How To Use Internet Without Wifi

Getting Wifi Without Internet

How To Use Internet Without Network or Wifi Connection

The fact is that free internet is not illegal, not in any sense of the word but the problem is that most do not know that you can indeed get free internet and end up paying a monthly fee for the same.

In fact, the government offers several programs for those who reside below the poverty line, which includes free internet, but other than that, there are a few options across the board that you may want to check out.

Which Dongle Is Best For Pc

Best Wi-Fi adapters for PC in India TP-Link TL-WN823N 300Mbps Mini Wireless-N USB Adapter. Tenda U3 Mini Wireless N Adapter. TP-Link TL-WN725N 150Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter. Wayona Wireless USB Adapter WiFi Receiver. Tenda W311MI Wireless N150 USB Adapter Nano. Classytek Mini Wireless WiFi USB Dongle Adapter.

What Happened To Cable Internet

Undoubtedly, cable internet is one of the fastest and most reliable technologies to connect your home to the Internet. The problem, though, is that cables are out of trend!

In todays wireless age, countless reasons exist for eliminating wires and cables. This is even more true when considering Internet access. The whole idea of the Internet seems to be centered on a virtual world one removed from physical reality, or existing in some suspended space of its own. Even when wired Internet access was the only option, the idea was still the same.

For some years now, that idea has truly become a reality with wireless connections to the virtual world of the Internet. In fact, connecting to the Internet without wires is now the normal thing to do.

Further, perhaps a primary reason why cables have been so willingly abandoned is their disruptive, physical appearance. Cable tops the list of household eyesores, and everyone wants to get rid of the ugly-looking mess of wires. Tacks on the walls, wires altering the appearance of neatly decorated homes, long traces of cords running for several metres, etc., are simply not pleasant.

Truly though, the reasons behind cables un-trend-ing is really not so complicated People simply want Internet access on-the-go and thus, prefer a portable Internet connection.

Thankfully, there are three easy ways to get high-speed internet coverage without a phone line or cable.

Read further to determine your best option.

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Can I Use A No

One of the most basic and common questions raised by many curious minds is whether a no-contract phone can be used as a WiFi device. A contract phone is one that does not come with a carrier agreement. Most smartphones, for your information, can function as a WiFi hotspot. Keep in mind. We saidmost phones, so there are still some exceptions when it comes to using a phone as a WiFi device.

Wed like to point out that when using cell phone carriers, theres no need to enable a hotspot service when using a contract phone as a WiFi device. The WiFi tethering feature allows the user to turn their smartphone into a wireless internet router.

Using A Mobile Hotspot For Wi

Using Wi

While using a mobile hotspot isnt necessarily free, theres a good chance that your cell phone plan already includes a mobile hotspot feature so turning it on might equate to being free if you werent using it before.

Most new smartphones have a built-in hotspot feature that needs to be enabled while connected to service from your cell phone service provider provided that you are paying for a plan that includes a mobile hotspot. This will allow any nearby devices to connect wirelessly to the internet.

Notes to keep in mind when using a mobile hotspot:

  • Youre powering your Wi-Fi connection with your mobile data. This means that if you have expensive or limited data, you can quickly use it up while connected to your hotspot. If you have cheap or unlimited data, then that makes the mobile hotspot a great Wi-Fi option.
  • You should set a password for your mobile hotspot to increase security. If you dont, you can expose yourself to bad actors and unwanted connections using up your cellular data.
  • Depending on your service provider, you may also have the option to physically tether your devices as opposed to using Wi-Fi to share your cellular data with your other devices.

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How Do I Enable Wifi On A Desktop Computer Without A Built

3 Ways to Connect Your Desktop to Wifi Without an Adapter Grab your smartphone and a USB cable and turn on your computer. After your computer is turned on, connect your phone with it using the USB cable. Turn on wifi on your smartphone. Next, drag down your smartphones notification bar and tap on the USB notification.

Can I Get Internet Without Cable

Internet and TV bundles are a convenient way to sign up for multiple home services with the same provider, and may even save you some money in the process, but cable TV is often not required in order to get home internet service.

On the other hand, some providers, including Mediacom and Optimum, may require you to sign up for internet service in order to get cable. So can you get internet without cable? Yes, but it may not always be possible to get cable without internet.

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Are You Connected To Wifi But Have No Internet Connection Heres What To Do

If youre working from home, chances are, youve experienced the pain of having no internet connection. Youve gone from device to device determining that there is no internet connection, but it still says you have WiFi. Its baffling, but there are a few reasons this can be happening. Lets walk through how to fix no internet connection problems with your network.

Use An Ethernet Connection With Adapters

No Wifi? 6 Ways How to Use Internet Without WIFI or Data! on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

One of the more tedious methods for connecting your iPad to the internet is through an existing Ethernet connection with the help of two Apple adapters. This is truly only necessary if you completely lack Wi-Fi or for whatever reason want a wired connection.

Since neither the iPhone nor the iPad have an Ethernet port, youll need to make a few purchases. First, youll need a Lightning to USB Camera adapter These sell for $29. Then you need a USB Ethernet adapter, also for $29. Lastly, just about any powered USB hub is necessary to power all of this. If you dont already have one, you of course also need an Ethernet cable.

Now that youve spent more money than you were probably hoping to, time to get everything set up. First make sure both Wi-Fi and LTE are disabled on your iPad the latter only applies if you have a cellular model. Plug in your powered USB hub to a power outlet as well.

Time to plug everything in and get it running. Plug the Ethernet cable into your router and the other end into the USB Ethernet adapter. Plug the USB side of the Ethernet adapter into your USB hub. This feeds the hub the Ethernet connection, and the hub will supply the power to get it running on the iPad.

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Can A Tablet Be Used Without Wifi

Yes, tablets can be used without a wifi connection. This section will take a look at some of the most common tablet-friendly alternatives available and discuss their pros and cons.

Following are some options that you can use to access the internet, especially when your tablet is without a wifi connection:

How To Get Wi

Don’t have a regular ISP? Learn how to get Wi-Fi wherever you are, even without an internet service provider.

Getting on the web is expensive. In the United States, the average cost of a home internet connection is $60 per month. Don’t fancy paying all that money? Don’t worry even if you don’t have a regular ISP, there are still ways to go online.

Here are some ways to get Wi-Fi without an Internet Service Provider.

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Getting Internet Through Data Or Wi

If you need the internet because youre away from home, dont want to pay for an internet plan, or are finding it difficult to get connected in a conventional way, you have a number of alternative options to get yourself connected.

Heres a brief recap below of how you can get connected to the internet without an internet service provider:

  • Connect to public unsecured Wi-Fi using a VPN for security.
  • Use a new or existing mobile hotspot feature from one of your mobile devices.
  • Buy a portable internet device.

Your decision to choose one of the above options will likely be based on your very unique situation, desires, location, budget, and available options depending on what your local internet service providers are offering in your area.



How To Set Up And Use A Private Hotspot

How to Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider

They aren’t free, but if you need an internet connection at home and have a good cellular signal, a paid hotspot can be one place to turn. For example, maybe you live in a rural area with limited ISP options, or maybe the internet plans in your area are all beyond your budget.

Depending on your mobile provider and the plan you pay for, you might already have personal hotspot capabilities. If not, speak with your provider to determine how much they’ll charge you for that option. Be prepared to pay more if you’re seeking unlimited data.

After you’ve considered pricing, you’ll need to decide between using your smartphone as a hotspot or purchasing a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Check your phone’s settings for hotspot capabilities.

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Use A Wired Dongle To Connect An Access Point

You should try to get yourself a dongle or a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

Find the right adapter for your needs, as there are several sorts of USB adapters available, and you must know which one you need.

The tablet will have either a Type C or Micro USB port.

The dongles should have a simple plug-and-play system.

Youll be able to test the port, and then youll be able to see between the lines.

The majority of these dongles will have a more user-friendly plug-and-play method.

Connect the USB dongle to your Tablets USB port.

The installation file will be available for download on the internet.

Once youve completed this, you wont be able to use the dongle as readily.

You will be able to choose between the available network connections once your installation is complete.

A speed test is a simple way to check the status and functionality of your dongle.

How Can I Connect My Pc To Wifi Without Cable

Connecting in Windows 10 Click on the Windows button in the lower-left corner of your desktop. Type Settings. Look for Network and Internet and then click it. Click Wi-Fi. On the Wi-Fi screen, click the on/off button to turn the Wi-Fi on. You can then connect to your network using your network name and password.

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Stop Paying Extra For Free Internet

If you already have access to a good Wi-Fi network in the places you frequent the most, you may want to reduce the cost of your mobile data. Some phones can also access the internet via USB or Bluetooth hotspots.

Feel free to tell us how big was your biggest monthly phone bill? Was it worth it? Or are you the type of person that tries to save as many wireless networks to their phone to avoid using mobile data?

Using Your Phone Or Tablet As A Wifi Hotspot

How to Use Internet Without WIFI or Data? How to Get Unlimited Internet for Free?

Most smartphones and cellular tablets these days have the ability to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot. This feature shares your mobile data plan with any devices connected to the same WiFi hotspot.

There are a few important things to keep in mind if you choose to go this way. First of all, youre using data from your mobile plan to feed all the connected devices. If you have cheap data or an unlimited plan, great. If you have a small data cap or pay a lot for your data, this option may not be right for you.

If you decide to use this option to get WiFi without an internet provider, set a data limit on the device acting as the hotspot, switch your Windows 10 computer to metered connection mode and keep an eye on how much data you have left.

You also, absolutely, must set a password for your mobile hotspot. You dont want other people sucking up your data or getting on the same network as your devices. Using your mobile device as a WiFi hotspot is also a big battery drain. So hook up a power bank or wall-charger to counteract this.

One last point to know involves mobile data provider policies around tethering. While its not that common anymore, some mobile data providers dont allow you to tether your device or they charge a different rate for data when tethered. Double-check your plans policy just to be safe.

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Connect Iphone To A Cellular Network

Your iPhone automatically connects to your carriers cellular data network if a Wi-Fi network isnt available. If iPhone doesnt connect, check the following:

  • Verify that your SIM is activated and unlocked. See Set up cellular service on iPhone.

  • Go to Settings > Cellular.

  • Verify that Cellular Data is turned on. On models with Dual SIM, tap Cellular Data, then verify the selected line.

  • When you need an internet connection, iPhone does the following, in order, until the connection is made:

    • Tries to connect to the most recently used available Wi-Fi network

    • Shows a list of Wi-Fi networks in range and connects to the one you choose

    • Connects to your carriers cellular data network

      On an iPhone that supports 5G, iPhone may use your 5G cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. If so, you see Using 5G Cellular For Internet below the Wi-Fi networks name. To switch back to Wi-Fi, tap next to the network name, then tap Use Wi-Fi for Internet.

    Note: If a Wi-Fi connection to the internet isnt available, apps and services may transfer data over your carriers cellular network, which may result in additional fees. Contact your carrier for information about your cellular data plan rates. To manage cellular data usage, see View or change cellular data settings on iPhone.

    Connect Your Tablet To A Pc To Share The Internet

    This is the simplest but most effective technique of sharing the internet on your tablet with a laptop with an active internet connection.

    Are you familiar with utilizing your landline phone to access the internet and connecting it to your computer? It works the opposite way around as well.

    It is possible to use the internet on your tablet without connecting it to Wi-Fi if you have an active internet connection on your laptop or PC.

    You only need to connect your tablet to your PC and share your PCs internet connection with your tablet.

    This may necessitate your tablets support for the feature.

    This feature is available on most Android and Windows tablets, so there isnt anything to be concerned about there.

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