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Ways To Upgrade Your Wi

NETGEAR: How to update your WiFi firmware

Whether you’re working from home, binge-watching Netflix, or streaming your gameplay on Twitch, there’s no such thing as too much bandwidth. Even if you have gigabyte fiber mainlined into your router, everyone could use help getting faster internet around the house. It doesn’t matter if you have the best possible wires outside your houseeliminating subpar speeds and Wi-Fi dead zones is largely up to you. To help, we’ve put together some suggestions on ways to troubleshoot and, hopefully, improve the quality of the Wi-Fi inside and outside your place.

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If you don’t have a flat surface near the best spot, you can mount your router halfway up a wall. If possible, keep it away from other devices that use electromagnetic waves that includes baby monitors, wireless keyboards, and even microwaves.

Ethernet. It still works.

Netgear Nighthawk AX8

Find Your Router Configuration Page

Access the router configuration page by typing the router’sIP address in to the address bar, and pressingenter.

IP Address This is pretty rare.

Note: Even though there are a few more possible addresses, it doesnt take long to see the pattern. Try changing the second to last number if none of those work.

Wait a minute… what’s an IP Address?

Glad you asked! Each router hosts a tiny webpage that you access to configure it. Just like a website has an address , your router has an address. Since it’s a home Wi-Fi router, it doesn’t need a name reserved for it, so it’s just a numerical address. Typing in the address in the address bar on your browser will take you to the configuration page for your router.

How To Setup Wireless Wifi Connection

  • Buy a wireless router. To create your own WiFi network, you need a WiFi router.
  • Connect the cables. After purchasing a wireless router, connect it to your existing internet modem.
  • Configure your router. You will then need to use your computer to configure the default router settings.
  • Connect!
  • Congratulations!

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Move Your Router To Higher Ground

The first thing to do if you’re facing connectivity issues on your router is move it to a new location. The ideal location for a router is high up on a wall, as that way its signal doesn’t bounce off nearby objects. Ideally, your router should be at a central location in your house that’s not close to any large metal objects or other electronics. If that’s not possible, at least make sure you mount it high up on a wall. All routers come with brackets so that they can be mounted to the wall for better signal coverage.

You’ll immediately notice a difference once you switch the router to a new location. The fewer objects in the way, the better wireless signal you’ll get from your router. If you’ve ever noticed routers at malls or in your office, you would’ve seen that they’re mounted on the ceiling. This is done to maximize the coverage.

If you’re seeing dead zones in your house where there’s no Wi-Fi signal at all, consider mounting your router on a wall and it should alleviate the issue.

Dont Forget To Reboot

How to update your router

The timeless IT advice, If it doesnt work, try switching it on and off”, also applies to WiFi routers. A simple reboot is often enough to considerably improve your WiFi speeds. A reboot clears the routers memory and allows updates to install.

To reboot your router, either press the restart button located on the back or simply disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.

If your router really starts installing an update during the reboot, be patient and dont interrupt the update process by turning off your router. Depending on your routers performance, the update process may take more than 10 minutes.

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What Will Happen If Internet Was Not Discovered

You would notice right away! If the Internet suddenly flatlined, social media users would start calling each other on the phone, overloading working telecommunication systems Unless cell phone towers and telephone lines were also shut down. Then youd go back to writing letters and sending them via post.

How To Check Update Automatically

Yes, you can check or manage airport firmware update on Airport Utility. It will check once in a week. If any update is available then it will be shown in notification center. For the Open AirPort Utility on Mac > Display badge for connected AirPort device in your network if firmware available for update.

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How Can I Tell Which Wifi Channel My Router Is Using

You can determine which channel each network is using by looking at the numbers in the middle of each row. In the image above, the dedicated network uses channel 36 in the 5 GHz band. This channel is quite congested, so it may be a good idea to switch channels on the other side of the frequency range.

How To Tell When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Router

How do I update my wireless router?

Experts recommend getting a new router every couple of years. Here’s how to get the most out of your next upgrade if the time has indeed come.

Your router just might be one of the most essential gadgets you own — but in a lot of cases, we set the thing up and then hope to never think about it again. Heck, maybe you just went with whatever your internet provider installed when you signed up for service.

It’s an understandable blind spot. Between the blinking lights, the ceaseless jargon and the oft-misleading speed claims, routers can be mystifying. But in our current age of doing everything at home — working, learning, socializing, you name it — having a good router running your network traffic is as essential as ever.

In general, experts recommend upgrading your router at least every five years. Make that every two to three years if you use lots of smart home gadgets, or if you make a regular habit of buying the latest laptops, phones and other primary Wi-Fi devices. That means that there are probably lots and lots of us that would stand to benefit from upgrading to a new router in 2021. Here’s how to wrap your head around all of that, and make the right upgrade at the right time.

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Update The Firmware For A D

  • After downloading the file, unzip it and save it on a location that you can easily access.
  • Open your web browser and enter in the address bar.
  • When the login screen appears, enter admin as username and password.
  • Once you log in, go to the Tools tab and select the Update Gateway option.
  • Click the Browse button and look for the update file from Step 2.
  • Once you locate the file, double click it.
  • Now click the Update Gateway button.
  • Wait patiently for the update to complete. Dont interrupt the update and dont close or open any tabs.
  • After the update process is finished, the router will restart itself.
  • In some cases, you need to reset your router before you can use it. To do that, press and hold the Reset button on the back of your router for 10 seconds.

    Keep in mind that youll need to configure your settings again after performing the reset.

    Need more help to fix problems with Wireless N Routers in Windows 10? Weve prepared a detailed guide just for that.

    How To Update Modem Firmware

    Firmware is the software programmed into your modem that makes it run. Occasional updates are important to add new features and keep the modem’s performance at its best. In many cases, your modem will install updates automatically. However, if your equipment isn’t performing properly, it’s worth checking to make sure the firmware is up to date. You can do this through the Utilities section of your modem’s online settings.

    Before you start, keep these tips in mind:

    • We recommend connecting your device directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable, if possible, to get the most stable internet connection. If this isn’t an option, you can use a wireless connection.
    • Updating firmware will NOT reset your custom modem settings, so you do not need to back them up first.

    NOTE: Depending on your model, your modem’s user interface may appear slightly different from the images below.

    1. Connect a device, such as a computer or tablet, to the internet through WiFi or using an Ethernet cable connected to your modem.

    2. Open a web browser and type into the web address field.

    3. Log in to the modem’s settings interface using your Admin Username and Admin Password. Note that these are different from your wireless network name and WiFi password .

    You can find the Admin Username and Password printed on the sticker attached to the side, back or bottom of the modem.

    4. Select the Utilities icon in the main menu.

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    How To Change Your Wireless Router’s Admin Password

    To change the administrator password for a NETGEAR router: Launch a web browser on a computer or mobile device connected to your router’s network. Enter in the address bar of your web browser. Click Enter or press Search. Enter the router’s username and password. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password. Enter the old password and enter the new password twice.

    How Do I Change My Wifi Channel At& t

    How to Upgrade Your Wireless Router

    Go to Gateway > Connection > WiFi. To change the channel selection, select Change next to the WiFi channel you want to change, click the radio button in the channel selection box, and then select the desired channel number. To change the Wi-Fi mode, select Change next to Wi-Fi mode, then select the desired mode.

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    How Do I Fix My Wifi Connection

    Solve your wifi connection problem. 1. Go to Settings > Airplane Mode: Enable Airplane Mode. 2. Select Settings > General > Reset. 3. Click Reset Network Settings. 4. Confirm the reboot. 5. Restart the router and disable “airplane mode”. This should fix the connectivity issue and allow you to connect to your network.

    How To Update Your Wireless Driver

    Here’s how you can update your wireless driver on your PC running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10:

  • Determine the wireless driver that you’re running on your PC, along with the date and version. Open the command prompt and enter the following command:
  •  netsh wlan show drivers

    You should get a screen like the one below:

  • If the driver is more than one year old, we suggest you update it. Copy the driver name from the command prompt screen and do a Google search.
  • . In the example above, go to the Download Center for Intel and choose the driver for the Windows version you are running. If you’re unsure of what version you’re running, just check the “System type” information in the System properties screen . .
  • Install the driver by running the installer. If the driver doesn’t have an installer:
  • Open the Device Manager
  • Right click on your wireless adapter and choose Update Driver Software.
  • Choose the option to Browse and locate the drivers you downloaded. Windows will then install the drivers.
  • Reboot your PC after installing the updated drivers.
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    Manually Upgrading Your Linksys Wi

    automatic manual Linksys Wi-Fi Router’s firmwarehereIMPORTANT:

    • Use a wired computer for stable connectivity. It is NOT recommended to update the firmware via Wi-Fi as it may cause permanent damage to the router.
    • Use another browser if your default browser does not work. Alternatively, you can use another computer to perform the upgrade.
    • If you have a storage device connected to the router, make sure to remove it before upgrading the routers firmware to prevent data loss.
    • Make sure that you have created a backup configuration. For instructions on how to create a backup, clickhere.

    NOTE: NOTE:version 1NOTE: .bin.img.bixStep 1: Step 2: adminStep 3:Administration> Firmware UpgradeNOTE:Choose FileOpenNOTE:Choose Step 6:Start UpgradeNOTE:UpgradeIMPORTANT:OKSteps 2 4 ContinueStep 8:Resetting and re-configuring the router

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    Windows 10 Update Wifi Driver

    How to Update the Firmware of ASUS WiFi Router? | ASUS SUPPORT

    We have arrived at the concluding point of this article where we have addressed the most user-friendly methods to update Wifi drivers.

    If you still have any doubts on how to update Wifi driver with the methods elaborated above, then feel free to share your concerns with us in the comments box below.

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    Measure Wired Internet Performance

    If youve tried the 10 above-described tips for improving wireless internet performance without any success, then its time to shift your focus from your WiFi and measure wired internet performance. To do that, you need an Ethernet cable and a laptop or desktop computer with an Ethernet port.

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your modem.
  • Connect the other end to your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Open the following address in a web browser: .
  • Compare the results with the speeds advertised by your internet service provider.
  • We recommend you repeat the wired internet performance test several times, preferably at different times of the day. Once youre certain that your internet service provider is to blame, send them the results of your tests and ask them to fix the problem. If they fail to do so, then its probably time to switch to a different internet service provider because even the best tips on how to increase WiFi signal wont help you.

    Visit Your Router Providers Website And Find Your Model

    To manually update firmware, you will need to start by downloading the latest firmware file. To help with that, major router brands have support webpages. Were going to start by showing Netgear routers and the Netgear support page because its laid out very clearly, but other router brands follow very similar processes. Heres the Linksys support page and the if you need them.

    On the support page, select Wi-fi Routers, then select from the router line you have. For example, lets choose the Nighthawk AC Routers category.

    Next, select your specific router model. Its a good idea to have your router on hand to look for the model number if necessary. Note that some models may also have different versions, so you will need to choose the correct version too . Using the wrong firmware for your model or version could cause serious issues.

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