up for WiFi Calling & Text by doing the following:

    Go to your phones Wireless and Networks settingsSelect the More or More Networks optionFind WiFi Calling & Text, and enable itYou can set your WiFi Calling & Text Preferences by doing the following:

    Tap WiFi Calling & Text Tap Connection PreferencesChoose from:

    WiFi Preferred If a WiFi network is available, your phone will use the WiFi network rather than the cellular networkCellular Network Preferred Your phone will use a WiFi network for calls only if no cellular network is availableNever Use Cellular Network Your phone will only use WiFi networks for callsNext, youll need to activate WiFi Calling & Text on your Ultra account by doing one of the following:

    Log into your online accountVisit the nearest Ultra RetailerCall 1.888.777.0446 to speak with Customer Care

    Android: Text Over Wifi / Wifi Call: The Advantages And Disadvantages

    How to Call and Text for FREE on Wifi without cell phone service!

    Every innovation comes with a set of pros and cons. Wifi calling and texting are no exception. So lets discuss the various advantages and disadvantages you can expect with this feature on your mobile device.

    The good

    Save money! Forget expensive cellular data plans.

    Wifi texting and wi-fi calling do not require cellular coverage or enable your mobile data. We know how costly data plans have become in recent years. If you are looking to save that extra buck on mobile data plans, then wifi texts and calls might be a lifesaver for you. All you need to send and receive messages and calls seamlessly is a steady and strong wifi connection.


    The cost that we usually dont while travel planning but eventually adds up to a massive amount is our cell phone call and data charges. This is especially true during international travels. However, with wifi calling and texting, you can make use of your hotels wifi network to send that important call or text while you are on vacation.

    With public Wi-Fi becoming readily popular, tourists also dont have to depend on hotel networks, and mobile data usage most famous tourist spots, cafes, stations, and busy streets have Wi-Fi nowadays. So wifi calling and texting is a fantastic cost-effective option for travelers.

    No more worries about cellular network reception

    The bad

    It all depends on the WiFi strength.

    The rules may vary from carrier to carrier.

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    How To Tell If You Are Using Wi

    You can make an iPhone Wi-Fi call once you see the word Wi-Fi beside the TELUS network name on the status bar of your device. For Android devices, you will see the Wi-Fi calling icon on the status bar of your device. Wi-Fi Calling uses the same native dialler and contact list on your device as for cellular, for your convenience.

    If you do not see the Wi-Fi calling text or icon, view our support article on frequently asked questions.


    How To Enable Androids Native Wi

    Even if youre using a phone and carrier combo that supports Wi-Fi Calling, its probably not enabled by default. To turn it on, youll need to jump into the Settings menu. Im using a Google Pixel running Android 8.0 here, so the process may vary slightly on your phone.

    While you can go through all the steps to tap your way into the Wi-Fi Calling menu , the easiest thing to do is just search for it. Pull down the notification shade and tap the gear icon to get started.

    From there, tap the magnifying glass, then type wifi calling. If its available in your situation, it should show up here.

    In my scenario, Android didnt throw me directly into the Wi-FI Calling menu, but rather into the advanced section of Wi-Fi settings, where Wi-Fi Calling is found. Go ahead and tap the Wi-Fi Calling option to jump into its section of the menu.

    Boom, there you goslide the toggle to turn it. You can also select whether you want the phone to prefer WI-Fi networks or mobile networks for calls. Whenever it has both, it will use your preferred option, then seamlessly switch to the other when one becomes unavailable.

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    Can Android Phones Text Over Wifi

    The ability to make calls and send texts to WiFi-enabled Android phones can sometimes become unavailable when using a cell phone. If your carrier doesnt provide cellular service, then you will have to take WiFi calls and texts through a WiFi network, and from which your phone is connected to other networks.

    Different Carriers Have Different Wi

    10 Best WiFi Messaging Apps For Android &  iOS [Free WiFi Texting]

    Wi-Fi Calling policies vary across different carriers and its important that you check with your carrier before getting into it. Some carriers have complicated processes while others are really very simple, but all in all, it shouldnt be an uphill task to activate Wi-Fi Calling on your Android phone.

    Before we get to all that stuff about how to make Wi-Fi calls on Android, lets check out each of the big four carriers take on Wi-Fi Calling in the US.

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    Textplus: Free Text & Calls

    textPlus is an app that is slightly more complex and is an alternative to Text Free. With textPlus, you will have more customization features to play with. At the same time, you still have most of the benefits that an app like Text Free provides.

    You will enjoy free WiFi calling and texting, all from a real US phone number. Having a real phone number to use means you can text and call anyone without them needing to have the same app, making textPlus easy to use. The only downside to this is you cant use the same number youve always used, it must be a different one on sign up.

    The tradeoff is worth it to be able to send SMS and MMS over WiFi, and even take and receive calls.


    • Tons of customization options to make your app look unique
    • Group messaging and media files compatible
    • A real US phone number to use as long as you keep up with it


    • In-app purchases to get rid of ads
    • Youll lose your number if you dont use it for a while

    What Is Telstra Sms Over Wi

    SMS over Wi-Fi allows you to send and receive SMS messages on via your fixed Wi-Fi network.

    Instead of sending the SMS using mobile signal, modern smartphones use the connectivity found via the Fixed Wi-Fi network at your home or business to get the message out.

    To be able to use Wi-Fi SMS, you need to:

    • Have a Telstra approved Wi-Fi SMS compatible device
    • Have VoLTE enabled on your device
    • Have updated to the latest device OS software
    • Turn on Wi-Fi calling on your device

    It takes a few steps to enable, which you can find below.

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    How To Enable Wifi Calling On Iphone

  • Go to Settings> Phone > WiFi Calling
  • Switch the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone slider on, to the right.
  • Choose Enable to turn on Wi-Fi Calling. You can ignore the warning about what data your carrier collects.
  • Note: enabling WiFi on any Apple device requires making changes in the setting, which also requires a carrier bundle directly from Apple. Were working with Apple to get this feature to US Mobile.

    Enabling Wifi Texts And Calls On Your Phone: How To Do It

    How to text free without service ( ON WIFI )

    Now that you have understood the pros and cons of wifi calling, lets dive into how to avail of this feature. There are two broad methods.

    Firstly you have to check whether your mobile carrier and phone supports Wifi calling. If you reside in the US, the good news is all the major mobile carriers like Verizon, t mobile, Sprint, or AT & T support this feature.

    As for smartphones, almost every iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel phones, and a select few apple watch support wifi calling and texting. However, you should make sure that your mobile devices model supports the feature before trying it. If your mobile and cellular network provider supports wifi texting and calling, you can now move on to enabling the feature. We will break it down step by step, both in the case of iPhone and Android.

    Enabling wifi messages and calls over iPhone

    You dont have to do much to enable this feature on iPhones. Most apple phones will have wifi calling activated automatically. If it is not, follow the below steps :

    Step 1 : Go to the settings on your phone and select the option Phone OR Cellular.

    Step 2: Next, choose WiFi Calling

    Now you are good to go.

    Enabling wifi texts over Android phones

    Wifi calling and texting are a little complicated to enable on Android devices. The process may vary depending on the model.

    Heres a general instruction that should work for most.

    Step 1: Go to Settings on your phoneselect Network and Internet.

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