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Posted by Tara Donnelly13/11/2020

With 5G now a reality for selected lucky Australians, theres one hot debate thats set to dominate the telco world in 2020. Can the next generation in mobile network technology replace the NBN as Australias go-to broadband connection?

Although its still early days for 5G in Australia, the new network is anticipated to reach gigabit speeds. In comparison, the NBN has been met with controversy as it seemingly flounders despite offering top speeds of up to 100Mbps. With 5G home broadband plans now available from Optus and Telstra and Vodafone hot on the tails of both providers could this new mobile network really be better, faster, and more reliable than the NBN?

Read on to find out more about what 5G can offer, and if its truly the NBN killer Australia deserves.

A Solid Gaming Router Alternative For Live Streaming


  • Works with Alexa voice commands.


If you’re a PC-gaming enthusiast, you know about speed. Gaming rigs are good only if they’re tricked out with the latest and fastest CPUs, lots of memory, the quickest solid state drive , and, of course, the best graphics cards. But while that combination will definitely give you a fast machine, online gaming performance can still be hampered if it’s connected to a crowded network with an internet connection controlled by an overburdened or old-fashioned wireless router. Plus, home networks are more taxed than ever, with so many folks working from home due to COVID-19. So if game performance is important to you, it’s well worth your time to take a close look at optimizing your network.

Start with what’s connected. A whole family’s worth of gear can mean oodles of phones, tablets, TVs, streaming video/music devices, and smart home gear all connecting toand hammeringthe beleaguered household router. Any online gamers in the house must compete for that router’s bandwidth with not only everyone else but also all those smart devices. And that can lead to unpredictable, often subpar, performance.

Solution 2: Last Option To Make Wifi Faster

If all the above tips did not fix your lag in gaming then you need to buy a router and change your Wi-Fi plan. The router you have is too outdated, or the plan youre using is not the right one for you. So, get one of the latest routers with much netter gaming support. The price of routers has significantly decreased as well so I am sure you can find one to fit your budget.

Also, make sure you check out all the internet plans available in your area. Ask fellow gamers living in your area who do not have internet issues for advice on which plans they use. Make sure to choose a good ISP that be able generous with data and speed and also provide proper support. Make sure you are using a fiber connection for gaming. That is the last but most effective way to fix internet lag in gaming and make your wifi faster.

I hope your internet issues are now fixed. If you know any more solutions do comment them below. We would be happy to add them to the list. If you liked the post then do share it with fellow gamers around the world. Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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G Vs Nbn: What Could Be Better For Home Internet

Aside from speed comparisons, what ends up being better for home internet could entirely depend on which provider youre with, and what technology theyre backing. However, there is no good reason why 5G and NBN cannot complement each other like how 4G is used for mobile applications, and NBN services home internet needs today.

While Telstra and Optus have not been coy about their support for 5G, the third big carrier in Australia, Vodafone, is a bit more reserved in its approach to 5G. CEO Inaki Berroeta has downplayed the hype, saying that the new spectrum will not realistically be available for a few years, and that in that time NBN could gain even further ground. Nevertheless, Vodafone has started rolling out its own 5G network, playing catchup to the big two.

Vodafone is the newest of the Big Three telcos to offer NBN plans, while Optus and Telstra have had their offers available for some time, offering broadband along with entertainment bundles, discounts, and deals. While it may seem Vodafone is backing down on the NBN hype, its CEO did push the co-existence model, rather than 5G taking over NBN or vice versa. Although some think that 5G might be the death of the NBN, the broadband network is certainly not going away.

The Basics Of Networking


To communicate with the internet, a device needs to connect to a modem, often through a separate router. The modem converts the signal from your Internet Service Provider and modifies it so it can be used in your home.

A router then communicates with the modem and creates the actual network to which your devices connect. The modem and router are often in a single device, usually provided by your ISP when you set up your service.

When this local network is in place, your PC can connect to the internet, and you can start gaming online.

The fundamentals are simple enough, but every step in that process is worth exploring in more depth.

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Use 5 Ghz For A Device Closer To The Router

If you’re able to use most of your devices near your router, 5 GHz is your best choice to take advantage of higher speeds. Similarly, if you’re doing a lot of high-bandwidth activities online, such as gaming or videoconferencing, it’s best to use this frequency and move as close as possible to the router. Or if, as stated above, you’re in an apartment or condo with many other units surrounding you, 5 GHz will help you avoid wireless congestion.

Faster Download And Upload Speeds

Mobile Networks Speeds



Are you left itching to play while the latest updates for your favourite game download at a snails pace?

Then youre probably stuck on 3G, as a basic 4G network is around five times faster than a standard 3G network, and newer advances mean 4G can be even faster still, meaning you spend more time in game and less time staring at menus.

You should see average download speeds hovering around 22Mbps on most 4G networks, and on EE theyre around 36.4Mbps according to an October 2020 report from Opensignal.

EEs above average speeds are driven in part by its double speed 4G network , and by its 4G+ service, which is faster still with download speeds of up to 90Mbps.

Thats up to 25 times faster than 3G and is a technology thats also known as LTE-Advanced. Vodafone and Three use similar tech now though, and even on O2 you should get 4G speeds that are high enough for competitive online gaming.

Of course, thats just 4G, and all of these networks are even faster on 5G, with reports suggesting average download speeds in the region of 100-230Mbps, with peak speeds potentially exceeding 1Gbps. Note that actual speeds vary from network to network, and reported speeds also vary depending on which data you look at the average above is based on a combination of sources and seems to roughly cover the range of what you can expect.

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Solution : Router Placement And Lan Connection

Place the Wi-Fi router in a place that is close to you, and preferably it should be in your line of sight when you are using it. I am sure you know that the closer you are, the faster will be your internet speed while gaming on Wi-Fi.

If your playing games on a pc or laptop then directly connect the LAN cable from the router to your device to fix the internet lag in gaming. You will get the lowest pings and lag-free gaming experience when you are on Lan.

Latency: The Number One Issue For Online Gaming

5G Built Right for Gaming–Dignitas and Riot | Verizon

As we have covered in another article, the number one priority for gamers for a better online experience is not to maximise bandwidth but to minimise latency or lag.

So when gamers talk about having a fast internet package in terms of strong download and upload speeds, whilst it will help with certain things like downloading games and patches and hosting lobbies for upload speeds, it will not necessarily reduce lag when playing online.

The main factor for reducing lag for gamers is to keep the latency, or the time it takes for data to be sent from their consoles to the router, to a minimum.

They can do this by making sure their consoles connection to their router is a reliable as possible to ensure data is sent and received with the least amount of delay and disruption possible.

Many gamers manage to achieve this by always using an ethernet cable to connect to their modem whenever possible, even if it means running long ethernet cables through walls or down stairs, as it delivers the most solid connection with no obstruction of the signal.

Wi-Fi on the other hand has certain drawbacks regarding signal strength and quality that make it less reliable for gaming. Lets compare the two below.

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Is 24 Ghz Ever Better

There are times when 2.4 will do much better. In most cases, its because you are gaming in a different room than the router.

As you get farther from the router and put more walls between you and the device, youre going to create more physical interference.

If the 5 GHz connection feels slower than the 2.4 GHz connection, this is most likely why. Either game in another room or just use the lower frequency for a better connection.

Wifi 6 Network Benefits

The most significant benefit of 802.11ax is improved speed and range compared to 802.11ac, which means lower latency and fewer dropped packets. In addition, the maximum rate of data transfer per second is also higher than 802.11acs capabilities, increasing the amount of bandwidth available to users for faster WiFi transmission rates and better video streaming performance.

Possible benefits include:

  • Increased Wi-Fi speed with fewer dropped packets
  • 7x the throughput compared to 802.11ac and up to 3.4x the range using an antenna array
  • Theoretically increased AI-enabled bandwidth for 5GHz and 4×4 MIMO beamforming
  • Improved video streaming performance

As a whole, WiFi 6 technology is a crucial step forward in the evolution of WiFi to meet the needs of new digital services like voice over LTE , video calls over LTE, virtual reality, augmented reality applications, as well as self-driving cars, and more.

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Minimum Speed Requirements Across Game Platforms

3+ Mbps50100 ms

Since the actual speed requirements are so low, games and game systems often dont give specific recommendations. Instead, they simply require a broadband internet connection.

The Federal Communications Commission defines a broadband connection as having a download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbpsmore than enough for you to have several consoles playing online simultaneously.5

If youre not sure you have a broadband connection, you can take a speed test to make certain. Unfortunately, speed requirements dont touch on the critical question for playing games online: latency.

What Are Some Moca Options

How Will 5G Impact Wireless Retailers?

For the most reliable home network, look into a WiFi Network Extender with MoCA as long as your home has coaxial wiring. A good alternative is MoCA Network Adapters.

By simply using MoCA Network Adapters or MoCA WiFi Extenders, you can make your home network much more reliable and get speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps*. Learn more about MoCA Network Adapters and WiFi Extenders on ScreenBeams Complete Guide to MoCA.

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You Can Use A 5g Dongle For Gaming At Home

5G isnt just for mobile gaming, of course. Options like 5G mobile dongles and 5G broadband routers allow you to take advantage of the power and speed of a 5G network to game on home consoles and PCs. You can also set up your phone as an internet hotspot, allowing devices to tether to it and piggyback off its internet connection. Again, be warned that this is going to absolutely devour your data, so be sure your allowance is topped up first.

Some game developers believe that 5G is the future of gaming, and that it will render consoles and traditional gaming hardware completely obsolete. This belief stems from the idea that 5G will enable lightning-fast cloud gaming, which is currently difficult for many gamers due to less stable internet connections. With powerful cloud servers and machines available to stream games, gamers wont need to buy expensive consoles, so theyll choose cloud gaming instead.

Is 5ghz Or Ethernet Better For Gaming

In the battle of Ethernet vs. WiFi, an Ethernet connection is the best choice for incredible download speeds. Most modern gaming devices take advantage of a 5GHz wireless connection. Still, you will experience a slower speed than Ethernet, even if its just a few Mb/s. Go with a wired connection if your gaming setup allows for it.


If the internet speeds across your Wi-Fi network are sluggish, make sure your mobile devices are on the correct frequency band, 5GHz.


Is 5GHz Wi-Fi faster than Ethernet?

While Wi-Fi 6 is a growing technology offering incredible Wi-Fi speeds, it still doesnt provide the stable connection that a wired connection would give.

When Does It Make Sense to Use Ethernet?

An Ethernet Internet connection is perfect for low-latency gaming or faster speeds around your office network.

Is Ethernet a 5GHz?

Ethernet is not 5GHz. Ethernet is a hard-wired network solution using Ethernet cables plugged directly into a device like a smart TV or computer. 5GHz is a wireless network standard that connects over Wi-Fi.

STAT: Faster Wi-Fi speed enabled by 6 GHz will yield $5.098 billion in consumer surplus between 2020 and 2025, making it much more competitive with any Ethernet-connected device.


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Is 5ghz Wireless Better Than 24ghz

5GHz2.4GHzWireless802.11802.11a802.11gMbps802.11ac802.11acAdvantages of 5GHz:throughput802.11acbeamformingDisadvantages of 5GHz:802.11acbeamformingThe Bottom Line:802.11acthroughputbeamforming802.11acthroughput802.11ac802.11axTL DRNotes:When choosing the band for your router, it is also important to consider the capabilities of your wireless clients. Many older laptops, tablets and other typical wireless devices still work only in the 2.4GHz band, while media streaming devices and newer phones have increasingly better adoption in the 5GHz band as well.802.11ac routers/access points support 802.11n in the 2.4GHz band in addition to 5GHz devices, so you get two separate radios that can be used simultaneously.

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