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How to Turn On WiFi Calling for iPhone and Android | T-Mobile

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything to use Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone. Whenever the iPhone detects that the cellular signal is weak or non-existent, it will automatically switch over to Wi-Fi Calling.

You can see this in your iPhone’s status bar. Wi-Fi will appear after your carrier name.

While on a call, if you lose a Wi-Fi connection, the iPhone will automatically switch back over to a cellular signal so you won’t lose the call.

There’s no charge to use Wi-Fi Calling.

Make Calls On Iphone Without Sim Card

Well, you dont have to depend on your SIM card for making phone calls from now on. You need an active phone number to register one time with the above services. You can use Google Voice Free number or any other free number services like Text Free: Texting App + SMS to get the free number to register the above services. Once you register the service with a valid number, you can make calls without SIM. The good thing about this service is, most of them support both iPhone and iPad.

If you register one time with above services, With the power of the internet and some of these reputed services, you can contact your friends, family members, relatives and colleagues for a significantly cheaper price than youd normally pay your carrier. So, which one of these services are you planning to spend your hard-earned cash on, and why? Do let us know, by dropping your valuable opinions in the comments section down below.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Wi-Fi Calling is a super-handy feature to enable on your iPhone. Even if you have unlimited calls and texts, there are still scenarios where WiFi Calling will come in handy like when youre on holiday or in an area with zero mobile reception.

As noted throughout this post, you need to make sure your carrier/network supports WiFi Calling. Do this before you enable the feature. If youre using an unlocked iPhone, the process is a lot simpler just follow the steps above and youre all set to start using Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone.

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What Is Wifi Calling

WiFi Calling enables you to make or receive calls over WiFi using your existing device and phone number. This can extend the range of your carriers service to rural areas, basements, and anywhere you can get a strong WiFi Signal.

In order to use WiFi calling, you need to be connected to a wireless network with download and upload speeds of at least 2Mbps . To find out if your WiFi connection is strong enough, check out our guide on how to test your WiFi speed.

What Else Do I Need To Know

Having trouble with Wi
  • Certain short code phone numbers are not supported while using Wi-Fi Calling they are 211, 311, 511, 711, 811, and any text numbers that include the use of *, ** and #.
  • Wi-Fi Calling is not compatible with any service that requires access to your location. For example, #TAXI will not work while connected to a Wi-Fi network as it needs to know your exact location to automatically dispatch a driver.
  • Emergency services cannot track your location when calling 9-1-1 over Wi-Fi. If you are unable to communicate, they will send help to the address listed in your phone settings. Its important to keep this address up to date.

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Troubleshooting Wifi Calling Connection Issues

  • Do ensure that you are connected to the WiFi Internet hotspot.
  • Try restarting your Internet modem and router. Then try again to join to the network.
  • Check the Wifi signal, it maybe poor from where you are standing.
  • Check if you have enabled your WiFi Calling services from your iPhone.
  • If it WiFi calling is enabled yet you still cannot connect, try to toggle off then back to on.
  • Try restarting your iPhones WiFi connection.
  • This is probably an iOS glitch, try restarting your iPhone.
  • This is the worst case scenario, restoring your iPhone from your latest backup using iTunes. I hate this idea but if you must, then proceed.

Checking With Your Carrier

Different carriers have different policies regarding Wi-Fi calling, so your first port of call in trying to set it up is your carrier. In some cases, you might need to pay extra or jump through some hoops to activate Wi-Fi calling. Below are some pages on Wi-Fi calling from the four major U.S. carriers to help you get started:

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully calls and messages made using Wi-Fi calling are not necessarily free. In fact, carriers may charge their usual rates or subtract them from your plan allowance. Make sure you check to avoid any nasty surprises on your phone bill. You may also find that the feature doesnt work overseas.

Carriers can also decide which devices theyll support, so even if your phone is capable of Wi-Fi calling, you should confirm that the carrier allows it on your device.

Once youve confirmed that your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling for your phone and youve activated it on your account, youll need to make sure your phone has the right settings turned on.

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How Do I Make Wi

You can make Wi-Fi calls using Nextivas VoIP app. Head over to your App Store and search Nextiva to download the app to your device.

Start by uploading your contacts to the database. You can do this by importing contacts from your device or adding them manually.

Your VoIP phone number will be the same one created when you got your Nextiva subscription. The same applies if youre using an international number.

Then, when youre done, hit the Call tab towards the bottom of your screen. Click the person you want to call.

If youve already enabled Wi-Fi calling on your device, the Nextiva call wont use your cellular data. It will jump on the wireless internet connection youre already using.

How To Turn On/enable Iphone Wifi Calling

How to Set up WiFi Calling: iPhone 12

To turn on/enable the WiFi calling feature so that you can make outgoing or receive incoming calls, you can follow the simple and quick instructions below.

  • Swipe on your iPhone screen, look and tap on Settings from your Springboard
  • From the Settings menu, scroll down until you find Phone tap it to launch
  • Then select Wi-Fi Calling
  • Tap the toggle to turn the WiFi Calling on.
  • A pop-up notification window will open describing what you are about to do. Tap on Enable
  • If this will be the first time you will enable the WiFi Calling feature, it will ask you to provide details such as address, etc. Just complete the form. In the U.S., you will be most likely ask to update your emergency 911 address. Select either home or work. This is an additional information needed so that whenever there is an emergency, the personnel would know where to locate you.
  • Once you enabled the WiFi Calling, wait a few seconds . Then you will see the WiFi icon with your carriers name in the status bar. This is the time when you can now use the WiFi Internet connection to make calls.
  • Heres a video tutorial from iClarified showing how to turn on WiFi Calling on iPhone.

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    Enable Wifi Calling On Iphone 12

    I have an Iphone 12 with the Unlimited & More premium plan. I have tried multiple times to turn on my WIFI calling but it says to contact AT& T. I have had this plan for years and with older phones & never have had an issue. Please help!!!



    2 h ago

    This is a customer populated forum, not a way to contact ATT. Most likely ATT isnt properly recognizing the imei of your phone. Log into your account and verify that it shows the correct device for your line. If not, you should be able to update. Otherwise, the issue is likely your line is not properly provisioned for an iPhone. That requires a call to customer support.

    Internet Explorer 11Compatibility ViewInternet Explorer 10 The latest version of the following browsers are compatible with the AT& T Support Community website:

    How To Use Wifi Calling

    Once you enable WiFi calling on your iPhone, it will automatically switch from your cellular network to WiFi whenever you are connected to a WiFi network. However, if you lose the WiFi signal at any point, your call will automatically switch back to your cellular network.

    You will know when you are using WiFi calling if you see the word Wi-Fi instead of Mobile next to your carriers name in the top-left corner of your lock screen.

    Its also worth pointing out that you cannot use your iPhones personal hotspot when making a call over WiFi. To turn this off, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and tap the slider next to Allow Others to Join.

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    Here’s How To Enable Vi Wifi Calling On Your Iphone :

  • In order to get the feature working, the users should have a working Wi-Fi, supported handset, and an active 4G SIM card
  • Upgrade your iPhone OS to the latest version
  • Go to Settings> Phone> and enable WiFi-calling
  • Apart from Apple handsets, Vi currently offers Wi-Fi calling facility on smartphones from OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

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    What Is Wifi Calling Services On Iphone

    How to enable Wi

    There will be questions at first like, Do I need to download install an app from Apple iTunes App store? Or even, Do I need to subscribe to WiFi Calling with my mobile carrier before i can use it?. These are some typical questions that a person might ask because familiarity or awareness issues with the product. So let us go to the most basic information about this feature.

    Before we go deeper, WiFi calling is one of the built-in products in your iPhone which enables you to make voice calls through WiFi network connections. It means you can make voice calls whenever you are connected to a WiFi hotspots like, at home, school, library, shopping malls, or any place where a good WiFi connection is available.

    No, you dont need to download and install another app. That is a fact. WiFi calling on iPhone is a built-in feature which we already mentioned that it started from iOS 8. And it is still even there on iOS 10. In a nutshell, all you need to turn on iPhone WiFi calling features are: your iPhone , and WiFi hotspot . Thats it!

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    Where Will I Be Able To Use Wi

    You will be able to use Wi-Fi Calling in any location in Canada that is out of cellular coverage and has a Wi-Fi network you can connect to. These places include basements, in buildings, underground, hospitals, warehouses and stores. Since you may experience weak cell reception in these areas, Wi-Fi Calling will allow you to use your phone in a Wi-Fi connected area as if you were still connected to a mobile network.

    Note: Call quality is based on the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. For the best quality, establish a connection with your mobile network.

    Set Up Wifi And 4g Calling For Oneplus

    How to set up Wifi and 4G Calling?

    OnePlusFirst you’ll need to add Wifi and 4G Calling to your account. To do this, , go to Device details and tap Wifi and 4G Calling.Once your new services are added to your account, follow the instructions below to enable Wifi and 4G Calling.

  • Go to Settings > SIM & network > Enhanced communications. Make sure Wi-Fi calling is set to On. To switch off Wifi Calling, set the toggle to Off.
  • Go to Settings > SIM & network > Enhanced communications. Make sure Enable VoLTE is set to On. To switch off 4G Calling, set the toggle to Off.
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    How To Enable Wifi Calling On Your Iphone


  • Is WiFi Calling Free?
  • If you ever find yourself in an area with little to no cellular coverage, you can use WiFi to make and receive phone calls on your iPhone. Plus, all major carriers support WiFi calling for free, so it can also help you save on your monthly cell phone bills. Heres how to enable WiFi calling on your iPhone and how to use it to make and receive phone calls.

    Apple Bursts The Carriers Bubble

    How To – Wifi Calling On iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 5s, 5c

    Apple released FaceTime Audio in 2013, which for the first time gave iPhone users the ability to choose how they wanted to make voice-only calls in the Phone app. They could use the network of cell towers or use their Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to make phone calls over the internet, a feature that Apple called FaceTime Audio.

    Apple certainly wasnt the first one to do this. Skype, Cisco, and plenty of other companies had been using the internet to make high-quality phone calls for years, but none of them could do what Apple did: They put the old technology and the new technology side-by-side, and people were astounded by the difference.

    Anyone whos ever made a FaceTime Audio phone call realizes one thing right away: The phone calls sound much better.

    But FaceTime Audio isnt without its flaws. It only works between Apple devices, its buggy and calls often break up, and it uses your cellular data connection if youre not on Wi-Fi, which can eat through your cellular data plan.

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    What Types Of Devices Can Make Wi

    An increasing number of phone service providers support Wi-Fi calls, including:

    Almost all Android and Apple phones now support Wi-Fi calls.

    Alternatively, you can use the Nextiva business app to make work-related Wi-Fi calls. You can sync your work phones contact list to the app. Then, you can use the app to make high-quality phone calls over your Wi-Fi.

    But what if youre using a device that doesnt have a cellular connection, anyway? The Nextiva App is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. This means you can make Wi-Fi calls through your PC. You dont need your mobile device.

    Regardless of which device youre using, you can still make a call using a Wi-Fi connection.

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